Rob Scuderi quotes


It’s tough to make judgments based on a phone call, but it seems safe to say the Kings got a great character guy today in Rob Scuderi. Often it’s the little things that say a lot about in person. In Scuderi’s case, he made two attempts to reconnect after his cell phone cut out, and apologized profusely for interrupting the conversation. It’s already clear that Scuderi will be a “go-to guy” for reporters seeking quotes.


Question: Did you think the Kings were an option from the start, or is this something that just developed over the last couple days?

SCUDERI: “They showed some interest on the first day, but they didn’t really make an offer, so my agent and I didn’t really know what would happen. I was interested in the Kings, because obviously there’s a lot of young talent there. Today they made an offer and we got it done.”

Question: You mentioned the young talent. How much do you know about this Kings team?

SCUDERI: “When you play in the East, you don’t look a whole lot at the West. I think we played them once or twice during my time with the Penguins, but when I talked to Lombardi and Hextall, they told me to take a long look at the roster. It’s not hard to see the good mix of talented guys and the young talent they have coming up. It’s hard to miss guys like Doughty and Johnson, and it looks like there’s a whole lot of potential on this team.”

Question: In talking to Lombardi, he seemed to be looking for a guy with some experience and leadership. Did he talk to you about what he expects, on and off the ice?

SCUDERI: “One of the positives, one of the things that made my decision easier, is that they don’t expect me to do anything different than I did for the last four years in Pittsburgh. A lot of guys, when they sign a free-agent contract, they feel like they have to do more and they feel obligated to live up to it, and it ends up hurting them because they try to do too much. They know what they can expect from me, both on and off the ice. I’m a family man, and I’m not the type of man who’s going to be out burning the candle at both ends. I hope I can bring some leadership to the team.”

Question: Fans saw a lot of you in the playoffs, obviously, but maybe not a lot in general. What should people know about your game?

SCUDERI: “I’d say I’m an extremely under-the-radar type of player. If you haven’t noticed me during a game, I probably had a good one. You can expect me to make the simple plays when they need to be made and not take chances that lead to bad mistakes.”

Question: During your time in Pittsburgh, the Penguins went from being a pretty bad team to being champions. What types of things do these young Kings need to know about winning?

SCUDERI: “It’s all about the attitude and work ethic that you bring to the rink every day. We tried to create a winning culture in Pittsburgh, and I’ve seen how fast things can turn around for a team. I’m hoping I can be one of the players who helps create that type of culture here. This is a talented team, with all the defensemen and with guys like Kopitar and Brown and Frolov. They’re not that far away. They were in it until the final month of the season, and I really think they’re not that far away.”

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  • AEG rulez

    Fantastic move by DL. Hope the next announcement is that DL gets the lifetime extension he so richly deserves.

    Do it, Phil!

  • -J

    Great job Rich on getting that interview so quickly. Thanks for all that you do.

  • cfbuckster

    Very excited about this signing. In this day and age of people like Heatley, Scuderi will be a nice breath of fresh air that definitely will put the team first before himself. I really hope the guy’s will take what happened this off season (particularly with Hossa)personally for not having the belief that the Kings can compete (and win) on a every game basis. Adding Scuderi just made being a goaltender with the Kings a bit more easier if you ask me (ask Fleury). Now let’s try to get one more scorer (and not just a offensive weapon who forget that once in a while you need to play defense, eh’ Kovalchuk).

  • heck yes! this is one of the few players that wasn’t gonna make me go “oh man…why?” So exciting =) I was way tired after a full days work and this just gave me a nice second wind before heading back out.

    Yeah, anyone complaining about this dude getting added to our team has no idea about anything.

    He’s the one defense men on trade day all the hosts were praising non stop too. So, explain that naysayers.

    This is great!!!

  • jcharris99

    Great stuff, Rich! Especially your personal tidbits- they say a lot.

    Sounds like Scuderi has loads of character, very little ego and tons of heart. Exactly what this team needs and what DL promised.

    Love him or hate him you have to give credit where credit is due: DL has made his philosophy known and he is sticking to it. Personally, after almost 20 years of wandering in the wilderness, I think it’s great that this organization has decided to go with a “bottom-up” approach. Stay the course, Dean.

  • 28 KINGS

    Nice interview Rich. The guy seems like a real good guy and you can’t beat bring in a guy who’s been to the final twice and won once.

  • number 6

    Rich, again you articulate what I’d Like to say with far fewer words. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been on about, but not done a very good job of expressing. It’s the little things like you say, and even reading his quotes, this guy is “clear”. It’s not a surprise that he had that clarity translate into his on ice play. Sorry to say to Rob though that I Did notice him in the finals… only because I noticed how cool he seemed to stay when the pressure was on and how he seemed to make the simple play.

