Smyth quotes

Ryan Smyth had the following quotes in a TSN story:

“They have great young player. I’ve always thought the world of (Anze) Kopitar since playing against him at the World Championships in Austria where he dominated. To play with him and Drew Doughty and (Dustin) Brown…these are great young players and I’m excited about that.”

“As a family, we’ve really enjoyed Colorado. It’s been a great place to play and a great place to live and I really think if our team had been healthy over the last two years we would have been a lot better. … With management and coaching changes, I didn’t know (if I would be traded), but there was talk of rebuilding and moving salary, so I wasn’t surprised.”

A quote from Smyth, as released by the Kings:

“I have seemed to play well in LA. I look to continue that now. It is a great transition for my family and myself, and I just want to be a piece of the puzzle. I want to contribute to the winning side.”

I’m hoping to get an extended interview with Smyth tomorrow…

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  • Stonewall

    I’m excited too!

  • Brent


    Thanks for staying on top of this. I’ve already got all of the fireworks I need with this trade and a day off to celebrate it tomorrow. Fantastic job DL and staff!

    Best of luck to Preissing and Quincey.

  • Duckhunter

    No Rich, we don’t need a interview from you tomorrow, we want you to take the day off and relax….It’s Independence Day, a real holiday. Enjoy please!!!

  • Scott

    Finally, a move that goes beyond gum-flapping. Okay, Dean. I’ll give you credit for this.

  • Blake

    i personally think it was a bad trade i liked that we had 6 set defencemen and smyth is 33 and isnt getting much better

  • socalkings

    he waived his NTC to come to LA.

    He wants to play here.

    He wants to win here.

    Don’t think we could have gotten that from Hossa, Gaborik, or Havlet.

  • Daniel

    Anyone know who this Kings is:


    I thought I knew them all but I can’t seem to match this face to a name. Looks like a weird mash-up of Frolov/Gauthier/Purcell. Anyone?

  • BringBackKingston

    So does this bring the Kings back to goaltending?

    our top 6 is very respectable. our 3rd line is very good. our 4th line – well, can’t imagine many teams being completely satisfied with their 4th line? our defense is very respectable.

    before this past week, playoff were at best 50/50. now, i would say playoffs are definitely more likely than not.

    not to say that quick, ersberg or bernier don’t have the talent to get the Kings into the playoffs, but are they able to carry the team through the playoff gauntlet? this will obviously play itself out through the season, but does a playoff team really try to win it with a pair of goalies that have all of about a combined 90 NHL games under their belts?

    Kopitar & Brown – DL brought in the the requested left wing. now the rest is on you.

  • mckinggolf

    Rich don’t worry about interview tomorrow. Enjoy the holiday. This will be a great day for us fans as long as Smyth doesn’t get hurt.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Don’t think DL is done…

    Y’all are right about the sixth D-man to let the young ones take their time developing.

    Time to flip JMFJ…

  • Freddie

    With RS out in front, all I have to say is Shoot away guys….shoot away. I smell playoff hockey in L.A.

  • AK47

    I have THE biggest crush on Dean Lombardi right now, wow..

  • CanadianKing

    Is anyone else a little worried about our D now? Unless JJ decides to play the way he did at the Worlds, I don’t see a playoff caliber defence here…

  • -J

    Great trade for both teams.

    Gritty LW, Veteran, Leader- what’s not to like about this aquistion.

  • Danny Bizzler

    this trade was great, we lost quincy which is a bummer because he is definately going to be a great NHLer but we got that bust Pricing off our backs and in return got a great player, and veteran leader. as far as defence goes we will be just fine. oh and Quick is the best goaltender the kings have had since “the man” kelly Hrudey

  • tantrum4

    “I seem to play well in LA”

    Understatement of the decade…..

    Welcome abord Ryan.

  • uknojata

    DL put something together in the past couple days, i like the effort and the direction. Quincey played solid for us and is probably just getting better, but the truth is that we had him to give. No question that Smyth makes us a better team, both as a player and mentor. The playoff’s have to be an expectation.

    I’m optimistic that Williams will play up to his old form, and that both he and Smyth, a 33-year-old grinder, can stay healthy. Doesn’t change my mind about the move, just something else to keep me up at night.

    Rich, if you wanna work on a national holiday to bring us great content, please do brother! I can’t imagine that the newsroom was a bee hive of activity when you posted this at 10:30pm in the middle of a 3-day. If the Kings ownership had half the commitment you’ve shown we’d have a cup by now. Your an animal.

