Kings take Jordan Nolan

With their first seventh-round pick (No. 186), the Kings selected center/winger Jordan Nolan from Sault Ste. Marie of the OHL. Nolan, 20, is listed at 6-foot-3, 223 pounds and is about the 20th Kings draft pick from this year with a slew of fight videos on YouTube. Sense a trend? Last season, Nolan totaled 16 goals, 27 assists and 158 penalty minutes in 64 games.

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  • AK47

    Son of Ted Nolan

  • LBlocal

    Nearly every pick has a “Fight Card” available..

    Clearly, DL is making a strong statement with this years’ picks.


  • -J

    guess guys not sticking up for each other last year had an impact on DL

  • Buster

    Another over-ager?

    Should be interesting to say the least…

  • Brent

    DL and Futa were standing up and talking behind the NHL Network hosts (We got a great angle for watching our table this year).

    Before that, DL had the right index finger up while making his point. Are the Kings trying to move up here to get someone? They only have one pick left…

    Mike Kalanowski couldn’t even get a word in with DL… Something looks like it is up to me.

  • Mac

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