Lombardi quotes on Scuderi

A quick interview with Dean Lombardi…


Question: How did this one come together?

LOMBARDI: “We were trying to avoid what happened last year with Orpik. It was the exact same situation. With Orpik last year, we knew what Pittsburgh offered, and we made our offer but the (current team) is always going to get the last chance, and they got him. In this case, we found out what Pittsburgh was offered and we knew we just had to blow them out of the water. When you’re talking about offers, it’s not just the money. It’s cost of living in L.A. and it’s taxes. If you’re offering $500,000 more, it’s really not that much when you look at everything. So we knew we had to blow Pittsburgh out of the water, but we wanted this guy. He has a ring and there are no questions at all about his character.”

Question: Where do you see him fitting in with the guys already here?

LOMBARDI: “He’s a steady guy who can go with Doughty and a steady guy that can go with Johnson. We like the guys we have, the Quinceys and the Greenes, but the real steady guys I’ve got are the ones that are coming up through the system now. I didn’t want to have to play those kids right away. I wanted another guy with experience, and now I can put all of those kids in the minors for a year and I’ve got a guy with a ring. Now hopefully I don’t have to go back into that (free-agent) market for a while looking for guys (on defense).”

Question: Looking at the roster, it would seem that you have six NHL-ready defensemen. Is there a chance one of the kids could still jump out at you?

LOMBARDI: “Sure there’s a chance, but there’s also a question of how the money might even out. It’s a huge price to pay to break a kid in at this level. You get him in, then he maybe has one good year and then, boom, he’s asking for (a big contract). When you build depth, you try to do it the way Detroit did with (Jonathan) Ericsson, and bring them along slowly. Let’s say Hickey comes in and lights it up in training camp. OK, that’s a good problem to have, but in the long run, if you can wait until your guys are completely ready, you hopefully end up like Detroit. It gets tough when you have a situation like we had with Moller. He has a great camp and we take him, but he’s not really a man yet. I hate to do that, so this (Scuderi signing) helps us.”

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  • CP

    Good Move DL great signing. Now get Tanguay or Kovalev. Or u could trade for Smyth. Take a shot at Beauchemin.

  • jet

    When was the last time we had 6 real NHL Dmen?

  • Chris Bond

    Wow you all are so lost……

  • jet
  • Aaron


    Anything percolating in terms of a forward addition via FA or trade?

  • Chris Bond

    It is all coming back to me, yes last year at the end of the year when Rich ask all the guys what they wanted they all said get us one more D-Man.
    We had so many goals this year lets blow money on more D…..If I remeber it correctly it was Kopi,Brown, Both asking for a scoreing left winger.
    Close Dean but you picked up a guy for the wrong end of the ice.

  • cry Baby

    Chris Bond…What again are your suggestions and why are you not currently an NHL GM?

  • Stonewall

    Yes we need a scoring left winger. But you can’t go wrong with this type of defenseman.

  • Cry Baby

    If you remember DL’s answer it was a bit different. He told the existing players that they needed to be better. And this is true the Kings top players need to be better. The team right now can make the playoffs.

    Hossa, Gaborik, Havlat, Tangay (sp?), Moen, Lappy, Kovelev are not going to single handedly take the Kings to the cup. The current team needs to be better and few pieces need to be filled in. Stop complaining, sit back and enjoy the ride.

    If you dislike like this Gm and Team so much there is another hockey club in Southern California.

  • Chris Bond

    Cry, look at the other comments from artical before this one and same applys to you as what I said to the other guy.

  • Eric K

    Chris, take it easy. We’re two days in. There are guys left out there to sign, and there are plenty of guys open for trade. I don’t think Deano’s done.

    (If we were only allowed to sign or acquire one new player in the off-season, I’d be saying what you’re saying.)

  • Chris Bond

    Like I said if he is getting more on the back end to package a trade I am cool but, I am in fear that we are going to get a no name winger and hope and pray.
    I think we are going to be having this conversation in OCT and we will still not have the go to guy.

  • Stonewall

    Cry is right. Our top players MUST play better. Are folks really waiting on a One Horse Cavalry to save us…?

  • Matt George

    I said this in another post but it bears repeating.

    The Kings problems last year were singular in my book. And it was Labarbera … I have no doubt that had we started quick at the open …we’d have made the playoffs.

    Not gone too deep mind you but in the playoffs nonetheless.

    Now that was with a game plan that placed a little heavier defensive burden on the forwards.

    This Scudy signing has greatness written all over it due to us have a SOLID defensive unit now all the way around.

