Boyle traded to NY Rangers

Brian Boyle has been traded for the New York Rangers’ third-round pick in 2010. From talking to Dean Lombardi last week, his hope had been to get a second-round pick for Boyle.

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  • -J

    too much depth at center? Best of luck to Boyle with the Rangers

  • Ersberg

    Not bad. I would have thought he’d be able to do this with an ’09 pick, but that works.

    Good luck to Brian.

  • Mark

    wow, what a waste, only a 3rd rounder. Only Brown to show for our 3 first rounders that year

  • LBlocal

    So long Brian, good luck in the big apple!

    Would have been nice for DL to have kept you in the stable.

    C’est la vie!

  • Telos

    He didn’t have much value left, only dropped two rounds, which isn’t so bad all things considered… Good luck to Boyle.

  • Ron

    Not sure if I really like this deal. I think we gave up on Boyle a little to early. It seemed that the Kings were trying to make him into a player he was’t. Either way I wish Boyle the best.

  • Milton Waddams

    From a first rounder to a third rounder… sigh.. Better that, than wasting a contract on him I guess.

  • Rolex

    It was a numbers game for Boyle, Lewis past him up on the depth chart.

  • Raswilliam

    disappointing return for BB. Goes to show you how little value he had around the league if all DL could get for him was a lousy 3rd.

  • anthonyy

    What the Hell.
    Sure he wasn’t working out as hoped (under Murray, but under Crawford, it was different story.
    But he’s still a good player with good hands and wins faceoffs. Huge body too. Should that not enable us to get a player in return.
    Maybe do a package deal with draft picks in exchange for Callhan or Dubinsky.
    He’ll flourish in the more open ice Eastern conference.

    Bad trade. No surprise.
    If I wasn’t so close from being banned from this site, I’d share with you how ______________ DL is.

  • Bruce

    Disappointing considering that drafting Boyle and Tambellini didn’t do much to improve the Kings. At least it clears a pro contract and saves the Kings around $1 million. Good Luck to Brian in the big apple.

  • Buster

    I hated the Kings picking him from day 1 and was pretty much vocal about it since then. Glad to see him gone.

  • AK47

    Anthony, he put up the same numbers with Crawford and Murray..

    DL should’ve at least gotten a player out of it.. like Boyle + 2010 1st round for Zherdev

  • J & B

    As a wise man told me, Anthony, Kings have way too many centers and BB’s chances ran out. Maybe the Kings tried too hard to make something he wasn’t, but regardless, time was up.

  • J & B

    As a wise man told me, Anthony, Kings have way too many centers and BB’s chances ran out. Maybe the Kings tried too hard to make something he wasn’t, but regardless, time was up.

  • J & B

    As a wise man told me, Anthony, Kings have way too many centers and BB’s chances ran out. Maybe the Kings tried too hard to make something he wasn’t, but regardless, time was up.

  • -J

    anthonyy, i sure hope you don’t get yourself banned from this site. I almost never agree with you, but, when you’re not bashing DL or TM, you can offer a different pov than most have around here which always is good for getting discussion going. The DL/TM bashing, that’s just old.

  • -J

    Can’t wait to see Lewis again this fall. He looked strong in the few games he was up, much better than the stats he put up.

  • AK47

    According to the Kings Twitter, DL and BM are talking again.. Heatley?

  • stoke

    So long sucker its been 5 years!!

  • Jim

    Rangers are still trying to get something “big” out of that 2003 draft. They took Jessiman and shipped him to Nashville (I think) last year. Now they have Boyle. The two biggest guys that year are still trying to make it to the NHL. That’s a long time to wait…

    No problems at all with this trade. I doubt DL would have taken him, if he was running the show, so it makes sense. Just like dumping Tukonen.

  • AK47

    Wow, I like the next pick.. Jordan Nolan, 6’3″, 216.. Pretty sure he was teammates with Wayne Simmonds in Sault Ste. Marie..

  • tantrum4

    AK47…your statement makes no sense. “DL should have at least got a player out of it”. What does that even mean? Do you think he just went around the league saying “hey I dont want any players in return, just a 3rd rounder will do”. Obviously this is the most he could get for a career minor leaguer. The only reason we even got a 3rd is because Boyle is still decently young. If you look around the league at other first rounders from that draft, he is waaaaaaay behind a lot of them in his development….

  • anthonyy

    AK 47,
    But Boyle only played 8 games under Crawford and scored 4 goals and an assist,
    Just goes to show you how little DL knows about the sport of hockey and players.