  • jediknight329

    seriously folks, who could complain about this? well, i know someone, we all know someone… but he doesn’t count.

    dl did amazing in the last couple of days. our defense is solid and better and we just added a proven, gritty lw goal scorer.

    scuderi makes our goalies that much better. smyth just drastically upgraded our compliment of forwards. if williams comes to play next season at 100% and smyth does what he normally does, this is a playoff team – no question about it.

    the next move is to lock up jj for the next few years. i dont see a frolov extension now. this will be a critical season for him. he’s under contract for 09-10. if he lights it up, he’ll get a mid-year extension for 2-3 more years. if he is lax, he’ll get dealt at the trading deadline.

    i really don’t see any other moves except to sign our rfa’s and get the development camp underway. after that, it’ll be the big boy’s camp and we will really see where we are at.

  • Starlight

    @Daniel: Could be Doughty? Hard to see in that photo really.

  • mac!

    Thanks Rich for all your work, just logged in at about noon (CET) and saw all the posts you had already done about the trade, just awesome.

    I like this trade. If the Kings can make the playoffs this year, it would be a huge step, especially for the younger players.

  • Chris Bond

    Nice to get Smyth but needed more……

  • src3

    Wow, great move Deano!!!

    A little late getting involved. Woke up in Norway on Saturday morning (9 hours ahead of you all in LA). Sunny skies 80+ degrees, 7 hours after getting a piece (if you know what i mean) and then after reading the news was rock hard and ready to go again!

    As posted by quite a few others, we get Smitty for 3+ and next year after what Q man would require to retain, the salary pick up becomes a wash.

    Loved Q man and have stated many times that we should shore him up before JJ. But if Smitty can stay healthy and give our kids a kick in the back end, its no doubt playoff time gents!!!

    And we did not give up any prospects!!!!

    Now back to a question I submitted yesterday. Where does this leave Fro? Deano knows what he and his agent want next year. Does he get extended or traded. Deano IMO is not finished.

    Fro if staying was best with Kopi. Smitty has played with Stoll and gives Stoll and Brownie extra scoring punch. I see the lines thus far as such:



    We can still add another 3+ mil. If Fro gets traded we can add 6 mil. Is Gange, Hartnell or Heater still in play??

    Agree and also believe Moller will start in Manch. as Quisp mentioned. Purcell, Lewis??

    What a great weekend!

  • Chris Bond

    Smyth, 26 goals last year. Only need 60 from somewhere to be on pace with the lead, Nice start but lets all not plan the parade yet. We still need more. Hossa was a 40 goal guy. And they didnt have to give guys up to get him, Yes I know he didnt want to come here. But we need more then Symth.
    If I had my way I would rather have kept Kyle then Scuds, And signed one of the big three for the big money Smyth is still big money without the bang. He wont net 40 goals. Granted he is good and a KING KILLER, but still guys I just wish this all would have went differnt. With all this “we are in great cap shape” this is what we got. We traded a top 6 defenseman for a top 6 defenseman, Kyle was that good. We got rid of Tom,(Cant say I am sad about that) And we got Smyth.

    Why not trade away Tom, Sign a highlight guy for almost the same money as we are spending on Smyth, 6MM a year?? Come on for a 26 goal a year guy? I think Smyth is really good. And you all will get on my ass about this but still is not a “the go to guy”
    You all are saying WOW things are changeing becuase he waived his no trade. Well think about it few teams finished behine the Kings last year and Co was one of them and are going to rebuild. So lets all jump up and down and go give DL props because he waived his no trade.
    DL said we had to kill the offer that Scuds got from the Pens. Well you should have Killed the offer for the Big Names, and got them here. So instead you got Smyth for about a million less then what you had to pay the big names, and if you would not have messed with our Defense then you would have saved that million right there.
    So think Smith is a 20 goal guy, Hossa is a 40 goal guy, Sky is the limit with Gabbs. (He was the move to make) We will score a few more goals but damn. This to me feels like a lets shut up the Rich bloggers trade for left winger.
    Smyth was the Highest scoreing Left Winger last year. so hey I cant bitch becuase the guys ask for a scoreing left winger and DL deliverd.
    But we need to fill the stands and in LA this wont do it.
    I cant wait to see you all want to linch me now, I LOVE THE KINGS. and I am not Anthony, I just am saying what I feel this way next year I can say I told you so. But damn I really really really hope that I am wrong. Last thing mabey DL is not done, I hope not….SIGN FRO NOW WITHOUT HIM WE ARE SO SCREWED. The people in this blog that really play hockey understand that what he brings with being able to hold the puck and protect it is priceless, the way the man uses his body to protect the puck is unreal. KEEP HIM!
    To close Rich can you ask DL if there has been any talk with the Fro camp.
    Thanks guys be nice I love this team too….Let to Bond bashing begin……

  • nykingfan

    Chris Bond
    Sit back and watch what a genius DL is….It’s not about getting the biggest name or the biggest goal scorer…its about getting guys that have the burning desire to win. The guys who may not score 3 goals in a 8-4 loss, but will score 1 goal down 2-1 in the last minute of game.