    Seriously folks.. this is now the year that Kopi and Fro light it up and explode and if we’re lucky, Brownie gets in on it too.

    This was a lot of wind to say that I’m not sure we really need that explosive left wing anymore…. I can wait one more year with this and watch us hit it.

  • Stonewall

    I’d love to have an explosive right wing. Brown would be an ideal checking right wing. He’d score 30+ a year while drilling everyone elses small, skilled forwards.

  • Since 72′

    Matt George Said:

    I said this in another post but it bears repeating.

    The Kings problems last year were singular in my book. And it was Labarbera … I have no doubt that had we started quick at the open …we’d have made the playoffs.


    Dude, c’mon… “singular” ?

    LaBarbera certainly was sub par last year, but the Kings had many other problem areas.

    Most notable:

    207 Goals scored.

    Only 2 team scored less and in a stunning coincidence, those two teams ( Avalanche – Islanders ) were two of the three teams that finished with less points than the Kings.

  • jpizzle 313

    i agree with the guy who said if you dnt like dls plan go watch the dux….i think dino did a great thing by not going after gaborik when we couldent get hossa….the only thing that worries me is i hear no FRO praising and i hope he isent left out when the kings do parade down fig.

  • Daniel

    One full year under the belt for Kopitar, Brown, Quick, Johnson, Doughty, Quincey, et al means only one thing – progress. Adding Scuderi is a plus. Adding someone like Gagne or, gods willing, Kovalchuk, means dominance.

    Yay team!

  • Pat McGroyn

    I think what impresses me the most about this interview is that Dean-o starts off by referring to one of his many failed attempts at signing free agents: 2008’s attempt to sign Brooks Orpik. Dean then goes on to mention that he’s finally starting to catch the Free Agent Tiger by its Salary Capped Tail, and how following this paradigm will continue to pay dividends for the Kings in the years to come.

    This was a great interview Rich, with only 3 questions asked that provided so much insight for all of us Kings fans. Thanks for being there for us through these couple difficult days…

  • Stonewall

    …and he says he wanted Orpik last year.

  • Eric K

    Chris: I really hope you’re wrong. It’s a reasonable concern, though. We definitely need that one more guy.

  • Seattle757

    I’m surprise those no one has mentioned a key statement DL made:

    LOMBARDI: “He’s a steady guy who can go with Doughty and a steady guy that can go with Johnson.

    JJ is going to be signed and he isn’t going anywhere.

    Some of you here really have to cool it, DL will get that scoring LW through a trade. We didn’t get Hossa or those other two big FAs, but the summer is early. This DL bashing is getting old. He is sticking to a plan and getting the pieces together, not changing the plan every season and not having a light at the end of the tunnel to aim for.

    Great Job Lombardi and thanks Rich for all these updates.

  • Seattle575!

    I noticed that too, and my first thought was that they are going to resign JJ, but with DL you never know. He can still be part of a trade. But I really would like to keep JJ for one more year, I think it would be stupid to trade him now. I think this is the year that he really breaks through, along with Kopi, Fro and Brown. The real tricky part is to resing Fro, I think he would demand a lot, especially if he has a good season..

    Rob Scuderi is a GREAT addition, now our defense is solid, we needed one more stable guy, thats it. He is our new Matty Norstrom!

    Now we can focus all on offense! I think our go to guy will come next year, but I still think we should sign a “filler” player on the left, like Sturm or likewise..until we get the big name..

    I love this team, I think we really are on to something… Lombardi is GOD.


  • Paul from Oxnard

    I don’t see how anyone can complain about signing a defenseman of Scuderi’s skill and experience. I do believe Dean will find a way to bring a 30+ goal winger in over the next week or so, probably via trade. Now if he can do it without losing JJ or Frolov I’ll be really happy.

  • mac!

    Oh what a shameless plug MacSwede 😛 (j/k)
    I agree, this is the place to be if you are a Kings fan!

    I like the signing. I’m starting to buy in to DL’s plan more and more…

  • MacSwede


    If I am not mistaken you are from sweden too right? Then maybe you can read my latest article here: http://www.svenskafans.com/nhl/losangeles/artikel.asp?id=303897

    …Tell me if you agree. For you who dont understand, basically I tell everyone to calm down, and explains DLs behaviour on first draft day, how close he was to Hossa and so on..

  • mac!

    Yep, that’s right MacSwede, I’m from Sweden aswell.

