Kings take Nic Dowd

With their second seventh-round pick (No. 198), and presumably their last pick of the draft, the Kings selected center Nic Dowd from Wenatchee of the North American Hockey League. Dowd is 19, listed at 6-foot-1, 175 pounds, and was born in Huntsville, Ala. Dowd had 16 goals and 33 assists in 43 games last season.

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  • Brent

    Rich: Great job today. Thanks again for all your hard work.

    I think J made a great point about the Doughty hit and minimal answer to it having an effect on DL’s direction over these last two days.

    Besides toughness and grit, I’ve noticed that many of our draftees had success in their playoff experiences this year.

    I like the numbers I see attached to these players. I look forward to seeing them in camp in July.

  • -J

    yes, thanks a ton Rich.

  • deadcatbounce

    Damn! Why didn’t they select Petteri Simila instead?! (Smirk!)

  • Alma

    This must be the first player ever from Huntsville.

  • c.j.

    well jared ross on the philadelphia flyers is the first ever huntsvillian to play in the nhl. but nic is indeed the first one to be drafted..(sorry i am from Huntsville, and nic was my former best friend and team mate before going away to bigger and better hockey.) haha

  • Joseph Kestner

    For those interested, here is a link to Nic’s stats for his 97-98 and 98-99 seasons. Nic was 8 years old and the handwriting was on the wall. He was destined for greatness. Great thing is that he is a better person than he is a hockey player!!

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  • jim jam

    heres a vid of him…gettin pumped

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