• Trant

    7.5 per

  • tantrum4

    correction: $7.5 per year

  • evanp

    7.5 per year

  • Model 62

    Let the gnashing of teeth commence.

  • Trant

    TSN has the corrected figures up now.

    Sounds like it could potentially turn into another typical Broadway signing, but the Gomez trade makes it seem as if they can get away with it these days.

  • jason_bort

    I definitely didn’t want him for that price. Havlat is still out there and doubt he’s staying in Chicago. At this point, I’d rather see if we could sign Tanguay for 2-3 years at a reasonable price.

  • Mark

    Glad we didn’t sign him for that long at 7.5. That’s too long for such an often injured player.

  • 28 KINGS

    Nice cap hit for the Rags. Remove Gomez, add Gaborik.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Dreger corrected it…

    It’s frustrating, I know… but the fact is, NY is the only place who was going to give him that kinda money. A speed player with a surgically repaired hip….I wouldn’t have gambled that kinda money either.

    The Kings need to extend Frolov. I think if Dean does nothing else this summer, that’s the most important thing he can do, or trade him for a nice return (i.e. – a scoring LW with a decent contract)

  • Rolex

    5 years at 7.5M is too much for an injury prone winger, I wanted him but not for those terms.

  • Cynic

    Havlat & Moen…..Just hope for at least one of them.

  • tantrum4

    Well I must admit I wanted Gabby. Guess he likes Broadway more than Hollywood….

  • JT Snow

    I’m glad Dean never ended up with this one but I would have loved to have seen Hossa in a Kings uni.
    I’ll take a pass on the remaining big names also like Havlat (injury case similar to Gaborik) or Tanguay.
    Let’s hope our young guys keep progressing, I guess…

  • TeamHasHoles

    The Habs keep getting smaller and smaller… I’m pretty sure Cammalleri and Gionta put together are shorter than Pau Gasol.

  • RealDrew

    They can have him for those terms. Anything more then three years is a bad deal.

  • Space_Shot

    More like…I guess he likes lots and lots of money. Can’t blame him. Personally, I would rather wait another year and offer that kind of cash to Kovy.

  • m

    People will flip out… but I’m sure calls were made.
    But Gaborik is not going to turn down a payday like that to come in L.A. for 2-3 years. DL standing his ground was a good thing on this.

    But it looks like a trade is going to be more likely. And for that, you have to give up assets. I was only hoping to get a top line player where the only asset given up was cash. But if players still don’t want to come here yet, then it means it’s up to Kopitar and the boys’ play this year to convince them.

  • jom

    Where is Montreal getting all the dough? Gionta for 5 mill a year? Has Gainey lost his mind?

    As to Gaborik: Too bad he’s gone but 5 years is too many for that guy. Let’s see if the Kings can get Havlet or Beauchmin…

  • BluLine77

    I know these deals seem insane and everyone keeps saying how stupid they are and how screwed teams like the Rangers, Flyers, Detroit, Habs, etc are going to be. Yet, year after year these are the teams that always seem to get things done as far as trades and UFA’s. It never seems to bite them in the ass. The Kings management, meanwhile, always seem to be on the golf course. The Kings were the ONLY team last season not to sign even one UFA player. If they spent as much time on some creative signing or trading as they do on thinking up spin and excuses this team might be further along. Now, not necessarily Gaborik for 7 years and 7.5mil. But really, I think for the sake of the team’s credibility with their own players and the fans, DL and crew NEEDS to take some kind of pro-active step this off-season. And no, Travis Moen or Ryan Clowe isn’t going to cut it. It’s great that DL has a raging boner for grinding 3rd liners with a lot of heart but at some point somebody needs to put the puck in the net and that help isn’t coming from within.

  • 28 KINGS

    7.5 for 5 years. His contract should fit right in with Drury’s and Redden’s.

  • Cricket

    I’m good with this-can put Gabby to rest. Better then the stress of always worrying the guy was going to get sidelined with an injury during the year.

  • tantrum4

    BluLine77 –

    Did it ever occur to you that the players just didn’t want to sign here no matter how much money or years DL threw at them? Man I wish I knew everything that’s going on behind the scenes like some of you guys seem to…

  • Quisp

    I just about drove off the road when I saw that Gaborik was asking for $7.5 for TEN YEARS. Glad to see he came down to earth to a merely-dangerous-overpayment of $7.5 for FIVE years.

    Yes, congratulations NY. You’re at a cap hit of $40MM with $16MM in cap space with only THIRTEEN more players to sign. That’s almost $1.3MM per player! Don’t spend it all in one place!