    Yeah, I noticed you linked to a hockeybuzz article earlier and you seemed to agree with it. I think it makes sense, no need to rush a trade or signing on July 1. Yes, the team need a scoring winger, but I have to agree with DL, the players that are currently on the roster need to perform better! Hopefully Kopitar, Williams et al. will have high-scoring years.

  • Orphios

    when you see the quote mentioning Quincy and Green but then DL states that the real steady guys are the ones coming up through the system…it tells me he sees Green and (sadly because I like him ) Quincy as 5/6 D men and I believe the ones curently on the block to be dealt if the right package comes back. I wonder if moving Green or Quincy with a 2010 #1 and a piece (Purcell, Lewis, Loki, etc) would land a player like Kessell…doubt it but one can dream

  • Rob

    If it’s just the tattoo holding you back I’m sure we could take up a collection of funds for a wild wing tattoo to cover your crown and a bus ticket to anaheim.
    YOU, my friend, are the one that is LOST. Do YOU really think everything has to be done by July 2nd? YOU have no idea what is currently in the works. As a season ticket holder since long before the existence of STAPLES CENTER I can tell YOU that in my opinion we are finally doing things right. Yes, it may be taking longer than some (ok…most) of us would like but the kids are a lot of fun to watch so sit back have a drink and watch the game. Let it fall into place with DL’s vision. YOU want a quick fix…… Must I remind YOU of the old bull young bull story?

  • Timmay!!!!

    Does anyone ever stop to really think about what last year was and this year will be? This is why it sucks being a big Kings fan in LA you don’t really get any pro writiers or sports talk analyzing your team to help put things in perspective when you’re on a cliff. We’re fans=fanatics, we’re supposed to be irrational so I get some of you guys even though I laugh my ASS off at you DL/TM/AEG haters…
    Last year was TM’s first year, he’s instituting a D first system, a lot of our guys practically had to relearn how to play a hockey game I’m sure. I’m not surprised goals were down last year from everyone, well as low as it was a shock but still. TM had no idea who the players were as men which was evidenced from the line shuffling last year, and labs. I feel confident last year wasn’t a result of talent but a result of a lot of new and not a lot of cohesion (sp?). We WILL be better this year, we Will score more goals, we WILL have a goalie ALL YEAR who is capable of stealing games, we WILL be difficult to play against, we WILL beat the Sucks, and I have faith we take the 8th spot. If we get a top six LW freakin awesome, if we don’t I have faith the kids got the message and will work like maniacs this summer to get themselves there. The talent IS there.

  • anonandonanon

    First off, if being sycophantic, mewling and fawning over any action that Lombo takes is the definition of being a true fan then I am not a true fan. I won’t be and never will be. As a hockey fan from another city I made a conscious, adult decision to be a Kings fan over 30 years ago. So go run your virtual punk stuff on someone else.

    Chris has the right to believe and say what he wants. It is an opinion. His counts as much as yours.

    Any decision the GM makes must be analyzed. Never, never, never is is it 100% right or 100% wrong. There are some things about this deal that are right and some that are not quite so right. So shutting down discussion with McCarthy-like tactics makes the fandom you seem to seek one dimensional, read boring.

    We’ve paid almost double what Pittsburgh had offered. Pittsburgh was not in the same position as last year to counter the Kings offer. Duh. If we had’ve missed him would the whole house of cards caved in? Lombo knows he paid top dollar for someone he probably could’ve gotten cheaper especially if the rumors of a Dallas offer are untrue. Lombo’s dissembling a bit. Covering his ass. I’m really OK with the pick-up except for the $$$ and length. It really isn’t all that dynamic a move. It’s really a lot more ho-hum than rah-rah.

    Scuds is an asset. He does not make Johnson expendable. More like he makes Greene or O’D expendable. If this is part of a move to get other pieces it makes more sense.

    Bottom line its decent left wing that we need. Remember, Dean’s traded all those young kids that were part of “the plan” who played lefty. Whether we challenge for a playoff spot or not we need some lefties. Some of us just thought the start of free agency was a likely place to find one. Lombo may come through yet, but it becomes more and more incumbent on him to do so.

  • jet

    Just curious, how popular are the Kings in Sweden?

    Rob – you are right on the money. Please chime in more often.

    Happy 4th to all of the Kings fans out there, and Anthonyy also.

  • KevinWestgarth

    anonandonanon said:
    “Scuds is an asset. He does not make Johnson expendable. More like he makes Greene or O’D expendable.”

    DL will trade JJ over Greene any day and so would I. If you listen to what DL and Hextal say, you would understand that the management, the coaches, the players, and fans like myself love have Greene as a King. I like JJ also, but if I were making a decision, a D-man like Greene would be a perfect playoff D-man and teammate.

