• Quisp

    And the list shrinks to 49.

  • Marc Nathan

    and so, the answer to that all important trivia question, “Who led the Manchester Monarchs in games played?” last season will be a footnote in the heralded King career of Vladimir Dravecky. See ya in Slovakia, Vlady…

  • Irish Pat


    This has to be a joke, I can’t believe they didn’t offer contracts to Dravecky or Taylor! Our GM is the worst ever! LOMBAAAAARRRRDIIII…

    …and hopefully I amused at least one fellow Kings fan with my over the top post…

    Cheers to Dravecky and Taylor.

  • SuperSonic420

    You better watch out Pat, you might be put on double secret probation yourself!! haha

  • SuperSonic420

    Anyone know the status of Martin Jones? I do believe that Linden Rowat was also not resigned, so as of now, that would leave just Bernier and Zatkoff in the minors.

  • Ciccarelli

    Jones is signed for 09/10 and 10/11

  • JDM

    Not that I’m broken up over it, or even surprised, but I was kind of hoping Dravecky would get another year. I guess Cliche makes him redundant but from the couple of games I saw Dravecky play I liked what I saw. Good hustle and backchecking, thought he had an outside shot at a 4th line spot. Oh well, no big deal.

    Glad Taylor is gone. Npow Zatkoff can play 20-30 games backing up Bernier.

    Goodbye goalie logjam.

    Is Jones eligible for the ECHL? Or is it NHL or juniors for him?

    So what’s our likely Manchester lineup look like?

    Assuming Purcell, Moller and Lewis makes the Kings out of camp:



    Is Teubert AHL eligible?


    Who am I forgetting?

  • glewis29

    I wasn’t sure, so I looked it up. From what I found, qualifying offers only apply to the restricted free agents. Also, the qualifying offer just ensures the club retains exclusive negotiating rights.

    At least in the case of Taylor, this is probably done as a favor because he doesn’t factor in the club’s long term plans. It gives him the opportunity to shop himself around. If another club doesn’t offer him a better deal I’d imagine the King’s will bring him back and be happy to have him backing up Bernier (most likely) at Manchester.

  • glewis29

    I really doubt you’ll see Zatkoff in the AHL next year barring an injury. From the statements that have been made in the past I think you’ll see him play full time in the ECHL… for the young goalies, the development staff wants playing time.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    @JDM: Teubert will be 20 in March, and since I don’t think he’s played enough years in juniors to be exempt, I don’t think he can play in the AHL until next spring. Unless of course his CHL team (Regina I think) releases his rights, which I doubt they’d do.

  • AK47

    Patrick Mullen is a winger, not a defenseman..

  • 34YearKingsFan


  • Rob

    JDM said:

    Who am I forgetting?

    Bud Holloway

  • Quisp

    JOnes and Teubert both have another year of juniors eligibility.

  • AK47

    Soo the Sharks didn’t give Marcel Goc and Lukas Kaspar qualifying offers, same with Tomas Plihal.. Goc was drafted by DL in 2001 (i think), so I think the chances of the Kings signing him are pretty high up there.. Kaspar is a left winger, and guess who needs one? God, I love how we always go back to the San Jose connections, lol.

  • JDM

    Thanks guys, new I was forgetting a few and putting some in the wrong positions.

    So, with notes:


    That still leaves Mullen, Parse and Holloway at least. So who is going to the ECHL? Maybe Mullen and Roe go there and Holloway makes the jump to the AHL (he was in the ECHL last year right?). Where does Czarnik go?

  • KevinWestgarth

    Couldn’t be happier that DL didn’t resign Vladimir. I’m glad me and DL are on the same page…

  • KevinWestgarth

    Does anybody know what type of player Elkins is? Is he physical or is does he play like Moulson and Purcell?

  • Good2BKings

    Holloway joined Ontario at the end of the season when his junior season was finished. Anyway, he wasn’t there all year, and it looks like he is old enough (21) to join the Monarchs. He was very good in the playoffs for Ontario.

    For what its worth, Teubert was not good at all in Ontario. He regularly took silly holding and hooking penalties, and his positional play was terrible. He has much to learn. He most certainly will play another year of junior and need some time in Manchester before he arrives in LA. I hope we don’t see him until 2012 at the earliest.

  • Marc Nathan


    Mullen certainly WAS a defenseman through much of his time in college. I think he does project more as a fwd though.

  • -J

    JDM- Czarnik stays at Michigan (unless i missed that he signed a contract with the Kings). Likewise, I thought Roe was still in college.

  • 4thlinechecker

    For what its worth, Holloway finished the season in Ontario

  • Rob

    Good2BKings said:

    “Holloway joined Ontario at the end of the season when his junior season was finished.”

    Actually Holloway was assigned to Manchester last season and played 38 games for them before being sent to ontario mid season to get more ice time.

    You may be thinking of the year before when he left juniors.

    2007-08: Holloway signed an ATO with Manchester at the conclusion of the Thunderbirds season but did not join the team in time to appear in any of the Monarchs playoff games.

