Day 2 draft recap

It’s all over in Montreal…

The Kings entered the day with one second-round pick (35), one third-round pick (74), three fourth-round picks (96, 117 and 120), two fifth-round picks (126 and 138), two sixth-round picks (156 and 179) and three seventh-round picks (186, 198 and 203).

They traded 74 to Atlanta for 84 and a third-round pick (107), then traded 107 and 138 to Atlanta for a third-round pick in 2010. The Kings also traded 117, 120 and 203 to Atlanta for a fourth-round pick (95). In a move unrelated to this draft, the Kings traded Brian Boyle to the New York Rangers for a third-round pick in 2010.

Here’s how the Kings drafted today:

Second round: 35-Kyle Clifford, LW (Barrie, OHL)
Third round: 84-Nicolas Delauriers, D (Rouyn-Noranda, QMJHL)
Fourth round: 95-J.F. Berube, G (Montreal, QMJHL)
Fourth round: 96-Linden Vey, RW (Medicine Hat, WHL)
Fifth round: 126-David Kolomatis, D (Owen Sound, OHL)
Sixth round: 156-Michael Pelech, C (Mississauga St. Michael’s, OHL)
Sixth round: 179-Brandon Kozun, RW (Calgary, WHL)
Seventh round: 186-Jordan Nolan, C (Sault Ste. Marie, OHL)
Seventh round: 198-Nic Dowd, C (Wenatchee, NAHL…committed to St. Cloud State)

Including first-round pick Brayden Schenn (Brandon, WHL), the Kings selected four OHL players, three WHL players, two QMJHL players and one NAHL player. They drafted seven forwards, two defensemen and one goalie.

I should be getting comments from Dean Lombardi later today…

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  • Bruce

    Rich – Thanks for all the draft coverage you provided. As always, the most up-to-date source for Kings news.

  • variable

    RE: DRAFT…

    i think we did pretty well…9 picks this year and we made a couple of deals to get more for the future…as they say…3-5 years from now, we will know how this all played out…happy w/schenn…still say mps would have been a great pick…but not complaints w/schenn…

    RE: BOYLE….

    I already posted my thoughts on the trade on the previous thread announcing it…and that’s that…


    can we officially start to be on ilya kovalchuk watch…???

    was d.l. courting them for upcoming deals…???

    something to think about since d.l. & co. broke the ice w/the thrash and now seem to be new BFF’S…

    hmmmm…i thought this was the most interesting thing that happened post schenn…

  • Garrett

    Rich and anyone else, why has no one asked about the kings going after the Sedin twins. Doesn’t that seem to be a great fit for us? Two young, talented scorers, 5.5M a year with long commitments. FIts us, no?

  • LBlocal
  • macdup

    When Ilya was on that tear last year, including the ass whooping against the Ducks, I think he would be great on the Kings. He is a little streaky but who isn’t?

    I have been patient since 1986, what is one more year? LOL I am not even a Cubs fan.

  • variable


    i disagree strongly on the sedin twins…no way are they worth it and i think that would screw up completely our cap situation for future mobility and any UFA’s come next season, which is filled w/better possibilities than this off season…

  • TorturedKingsFan

    Not to mention the 5.5 they are asking for is a home town discount… They don’t sign for that anywhere else.

  • Pumpernicholl

    Superb job on the 2nd day draft picks, Rich…

  • -J

    FWIW- they’re asking for 5.25 each for 12 YEARS!

    No thanks.

  • Buster


    Try being patient since 1973. Any chance of making me a saint?

  • Matt George

    please no sedins..

    i just heard vancouver is not going to make counter offer

    please please no sedins….overrated in my book

  • WTF

    Wow, all of our new guys got their asses handed to them in those fight videos. Our whole draft is 5’9″ 6’2″ and we play in the toughest division in the league. It is like the return of Taylor.

    I am really getting tired of our sandy va-ja-ja ways. Can we get a scorer or at least one scary dude? The ducks and sharks aren’t going to accidently start sucking or player like softies anytime soon.

    I think I am turning into an Anthony, jebus, save me

  • KevinWestgarth

    Finally, the Kings are drafting grit. I couldn’t be more satisfied with all the picks

  • MacSwede

    Not a single player from Europe! Why??

  • Prince

    Thanks for all the work this draft.
    Happy with who the Kings got in the draft. Looks like character and grit are big traits that the Kings were looking for in this draft.
    Thanks again Rich.

  • variable


    i think we’re about another week or two away from another opinion poll on the draft/free agency/d.l. overall…huh?

  • anthonyy

    Its good to see more and more people lose fate in DL.
    You have every right to feel what you’re feeling. And I expect more grievances to come.
    He hasn’t done anything, nor will he bring us anything in the future.
    This is it.
    But Be careful with your comments, or you risk being banned from this site.
    I, for one, am on double secret probation.