    Everybody, DL is not going to trade JJ. This is OD’s last season, which will make room for another youngster to come up the season after. If there is an expendable D-man, I would have to say Quincy would be the one. This signing, which I don’t agree with, just gives the youngsters more time to flower… I don’t like the signing, but I know Scuderi is a solid D-man, and I trust DL

  • KevinWestgarth
  • Westchester Kid

    The Kings problems are SINGULAR? Really? The team can’t score. They had more shutouts against them than any time in their history and you think getting one winger is the answer? They need a playmaking center and a winger. They need a high scoring defenseman. They need to work on their powerplay. The goaltending needs to be more consistent. WHere do you rank Quick in the pantheon of netminders. Go down the list of teams and list how many are better right now, it;’s a lot. Maybe that will change this year. To just to say the team needs to play better ain’t going to get it us into the playoffs. They did play better last year and they grew. Quick played better than LaBarbera, yes, but I think you’re over estimating the value of our players. Frolov is soft. I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but it’s true. Williams is injury prone. We don’t have a top echelon scorer, not close and that includes Kopitar, who needs help in the form of a high flyer to elevate his game. Jack Johnson has done nothing so far, nothing, unless hype counts as something. Doughty is just a teenager and is still a couple years away. And many of the Kings players are good role players, but not stars. Moller is not ready, very young physically. The strongest part of the team last year was its defensive play. Scorers cost money, so we’ll see if they pull the trigger on a trade that creates an impact. The jury is still out.

  • KevinWestgarth

    Westchester Kid,

    I assume you don’t have a King logo tattoo?

  • jet

    Kevin – Westchester Kid/cristobal/EatTheRich/OpenLetterToMrLiewkie has been whining on this site for a long time. He has been an ex hockey player, a referee, a 40 year season ticket holder, and a knower of all, but the one consistency is that he moans and groans about DL. We could win the cup nest year and he would complain that we traded our 4th round pick next year and DL mortgaged our future. Furthermore, when you respond with logic, he will not respond and goes on to bash on the next thread. See http://www.insidesocal.com/kings/2009/07/doughty-invited-to-olympic-cam.html#comments

    BTW he, as cristobal, gave Quisp the bird Wednesday, so I doubt you will see that moniker again.

    Kevin, you probably noticed a great number of brand new posters here the past few days bashing DL. Unfortunately, it is just a handful of miserable guys with nothing better to do than set up new names and bash away. They are not fans, so dont any value on what they say.

  • Hockey Jesus

    So now the D looks something like this:


    With the 7th spot to be battled out by one of the rookies. Doesn’t look to bad. If the Kings were to land a top LW like Gagne it would look something like this (No particular preference towards players):


    There are still a couple of spots open. I still don’t feel that Stoll is a 2nd line center more of a 3rd, but, Handzus at 4Mil isn’t going anywhere so does that make Stoll expendable? or will DL just ride it out until he can either draft a 1B center?

  • Rob

    Hockey Jesus….

    So where do you put Williams in that line up?

  • mac!

    Jet – not very popular tbh.

    There’s a list here; http://www.svenskafans.com/nhl/artikel.asp?id=132686 (just scroll down).

    Voted by the visitors of that site.

  • Ersberg

    re aquiring a LW and/or scorer.

    Perhaps Dean isn’t done dealing yet? He still has plenty of time sign and/or trade for scorers.

    I’m going to guess that Lombardi needed to go after Scuderi first, because of his quotes regarding Pitt trying to get him locked up.

    We’re not privy to what goes on behind the scenes, so lets try not to jump to conclusions when we really no nothing until we hear something solid.

  • mckinggolf

    Chicago is in need of a big D-man. DL should make a deal. PSharp is good and young forward. He can only add to the young nucleaus we have now.

  • darko25o

    An already promising DEFENSE, just got a lot stronger.
    I really don’t see OD playing much with Drewiskie waiting in the wings, and Voynov/Voinov would have been my darkhorse outta camp…had we not signed Scuderi.
    It seems to make sense that one of Teubert, Martinez, or even Hickey, would at this point be expendable, and provide a great option in trade to a cap strapped team.