    For me, this is a really good acquisition by DL. I personally couldn’t have asked for more (which does not mean I’m not interested in a scorer… just that I have confidence that we’ll find our scorer in a “sane” manner, instead of throwing huge amounts of money at someone who hasn’t unequivocally shown that he merits it).

  • Chris Bond

    Hope he can score 40 goals, Becuase in case you all forgot or problem was not on “D” last year it was that we could not score a damn goal.
    Do we need to look and see where we ranked in goal scored? Or how many goals against? Where is Quisp when I need him?
    Look, I am sure that he is a great player but I dont think this is what we needed right now. Unless Dean is shipping off some “D” prospects for a Highlight goal scoreing machine this was not the best move.
    We have a top notch defence, but if we let Fro go we are done. You all were ready to linch Dean last night and now it is hands across america for Dean. I know he made Hossa a offer, And there is more to the Havlet thing that we all dont know yet I am sure. But someone PLEASE COME TO LA!!!
    I would have done the dance of joy if we could have just got Lappy back. But fact is we need goals now how do we get them with all the big boys gone? If we could win a 0-0 game we would be in great shape.

  • Cry Baby

    The Kings just got better…half the battle is creating a winning culture and this guy will help create it here in LA.

  • yes, this:

    “DL has made his philosophy known and he is sticking to it.”

    Stay the course!

  • “Unless Dean is shipping off some “D” prospects for a Highlight goal scoreing machine this was not the best move.”

    Yeah, that’s pretty much what this sets up. More assets for a trade.

  • Bluliner

    Did Scuderi mention Frolov and Johnson? DL – Lets get them signed also!

  • LBlocal

    For those who’ve not seen this. (and I’m sorry if this is redundant)

    It’s a nice little quip from Dan Bylsma via the ‘Puck Daddy” @ yahoo earlier today.. In a interview taken after game 06 of the Stanley Cup.

    RE: Rob Scuderi is “The Piece”

    COACH BYLSMA: “Well, he has been taking it for the way the quote came out. I know he said it takes a lot of pieces and I am just a piece, not the piece. Rob Scuderi doesn’t go unnoticed for our team. He gets more notoriety for doing the job he’s done in the playoffs against guys like Ovechkin and Staal. But he’s a steady defender, he dives in front of a puck. He’ll pay the price in the corners to get a puck out or make a play defensively. He’s also excellent on the penalty kill. He’s charged with our match-up situation on a lot of nights, and that’s something you can’t really put a value on if you’re not really there in the trenches with him. He’s a big part of our team, and a big part of our defensive corps. And a lot of nights sets the tone for how we play defense.”

    Go Kings!

  • Chris Bond
  • Rob

    Chris Bond said:

    You all were ready to linch Dean last night….
    Really? Thats not how I saw it. It was the usual band of idiots that were calling for his head. Not YOU ALL

  • KevinWestgarth

    I’m not that pleased with Scuderi, but I know he’s a good player. I really wanted DL to sign a big, mean D-man, but I will settle for Scuderi, he’s experienced, smart, and like rich has noted, has character. I don’t worry so much about acquiring a scorer because that will happen when the time is right. I would like to see Moen signed:


  • Chris Bond

    Some Quisp facts:(From me not him)

    Goals Against: Kings were 11th with 226 goals Agianst
    Boston was 1st with 190. (36 of the pace)

    Goals for (This stings): Kings were 27th overall with
    202 total goals. Red Wings 289 goals for in 1st, Boston with 270 in 2nd, Caps with 268 in 3rd.
    (KINGS WERE 87 GOALS OFF THE PACE) We need 2 Hossa’s just to tie with them.

    Where is the problem again? Ohh that is why we got more “D” today. Like I said, If this is part of a package deal then I am sorry. But if we dont have some goal scoreing this year we are going to get a top draft pick AGAIN! I hear the same crap every year guys think about it.
    We sign one guy and DL is up for GM of the year some of you are so lost.

  • -J

    Chris- why are you assuming that signing scuderi preempts the kings from getting the forward that they are, by their own accounts, looking to get?

    Take a deep breath and slow down for a minute. It’s a long summer

  • son of earl

    Some people are always so negative. Go find another teams o cheer for there are 3 other teams you can cheer for that aren’t to far away.

  • Cynic

    What makes this signing so great is the fact he dealt with this EXACT scenario in Pitt 4 years ago and just won a championship. If he says we’re not far away, based on the fact he has been there, I’d believe him.

    Once again Rob…Welcome to LA!

