Doughty invited to Olympic camp

Kings defenseman Drew Doughty was one of 46 players (and 16 defensemen) selected to participate in Canada’s 2010 Olympic men’s hockey team orientation camp, which will take place Aug. 24-27 at the Saddledome in Calgary. One notable omission from the camp was Steven Stamkos, who was chosen one spot ahead of Doughty in last year’s draft.

A story on the selections can be found here.

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  • AK47

    Finally some good news, congrats Drew, you deserve it.

  • Dan

    Is there any fear of burning this kid out?

  • anthonyy

    He deserves it.
    Good for him.
    I think he’ll crack the line-up.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Hey, all you Haters out there:

    Ever notice how many Kings are going to be on National Teams for the Olympics?

  • tantrum4

    no Spezza either…suprising since they invited 25 forwards

  • src3

    Expected more from ya AK. Feel your frustration for a winner now, but…………

    We lost out on Hossa. He went with a team that is pushing for the cup next year and they obviously dont care about the cap (fix it later, oh shit have to give people away-Satherish). Kudos to CHI! They are in the right place at the right time. Next year they cant sign Buffy (who was instrumental in the playoffs), and will have to dump Cambell-if there is anyone with cap space to take him. It had nothing to do with DL. Hossas camp as previously stated wouldnt even give DL figures. He wanted to go to CHI. End of story. Our team is 2 years out from making a push-very understandable.

    Gaborik-Are you F ing kidding me………..5 years for that glassman. Typical Sather! Nuff said. Yeh he may produce wonderfully for 5 years. Not even the doctors know or for that matter have a crystal ball. He is a 2 year max contaract-nuff said.

    Havlat-1 great year. Another long term contract on a guy that is also one more head shot from retirement. Would be dissaterous for our cap situation down the road when we need to sign Doughty, Simmonds etc etc long term. Havlat is not the gamebreaker we want long term. Again 2-3 years maybe-not 5.

    Cammy-6 mil! Nuff said. Cammy is a role player no domminant by himself as shown in the playoffs.

    So where is the problem? The best move was no move.

    However, if Heatley is not really the head case they are making him out to be, then maybe we should or should have done something there. But he has a NTC. Do we want a head case with a NTC???

    Kessel- is also getting bashed in regards to his character. He is smallish and pretty much a perimeter guy.

    What is out there? Tanguay, yeh maybe, okay, but again 2 years at 4+ no more-paly maker, not game breaker=bridge.

    DL is waiting for the fire sale in PHI amonst other teams. Where some middel range prospects and 2nd rounders can get it done.

    Just the way it is right now. Ride the wave and enjoy the kids energy and Simmonds so proudly displayed last year. Create an environment where the guys fight to the death for each other and get rid of the slakies.

    Go DL!

  • SuperSonic420

    Great news for Drew! It should make for a great experience for him at the very least. Dont know if he can crack a deep Canadian lineup, but you never know! He is well on his way!

    src3 – very well said, and I agree with everything you just said. Unfortunately some people on here have their logic blockers on, so good luck getting through!!

    If some people had their way we’d sign every top FA out there (because they are all lining up to play for LA obviously) and by doing so completely unravel everything DL has tried to build the last 3 years. Sure we’d make the playoffs for a couple years, and maybe once get outta the second round. By then your young superstars are leaving and going to other teams while that big FA you signed back in ’09 is losing his scoring touch or taken one too many hits to the head. But your stuck with him bc you signed him for 10 years bc you HAD to do something! Your fans demanded it! So what if it cost you Jack Johnson and Oscar Moller when their deals were up and you couldnt afford them anymore, its not your fault! This aint video game hockey and you cant hit reset once you’ve realized you screwed up. DL knows that, some of you have to start learning that too.

    Am I disapointed we couldnt land a big dog? Hell yea. Am I disapointed we didnt sign those guys for what they actually got? Hell No! This team only needs a few pieces anyways, and I still think Dean will make the right deal at the right time that wont cost us too much. Heatley for Brown and JJ? No thanks!

  • HUN_mikee

    hmmmm… no Cammalleri in the camp?

    with having 39 goals last season, haven’t invited at all?

  • vicarious

    Perhaps Cammy had to stay home and learn to count to six million in French. This would only be polite, allowing him to count his money without offending his new Montreal neighbors.

