• Trant

    Gionta can work the pedals while Cammalleri steers.

  • LBlocal

    Now that’s funny! While many teams are going big and mean this year.. Montreal is going small and??? Over $91M-5 years, for three players; Together, standing nine feet tall. Triple-stacked! Go figure…

  • m

    Of the free agents that Kings’ fans were hoping for, it looks like that leaves Beauchemin, Havlat, and Moen to fight over.

  • Westchester Kid

    They represent the Lollipop guild and wish to welcome you to munchkinland!

  • fernando

    Kuklaskorner.com reports that LaBabs has just signed with phoenix, this means we might actually beat Phoenix this year.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    I’m sure Kings fans will love this one. LaBarbara signed with Phoenix for 2 years, undisclosed money. Guess Labs wants to get some revenge…

  • Cynic

    Epic Epic FAIL!!!!

    Enjoy THAT Montreal…..

  • Eric K

    Hehehe, that’ll be fun.

  • anthonyy

    The shrimp line of the NHL.

  • Garrett

    Odd’s that we are going to do Something?

  • Cynic

    Madden to Chicago. 1 year deal. TSN. Chicago is seriously en fuego today…

  • Pumpernicholl

    This last 36 hours will be remembered for many a moon as the time when Captain Gainey sailed his ship straight into a reef.

    The munchkins living on that reef then jumped into the ship with gobs of gold in their pockets and made it sink faster.

  • Cynic

    Nice read…ESPN Ultimate franchise rankings of 2009.

    LA Angels of Anaheim – 1

    Anaheim Ducks – 11

    LA Kings – 95

    LA Clippers – 122

    Dodgers & Lakers in middle of DUcks/Kings.


  • Cynic
  • Daniel

    Montreal’s new moniker: ‘Smurf Blanc Rouge.’

    I agree with Quisp, Mr. Lombardi is bidding his time until guys like Gagne are available for minimal prospects. I read the financials and I know there will not be any gains in the jobs sector. Attendance will be down and the cap will shrink. Today’s over-reactors will need to sell off in the near future.

  • Pumpernicholl

    Kovalev, seriously? Will he tattoo the Kings logo on his butt? Does he fit in with Deano’s “high character players only” philosophy?

    Can he play left wing?

  • cristobal

    Isn’t DL gonna bite on Calder and Gauthier???

    3 million a year for four years, each, ought to do it…

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    Bleu, Blanc et Smurf…

  • Quisp

    Isn’t the fact that Eklund says Kovalev to Kings enough to tell you it’s NOT happening. An old expensive enigma. I don’t think so.

    It’s funny that people think DL screwed the pooch when they also think the numbers being paid the UFAs is too much. Can’t be both. Either you would sign Hossa for $80MM over 13 years, or DL was right. Either you would sign Gaborik (!) for $48MM over six years, or DL was right. Etc. etc..

    I personally am disappointed the world doesn’t work in some other alternate way, in which, for example, the Kings could sign Hossa for five years at $8MM. But you can’t compete with this front-loaded 12 year b.s.. Chicago just screwed up. They’ve swapped Hossa for Havlat and they have NO GOALIE. And they’re going to have Hossa on the books for-ev-ah.

    Unless Chicago loses in the cup finals next year. Then Hossa will be in a padded cell somewhere.

  • Daniel


    I know it doesn’t look as pretty but Smurf = Bleu.

    You know what is really sad about all this? Guys in the NBA like Quentin Richardson are making $9M a year. And because the NHL doesn’t have a major-league TV contract, we have to freak out about some of the top hockey players in the world getting $7.5M. I think we all here would agree that the NHL is to most exciting of all the sports. I just wish that this were marketed to the general public in an efficient way. You know, so that the league could actually make the $$$ to pay it’s players like true pro-athletes.

  • deedub

    for the record…kings and wings are the only teams not to make any free agent signings. wings i can see but kings have cap room and need the help.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Daniel… I concede your Smurf.

    The line, hand in hand…

    Funny how the fan base panics* if there is no big-name free agent signing on the first day…

    *PANICS or P.A.N.I.C.S., an acronym for People Acting Normal In Crazy-Ass Situations


  • scott chaney

    The Kings are nothing more than a minor league feeder team for the rest of the NHL. They should start charging minor league prices…

  • Stonewall

    Hello. Just seeing if my ‘account’ works. I’ve been reading the blog forever and figured I owed it to sign up!

  • King Arthur

    Lababs to Phoenix

  • Garrett

    Quisp is the voice of reason!

  • deedub

    Darren Dreger on TSN twitter just noted two minutes ago
    “Havlat has a verbal agreement with the Wild. details soon on http://www.tsn.ca

  • Mike

    Martin Havlat to the Minnesota Wild

  • markisonfire

    More important than anything…



    That’ll put some butts in the seats!

  • CP

    Very productive day for Lombardi. LOL he needs to be fired maybe his alarm clock never went off. The Kings r such a cheap organization. Haven’t made the playoffs in a while and this is what u do today. They should fire him.

  • deedub

    five on five, kings will still be hard pressed to score goals. it looks as though all the big boys are signed. sometimes lombardi just has to bite the bullet.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Hey Quispie,

    Ever get the feeling it’s gonna be a long, long holiday weekend?

  • mrk

    scott chaney said:
    “The Kings are nothing more than a minor league feeder team for the rest of the NHL. They should start charging minor league prices…”

    Alas! I’m not the only one that realizes this.

  • jet

    ‘scott chaney said:
    “The Kings are nothing more than a minor league feeder team for the rest of the NHL. They should start charging minor league prices…”
    Alas! I’m not the only one that realizes this.’

    Just like the Wings were 20 years ago.

  • Quisp

    Bako –

    Nah. Prospect camp is right around the corner. That’s better than training camp if you ask me.

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