  • KevinWestgarth

    What really put Dave Taylor in my personal dog house was when he went out and signed Pavel Dimitra while the Ducks signed Scott Niedermeyer. I like the fact that DL is the first GM is King history that understands that the blue line is what really wins you games, not Marrian Hossas, Gaboriks, and Havlatts. Don’t take this out of context, by no means am I comparing Scuderi to Niedermeyer…

  • Chris Bond

    Earl Me Negative? Really, I have been a Kings Fan my entire life I love the KINGS with a passion you may not ever know. I have a huge tattoo of the Kings logo on my back. Played hockey my whole life. So please dont try to talk crap. I am just stateing my opinon,
    I wish more money would be spent on some goal scoreing.
    When you get the Kings logo tattooed on your back you can tell people to go look for a new team until then

  • KevinWestgarth


    Why the hell would you get a King’s logo tattooed?

  • jet

    bond – Gauthier @ 2.2M to Scuderi @3.4 Did we improve? And was the extra 1.2M worth the amount of improvement?

  • Chris Bond

    Kevin I have had it for about 10 years, Right when we went to the new style crown. I love it and I am coverd in tattoos anyway. Worked at tattoo shops when I was younger so they were free and I will never change teams so….

  • KevinWestgarth


    I don’t mind Scuderi, but I do prefer Gauthier and his salary

  • Chris Bond

    Agreed Jet but what can 1.2 get us up front? That is 1.2 more to give Fro….That is 1.2 more to give alot of people that can score look at where we lost games last year…Look can anyone here on this blog tell me that D lost most the games for us last year?
    Man I am starting to feel like Anthony here….

  • KevinWestgarth


    That would have been amusing if the King logo was the only tattoo you had LOL!

  • j

    this is a solid signing. the kids a class act and to compare him to gauthier is ridiculous because everyone knows that gauthier was just a filler.

    and to all the naysayers, who should we have signed and for how much?

  • Mark

    This sounds like a good signing. If we can get the rest of the team to follow his mentality the Kings can win more games. Guys like Scuderi are the difference between winning and losing the 1 goal games and the Kings have seen many of those once goal games slip away.

  • JDM

    I’m happy.

    I still fully expect 20 goals to be added to this team via UFA or trade. Either will be fine.


    If DL has signed a scorer first and Scuderi after, would you still feel the same way?

    If DL acquires a scorer sometime before training camp, is there really a difference?

    Props on the Kings tattoo btw. I don’t have any tattoos, but I’ve thought about it from time to time and something to do with the Kings is one of only two things I have ever seriously considered.

  • jet

    Bond – If you recall the first 25 games, then you know that D and G were responsible for many of those losses.

    Westy – I understand your desire for a tough player, but I would rather have a top pairing D man who can hold a 1 goal lead with 10 minutes to go, than 3 paring D man who can make some wicked hits. It is easier to add toughness to the front end.

    I agree with you about the toughness. I was the first to lambaste the boys and TM for not responding better to the Fingers hit on OM, the russian’s hit on DD, and malkin’s head shot on Simms. This needs to be addressed this season as we will have too many young assets in play.

  • MacSwede

    Rob Scuderi is the new Norstrom….period

  • Malkin

    Pens fan from Pittsburgh here.

    You had to overpay a bit to get him, but Rob Scuderi is the kind of guy you win championships with…

    Now, we’ll be hogging those championships for many years, but Scuderi should get you guys close…

  • deadcatbounce

    One thing I find a little amusing is that nobody, not one of us from what I recall, seemed to mention Scuderi as even a possibly remote signing, and now that he’s inked it’s a fabulous pickup and DL is a genius! Personally, I think that the Kings overpaid, but I like Scuderi’s character and hope that I’ll be proven wrong.

  • PaulCat1969

    I love this signing but really for so many reasons that none have you have mentioned. Hockey has so many facets and like the the Lubo trade for Stoll and Greene, it wasn’t about the name we got back but the little things they brought. Stoll and his faceoff adeptness and one time shot. Greene and his gritty tough style of play.

    Scuderi is no different. This guy finished 13th in the league last year in blocked shots (Greene was 11th 0 3 blocked shots ahead of Scuderi) We now have two of the top 15 players in blocked shots. The impact that has on the rest of the team and especially our goaltending is great. Keep in mind as well that this guy was on the ice in the closing seconds of Game 7. What does that say about him? He is reliable, dependable and a guy who can be counted on to make a play when it needs to be made. Lastly this guy was a monster on the PK. That is a such a huge thing when both you need a big kill as well not to put so much pressure on our other young defensemen to carry the load.

    It’s the little things guys and this was a big signing.

  • jet

    Deadcat – there is no question that we over paid, but that is what you have to do as a non-playoff team. If this signing keeps Frolov off the checking line for a third of the year, then we come out ahead.

    DL is a dog when he doesn’t sign a hugh contract, and a hero when he signs a mid level contract. Both are overreactions, but hey, hockey fans are emotional.