    This move not only helps the Kings immensely this year, but will be invaluable in the maturation process of Kopitar.
    Smythe is a leader…DL has brought on guys who know how to win…guys who are all high character, well respected players that will do whatever it takes to win hockey games.
    Do we have the “superstar” like Kovalchuk…probably not How many cups has he won with his incredible skill?

    I’ll miss Q..he played so well when we all thought he was a 7th D’man at best. Terrific job by the Kings scouting department getting him.

    How DL was able to rid Preissing, while getting a guy like Smythe AND holding on to all of our prospects and top draft slots is amazing.
    I do have to say, I’m still not convinced both JJ and Fro will be back next year….If they’re not, it’s because you’re dealing from a position of strength.

    Naysayers..keep up the attacks on seems to be working in the Kings favor. It’s like a reverse jinx!
    You bash him, he makes great moves.

    No excuses now for Quick and the other goalies. There’s no more learning curve here. You either get the job done, or watch someone come in a take your job fast. There’s no more giving guys like Barbs 15 games to prove themselves…this is a team that’s now built to win.

    Great job Rich for your professional and hard work.
    Thank you DL for showing how right I was in having full confidence in your ability as a GM.
    Man, I can’t wait for the season to start.

  • AK47

    I can’t believe I went on a rant about how bad of a GM Dean is, and he ends up signing Scuderi and trading for Ryan Smyth.. God, I knew he had it in him

  • src3

    Your back in the graces AK.

    Nice post nykingsfan-right on!

    Again sign Gabby for that many years at that price is a joke and anyone that thinks otherwise needs to sober up. Gainey and Sather are really looking like horses asses. Who is going to center Gabby??hahahaha.

  • src3

    One other thing!

    We have depth! Any injuries in the top 6 and we still have Moller, Lewis and Purcell. Boyah!!

  • Chris Bond

    WOW I love you guys but this is not as great as you think.

  • nayagamj

    Chris Bond…

    if you think gaborik was the right move to make, that tells us all we need to know about your hockey IQ.

    i’ll take Captain Canada over the glass-groined slovakian any day of the week.

  • King Arthur

    I wonder if there will be some good joking around between Doughty and Smyth with regards to that schooling Ryan did on Doughty to score that goal last year? Should be fun…

  • Crash Davis

    Two quick points:

    1. Very few teams – after the FA signings – had room for Smyth’s $6.5 mil salary this season. We did. And his contract goes DOWN each year in cash paid, tho’ not in cap space. 30+ goal scorers don’t come cheap.

    2. Think 2 years down the line: should the time to move Smyth ever come up, there are plenty of future play-off bound teams that would want a Ryan Smyth at the trade deadline.

    As long as Smyth is healthy, this was/is a great move.

  • darko25o

    If we sign JJ to 3mill, what are we left with for a FA?

  • darko25o

    whoahwhoahwhoah, I just realized I put 3mill for JJ. If Scudder is making 3.4, I wouldn’t go any higher than 2.5 for JJ. Especially considering Leopold, Larose, and Aucoin all went for less than 2.5.

  • Otto Ped

    Chris Bond said..”This to me feels like a lets shut up the Rich bloggers trade for left winger.”

    Yeah I’m sure DL is hanging on every comment you and Anthonyy make.

    “The people in this blog that really play hockey understand”

    OK, you finally got to throw out the little fact that you played some hockey. Big deal, many of us have and if you truly have played then you should also be able to understand what RS brings to the ice.

  • Otto Ped

    OK, now here is a question I’m surprised no one has asked yet…..
    Rich, who is going to take Q’s place on the fan cruise??

  • Ersberg

    Sick, sick, sick. RS in LA is magical.

    The burning question I want to ask is, is DL done yet?

    I can’t help but think he may yet add another guy.

    Very nice off-season so far.

  • Bernie9

    “Chris Bond said:
    WOW I love you guys but this is not as great as you think.”