  • drew

    Now that Atlanta has signed Antropov for 4 years who Kovalchuk requested to play on his line, and reports are that Nash and Columbus are close to a major contract extension, what good will it do for the Kings to hold on to their salary cap space and wait for next year’s UFA class when the prospective top two may not even be available? A better scorer than Heatley at a more affordable cap hit will likely not become available, and since he actually wants to play here, unlike the majority of this year’s UFAs, now is the time to get him. I would rather have a player who complains about getting demoted to the second power play unit than one who quietly accepts it. Isn’t the reason we have a coaching staff so they can get the guy to stay in line? And if they can’t and he won’t listen, like Avery, then he is an asset to trade for someone else. The point is to get him on the roster first and then go from there. The Dodgers have no problem supporting a bum like Ramirez and the Lakers see no problem signing a bum like Artest but a team like the Kings will turn their back on a 40-goal scorer because he asked for a trade? The risk is worth the reward of acquiring a stud scorer in his prime.


    I mentioned it before and I agree with andononandondandonaond. You can be a fan and not agree with everything. All of you ‘go find another team’ whiners should go be Duck fans if you ask me. Then you can post stuff like, “I like Teemu. Do you?” crap. Even in his own way Anthony likes the Kings and wants them to win.

    We aren’t a playoff team. Who are we pushing out of a spot? Columbus? St Louis? Anaheim? even some of the other non-playoff teams are better than us (just look at the standings). We need a LW, DL needs to find a trade that makes sense but more importantly and I’ll keep repeating this, what is he doing to change UFA’s minds so they WILL want to play for us? What is going to change so next year we won’t be told by Nash or Kovalchuk that they want to play for a better team but that we’re the better team?

    I also enjoy the ‘entitlement’ if you’ve been posting on here longer. You’re special because of it don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

  • Westchester Kid

    Kevin and Jet… I am not whining about anything, I am simply discussing moves and strategy logically, isn’t that the point of this site? Or are we supposed to cheer every move as brilliant in a myopic manner because we’re Kings fans? If someone disagrees with you they’re a a know it all? Why don’t you try talking about the points that are being made rather than holding yourself up as being more loyal or insightful, you’re not. Your loyalty is certainly admirable and I’m glad you love the Kings, but isn’t it fair to question what moves they’ve made to make us better and create a different outcome than last year? How are we better so far than last year? I don’t think I’m being too demanding at all. What reporters are hailing the Kings as brilliant? What free agent signing by DL hasn’t been a bust to date? What draft picks has he made that impacted the team other than Doughty? And he would have taken Stamkos given the choice. I’m not sure how our perennially losing team that has broken so many promises has earned your blind trust. But I do know that if you don’t get on board holding them accountable for their promises nothing will ever change. When you’re in big hockey markets the fans are relentless even when their teams are winning, just as the Laker fans are here. There is nothing I’ve said that is over the top or outrageous. I’m sorry you bruise so easily.

  • jet

    My neighbor, the Sharks fan, says they are speaking with the Hawks about the availability of Eager. If he really is available, I would love for us to make a run. The Hawks can only take back picks, we have those.

  • Matt George


    Great points. All of them. The scoring, the shutouts, the powerplay et al.

    I’m just sayin watching Labs give away just enough games last year was the breaking point for us sneaking into the playoffs.

    When I say we’re a playoff team now. I very specifically mean “A team who can SQUEAK into the playoffs now”. I have absolutely no illusions about how we’d probably be out in the first or second rounds.

    Personally I like this signing of Scudder … my opinion again is that if we didn’t have to focus our forwards on defense so much, they offense will pick up. Will this make us stanley cup contenders? Hell no … but it’s a move in the right direction and I’m on board.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    The time for the cheaper acquisition of a scoring winger is coming…

    …Given that you are the GM with a team in cap trouble, question you should ask yourself is:

    Do I give up a promising forward, a promising D-man, an experienced mid-level forward or an experienced mid-level D-man? You may get more cap clearing mileage by giving up a more experienced player, but you will likely weaken your team until the young player finds his way. Either way–unless you can make a trade–you are at least a little screwed. Extra problem is: Do you wait to do it until the last minute, or do you clear the space now?

    Few GMs have the cajones to do the do until the last minute. The last minute is at the start of the regular season, or just before.

    Thus, DL has from now until the start of the season (where last year, he brought in from Quincey Detroit).

    Can you Doubting Dans wait that long before bring down your axes on Dean’s neck? Dean’s Day of Reckoning is drawing near… Give the man his shot, boys.

    Then, when the year is about to start, announce your 2009-2010 Kings point total. Go on the record, and we’ll see how it pans out.

    But watch out–there might be some Kool-Aid for you to drink at the end of the season.