  • PaulCat1969


    How did we overpay? Gauthier made 2.2 last last year. If you don’t think Scuderi is worth a million dollars more than him you are crazy. Dean was right. You can’t just offer him $500,000 more. You have to look at the cost of living in California and the state taxes that comes with it. There is such a bigger picture involved. He is about the type of player that Greene is but he has more experience and a ring to go with it and that is something you have to put a value on.

    As for the inability to sign huge contracts, are you telling me you would have offered Hossa more than that 12 year contract or Gaborik’s 5 year $7.5 deal? If you are then you think this Monopoly and you are watching the wrong game. There is no way those guys are worth that length or the risk that comes with his injuries especially when there are so many viable trade options out there to be played out. You are reactionary and I understand why but you can’t be irresponsible when there are so many other facets to be taken into account.

  • -J

    PaulCat- Myself and others have mentioned those exact things as well (they’ve just been buried in the flurry of posts that have gone up here in the past 24 hours). Guys like him fly under the fan’s radar most often because they play a simple game, nothing flashy, but they get the job done. I like this signing. Would like it more it was around 2.75/year, but hey, i don’t think the 0.65mil/yr is going to keep someone from being signed in the future.

  • Westchester Kid

    A solid pickup. He definitely has a good attitude and looks like he’s ready to earn his money and lead. Players his age coming off the experience of winning the cup will have a great influence on the young players. Two scorers please. Center and winger, and maybe a package for a defenseman who can rush the puck… or turn Doughty loose this season to jump up into the play more.

  • jet

    PaulCat – I do understand what you are saying and I think you may have misunderstood my point. Let me clarify, I believe most of the teams in the league are out of bullets (cap space). After the first day of FA signings, the egotistical GMs (rangers) or GMs with one foot out the door (Habs) have shot their wad and you get closer to a true supply demand curve. With less demand (due to the cap), the values drop quickly. I think Beau’s value is dropping by the day, but I digress. Next, I am not saying that I know exactly what a player is thinking, but I do believe that most players would prefer playing for a team that wins. It is just easier to sleep at night, at least for me. Therefore, I would infer that there is a value to being a winning team. The Stars and Pens do not have the cap space we have, so we had to beat them with dollars. DL used one of our assets (cap space) to beat out the others assets (a winning team) and I am fine with that. I would say that if we had the same exact team, but all of our players had two more years of experience, that Scuds would have signed for 3M per year. Having said all that, I still like the signing at 3.4M. For decades we have been the team who loses Dmen entering their prime. It sure feels good to be on this side of the equation.

    I agreee 100% that Scuds is a terrific upgrade for 1.2M. I actually made this very point on a previous thread.

  • mckinggolf

    This move was a great move. I think DL will make a smart move now that we have a surplus of D-men. Chicago needs some more D. How bout a move for Patrick Sharp, and still go after a guy like Moen.


    A few things. Just because someone isn’t 100% supportive of the team or DL doesn’t make them a non-fan. You can differ in opinion and still be a fan. All you kool aid drinkers that want everyone to ‘go find another team’ if we don’t worship DL’s every move need to wake up. Even Anthony wants this team to win. Funny thing is, eventually DL will get fired. It might not be for 10 years but the end will come and some day Anthony will be happy.

    Second point, good signing but what are we doing now so this problem of UFA’s not wanting to play here changes for next year and future years? How do we get the Hossa’s and Knubles to WANT to come here. How do we change that mentality so Nash’s and Kovalchuk’s want to play here. Yes, the kids need to improve, I’m not blind to the constant DL ‘Koptiar needs to get better and be in shape’ stuff, but right now we are just a fringe playoff team IF that. We aren’t Chicago, IF we make the playoffs, we’ll be a St Louis or Columbus.

    This is a great signing because it follows the Detroit ‘over ripe’ philosophy. I love it. There’s no need to rush Hickey or Voinov and someone on this team will get injured and Drewiske or Harrold can step in just fine.

    When do we start to look at signing Quick and Quincey to deals? We talk about Frolov but I’d like to get our RFA’s under contract and the earlier we do it the cheaper they’ll come.

    I still think signing Ersberg was a mistake and would rather have a vet back there in the #2 could be a #1 role.

  • Scott

    Lombardi’s stock went up slightly with this acquisition, though I think he should’ve gone after Clemmensen or Craig Anderson, in addition. It’s really annoying when the net has been a vacuum for this team for eons and nary any kind of effort is exhausted to bring in one of the aforementioned guys. That is, I didn’t read about him talking about it. Instead, Clemmensen goes to Florida? And Anderson to Colorado. Tough to believe one of them wouldn’t have wanted to go to L.A. over the city they ultimately chose. And, of course, solid goaltending offsets the need for scoring depth …Quick better be Roy-esque next season. Lombardi appears to think he will be.

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