Smyth trade details

TSN reports Smyth to the Kings for Kyle Quincey, Tom Preissing and a fifth-round pick (which will be in 2010).

(The Kings had been holding off confirmation on the player names until both players had been made away of the trade).

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  • TorturedKingsFan

    Can’t believe we actually managed to ditch Preissing!

  • socalkings

    ya baby!!!!

    DL the MAN!!!!!!

    still got a great D know and the future, and frolov still a KING!!!

    great trade!!!

  • Rolex

    Good deal, we get to dump the Preissing contract.

  • Shaddow44

    What? Where is Anthonyy?

    This is a friggin steal of a deal. Waiver pick up, future buy out and a 5th for Captain Canada!

    Sorry to see Quincey go. Kid is a stud. But WOW

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Ok, as much as I like Kyle Quincey, I think this is a fair deal. We all knew Preissing would not play again for the Kings, so basically it’s Quincey and the pick.

    Considering some of the other goal scoring left wingers out there I think the Kings could do better then Ryan Smyth, and they still may. But on the face this is a decent trade for both sides. The Kings get a 20+ goal scoring gritty winger and the Avs get a very good young defenseman. I won’t give it an “A” because I’m not fond of Smyth. I’ll give it a B.

  • I like Quincey a lot but wow, Dean just totally raped the Av’s

    Smyth – Kopi – Williams
    Fro – Stoll – Brown
    x – Zues – Simmonds
    Ivanans/Westgarth – Lewis – x

    Very interesting how all the complainers will find a way to bitch and moan about this.

  • anthonyy

    Oh Boy,
    Is our team gonna be rebuilding or not.
    Bringing in a 33 year old who eats up over $6 Million of space is is not rebuilding.
    Tired of these mixed messages this GM is sending.
    Smyth will is in his decline. Paying over $6 million doolars for a player who’s in the tail end of his carrer WILL NOT HELP THIS TEAM.

    Sure, dumping Preissing’s contract is good, but in a year or two, this GM is gonna desperately try to dump Smyth’s contract as well.

    Giving up Qiucey was a terrible mistake. He’s gonna regret that one. He was one of the brightest spots on the team last year. Now he’s traded for a player who’s declining.

  • gralx

    Now we’re talking!!!! The Scuderi signing makes much more sense now. Quincy will be missed. But I am now feeling much better :>)


    Smythe? I was hoping for the Norris or Patrick 🙂 JK Rich.

    Steal. Even better seeing that Nash just signed his extension with Colombus.

  • JDM

    Man, what a steal. Great deal. Not a huge Smyth fan, but I have a feeling I’m about the become one.

  • gralx

    Come on Anthonyy… do you ever read back what you write before you post? Fine, 6M. But figure off of that the 2.75M(if i remember correctly) that was going to waste away in Manchester. That means we are getting Smythe for about 3.25M a year. We did not give up that much. We dealt from our position of strength to fill a weakness. Smythe will be around for a few years (more than just filling space) until the spot can be filled by a Moller or a Lewis or a Schenn. GREAT MOVE!

  • Ed

    Ryan Smyth signed a front end loaded contract extension a few years ago. The years Kings picked up is for 6.5m, 5.5m, 4.5m.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Has Dean Lombardi ever done anything you liked Anthony? Your tune is getting old.

  • Tim Contreras

    Loktionov – Kopitar – Frolov (euro’s)

    Williams – Stoll – Smyth (N.American)

    Simmonds – Handzus – Brown (deep 3rd line)

    Purcell – Moeller – Westgarth (gifted 4th line)

    4 rollable lines.

  • deedub

    this is an awesome move. finally a player that will drive to the net and stick up for his teammates. provides great leadership and will mentor guys like brown and simmonds. he will definitely be given a letter on his jersey. i am stoked!

  • Dan H.

    Great job by Dean. He trades for Scaderi to make this deal possible. Yeah it sucks to lose Quincey but you have to give to get, and he just dumped someone we never thought we’d ever lose in Preissing, and Quincey was a waiver pickup and a 5th rounder? who cares about a 5th rounder.

    Good job. Just sign fro and JMFJ now!

  • craig clark

    If you people would look the contract goes down the next two years. This year it is 6.25, the 5.35 and then 4.75. This is a great trade, I cannot believe the complaining, some of you will never be happy!

    Thank you Dean for this great trade.

  • Dan H.