  • Westchester Kid

    What’s with the Kool-Aid drinkers referring to critics of King’s management as HATERS? Are you related to Lieweke? DL? AEG? Are you really telling us that the entire league can afford free agents and to make trades, but we can’t? Does that make sense to you? Do you really believe Moller is the future? He’s the future like Sullivan and Cammalleri were the future. Our farm system is loaded already, we don’t need to wait three more drafts to compete. They have chips to trade now. They have the most money available to sign FAs now. Yes, a Pronger on defense and a Hossa at forward turn this team into a playoff team. It turns this team into a real threat two and three years down the line to win the cup as the younger players mature. When do the Kings make any type of bold move? Heatley? No, they have reasons why he won’t fit in.

    The Kings have in the past pulled off blockbusters getting Gretzky and before that Dionne, so it’s possible is the will is there. Do you believe if we keep drafting high year after year that guarantees us success? You already have reports Jack Johnson wants out. Players get hurt, see Jason Allison and Deadmarsh. Players don’t live up to their hype (See Stamkos and a whole host of King goaltenders). Making trades and signing FAs are part of building a successful program. You can’t win by just going through the draft. We don’t have a big time scorer. Kopitar is a really good player, but not a great player, please don’t delude yourself. But since you’ve explained I am a whiner and a hater and ignorant, I understand now. I will be satisfied waiting as long as the Kings tell me is reasonable. I just wonder why the Angels and Lakers continually win and manage to rebuild while they are doing it. Why don’t the Canadiens or the Bruins or the Flyers or the Capitals miss the playoffs for years at a time? Losers always have excuses and the Kings are loaded with them. Can we have one scorer in the top 10? 15? 20? Wake up. What player on the Kings demands to be shadowed. It’s a collection of young, good, players, with Doughty having the opportunity to grow into a great one ala Dennis Potvin. Until we all start demanding more, and more means bringing in a couple of elite players, nothing will change. They’ll make the playoffs eventually and be bounced in the first round. First management said the players needed to be locked out to get cost certainty with the strike/lockout. Then it was we’re going to build through the draft and not go the FA route. Then it was we’ll add the right players through free agency when we are closer to being a formidable team. Now they have quality players and the answer is we weren’t sure about a player’s character or injury history. Are all the other teams being reckless and the Kings prudent? Now we’re hearing about they’re concerned about their ability to sign all there future stars, so they’re hesitant to sign anyone now. They stroke the brain dead King fan with empty promises and you’re brilliant response is, “Kings Rule!” Then you bash the people who care the most and have spent thousands through the years supporting there Battaan death march. I know, and Obama isn’t raising taxes because he said so. Is this now a playoff team? What’s changed? A full year of Quick and the addition of Schenn is the difference? And even by some stroke of magic this came to be, they are out in the first round. The Clippers are happy making the playoffs, the Lakers disappointed if they don’t win the championship. Please feel free to think big like the Lakers.

  • Anthony Mohr

    Well said Scr3.

    I think some of this bashing against DL has nothing to do with him not being able to get Hossa and not signing Havlat and Gaborik. Anytime some of you can find an excuse to bashing him you will. Get over it. I personally I am excited about our Kings and I believe they will be more exciting this year. If we make a trade then DL will make a trade that make sense, not one that gives away or team for a player near the end of his career.

  • Westchester Kid

    Anthony, if you’re excited than so am I. I can’t debate emotion. The simple question are, are the Kings better than they were last year? How? And will they win a playoff spot? We all love the Kings or we wouldn’t be here. But who are we going to beat out? Did we close the gap with the Sharks? Vancouver? Whom are we going to overtake? Please enlighten me. BTW… are you one of those guys who goes to Vegas and doesn’t care if he wins or loses, you’re just happy being there? If you don’t hold management accountable, then who? Why are Ducks better than Kings every year? Did the Ducks get better? It would seem much better… and they got younger.

  • Daniel

    Congrats Drew! I think he may have an outside shot at the #7 D-man. Don’t worry about burnout – he is not a baseball pitcher. At 20, more competition will make him stronger.

    Off topic – with Antropov signing in the ATL (4 years, $16M) I think this sets Frolov’s future demands at just north of $4M. Here is a comparison.

    Frolov: Games 455 G 149 A 181 Pts 330 +24
    Antropov: Games 527 G 132 A 172 Pts 304 +53

    So, is just over $4M a year something Mr. Lombardi is interested in?

  • Gary Dell’Abate

    Kings close on Scuderi. Agent says deal not done but looks promising.

  • AK47


    as per Pen’s beat writer, Rob Rossi.

    “Rob Scuderi has agreed to terms with the Los Angeles Kings, he confirms via text.”

  • Trant

    Looks like 5 of the spots are filled. (6 if Harrold remains the utility/7th dman)

    Probably still need O’Donnell (or similar) in case none of the prospect D-men can make the cut.