    So 1400 people & the GM are stupid idoits but you & 190 other people are hockey geniuses & will be able tell us all “I told you so, bad move!”?! OOOOOKKKAAAAAAAYY guy!

  • ike

    The only way Gaborik would have made sense is a short term contract. He is not stupid. He wanted to sign something longer.

  • Chris, you seem to forget how many games have gone on in the last two seasons that were given up on.

    So many games where we all sat there watching, scratching our heads, and saying “why are they giving up on this game? they have the potential to win this. they should win this. why aren’t they fighting for it like they did the other night?”

    I think with Scuderi and Smyth added to the team that sort of thing will just not happen. If it does…it’ll happen once in 20 games. Not once in every three games like it did the last two seasons.

    I really think these two will not let that shit fly and slowly help turn the rest of the team into a group of guys that won’t let themselves give up.

  • ziggy33

    I absolutely love this deal! First the positives: great character guy, willing to pay the price to score goals which we lacked last season, leadership, his work ethic will rub off on other players, contract goes down the next couple seasons, we traded priessing!! negatives: Quincey was one of our best players last season, our pp may suffer, not in favor of a forward on the point(stoll), Quincey is young and cheap.

    Still many more positives to this trade than negatives. We are loaded with defensmen propects so I think this was a no brainer. Great job Dean!!

  • jet

    Chris Bond — I am not going to bash you, but I am gong to point out some issue that you may not have considered. Okay, one little bash, you do sound like a man who asked for his deposit back on Wednesday.

    Let me start with taking Symth over Gabby. You said, “Well you (DL) should have Killed the offer for the Big Names” and “Sky is the limit with Gabbs. (He was the move to make)”. I am going to assume that a killer offer is 10% over the next best offer. Therefore, you would have paid 8.25M for 5 years for a player who played 17 games with some questions about his rehab.
    Symth cost us 3.5M (caphit after subtracting Pressing, although he probably would stay in Man). Symth’s contract also carries less risk with 3 years compared to 5 years.
    You say we didn’t have to give up anything if we signed a big three, but when all was said and done we picked up a shutdown 1st pairing Dman at 3.4M and sent out a mobile 2nd pairing Dman for .5 million. So for 2.9M we improved on the defensive side. We still come out 1.8M ahead compared to your scenario.

    Also, Symth is better defensively than Gabby. Not that Gabby is bad, just that Symth is tenacious to no end. TM needs the forwards to play both sides until our goalies get more experience.

    Finally, as a player I am sure that you recognize the value of a teammate who is willing to set up camp in the crease. How many goals have you scored because the Goalie’s vision was blocked or he was distracted due to a crease camper? Symths value is not just in his goals, but the additional goals his line mates will pick up.

    One more, Gabby is an elite scorer but who would you rather have during a playoff run with a young team. DL may not articulate as well as hit executes. Look at his recent moves: out – Cammi, POS, Q, Boyle and IN – Williams, Symth, Elkins, O’D, Scuds. Recent drafts – Schenn, Clifford, DD, Teubs. Symth just fits better on this squad. I close my case without even mentioning leadership, which goes w/o saying.
    Happy 4th

  • darko25o

    With Schenn, Lewis, and most importantly Moller waiting in the wings, I see Stoll as the next one to be traded. His salary will be put towards the contracts of Fro, and the other players coming off their rookie money. This is exactly what happened with our D core, and Quincey. Look for DL to wait to see what Quincey is signed for in Colorado. This will be used as leverage in JJs negotiations. It also says alot about the player Quincey is, and JJ is not(yet).
    JJ wouldn’t have gotten this deal done with
    If Moller isnt playing on the Kings next year, its essentially a waste of an oppurtunity for a player to progress. And for those of you thinking that the PP needs Stoll, Moller scored more goals per minutes on the PP than Stoll did.
    ….and the 4th line should be a speed line, not a knuckle dragging-line, but I feel as though we need a Physical force on the LW of the 3rd line


    I’d be interested to hear everyones opinions on this set up…

  • Baumgartner22

    smyth for quincey, preissing, 5th rounder and bag of magic beans = good trade for kings.

  • deadmarsh

    This is a great pick up. The only player in recent history we have had like this is Deadmarsh. He has heart and soul and gives 100% every night and that is somthing this team needs more than anything…. Well next to the cup. Just a side note if JMFJ and Fro get traded I think it will be to the Pens for Stall. If I was DL I would offer the pens JMFJ, Fro, Stoll and our first pick next year for Malkin, Just dreaming. This is the first time in about 5or6 years I cant wait for the season to start. GO KINGS… F&%k the ducks.