    It’s nice to see all my favorite people maxing out their credit cards (I mean cap space) based on the assumption that the credit limit will just keep going up… CGY, NYR, CHI, PHI…

    I have been wondering if DL’s actual plan is to pick off Gagne for peanuts from PHI. They have to shed at least $6MM as it stands. And they can’t take salary back. AND they dealt their 1st rounder away. So I’m thinking DL will offer our 1st for Gagne and their 2nd.

  • cristobal

    Tantrum –

    Just keep paying attention and you’ll get there.
    No shit players don’t want to come to LA. Not when they hear about what the experience is like from the guys we trade away.
    DL has made his bed, now he has to sleep in it.

  • Naturallawyer

    “I’m sure calls were made.”

    Spoken like a true Kings fan. Well, the Kings won’t be getting any of my hard-earned money this year unless DL does what he’s never been able to do: pull off a major trade for an NHL quality goal scorer. The two, err three, err five, err ten year rebuilding plan will continue ad nauseum until people stop buying tickets.

    Helene Elliott was right.

  • Pumpernicholl

    Hossa = overpaid, Gaborik = overpaid. No serious Kings fan should want those players at those terms because it would greatly hamstring this team.

    Quisp — Don’t forget MTL maxing out its credit card too, in its bid to become the NHL’s shortest team.

  • drew

    I just heard that Havlat is deciding between the Kings ($6M for 4 years), Detroit ($4.5M for 9 years) and Buffalo ($6M for 6 years) so we’ll see what happens….

    Maybe Heatley doesn’t want to go to Edmonton after all….

  • iansez

    Of all the signings today I like Chicago’s the most…if they can shore up the goaltending they look great!

  • anthonyy

    I agree Cristobal,
    This is starting to turn into a laughing stock.

  • Quisp

    Helene Elliott is a venerable pouter. “You better do this, you better do that, the long suffering fans, blah blah blah.”

    You know, before the internet and twitter and blogs — all of which I love — we had to wait for the ESPN news or whatever and/or read the paper in the morning. And everything doesn’t necessarily happen WHEN YOU’RE STARING RIGHT AT IT.

    Yeah, what a good idea it would have been to pay Gaborik $8MM for six years, or Hossa $6MM for 13 years, or Cammalleri $7MM for six years. Havlat? We’ll see, right? (unless I missed something and he signed with Phoenix for 45 years.)

    (I take it for granted that none of you would make the deals I just mentioned, but who knows.)

    I personally think DL is looking to grab Gagne for picks, or something similar. Maybe he’s still looking at Havlat, but as I’m ambivalent about Havlat I prefer to think he’s looking at options that would actually make the fans happy.

    Pumpernick –

    Yes, MTL. They’ve got $8MM left for eight players. Maybe they think the cap is measured in inches instead of dollars, like the clown outside the rollercoaster that says you have to be this tall to enjoy this ride. The Cap Clown.

    What I plan on looking into is this: exactly how many trading partners are there going to be for the 15 or so teams that must dump these very big salaries to get under the cap? Because it seems to me that there are going to be at least 8 teams who must jettison contracts the way Philly is going to have to this summer. And there’s no way there will be eight teams who can afford to absorb those contracts. Do you see what I’m getting at?

    How is Chicago going to protect itself against an offer sheet for Kane or Toews next summer?


    More later.

    Keep on gnashing…

  • Pumpernicholl

    I don’t like Chicago’s signings… they’re going to lose their young stars because they won’t be able to pay them when it comes time to sign them… They are too topheavy with fat contracts at extremely long terms… 12 years for Hossa? Seriously, you LIKE that?

  • Chris Bond

    How come we all seem suprised? We all read what DL said at the end of last year….He wants the guys we have to be better. I know I was like the rest of you and thought that we would land one major player but well it didnt happen yet.
    I think that the Hawks have just as much talent as us if not more, yet they dont seem to worrie about the cap as much as we do. They are going to have to sign more guys then us in the next few years but they are not as scared as we are.
    We heard all year how the cap space we had would pay off when the cap droped well guess what it didnt do jack. So now we will try this all again, and hear the same story how we need to build from within and blah blah blah. But the fact is that we have a bad ass team
    just we need some goals and yes our guys will get better but how much better? Not 40 goals better like Hossa could have brought. Cap space is over rated. I have been a huge Kings fan from when I was 7 years old and now I am 33, You can only say mabey next year for so long.
    Dean write a check get some goals and we will start to win and then you can look for the home town discount like the other teams get to keep a guy that wants to be here because we just won the cup or going to win it soon. Like in Garin deal with Pits today. You all agree?
    Also Rich did you talk to DL today? Did he pick up the phone or answer that text?