  • -J

    No AK, he was on windsor when simmonds was still in the O

  • tantrum4

    anthonyy –

    I don’t understand how you think DL can just snap his fingers and make another GM make a trade with him for a package of Boyle and draft picks. In case you haven’t been paying attention to NHL news lately, Brian Murray in Ottawa has a much better player that he’s trying to trade in a package with picks and he can’t get a deal done either. GM’s can’t just say “I want this” and everyone comes running….

  • KingFan4ever

    I think the Heatley thing is dying or dead. The asking price (supposedly) was 2 players plus the 5th pick (moot now). Matching salaries to get him might not even be feasible at this point…

    Sayonara Boyle. Watch him find his game in NY……

  • ziggy33

    Boyle was given every chance to make the club and he didn’t take advantage of it. I think we may have expected too much from him because of his size, but he never really gave me the impression that he had what it took to grind out goals in front of the net. For all his size, I felt he didnt use it enough to his advantage. He may turn out to be a 4th line center for the rangers and make some contributions but cant really blame Lombardi for trading him. Just frustrating that we picked him so high and it didn’t pan out.

    Kings just took Ted Nolan’s son!

  • vicarious

    Too bad. If hammond heard about the possibility of a trade a week ago all the other nhl teams had a chance to bid, and a 2010 3rd was the best bid for this kid. Good luck to boyle. strange thing is, if boyle is a competitive kid, then the trade probably will up his effort level next year. If not, too bad things did not work out in the nhl for him.

  • Meg

    Not surprised, although it would have been nice to get more for him. I don’t know how many more times the Kings staff needed to tell him to get more physical on the puck. I just don’t think he has the competitive nature to match that big body. Best of luck to you Brian. You’re a good guy.

  • Buster

    If DL talks to Murray for too long, he’ll drown.

  • PRMan

    Watching some of Brian Boyle’s college games, he would stand in front of the net, PP or not and tip in goals and clean up garbage with his long reach like Robitaille.

    The Kings NEVER gave him an opportunity to play HIS game. Notice that Robitaille sucked in NY and PIT, for the same reason.

  • variable

    this is about right for boyle and there was no way NOT TO CONCLUDE that this was a inevitable conclusion, not only by brian’s disappointed performance(s), but d.l.’s short and direct words on the subject last week during his/management’s state-of-the-union address…

    it’s the right time for this to happen and i wish brian luck…if he somehow learns to use his size to his advantage and becomes a dominating presence on the ice – great – i wish him well…but it’s looking very doubtful that brian will ever amount to more than a fourth line plugger…

    and even if that does happen, there has been more than enough justification for d.l. to make this move…

    the fact remains that a team has to want a player in order for us to trade them…it goes to show you that d.l. held out for months and months to get a top return on boyle, and this was all that he could get…

    what is d.l. suppose to do…? offer a contract to an older prospect who has yet to mature and fulfill his potential and has been given several quality chances to do so…? hold on to boyle for another season, further occupying a box that he really hasn’t deserved…?

    sure…boyle is a giant…i understand that his size puts him in a different league…and if he would ever to build upon his skill set w/hockey sense, then he would be in a different situation…

    again, he just hasn’t showed it as a member of our organization…he can’t be kept and eliminate another prospects chance in earning a pro contract, especially if that player has shown more all-around ability and progress than boyle…

    for those who are sulking on this deal…i think you need to let go…boyle is a prototypical perfect beast because most of them are imperfect…and boyle has clearly demonstrated that…

  • number 6

    Mark said:
    wow, what a waste, only a 3rd rounder. Only Brown to show for our 3 first rounders that year

    Mark, that’s what I’ve been saying for years now. When people were dissing DL I thought about the fact that at least DL is creative and takes decent gambles.. not Projects when you have fabulous players available right around your last two 1st round slots. I’ve stated before that they could have for sure (imo) parlayed those last two 1st rd picks plus maybe a 2nd to move up a bit…. who was available…. well, Getzlaf, Corey Perry and Mike Richards, Ryan Kesler and Zach Parise for starters. Maybe Parise was too much of a push at 17 but Perry was taken after Both of the last King picks…and Mike Richards only two slots before those last Kings 1st round picks. I know, I know, I still haven’t let go of that…. but it really felt like a waste. If Brownie hadn’t worked out it would have been a major major blow to the organization and we would have been in even worse shape than we have been.

  • number 6

    Oh, variable, I just saw your post after mine came up. Just so you know, I’m not sulking so hope you don’t think that by my post. It just seemed like an amazing opportunity there in 03 that went amiss unfortunately…. but like I said, they did get Brownie so all was not lost. My chief complaint was that during DT’s reign there was a number of our 1st’s that didn’t pan out and they were most always the same template….. size…. but you can’t just draft for size… that just doesn’t make sense to me. Otherwise there would be no Martin St Louis, Zach Parise and who knows how many other players out there that are smallish but very skilled. Anyway, time for me to drop this once and for all.