  • KevinWestgarth


    Stoll will not be traded; Handzus will be traded instead. Stoll fits in very well with the new King identity: Hardworking, gritty, and skilled.

    re The top three free agents: I would take Smyth over any of those three. Smyth is a leader, gritty, experienced, gets the kind of goals that the Kings lack: in the crease. Not to mention his contract is only for three years. Why the hell should DL sign a guy to 12 years, especially a player that chokes in the playoffs?? The other dude, Gaborik is unproven, due to his chronic injury problems. Havlatt hasn’t done a damn thing besides scoring 28 goals every one in a while. We need players like Smyth, and with the addition of Moen, along with sound play from Quick, this team can do some serious damage in the playoffs….

    I would like DL to sign a tough, veteran stay at home defensman though.

  • Cricket

    great post Jet.

    This team really is going for grit. I’m thinking along with DL’s very vocal emphasis on physical training, he’s looking to ice a team that wears its opponents down. He’s talked about playing hurt, too. And character-takes character to play hurt and make the physical sacrifices.

    It’s awesome, even a little weird, to see an actual Kings identity/style taking shape.

  • KevinWestgarth


    No way in hell will schenn be in the line-up next year. Also, if you read what DL and Hexy have been saying lately, the same goes to Moller as well. I think the latest quote by DL was that Moller is not a man yet. So moller will not be in the line-up next season as well.

    The fourth line should and I think it will look like either of these two combos:


    We need an enforcer to protect Kopi, Doughty, and others. Aren’t you sick of seeing opposing players taking runs at our star players, i.e., Artucken in Tampa taking Doughty out??

  • jet

    Darko — The cap now becomes an issue for us. I am not sure we can afford Moen. He will likely get 1.5M. At the same time, I would not play Moeller on a line without a Moen type player to protect him. I am hoping that so few teams will have space that by August the fill-in players will be signing for 800K. I still do not think the players realize what a flat cap means for them, well, other than Beauchemin

    I agree with Westy on another tough Dman to play the Leafs and Flyer type teams and use Hickey to play against the Oiler like teams. Hickey’s cap hit is bigger, so i am not sure he will make the team next year anyway. Would you pay, say, 700K to Gauthier to be the 7th Dman?

  • darko25o

    Ivanans-Lewis-Westgarth/Clune ”
    Those lines wouldn’t even make it in the AHL, let alone the NHL.
    Also, Moller is a man, DL and HEXY are just referring to his size and experience. SWEDEN’s captain played a game in the World’s with a dislocated shoulder, which set him back in the NHL. Watch his film from last season and watch how hard he hits the corners, and plays the body. So essentially you’re not even utilizing our best NHL-ready prospect, or you can demote him to 4th line duties, but I hope he’s not wasted next to Ivanans or Westgarth.
    Skate an enforcer only when the other team skates one, otherwise its a waste of a position.

  • Duckhunter

    What also excites me, is now Brown has Smyth and Williams to learn from in the leadership department. People talk about this helping Kopi, but I also see it helping Brown just as much. It’s not that Brown is a bad leader, it’s the fact he will have true mentors now….huge!

    I really like the way this is shaping up. I like the idea of all the kids being able to develop in Manchester. As much as I love Moller, he was brought along to fast, as was Simmonds, but I love watching that kid, so that’s o.k. with me.

    Yes, Jet, I would resign Goat. We need his physical play. This team is finally getting some orneriness. Moen would be ideal with a two year contract. This is what I’ve been waiting for, the right experience with the upstart youth. Not much more you could ask for.

  • jet

    thx cricket and you absolutely right about sacrificing for the team. It is a great identity to build a winner on. If this team comes together, they could do some damage in the playoffs. I hope the JJ and Fro signings are handled early without too much distraction (POS was a distraction last year).

    JJ should be easy. There are good parameters out there. Also, since DL has some say on the national team it would be stupid for JJ to cause a problem for half a million dollars at this point of his career. 2.5, 2.75, 3.0, 3.25, 3.5 and a million up front could do it

    Fro may be tougher as there are a wide range of comparables. It will depend on how much DL thinks the cap will come down next year and how much Fro wants to be a king. 6, 6, 5, 4, 3 could be close? Prior to last summer I would have said trade him, but he did work hard and will set a good example for voy and loti.

    Sorry for taking up so much space here.