  • Trant

    Actually my mistake. I didn’t realize O’Donnell appears to still be under contract for another season.

  • AK47

    All 6 position are filled up

    Doughty – Johnson
    Quincey – Scuderi
    O’Donnell – Greene

  • src3

    With the signing of Skuds…………..Does that make our first rounder in 2010 and defensive prospects in play?? Hickey replaces O Donnel next year. Voynov, Drewiske, Martinez, Teubert (3 yrs out).

    Or, does JJ get moved now????

    Interesting ove-solid d man. Impressed in the playoffs.

  • jet

    Westchester – you should stick around this site for awhile and learn about what is really happening with the Kings. I realize coming off another site, the first instinct is to bash, and ask where’s the cup?

    For the first time in 40 years we have a real plan to make the Kings a powerhouse, not just a contender, but a powerhouse. We have the perfect GM to build the team, we have the perfect coach to teach the team, and we have a building that can support the team.

    The most important ingredient to holding management accountable is making sure they stay on track and implement the plan in place. Pronger would be great, but three 1st for a one year contract just does not fit the current plan.

    Is it fair to ask if we are better than last year at this time? No, wait until the season starts. Do you believe that last year’s team was better than the year before? If yes, than that is measurable progress and you have held management responsible.

    You should keep your seats; they will be hard to get back in 5 years.

  • Westchester Kid

    Hey jet,

    I don’t need to stick around the site before rendering an opinion that has formed over 40 years of Kings viewing that began at the beginning of the franchise. As a former junior player, coach and professional referee, and as someone who has been involved with some of the very kids now being drafted all over the league, I am intimately aware of Los Angeles Hockey. I am not questioning the Kings management for holding onto their draft picks, or for having a plan, I agree with it in principle and is long overdue. Ray Bourque was drafted with the Kings pick that we gave up for goaltender Ron Grahame. But drafting alone does not make a winner. My Pronger example was just that, an example. It’s management’s job to get creative and bring in the players we need, the Lakers do and the Clippers don’t. The Angels do year after year and win. Winning franchises find ways to get winning players. The Kings team lead by Lieweke sold us on O’Sullivan as the future and then demonized him. This is the same team that sold Cammalleri as the future and then traded him away. So, I’m saying there is a lot of double talk coming out of their mouths. You think it’s acceptable to miss the playoffs again? If they don’t make a trade of significance for signifcant firepower, that’s where we start the season and that is unacceptable in a major market like ours. They need a playmaking center, not just wingers who can score. We’ve got a long list of players in the Minors including Hickey and Tolbert (spelling), and they all can’t play on the blueline. They’re not all going to be stars. many will be journeyman or not make it at all.

  • JT Snow

    If Antropov is your yard stick for negotiations for dealing with Frolov. Then yes, I sign him for the rest of his life at 4-4.5 million. He is very much a superior player to Antropov and I am speaking from the perspective of watching Antropov play for years. Frolov > Antropov.

  • jet

    West – But to build a winning franchise you have to have 1. players that want to play here and 2. players who want to win. Cammi turning down DLs offer of 30M for 5 yrs tells me that he did not want to be here. I think that he was very lucky to get that same contract yesterday. If it wasn’t for the Habs GM having one foot out the door, he would have never received that much. Did POS and Boyle look good in the AHL? Heck ya, but did they fit in the Kings current scheme, no, not really. It doesn’t matter that they are good players, but more important that they fit the current system. Trading is all about finding better fits.
    DL wants to bring in winners, but that is hard to do when we are not yet winning. 13 months ago DL accurately identified our primary weakness as being in the defensive end. 6 of our top 7 D have been replaced, and I see improvement at every pairing. In addition they are a young group and there are a number of prospects to fill in future years. Will all of the prospects pan out? I really doubt it, but I guess that is my point. We have a number of D prospects, so we only need a couple to make it the Kings.

    This year he wants to work on wingers, but again he is working from a weaker position since we are not yet a top club. Let’s see if he can find something before camp starts.

    Lastly, with your experience with juniors you know how important age is in relation to confidence and play time. I would contend that Schenn, being born a week early has put him at a disadvantage to this point. Yet he has still managed to do fairly well. If you look at his progression, growth the last couple of months of the season and in the playoffs, then you can see the great possibilities. If he continues to work hard this summer he could be the best player in juniors next year. Schenn could very well be the playmaking center we need.

    DL should keep knocking on the right doors and avoid those who knock on ours.

    BTW, it is interesting, and exciting that an east coaster considers LA a major market for hockey.