Smyth details

If you’re a hockey fan, you probably don’t need much of an explanation on left winger Ryan Smyth, a four-time 30-goal scorer who turned 33 in February. The Kings pursued Smyth in 2007, when he signed his five-year, $31.25-million contract with Colorado, but the Avalanche found themselves in a bit of a salary-cap crunch. Smyth’s salary-cap hit for the next three seasons will be $6.25 million. His actual salary, for the next three seasons will be $6.5 million, $5.5 million and $4.5 million, respectively.

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  • Tim Contreras

    This improves our team greatly.
    Scuderi replaces Quincey, Smyth adds 25-30 goals and leadership.
    Smyth was a captain of several teams.
    Kings are playoff bound


  • mike

    i think its smyth no e

  • CanadianKing

    Wow.. only about a $3mil addition to the cap for a guy like Smythe? That is not bad at all. Is it just me or does it feel like a weight lifted getting rid of Preissing’s contract?

    Also Rich, didn’t Smythe have a NTC? If so, I’m surprised he waived it to go to LA.

  • anthonyy

    But now we’re in for a salary cap crunch too.
    We were at $46,100.000
    With Smyth’s monster contract we’re at $52,300.000.
    Minus Preissings and Quicey’s contract we’re at around $50 Million. The cap hit is about $56 Million. And we still haven’t signed Frolov and JJ.

    Bring in this declining player who is sonn gonna be a has been is gonna cripple our team in a couple of seasons. And as he gets older, its gonna get tougher and tougher to move his $6 Million contract.

    Paying 0ver $6 Million for a 33 year who only scored 26 goals is a terrible joke.

    Is this GM rebuilding or what. Bringing in a 33 year player (in decline) earning over $6 Million gives us a mixed message.
    He says he doesn’t want to open his pocket book on has beens, then he pulls this junk on us.

    Its one misrepresentation after another misrepresentation after another misrepresentation.

    I’m gonna open up the VODKA.

  • Cry Baby

    Anthonyy…you are the best!

  • Duckhunter

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    I love this guy, wish he was a year or two younger, but thats o.k. I don’t care what anyone say, he’s perfect for the Kings. We’re in business now. We have to keep Fro though to make this work.

    Sad to see Q go, but I’ll take this trade any time. Good luck Q.

  • Old School

    Open the vodka, and take a shot of prunes with it.

  • CanadianKing


    Don’t bash “Captain Canada” until you know what you’re talking about. This guy is the definition of heart and soul. You can’t look at just stats when looking at his contract. He will be huge for our locker room, and will also score 30 goals (remember he was hurt last year).

  • Rolex

    You got your numbers mixed up anthony, we’re at about 46M because of the bonus cushion.

  • Cynic

    Anthonyy……..shut up.

    I didn’t realize the cap hit decreases every year…

    This deal gets better every time I look at it. If this is a dream, don’t frikkin wake me up or I’ll KILL you!


  • rjc76

    If there’s one thing we’ve heard from DL all this time is that he’s not going to make any deal that will at all hinder his ability to lock up our core now and long term.
    It didn’t matter who DL traded for it would still put us in a bad position according to GM Anthony. He just has to complain. That’s why he’s jumping into every thread and posting the same garbage with some changes in the wording.

  • Rob

    You would think with all the posting Anthonyy does he would occasionally proofread or would learn to spell

  • philbert

    Well, lets take a closer look at the Kings cap situation over the next couple of seasons.

    Assuming the site is accurate, the Kings right now are at roughly $49.5 million factoring in the Smyth trade. If we say Jack Johnson gets in the neighborhood of $3 million/year, and add $1.5 million for Purcell, the kings will be at $54 million which gives them some cushion but not much. For some reason Quick is not listed on this site, but he would still be on his entry level contract and I can’t imagine he’d be getting that much. 2010-2011 is where things will be tight for the Kings. Keep in mind that Frolov still has one year left on his contract so any extension won’t kick in until next season. In 2010-2011 the Cloutier buyout will be done the Kings have another million to use. So that allows the Kings to give Frolov a raise to the $5 million range, which seems reasonable to me. I guess Deano figured that he couldn’t sign both Frolov and Quincey next season if he took on Smyth, so he chose to trade Quincey. Luckily, the only RFA of note next season is Trevor Lewis, but he probably won’t make that much. So it seems the Kings will be right up against the cap next season. Things look a lot better in 2010-2011, when Handzus and Justin Williams are UFA, which would free up $7 million. And the Kings are going to need the money to resign Doughty, Simmonds, and Moller, who will all be RFA. I am starting to see Deano’s logic here. To me, the moves he’s made indicate that he will make a serious attempt to resign Frolov.

  • OneTimer



    (Did I mention yawn? I think I did.)

    I better make sure though, just in case I mistyped … or my keyboard malfunctioned or something all kooky wacky like that.


    There. Now I’ve made certain.


    (just for good measure.)


    Hey Rich,

    Shouldn’t his cap hit against the Kings be 5.5? I don’t know how that works, let me know

  • josh e.

    I don’t understand how this is a bad trade…

    a) we dump preissings awful salary of 2.75 million
    b) kyle quincy would have needed an incredible increase in salary once his rookie contract was up so we would have to pay him a lot more anyways
    c) smyth has a contract that decreases in pay over the next 3 years so when fro and jj are resigned…we have an extra million for next year (not that its thaaat big of a difference)
    d) gritty LWer to play in front of the goalie on the PP….he’s the best in the game at that with a healthy holmstrom in 2nd.


  • Stonewall

    “WWAMD said:
    Hey Rich,

    Shouldn’t his cap hit against the Kings be 5.5? I don’t know how that works, let me know”

    I was also wondering how the averaging works cap-wise too.

  • tantrum4

    Cynic said:

    anthonyy…..shut up


  • CanadianKing

    A player continues to carry the cap number of his contract no matter how many times he gets traded or how many years is left on the contract.

    He will have a $6.25mil salary cap hit.

  • jet

    Cap hit is based on total package over total years. His was front loaded as most are these days so that you can buy out the last year or two if necessary. Supposedly Hossa’s is ~ 7.2Mfor 8 yrs and then 1M/yr for 4 years.

  • Stonewall

    Thanks! Both answers make sense.

  • -J

    jet and others- a little quirk of the cba- front loading doesn’t necessarily help the cap hit when buying out contracts.

    In Hossa’s case, if he’d been signed to a 5.16 mil/yr contract for 12 years and the hawks decide to buy out the last four years, his cap hit for the next eight years would be 1.72 mil/yr (2/3 value remaining / twice # of years remaining).

    However, the calculation isn’t as simple when the contract consists of years at different salary. If hossa is to be paid 1 mil/yr for the last 4 years and the Hawks buy him out then, his cap hit becomes 4.5 mil/yr for the first 4 years, then 0.665 mil/yr for the next 4 years.

    It has to do with buyout savings during the remaining years of the contract- the actual savings a team makes is inversly proportional to the cap hit. This is calculated for each year and will change as the salary due does. The less a team saves, the higher the cap hit. This is why front-loading isn’t entirely beneficial in terms of the cap hit.

    Anyways, the cap hit calculation is explained here, down near the bottom of the page, if you’re interested:

    Now the whole point of that is to get to this- In the case of Smyth, if the Kings need to buy him out after two years (which would be the time that doughty, simmonds, moller, williams, and bunch of other guys are due new contracts) his cap hit would be 3.25 for the first year and 1.5 for the following year.

    Whew. Hope that wasn’t too long winded.

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