• Dominic Lavoie

    Rich do you know if Joel Ward was a target for DL as a replacement for Calder? Seemed like a guy he would have been in on….

  • Harry

    Huet to the Kings? Havlat and Gaborik in talk with the Kings?

  • anthonyy

    Rich, any news on Havlat yet.
    Do we have him or nut?

  • Do I need window light on the sides or just use my strobe umbrella flash? ,

  • Do I need window light on the sides or just use my strobe umbrella flash? ,

  • Do I need window light on the sides or just use my strobe umbrella flash? ,

  • Your comment about bitstream is also wrong. You cannot send DTS-HD MA or Dolby TrueHD via Bitstream. DTS-HD MA is not compatible with the PS3 at all and Dolby TrueHD is sent ou as a PCM signal (you must have Linear PCM selected as the audio output format). If you select DTS-HD MA from a Blu-ray language menu it comes out as lossy DTS. If you keep cycling through the languages to get to dolby TrueHD with “Bistream” chosen you’ll only get Dolby Digital (again, lossy).

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  • amaxdymnnob

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