  • nykingfan

    You can’t compare Manny and the Dodgers with Heatley and the Kings.
    Baseball “chemistry” is one of the most overrated terms in sports. Players go their own separate ways before and after games…heck, they don’t even take a team bus to the park on the road. The Mets just did that as a team bonding experience and the players couldn’t remember ever taking the bus to the park during the season.
    Hockey is a team based sport. You rely on your teammates for everything. You have pre-game meals together as a team…you travel to the arena as a team.
    So to have a guy like Heatley (if what’s said about him is true) that could be a major issue…especially on a young team. The guy has wanted out of everywhere he’s been and hasn’t been quiet about it.
    It wasn’t just being demoted to the 2nd PP unit…but even if it was…how much of a baby could you be to whine publicly about that?

    Also re the argument of the naysayers…you’re absolutely right…it would be a complete bore without conflicting points of view.
    Everyone has the right to disagree with the other, as long as its not personal.
    BUT…you’re wrong…you’ll be proven wrong…and we’ll all celebrate a cup together in the end.

  • Matt George

    Thanks Bako

    I kinda knew that but couldn’t quite crystallize it in my head.

  • Pat McGroyn

    Rob – I’m guessing that in HockeyJesus’ lineup, Williams is probably on the Injured Reserve…

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Oh, and another thing for you Flamers:

    I may disagree with what you say but I will defend with my life your right to say it. This is a free country. What makes this site great is the discussion of diverse points of view in a RESPECTFUL manner. A troller can usually find some kindred spirit among all the ideas thrown out on this site.

    So be it.

    Flame On!

  • src3

    A little off topic, but I feel it needs to be addressed. We need a LW, no questions there. Look at the salaries being handed out…..OUCH! and ridiculous.

    Nash wants close to 9 mil. Yeh okay. Crosby, Ove, Malkin etc. Kovi will want at least Ove money as I have previously stated. And another point……..its always seems the Russians to where the money is regardless. It is a pattern with very few exceptions if any.

    Now the question………..What the hell is Fro gonna want? He says he wants to be a king. Then max 5.5 should do it for 4+ years. I dont believe he will sign for that. He will want Kopi money. And Sather or Gainey will give it to him. Does anyone out there think he will sign for 5/year? Dont get me wrong, I am not pro Fro trade. But if he and his agent are looking at 6.5/year, then I would almost be willing to take a shot at Heatley (hate the NTC).

    Would we rather give next years first rounder for Gange? The pick may be in the top 10.

  • Hockey Jesus

    @ Rob…Oh yeah I forgot about JW and also @ Pat McGroyn that’s probably the reason. Ha!

  • KevinWestgarth

    Westchester said:

    “What free agent signing by DL hasn’t been a bust to date?”

    Scott Thornton


    Right now, 90 points max.

  • MacSwede

    Jet! (and Mac!)

    NHL is very popular in Sweden. But as always, among the younger kids, Detroit and Pittsburgh is the most popular teams.. (Kids always have a way of cheering for the teams in success)

    Youre question is bigger than you thought. The Kings fans in Sweden is cheering for Kings for one reason, as myself, and many others around the world in a similar age, from a similar era.. (my age is 30).

    The answer is: Gretzky!

    That is the reason that Kings is on the hockeymap, and that they have so many fans all over the world. They started to cheer for Kings when Gretz was here, and when he was gone theyd stay put, like i did 🙂

  • LBlocal

    SRC3 said: “Would we rather give next years first rounder for Gagne?”

    No way, not now! Because, IMO..

    The longer the Kings wait on signing any LW this summer, the less it will cost them. Teams fighting the cap ceiling while trying to shed salary and fill out their rosters with have to make very difficult choices.

    With unsigned RFA’s, UFA’s and incompleted rosters, it seems to me that teams like the Kings, Blues, Thrashers, and BJ’s are in the best position to acquire assets at very reasonable costs.

    Simply put; as long as players like Gagne, Heatley, Marleau, Thorton, Kessel, Zherdev, Smyth, and even Bobby Ryan, are still on their respective teams, it’s likely they will be dealt, in one way or another, for nowhere close to their real value.

    Most exposed teams: BOS, CGY, SJS, PHI, OTT, PITT

    So, how about Gagne in exchange for Philly’s 3rd 2010 pick, one that the Kings hold from the Goat trade? And, call it a day.

    Go Kings!

  • Quisp

    somebody gave me the bird? i missed it. what was the topic?

  • jet

    LBlocal — agree 100% and let me add Campbell, Huet, Drury, nylander, and Redden.

    Swedes – it is great that you have stuck with us. We gave up so much for Gretz that we have been down for a long time. But, the organization is in the best shape that it has ever been.

