Futa/Yannetti quotes

I’m still waiting to hear back from Dean Lombardi, who is no doubt decompressing somewhere in Montreal, but here are a couple quotes from Michael Futa and Mark Yannetti, the Kings’ co-directors of amateur scouting, regarding the draft:

FUTA: “We’re really excited. We had a big night (Friday) night getting Brayden Schenn and we built on the momentum today. The day unfolded really well for us. I think the theme of our draft this year was competitiveness. We got a good mix of players with a lot of skill, but they will also be tough to play against.”

YANNETTI: “Things went really well for us today. The first two guys we targeted, we got, and the rest of the draft pretty much went according to our plan as well.”

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  • LBlocal

    Kings new tag-line:

    We’ll beat you while beating you senseless.

    No mercy. Go Kings!

  • KevinWestgarth

    It appears the Kings will have team toughness in the enar future…

  • Cricket

    If the Kings targeted Clifford than I’m happy.

    Moller, Kopi, Brown, Schenn, Loki, Fro, Williams

    The team can make a top six out of the above 7 in the next couple of seasons. Add in FA/Trade player or two, which is almost guarenteed to come, and this team will have two solid lines in the near future.

  • darko25o

    LB…that tag is awesome! I’d buy that shirt.
    This braintrust has given us hope, and a bank of talent

  • WTF

    Not sure how that makes sense considering how small out team is.

  • Moondoggie

    Check out this interview on Kingsvision with DL…..If you don’t like what DL & staff are doing, you’ve got to be nutz! He’s the first GM (with all due respect to Dave Taylor, etc) who seems to actually know what he’s doing, more importantly, to have a plan and to dare to stick to the plan rather than cave in to the cravings of a hungry fan base like other GM’s have. I really admire this guy….


  • 34YearKingsFan

    So, Rich, did you speak with Lombardi?? I did see the video referenced above, but would like to see his answers to your questions.

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