  • Garrett

    Anthony & Others –

    Why didn’t the kings get a player for boyle? Look at the news coming out of OTT. Murray was asking for Brown and JJ and the 5th Pick for Heatly. Thank God DL didn’t do that, I’d be a fucking Ducks fan now.

    My point is, the Pronger deal screwed all of the trade values up. Reasonable deals left the hemisphere for retareded Redden type deals.

    Rich and anyone else, why has no one asked about the kings going after the Sedin twins. Doesn’t that seem to be a great fit for us? Two young, talented scorers, 5.5M a year with long commitments. FIts us, no?

  • Garrett

    Anthony & Others –

    Why didn’t the kings get a player for boyle? Look at the news coming out of OTT. Murray was asking for Brown and JJ and the 5th Pick for Heatly. Thank God DL didn’t do that, I’d be a fucking Ducks fan now.

    My point is, the Pronger deal screwed all of the trade values up. Reasonable deals left the hemisphere for retareded Redden type deals.

    Rich and anyone else, why has no one asked about the kings going after the Sedin twins. Doesn’t that seem to be a great fit for us? Two young, talented scorers, 5.5M a year with long commitments. FIts us, no?

  • variable



    since i wrote mine as you were writing yrs, it would have been impossible to directly aim my thoughts towards yrs…


    it’s time to just move on…and i have no problems w/anyone who disagrees…(as do i ever w/anything i say)…but enough’s enough…boyle is not a special player that warrants tp be coveted and protected…and i’m not surprised to see him go to the rangers…

    great to hear from you and i hope all is well…:)

  • variable


    you make a great point that I and BAKO made during yesterday;s live chat…

    i knew that the first trade of the day would set precedence…and when it was announced and the volume philly gave up to get an A-lister like pronger, it was then i knew that my prediction about a record number of deals was completely kaput…! there was nooooo way anyone else in their right mind (well, maybe except the wamgers) would give up as much as philly did to land a bonafide impact player…

    philly did really screw up the whole system of value yesterday…and i cannot blame one team for pulling the plug on any deal that was conjured and ready for deployment…i mean, c’mon, anaheim got a king’s ransom for a one-year, aging superstar in pronger…

    no way was anything going to come close to that…

    we will have to wait for a couple of day…until july 1st…for the next wave of activity to transpire…

  • HBfan13

    I can’t believe Deano didn’t get Malkin and Crosby and 2 1st rounders for can’t miss prospect like Boyle. He is obviously the cream of the crop of the 2003 first round. No one else in his draft class has matched his heart, determination and willinginess to do whatever it takes to win. DL should be fired for his inability to see the obvious. BB gave us all he had,I’m just happy that we didn’t waste the pick on Corey Perry Shea Weber or David Backes because they all need to prove prove themselves at the NHL level.

  • -J

    The sedins are UFA’s and pass on both of them.

  • anonandonanon

    This just caps a really poor, (except for Schenn), season for me.

    If Boyle had only been from Owen Sound.

    Lombos fault entirely, that’s my opinion. Move this guy to defense, back to forward, switch his style, and never, never let the kid play his game. Even when he produced on his call ups. Bounce, bounce, bounce. Poorly managed asset, period.

    Credibility gap widens as the forte (Lombo’s draft) turns soft. 14 picks and very little pop. If you didn’t use the picks this year, that were acquired last year from last year’s draft picks for this “deep draft”, will you use them next year? Seems like just delaying the inevitable. Trouble seeing how this helps. Fourth rounders are going to be much much better next year?

    Coupled with the FA’s, the trades, his negotiation style and the finishes Lombo has perpetrated he should be circling the drain about now. Trading Boyle and the draft performance, another 2 steps back after the drafting of Schenn was his big step forward. Drafting Schenn was inevitable. We had the perfect team in place to pull off this no-brainer.

  • HookzNU

    Boyle = Steckel. Big, but not enough skill or work ethic. Will probably play in NYR for a few years as #3 or #4 center (Drury and Gomez). Schenn and Lewis are younger and way more upside. We can’t hold on to every prospect forever. Is it just me or is Edmonton turning into the Kings graveyard? Cammy may wind up in the frozen north and MPS will be here (edmonton) in a few years. Didn’t like how Wadell was bragging about Kane playing with Kovi, hopefully his wishful thinking. Does anyone think one of the goalies may be packaged in a July 2nd deal due to DL moving around to grab a project goalie? Simmonds Schenn Brown could be interesting. Looking foward to DLs mystic quoted on the draft.