  • BluLine77


    Yes. I do some work in sports broadcasting and understand the process. Which is why DL offering guys in the prime of their career 2-3 year deals at mid-level rates when there are 10-15 teams out there offering more just isn’t going to get it done. LA just isn’t that attractive anymore. The guys that will take that 2-3 year incentive laden deal is going to be a 35-37 year old guy, you know the kind DL doesn’t want. I just think he either needs to get a bit more agressive and/or creative and stop crying about how crazy everything is. Yes, Dean, it is crazy. . .but that’s the market. And, unfortunately for all those (me included) that love that he’s building a lot of general talent through the draft, DL just has NOT drafted anyone with any potential to fill that role of top line scoring threat. I just want Dean to get at least ONE useful offensive player this off season and then keep building on what we already have. Today isn’t the end of the world, there’s still alot of guys out there and the potential for trades. But something tells me Deano is gonna sh*t the bed again this year and he can’t ride the goodwill of the Jack Johnson deal much longer. Especially if Dean can’t get JJ resigned or Fro locked up. Then where will this team be??

  • Cry Baby

    I personally think that players would not mind playing here. I think the real issue is that the Kings are not throwing the type of money at players that other teams are or are unwilling to commit to long term contracts. 7.5 for 5 years seems pretty stupid to me for Gabs. Hossa’s new contract is downright insane.

    DL has said all along that once the core players are in place he will add THE RIGHT pieces via trade or FA. The Kings are on the cusp of this right now. I hope he takes a run a Havlat but only if it is at the right price.

    This UFA period seems like the Habs are the new Tampa Bay going willy nilly with considering chemistry. It will be interesting to see where all this ends up.

  • Ersberg

    If I were Dean, I wouldn’t sign a damn player at this point. Teams will be crying for LA to take contracts. The GM’s that are taking on these contracts are tools.

    Dean can sit back and pick and choose who he wants to save down the road.

    I wouldn’t even inquire about any other players and just ice the guys we have currently.

    Screw it, play the kids. I don’t want to see us handcuffed by the cap.

  • jt

    I just hate beeing a Kings fan on days like this; first the BS draft with Brayden my celling is Stoll and now this sheet.
    Gaborik is not overpayed, he is one of the best goalscorers in the NHL. He scores goals, I have already forgoten how that looks. F you DL with youre character guys with hands of stone; he should be fired

  • iansez

    I like were it has left them TODAY Pumpernicoll, you’re right they may face some serious headaches down the road. Perhaps they’re banking on becoming like Detroit and its “Lidstrom model”, win a cup next year and get everyone to re-sign on at a lower rate in an attempt to keep on winning..

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Well now, the lines are clearly drawn:

    On one side, the BASHERS=it’s all DL’s fault/buy, buy, buy… and, did I say BUY a championship?!?!
    On the other side, the WHINE HATERS=patience, patience, patience/draft and build from within.

    Only one can prevail.

    I myself am an anti-whiner. We all know where Anthonyy stands. We all know where DL stands.

    We shall see…

    Not only will we have the Kings to evaluate, but the fab four–CAL, NYR, MON, CHI–are off and running. They are all BUY CRAZY, cap be damned! One could make the argument that CHI is both… with their previous draft successes, perhaps. To this point, STL is in the PATIENCE/DRAFT camp. We can argue about the rest. One thing is clear though: the top four likely are going to have to shed salary, if not this year then definitely the next. How will that impact their competitiveness? That is the crux of the argument.

    We shall see…

  • Ken

    When do we stop questioning if every other team is overpaying and start asking if we are the only ones underpaying? Apparently even with a lowered salary cap, other teams are doing fine signing players. Or even trading away what most Kings’ fans call “untradeable” players like Pronger and Gomez.

  • Pat McGroyn

    I totally concur that the Gaborik and Hossa contracts are ridiculous and I guess I am pleased that Deano didn’t place that kind of burden upon the Kings’ resources. But, just for fun, let me ask everyone where a simple question: Who will play in more games next season – Justin Williams or Marian Gaborik?

  • Trant

    I’m glad BluLine knows the terms of the offers Lombardi has been handing out.