    54 fighting – not really sure if your comments were related to me or not, but I will clarify for you if they were. If not, you can ignore the following.

    I am not quite sure where my post an entitlement posture. My comments are based on reading the posts (except Konan and one other who no longer posts here) from 08 and 09. If you have read them then we stand at the exact same spot. I have absolutely no problem with each and every person expressing their opinion. I also have no issue with anything you have posted. Here is all I ask of posters:

    1. That you occasionally add some support to your comments. “DL sucks” at the top of every new thread does not really help this blog. “DL sucks because he was a scout for Philly does not really add to the blog. “DL sucks for not bringing TM is sooner to familiarize himself with the players” is okay. I don’t agree with the statement, but at least it makes one think about what is being said.

    2. No one should be able to capture this site using multiple IDs. This is true whether you think DL sucks or is DL is a genius.

    3. Remain civil to opposing opinions. I have in the past disagreed with posts and asked them to give me an example of what they would do better. I praised him for putting forth a possible solution, while I did disagree with his trade proposal.

    When Quisp posted that DL should wait until more teams are out of money Wednesday, cristobal (I believe that was the ID he was using for that post) posted that quisp should f-off u f-ing f. I though that was beyond the boundaries for this blog. Just my opinion. You are entitled to yours.

  • 28 KINGS

    “1. That you occasionally add some support to your comments. “DL sucks” at the top of every new thread does not really help this blog. “DL sucks because he was a scout for Philly does not really add to the blog. “DL sucks for not bringing TM is sooner to familiarize himself with the players” is okay. I don’t agree with the statement, but at least it makes one think about what is being said.”

    Very good points. I’m pretty much through with posting here for all the reasons you’ve said and the others like “worst gm ever”,”dumbardi sucks”,”this guys a fraud”,etc. Three or four word comments do nothing to this blog but bring it down and I’m afraid it will continue to do so.I now understand why many from Hockey Futures and LGK refuse to engage in the conversations here.Is it really so hard to formulate a sentence beyond “Dumbardi sucks”?


    Jet – no, not at you. I wouldn’t take anything from these or any other boards seriously. I am, in fact a huge DL fan/supporter. My frustration as should be evident in my posts are 2 fold – DL rose colored glasses people (ie, agree with DL or go root for the duckies) and the problem of our teams rep or inability to sign the guys we want because they don’t want us. This isn’t because of DL by the way.

    I shouldn’t have to say anything about us needing a LW, we all know it, DL and Co. know it and I’m prepared to see what he can do and even if that fails I’ll still support the team. We do need more forward prospects though, mainly wingers – Moller, Purcell and maybe Clifford isn’t exceptional. Can DL swing a deal with Philly to get Gagne and/or JVR/Giroux? Someone already mentioned Eller. What about JStaal and Tangradi from Pitt?

    I think the NHL will be in huge trouble in the next few years if/when the cap goes down and certain teams continue to lose money. Should spell the end of Bettman and probably some franchises.

  • darko25o

    LB and Jet,
    Any team in the league would offer a 3rd for Gagne…so there is absolutely NOOOOO way he goes for a 3rd. Thats a 35+ goal scorer you’re talking about. It will take at least a first rounder and a roster player. I would do a first rounder for Gagne in a heartbeat. He’s the type of player you draft in the top ten hoping he will become exactly the player he is right now. So instead of taking the risk in the draft, you’re guaranteed a superstar.
    Our first, and Teubert, for Gagne.
    Our 2nd, and Martinez for Hartnell.

  • KevinWestgarth

    Everybody needs to relax. DL will acquire a player or two by the time the season starts. And for those that claim the Kings will trade OD at the deadline, I have news for you: The Kings will not trade OD nor should they. He’s a stand up guy and will be treated as such. OD will retire a King.

    A lot of people here do have issues with DL, but I give him credit for not going out there and signing non-playoff performer players to ridiculous 12 year contracts, or injury proned non-playoff performer players to 5+ million per year. I have full faith that DL will acquire a reasonable scorer, one who possesses character.

    re: Frolov. Frolov will probably not be dealt because I really don’t see a reason for a team acquiring him, unless they just want to dump a salary by trading one and not resigning Fro. Other than that, he will demand a high salary in the 5+ million range, and I, and probably DL, don’t think he’s worth more that 3.5-4 million.

    You guys need to calm the hell down, smoke a cuban, relax and be patient. You guys forget the Kings are kind of still in the rebuilding phase, even though its almost near the end???

