• anthonyy

    Which two players?

  • macdup

    I hope he learns where the boards end (start) at the Staples center. No repeat performances.

  • ohhhh man. let the nervousness begin!


  • Paul from Oxnard

    Just read this on TSN. Ryan Smyth? That’s the best Dean Lombardi can come up with? Frolov better not be involved in this deal. I’m reserving complete judgment till I see what players the Kings traded, but so far I’m not very happy. Almost has me thinking Anthony and his pals are right….


    Exactly anthonyy – what two players? Anyone want to guess? Better not be anyone big – only prospects. I know they asked for Bernier and Teubert at the deadline.

  • deedub
  • steven

    Darren Dreger says Ryan Smyth to Los Angeles for D Kyle Quincey, D Tom Priessing and a 5th round pick

  • Dave

    KQ, Preissing are the players according to an Avs blog. That would be sweet for the Kings.

  • PaulCat1969

    Dregger has it as Quicney, Priessing and 5th round pick.

  • Cynic

    Dean is a WITCH!!!!

    Way to go DEANO!!!!


    Kyle Quincy, Tom Preissing and 5th rounder. I can’t complain about that. Nice.

  • ed


  • Cry Baby

    Quincey…that sucks but Priessing makes it all better. Good trade overall! C’mon haters!

  • Old School

    Hate to lose Quincy, but Scuderi signing makes up for it. With Preissing off the books, this is a huge trade that Lombardi deserves congratulations for. I have not been a Deano supporter, but Ryan Smyth is a gamer. He will really help.


    This is a huge steal. A overpaid UFA signing. A waiver wire pickup and a 5th rounder. Wow!

  • NMKingsFan

    Sweet!!!! The only thing we really lost was Quincey!!!???? With all the D prospects we have, this will not even put the Kings back any. Hickey will probably make the team this year along with Drewiske.
    Way to go Deano!

  • Robert


  • Chris

    Love it! I’ll miss Quincey, but that opens a spot for one of the other young D, and gives JMFJ a chance to step it up on the power play.

  • Hokyfann

    TSN is reporting it is Quincey, Priessing (No loss there) and a 5th..I hope that is it…If so, I would say the Kings win on this one…

  • DetroitSons1952

    Quincey??? I’d rather have Tanguay and kept Quincey. But I’m not the DL-GM. Well for sure he’ll go to the frontof the net.

  • deedub

    Smyth will be making 6.5, 5.5, 4.5 and will be UFA in 2012-2013. Will probably retire by then.

    Great signing without giving up too much. Kudos for Lombardi to get rid of Preissing’s contract. Hate to lose Quincey but he was probably going to be due for a hefty raise when he becomes a free agent at the end of next season.

    With the addition of Scuderi and Smyth, we just need to sign Johsnon and Frolov and I think we’ll be okay to make some noise in the playoffs. Wow!!!!

  • Stonewall

    54FIGHTING said:

    “This is a huge steal. A overpaid UFA signing. A waiver wire pickup and a 5th rounder. Wow!”

    Says it all. Pen him in!!

  • KevinWestgarth

    Looks like Frolov is gone

  • KevinWestgarth



    Come on DL, sign Moen and we will finally have something to look forward to in the off-season.

  • KevinWestgarth

    I meant post-season, not offseason

  • Cynic

    Moen would be the frikkin whipped topping in this Pie….

    We still have room to do it, no?

    WOW! I’m still reeling. Hopefully Preissing not when he takes his physical.

  • anonandonanon

    After all the other names that have gone through the mill this one makes some sense. Sorry to lose Quincey, he’ll be good. But TPIR, and the need was there.

    I think Smythe waived a NTC and that is a good sign. He’s moved a bunch, what’s that all about?

    Could be the tweeking is done.

    Good job Dean. (Let’s remember who signed TP before we start handing out the grande Kudos, he did fix this mistake himself).

    Did Colorado just make room for Tanguay.

  • OneTimer

    I’ll miss Quincey just like everybody else. ‘Cuz besides #1) Doughty, #2)our MUCH-improved defensive/PK/shots-allowed game, and maybe #3) some Quick emergence … KQ was the only other real top success story in 08-09. Young and good and waivered. But knowing that his good friend POS is already gone, and that he’ll still get a chance to play a full season in COL just like he did in LA (vs. lost in DET) … I’m happy for Kyle, and he can be replaced with our stockpile of kids. That leaves TP and the 5th? … I think we win this one hands down!

    OT out

  • historyguy

    WOW…Smyth for Quincey and a bag of used pucks (a.k.a. Preissing and a 5th rounder)!!! Unbelievably good deal! Yeah, I like Quincey as much as anyone here, but the team just signed Scuderi (who is an upgrade) and already has a solid core of d-men without Quincey. Quincey and a 5th for Smyth and getting rid of Preissing is a fantastic deal by any standard!!!

  • ari

    Ok- I have been critical of management for a while but this deal shows strong biz acuman. Good job dl- excellent moves!

  • Buster

    Some wise guy on the HF boards said that this was Quincey and a 5th with a flaming bag of dog excrement thrown in for Smyth. I don’t think anything sums that up better.

    Nice steal Dean and don’t forget to take off your ski mask. The LAPD may pick YOU up if you go too far with it on.

  • markisonfire

    This certainly leaves room for a young D-man to make the team.



    Who is going to make a splash this year?

    Hate to lose Quincey though. The 5th rounder doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. We basically traded Quincey for Smyth, which I would probably do straight up. The fact that we dumped Preissing’s contract to the Avs is amazing.