  • WTF

    I am suprised about Taylor, he put up some OK numbers. You would think they would keep him in the AHL for at least trade bait and to take the reigns if JB got called up.

  • Golfnut_303

    Mullen is a defenseman who takes faceoffs. He is small though, (think Lubo) but he’s a defenseman in the 2 years we saw him here @ DU.

  • Quisp

    JDM –

    Roe is still in college, St. Cloud State. You left off Meckler and the other Murray (Marty), in addition to Parse and Holloway as you mentioned. Actually, I forgot Marty Murray in my conract count, so that’s 50 (including potential contracts, like JJ, Purcell and the recent draftees not going back to junior). Moulson will likely sign elsewhere as a free agent, unless the Kings think he’s going to make the jump finally to the big club, in which case they sign him. Either way, I don’t think he’ll be in Manchester this year.

    Holloway, Murray

    I think there’s a decent chance that one of King, Elkins, Azevedo, Cliche, Clune or Westgarth makes the Kings this year. If that occurs, Holloway would fill the hole created by the promotion of whomever. Or else maybe Holloway starts out in Manchester anyway.

  • JDM

    Marty Murray doesn’t have an NHL contract does he? I thought he was strictly on an AHL contract… But then again I’m pretty ignorant as to how these things work.

    I’m surprised G Gauthier is still gonna be a King.

    I like your lines tho Quisp. Those look about right.

    It is very possible as well that Moller goes to Manchester if there is no room for him in the top 6. I can’t imagine Lombardi would be happy having him he a healthy scratch as often as he was. Ideally he comes to camp with an extra 10-15lbs on him and that won’t be an issue anymore.

    If however he does not, and he is deemed still too tiny, how great would the Monarchs be with a top line of


    Moller and Loki playing together sounds awesome for both their developments. Hopefully the two of them could develop and then translate to the NHL the chemistry we hoped for from Boyle-Purcell.

    Then we would have


    If we add a top 4 dman to the Kings then the ‘Narchs D would be

    Bagnall, Meyers

    The best thing about that line-up would be that they are ALL Kings prospects. No more ATO and PTO scrubs filling in just to ice a team. Having a whole team of prospects play together for a year or two would be amazing. I can’t remember if the Monarchs have ever not relied on PTO players like Murray and a bunch of other guys I never of before.

    Good deal. The future is bright.

    I hope July 1st burns my retinas.

  • Primakov


    You’re assuming that all of those players are going to sign professional contracts, which might not necessarily be the case. Marty Murray and Justin Azevedo, for example, did not sign professional contracts with the Kings last year. They instead signed AHL-only deals directly with the Monarchs and thus did not count against the 50 professional contract limit. It’s all together possible that Michael Pelech, Jordan Nolan, and David Kolomatis could all be signed to AHL deals for this upcoming season.

    I currently have 42 players counted on the 50 player limit:

    01 Sean O’Donnell
    02 Michal Handzus
    03 Tom Preissing
    04 Raitis Ivanans
    05 Justin Williams
    06 Alexander Frolov
    07 Jarret Stoll
    08 Erik Ersberg
    09 John Zeiler
    10 Matt Greene
    11 Peter Harrold
    12 Drew Bagnall
    13 Gabe Gauthier
    14 Kevin Westgarth
    15 Joe Piskula
    16 Scott Parse
    17 Dustin Brown
    18 Davis Drewiske
    19 Brad Richardson
    20 Corey Elkins
    21 Kyle Quincey
    22 Teddy Purcell
    23 Jonathan Quick
    24 Patrick Mullen
    25 Trevor Lewis
    26 Jack Johnson
    27 Marc-Andre Cliche
    28 Richard Clune
    29 Jeff Zatkoff
    30 David Meckler
    31 Alec Martinez
    32 Anze Kopitar
    33 Andrew Campbell
    34 Bud Holloway
    35 Jonathan Bernier
    36 Wayne Simmonds
    37 Oscar Moller
    38 Thomas Hickey
    39 Dwight King
    40 Drew Doughty
    41 Vyacheslav Voinov
    42 Andrei Loktionov

  • Quisp

    Well, DL just said that Azevedo would be getting an NHL contract, which is why I included him. Marty Murray, you’re right now that I think about it. DL could indeed offer one or all of the recent draftees AHL-only contracts, so I guess I should wait and see before putting them on the list, as opposed to making an educated guess. Subtracting Marty Murray but adding the new draftees I mentioned (who I think it’s safe to say will get NHL contracts this summer), I’m not sure who else is on my list (which is not on this thread, I see now) who is not on yours. I will have to look into this when I’m not falling over tired.

  • Primakov


    If you’re thinking of either Colten Teubert or Martin Jones then neither would count on the 50 contract limit because of where they are going to be playing (CHL) next year due to their age. A team can exclude players signed to entry-level contracts who are in Juniors and they can also defer the terms from ticking down on their contracts until the age of 20.