Robitaille tribute videos

Here are a couple videos put out by the Kings in honor of Luc Robitaille’s Hall of Fame selection today. I put them after the “jump” here, because I know some folks have issues with the blog loading with videos. The first is a highlight/tribute video and the second is an interview Luc did today with Heidi Androl.

Luc, of course, is still heavily involved with the charitable foundations he and his wife, Stacia, started a few years back. They hosted an event in Las Vegas last weekend, at which Gavin Rossdale performed, and Robitaille will once again host his popular charity poker tournament during the Frozen Fury weekend in Las Vegas.

Here are the videos…

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  • 4thlinechecker

    Something for us Kings fans to be proud about….. Congrats Luc.

    I hope he can teach our young guys to go to the net like he did…. Not a huge guy by any means but had no problem going to the grimey spots…. somthing we need.

    Luc and Jimmy Carson were great together… I rember as a kid how exciting that was to have 2 great rookies.

  • I remember very well Luc’s first game (sitting in the corner of the Forum’s lower bowl). Who knew he would turn out to be our most amazing & beloved player? It’s been an honor and privilege to watch and to know him (Stacia and I are casual friends & keep in touch, after a couple of showcases together), and I’m sure I’ll be telling my grandkids one day, “I watched him in person”.

    Thanks for the myriad memories, Luc. You are an inspiration to everyone.

  • KingFan4ever

    So many great plays, spectacular goals. What an amazing player. I can still hear Luc say “We’re going to the damn finals!!” after Game 7 against the Leafs in 1993.

    The most memorable Luc goal I for me was a goal to tie a game with 2 seconds on the clock. Don’t remember the team (might have been the Canucks) but the face off was won cleanly and Luc blasted one on net and scored. The Kings proceeded to win in OT. That tying goal made me jump out of my seat. Amazing.

    …on a different note…. helloooooo Heidi.

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