  • src3

    In Cliffords fight videos he is giving away 20-30 lbs twice not to mention he is 2-3 yrs younger than his apponents. Point is that he is willing!! Grit. Now we have two potential Clowe in Wudrick and Clifford. One of them will pan out. Chris Neil prototypes at least and maybe Clowe potential. Remeber DL is the one that got Clowe in SJ.

  • Telos

    I have a feeling Anthony is much younger than he claims to be…

    Anyway, even though they steered clear of the big names, other than Schenn, I think it wasn’t a bad draft at all. A lot of grit and character guys that should fill out the depth ranks quite nicely for years to come should a couple of them hit, which I think they will. We also got good value for Boyle… I am satisfied and looking forward to free agency. At least we know that Dean is going to make some calls win or lose this time. Time to cross our fingers for a good player and look forward to camp.

  • Duckhunter

    Certainly not as much action as I thought there would be during the draft. I’m personally o.k. with DL’s non movement. If he couldn’t get the trade/offer he was looking for, I’m glad he stood pat.

    There is one thing I noticed though, we only drafted one LW. DL’s a smart character, why only draft one left wing?….big splash in the open market?

  • JDM

    I am really pleased that we went big and tough this draft.

    Its also nice that a couple of them are overagers who can jump right in to the AHL. Enough with a roster full of PTO’s.

    I hope that come prospect camp this new batch of meanies comes in and teaches the rest of our soft bunch how to be tough.

    I would have liked one more boom/bust young defender who could spend another two years in juniors, but that’s OK. Deslauries seems like he’s got some skills.

    The one name that sticks out to me (for no reason other than a gut feeling) is Linden Vey. I get a very good vibe off of this pick.

    Also, for those who don’t check it out normally, go to Kingsvision, there are actually some really good interviews with our picks and other people.

  • iansez

    And oh how you’ve earned your current precipitous status Anthonyy! We all keep tryin to lead you to water buddy, you just won’t drink…/

  • Ersberg


    Kovalchuk watch? Just curious, where did you come up with that idea?

    Just a guess here, but I think he’ll try one more year of ATL, then go to a top contender.

    Wouldn’t you?

  • yosemite kings fan

    Kovalchuk watch? Just curious, where did you come up with that idea?

    Just a guess here, but I think he’ll try one more year of ATL, then go to a top contender.

    Wouldn’t you?

    I agree, he’ll stay another year in Atlanta, then go to a top contender. That contender will be the Los Angeles Kings!

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Hey Anthonyy…

    Double-secret probation?

    I say: “Remember when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”
    I say: “Leave him alone, he’s on a roll…”
    I say: “Niedemeyer–dead!”

    I say: “FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!”

    I say: What would we do on this site without Anthonyy to kick around, every now and then?

    Stay thirsty, my brother!

  • number 6

    Hey Variable…. I just wanted to say thanks for your response to my question re: DL’s vision. It was articulate and beautifully stated. Took a while to get back to you as I had an afternoon nap (here on east coast). btw I personally rather like DL so hope I haven’t given any other impression. I actually don’t even have much of a problem w some of the signings or anything. My only big disagreement w him to date was philosophical having to do w trading for a player with a serious injury history.. but even that could work out… nobody knows at the moment. Otherwise I think he’s clearly an intelligent man and like you say he sticks to a vision. I work in the arts and that’s something I’m very conscious of….. having a personal vision.
    So, thanks again var.

  • Ersberg

    That’s some wishful thinking there, Yosemite.

    It’ll likely be a team like VAN or even WA.

  • Moondoggie

    BakoCA….You are funny!

    It was a good draft for LA. Schenn is going to be a very good player, gritty and can score, what more can you ask for? He’s a team player too, fits right into the Kings lockeroom concept. He’ll fit right in.

    I hated to see Boyle go but ultimately he just didn’t fit. Unfortunately, and I hate to say this, as the Kings continue to maintain their posture in the drafts, more and more young players who just don’t quite have it will be traded away for more talented youth waiting in the wings. It’s unfortunate for the kids but a great position for the Kings to be in. In the past our organization was void of any youth coming into the parent club. Now there’s real competition for the few available spots. This is certainly a healthy position for the Kings to be in.

    Credit again goes to DL and the organization for what they’re doing and what they’ve done. We’re going places everyone. Next, July 1st and then we’ll take it from there. This organization is stocked, totally stocked with young talent, some of the best in the league. Just go to and have a look at who’s waiting in the wings. We’re loaded!

    Honestly, come July 1st we’ll see who we can pick up to bolster our scoring. There is no doubt that the Kings need a good front line scorer, preferably a LW. But, unlike last year when the Kings needed major help and got little, this year is considerably different. I won’t be devastated if LA doesn’t sign a Gaborik, etc. The team will be ok with what they have and they will improve.

    This team just continues to get better and better on paper. If and when it translates to the ice and it will, the real celebrating can begin.

    Go Kings!

  • Quisp

    can’t do the sedins. don’t have the cap space. period, end of story.