  • JDM

    Spilled milk.

  • WTF

    I hate to say it, after defending him for so long, but I Lombardi lost my confidence in him with this. We just lost the only big body we had to stand in front of a goalie for nothing at all.

    I am looking forward to an endless tide of Kings soft parameter hockey like we have had for years. Seriously WTF?

  • variable



    no…i think all the goalies are safe, at least for the upcoming training camp and more likely up until the trade deadline of 2010…unless it’s something big…like kovy…but i imagine w/ersberg’s new deal in effect and bernier making progress, they will be good options for quick if things don’t bode well…

  • number 6

    Hi Var. Yeah, all is good. Hope likewise for you. I know you didn’t write your post in response to mine so I didn’t take it like that, but as I’m working (seriously I really am) on getting more distance to these things, I really like that you set an excellent example of equanimity no matter what happens. So I think my post wrt the 2003 1st round was to clear it out une bonne fois pour tout (one good final time) 🙂 🙂
    I just need to be more disciplined and not write out of “reaction”. Hey var, curious to know, as DL is making this team more difficult to play against in the future based on the picks we made, do you think he’s slightly doing it at the expense of skill? I don’t have a pov on this but just curious to get feedback. Now we have Williams, Brownie, Schenn and other players like this, but I think a certain skill level is essential in this “new” nhl.

  • variable



    d.l. is doing something that all GM’s strive to do and that is to build a winning team true to his vision…that vision is often up for debate as to its merits and acumen…

    but what is less in debate is the type of team he likes…d.l. does indicate a certain style and player that he wants to win with – no question…

    and i think he did exactly what he usually does – go with who he thinks is the best player at all particular times…

    he did some expected things, like taking schenn…and then he did some unexpected, “off the board” things like take a couple of players way ahead of where they were projected to go…

    he made sure that most of his picks had a projectable NHL frame and carried some weight or the ability to do so..the ability to be gritty and be leaders…and the attributes to score…

    but that’s d.l….that’s always been d.l…for right, wrong or indifferent…that’s what he does…

    and it bears repeating that as fans, we should only respect a GM who ACTUALLY follows his plans and vision…

    i’m not saying you should like any or all of his decisions…of course, not….i happen to think he’s doing an above average job and my final verdict on him won’t be submitted until long after he’s gone: that’s called a “legacy”…and right now, d.l. is in the midst of setting his…but even though some of the signing’s have not panned out. i like how he’s showing consistency in judgment/reasoning and building from within the system and through the draft…this year was no exception…

    but you have to support a GM willing to shape a team true to his values and back it up…

    all i am saying…is give deano a chance…

    you don’t have to sway from side-to-side or light a candle…

    just let him see this all through…and then pass judgment when it’s more appropriate…

  • Garrett


    Very well said. The knee jerk “Fire DL” is a bit understandable because the Kings fans are so passionate and that is a good thing. However, you can’t fix companies (Kings are a biz) by knee jerk reactions and the desire for instant gratification.

    The wings are an example of a great model. The “Lidstrom Cap” is so far off what, say the Rangers did with Redden. Wings will UNDER Pay and get their man while most teams OVER pay for aged players.

    DL’s vision has been about building a healthy organization, from the ground up. I build small businesses for a living and I absolutely agree with DL from a culture and strategy stand point. Now, whether it works out, that is yet to be seen… but that is the risk of being the leader. You can be a legend or a goat, but in no way can a kings fans say, “You’ve a few years, where is our cup!?”

    On the long term outlook, I’m hopeful as a Kings fan. I loved Taylor, for who he was to us as a player and a leader, but he didn’t have the right long term vision.

    Last thing – us Kings fans were part of one of the biggest moves in pro sports by arguably the greatest professional player of all time, the Great One.

    Our memories are too long! We expect a Gretz trade to happen, but they only happen once a lifetime and we had our miracle move. Now we have to build a team like big boys, one block, one developed player at a time. Then add the final pieces.

    We’re getting there…. keep the faith!

  • 28 KINGS

    To quote the Red Wings GM…”You don’t take a project in the first round”. That right there speaks volumes.

    Boyle was a project from day one, and while he did great in college, he could have used some time in juniors to help speed his development more. Don’t be fool by his 4 goals in 8 games. Those were meaningless games with no pressure to excel.

    Boyle was pretty much given a spot to lose last season and guess what…he lost it to Moller and Simmonds. Why, because he was out worked and played his way back to Manchester. He was brought up, played ok, then fell back into habits that got him sent down the first time. Face it… he was a BUST for the Kings, and this is coming from a huge Boyle fan. He was given plenty of chances to succeed, but failed to grab the reins each time.