  • number 6

    Point 1) – Lemmings. That’s why they all die cause they all follow each other. That’s insanity. IMO these contracts are insane. W/O a Salary Cap they’re insane… With a Salary Cap……. you can insert your own adjective.

    Point 2) I’m disappointed too that the team seems so hamstrung when it comes to getting anything done on these occasions. Let’s face it, some big players either stayed or came over to the West (Hossa, Sedins, Bow) like it wasn’t already difficult enough in the West. But as someone said in other posts, there’s no way we can know what was going on behind the scenes so it’s silly to just pout about it and throw toys.

  • number 6

    I also really don’t appreciate slagging off Quisp. I know he doesn’t need anyone to defend him, but he does such extensive research and really does his homework for this blog. If you’re frustrated then go throw a pillow or even vent it in words…. just not at the participants of this blog please.

  • LBlocal

    Hey peeps, just curious.. Any idea of any Kings offer sheets being signed by Kings RFA’s? I, for one, would certainly like DL to keep his “horses in the stable.”

  • Trant

    I get the feeling Rich is going to want to see a signing here so that we all don’t keep turning on each other and force him to delete more comments.

    Thanks for the hard work you’ve done today, Rich. Hopefully it calms down soon.

  • Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky

    So it’s official then? We’re headed toward another top 5 pick next year. Taylor Hall anyone?

  • KevinWestgarth

    Everybody needs to calm down! Who in their right mind would sign above average players at best for so many years and for so much money? It simply is stupid and I am glad DL is smarter than that. Sooner or later, DL will have to sign Doughty and all the other young players that will come up, and I wouldn’t want to have to part with our young stars because we signed a chump for $60-80 million or so. Its just not worth it.

    DL will wait it out, and pick up the crumbs from teams that need to shed salary. Maybe a Hartnell or Gagne would be available for practically nothing… Anyways, since when is a Gaborik or Hossa worth that kind of obscene money?? I understand Vinny, Nash, Pronger, Phaneuf, Iginla, Malkin, Ovechkin, Crosby, and Charra, among others, demanding that kind of contract, but not Gaborik, Hossa, and Havlat. It is ridiculous!

  • BluLine77

    It’s not like anyone needs ESP to know what DL is likely offering. If you do nothing but pay attention to what Rich has posted you too would know the ballpark DL is playing in and in light of the market is, that ballpark is pretty amateur. From what I’ve heard, DL is offering Havlat a 4 year deal, the Wild are supposedly offering 6 years for similar $$. Let’s hope Marty likes the beach.
    I’m not a DL hater by any stretch, but I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid either. Deans record on FA signings has been, by anyone’s standards, really horrible. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that he finds the sack to make ONE signing of consequence? Do you?

  • vicarious

    thing is, free agents did not want to sign with the Kings BEFORE DL was the manager–not since the early 90’s with gretsky did folks want to play here. So seems to me patience is all we’ve reasonably got. I notice Hossa, for example, always seemed to pick the best contender. For Hossa, it was not just about the $. He took the $ too of course.

  • BluLine77

    Guess Havlat doesn’t like the beach. . .

  • jet

    What a great day. I do not see any teams left out there with cap space. We recieved a second last year for taking Gauthier, O’d and Q for free. This summer could be even better. Hold on to your gunpowder DL.

    Quisp – we already have Philly’s second, but I would take their third for taking on Gagne’s contract or four 1st for Briere?

    cristobal – you went way out of bounds. I would hope you wake up tomorrow and realize you owe an apology.

    butthole – you are also better than this.

  • KevinWestgarth

    Is Cristobal and Anthonyy the same person?

  • 28 KINGS

    With Hossa, I can see getting that kind of money, but Gaborik with his injury history, no way. The Rags basically said we don’t care if you have a history of injuries,we’ll give you a max contract at 5 years. That is not being smart at all and I hope it bites them in the ass the same way Reddens contact is.And who is going to get him the puck,…Boyle?They just traded one of their top centers to make room for him. You talk about a laughing stock.

  • mrk

    hehehe. This is all part of the BIG picture. We’ll just keep taking players that are being dumped due to cap space. Fans buy what DL sells even if it doesn’t smell good. Thing is… Players that DO get dumped, get dumped for a reason other than cap space. We’ll be doing this year after year after year ’till DL gets fired or Kings change ownership. Get the picture folks?

  • Trant

    Unfortunately my insider info hasn’t afforded me the opportunity to know how many years Lombardi offered Havlat.

  • Quisp

    I can’t find any comments bashing me. Were they deleted?