    I don’t really care if DL signs a scorer, what I really want him to do is sign Moen already. I wouldn’t mind if DL resigns Armstrong as well. Hopefully one or two of the young guys rise to the occasion like Simmonds did, maybe that young fellow King will?

  • KevinWestgarth

    darko25o said:

    “Our first, and Teubert, for Gagne.”
    “Our 2nd, and Martinez for Hartnell.”

    No way in hell would I trade Teubert. I’d would trade Hickey instead. Teubert is going to be a solid D-man, a Sean OD type of player…

    What you proposed for Hartnell sounds great to me, but philly would give him up for a bum and a 2nd… DL would have to trade a better prospect then Martinez

  • darko25o

    Apparently you haven’t seen Teubert play….or Martinez for that matter.

  • KevinWestgarth


    I’ve seen Teubert play live. He’s young and inexperienced, so he’ll need a couple years in the minors to improve. However, I do like what he will bring to the table in the near future: ferociousness, intensity, character, leadership, and toughness.
    Now that DL acquired Scuderi, Teubert and all the other young D-men will get there time to flower in the minors, instead of being rushed into the big league…

    re: Martinez- you’re right. Can you tell me a little about him?

  • jet

    Hey 28 — don’t go, you have great insights and the DD video was excellent. This crap only lasts for a month or so during draft and FA month.

    5 for — understood, thank you. I agree about the left winger, but I do not want DL “to just get somebody”. It is obvious he targeted the best two way winger in FA, the best character FA, and the best FA defender. I do not mind him swinging and missing, as long as he swings for the top people. Why settle? There is room for little mistakes (McCauley), but not big ones.

    Darko — you may have caught the end of back and forth with Quisp. Quisp thought that our first for Gagne with Philly’s second coming back. I mentioned that we already had Philly’s second, but I would take their third.
    I agree that Gagne is worth a Tue and a 1st under normal circumstances, but there are not many teams that can help them out so I think our 1st (15th) for their third (84th?) would do it. I also like Bourque, but w/a cap hit 1.4M there is not much relieve to the Flames. I also like Eager if the free agency thing comes to pass. Although my neighbor seems to believe the Sharks have the inside track on that one.

    Salaries will come down. I think everyone is realizing the inevitable and that is why Nash was so panicked to sign as soon as possible (and before they used any more cap space this summer). I also believe the players and NHL made an agreement on how much the cap would drop next year so that the teams could prepare. Obviously, some teams still have Dads credit card. What do you think?


    We just traded for Smyth. No details yet as to who goes the other way. Hope we didn’t just give up too much.

  • KevinWestgarth

    “Ryan Smyth to Los Angeles for D Kyle Quincey, D Tom Priessing and a 5th round pick”

    Did I not state earlier in this post that Quincy would be traded, not JJ???? I am officially the man!

  • jet

    Kevin, Tue is going to need some time, years, he is just so skinny. I really believe it would be best for his development to go back to the minors and hope the Pats trade him to a good situation.
    Martinez has good speed, is quick enough to push the speedy guys outside. He has pretty good positioning. He is comfortable with the speed of the AHL. He is not punishing, but can take the body. I would say one more year in Man. he might be ready for one of those 8 game call ups at the end of the season. I think he is better than DD2 except for the PK. He has a little offensive in him, and more may develop. But, I only saw a half a dozen games on TV, so for what it is worth.

  • darko25o

    Sure Westgarth:
    He’s a very fast, smooth skating, and positionally strong DMAN. I think he finnished his college career in Ohio with 34 points in 42 games.
    Thanks for clarifying.
    Are you looking for a 4th line LWr/left hand shot? Eager lost his spot with Philly because he got his @$$ handed to him by Shannahan, and the trend continued. Bourque is a great choice, but I think he will command quite a bit for his performance last year, and his salary makes him almost impossible to steal in trade, but I think he would be an awesome addition to the 2nd line-Fro to first
    Great point on the Nash contract, and it will be interesting to see how that effects the other one year guys in the league. I’m curious to see who the hold outs are this year.

  • Westgarth:
    Did we give up to much to get a guy who is injury prone?

  • KevinWestgarth


    Not really because there’s no way DL could have signed Quincy, JJ, Doughty, and the other youngsters. One of them had to go, and Ryan Smyth is a very good player, but more importantly, an excellent playoff performer. Thumbs up to DL

  • brianguy

    2 days ago, my post was “just wait til the next move anthony”. do we still have too many D-men? uhhh no. that’s what I thought.

    one more could still be dealt, but as of right now we’re sitting pretty on the blueline.

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