    You can whine all you want about being misused, but it still come down to the compete level and wanting it no matter what line your put on, and Boyle just didn’t have it on a consistent basis. He was one of the softest 6’7″ guys I’ve ever seen, and never used his size to his advantage. I hope he does well in NY, but with the logjam at center they have, he’ll be in the minors for years.

  • I won’t say much here, as most of my thoughts are on the Boyle Poll post, but I simply had to chime in.

    What I cannot understand is where you hockey geniuses are seeing that Boyle had, apparently, a complete lack of competitiveness. How many people on here are going to comment that his “compete level was poor”, or that he “did not use his size to his advantage”, or that he “did not produce when he was called up”?

    You people are truly unbelievable. Who are you watching? Do you understand the game? The guy was messed with in a big-time way. BIG-time way. How many of his goals were scored in the “Luc” area? Correct. Most of them. He took the puck to the net just fine. Sure, he’s not Cam Neely, he’s not Moose Dupont, he’s not even Wendel Clark. But he DID go to the net with the puck, he DID use his size & reach effectively, and he DID have terrific hands…which allowed him to produce during every callup. To say that the games he scored in were “meaningless” is just silly. What games have HAD any meaning for this team, over the past five years?? Just makes no sense.

    I’ve written too much, but it’s hard to take, reading all this crap. And ‘variable’, I just can’t stand it anymore: could you BE any more corny? Jeez, man, stop listening to Celine Dion and stop watching The Notebook, willya?

    This is all extremely frustrating. The person behind the bench who allows Brian to simply play (not to be soft, but not demand that he play a game that is far beyond his natural level of physicality) will be hailed as a Hockey Master for getting out of him what the Kings could not. And it’s sad, that’s all.

  • JDM

    Tweener, you are missing the point with Boyle. Its not that he didn’t go to the net. Its not that he didn’t run people over on every shift.

    Its that he coasted when he didn’t have the puck, was AWFUL on defense, and he got pushed off the puck along the boards by guys half his size on a far too regular basis.

    Big difference.

    When we talk about Boyle and compete level, it is about his willingnes to battle for loose pucks and to hustle on defense. He doesn’t need to destroy people, hell, he doesn’t even need to be a big hitter, but he does need to use his size to not get stripped of the puck constantly.

    If you put Moller’s fight in battling for loose pucks in Boyle’s body, you’d have a superstar.

  • JDM: yeah, I get the point. He is not a banger, period. However, part of playing ‘tough’ is taking the puck to the net, no? People have said that particular thing (in this post, I believe). We just disagree. How you can say he was “horrible on defense” is totally beyond me. I’d bet the farm that DL would not say that, and does not believe that. Brian was put in a position to fail, it’s that simple. You can’t ask for Moller’s “compete level” from anybody; outside of DB, who, on this team, has Oscar’s drive? Nobody. Not even Simmonds. Moller has had to develop that sort of determination, or he’d have never even been drafted, let alone make it to the big show.
    I’m not sure what you’re talking about, or your level of hockey experience, but Boyle was in the correct defensive position every single time I saw him. You’d have to try pretty hard to come up with some video that bears out what you’re saying.
    It’s fine, if you guys (including yourself) want to find holes in his game; you can do that with any player on any team. But this talk about his compete level along the boards, in front of the net, and on the defensive side of the puck (including his positioning) is really reaching, as far as I’m concerned. I mean, the guy even tried to get into a couple of scraps to assuage folks like you.
    Come on.

  • JDM

    Well seeing as I don’t have a personal library of Kings games at hand, and people tend to only post highlite videos on youtube, no I can’t at this time produce video.

    But if you didn’t see Boyle lose the puck frequently to lazy play, then I guess we do just have to agree to disagree. I saw it. I saw him coast. I saw him lack hustle on the backcheck.

    I saw all of these things frequently. I suspect the things I saw were the things that got him twice and traded today.

    All of this “set up to fail” stuff… I understand what you are referring to, and I can see the logic, and yes, I believe if he plays for a coach that only wants offense and nothing more from Boyle, he will put up some good numbers. But that isn’t this team, and you don’t change the dynamic of a team or the system a coach has to accomodate and unadatpable dude like Boyle.

  • variable


    “And ‘variable’, I just can’t stand it anymore: could you BE any more corny? Jeez, man, stop listening to Celine Dion and stop watching The Notebook, willya?”

    is that what i do…? hmmm…thanks for the tips…

    i want to thank you for giving me a future facebook post…that’s comedy…oh, nice website…:)