    Great job by Dean. He trades for Scaderi to make this deal possible. Yeah it sucks to lose Quincey but you have to give to get, and he just dumped someone we never thought we’d ever lose in Preissing, and Quincey was a waiver pickup and a 5th rounder? who cares about a 5th rounder.

    Good job. Just sign fro and JMFJ now!

  • WTF

    Wonder if him and JJ will play nice. I am sad to see Quincy go, I hope this is not a huge mistake.

  • rjc76

    Don’t bother gralx. No matter what happens Anthony will always find something to moan and complain about. If we kept KQ and his back injury became a recurring thing he would have moaned that we never got rid of him when he had value. We’d also still have Preissing sitting in the minors with nothing to show for it. It’s a waste of typing and time to even acknowledge his comments.

    On the positive side…CAPTAIN CANADA is a KING and thank god Anthony is not.

  • Aladdin Bail Bonds

    Anyone know how much we need to post to get Dean out of jail for completely robbing the Avalanche?

    Skuderi & Smyth & additional year of growth and experience for the young kids = automatic playoff spot this season.

  • Kevin Y

    Remember when JMFJ nailed Smyth in Colorado a couple seasons ago, and drove Smyth right into the boards right where the glass began up by the bench? Wonder if there’s any ill will between the two.

    God, I hope DL can re-sign Johnson just to see how the two cooperate on the ice.

  • T

    I don’t see how anyone, aside from an Avs fan, can be upset with this trade. I think its safe to say the rebuild is over. For the first time since ever, the Kings have resources and assets that they can use to get players. In the past its always been trade to fix weakness only to expose another shortcoming. Great trade DL.

  • Stonewall

    “Tim Contreras said:

    Simmonds – Handzus – Brown (deep 3rd line)”

    I’m a BIG believer in having Brown on the 3rd/Checking Line. He’ll still score (if he can find chemistry with Simmonds/Handzus who I don’t want to break up) and get every opportunity to intruduce his shoulder/elbow/hip/butt to the other teams 1st line guys.

  • Golfnut

    The news here in Colorado said “if I was Sakic I wouldn’t come back and if I was a season ticket holder I’d think long and hard before paying to see this team”.


  • Whochuk Shuchuk

    Dealt from a position of strength and filled a need. Unlike the Taylor era where we always seemed to be in need of 1 or 2 top 6 players and everytime we added one, we be letting one go too.

    Loved Quincey, maybe he’ll resign when he’s a free agent?

    Creates a hole where if he has a good camp, maybe Hickey can take the 6D spot and learn with O’Donnell.

    OD/ Hickey/Drewiske

    Not a huge fan of Smyth, but feel a lot better about next year.

  • Cricket

    Anthony, sir, you obviously only post to get a rise out of people. Your criticism is holds absolutely no water in this case. Anyone who knows even a little about hockey knows that this trade is a good one.

    He may be 33, but he still potted 26 goals last season. Also, I thought we’d be lucky to get a 7th for Tom, let alone this guy.

    And a FIFTH! A 5th pick! Are you serious?

    And yes, Q was good, but that’s why we have the D corps we have! We were going to part with a good D man sooner or later, and frankly, I’ll take Jack. I really hope he sticks for a while. I don’t want to see him knock Smyth out again. 🙂

  • JJ4Pres

    Thank god your not our GM anthony, all you do is complain to get attention or just for the sake of being cynical.

  • steve

    King’s vision Lombardi style. Young talents, JJ, Doughty, Hickey, Brown, Kopitar, Frolov, Schenn, Simmonds, Moller and a couple goalies, with cup hardened veterans, O’Donnell, Williams, Smith, and Scuderi. Then through in a greek god and a guy who blocks pucks with his face. After 28 years of fandom I’m punchdrunk enough to think they’ll make a playoff run, pick up a top free agent in ’10 and go for the cup in ’11. Long live the Kings.

  • Seattle757

    Sad to see Quincey go, but what a steal!!!!! The playoffs at the end of the tunnel will soon shine brightly!!

    Anthonyy, please zip it it’s doesn’t matter what DL does, you are just going to complain. DL could have gotten Kovalchuchk in that trade and you would have still complained so please just zip it!

    Plus you give us “Anthonys” a bad name!

  • marc

    No matter what decision Dean Lombardi makes, Anthony will always say it’s wrong. Why? Because he determined a long time ago that Lombardi was the worst GM in hockey. And everything has to fit into this point of view or else Anthony’s proclamation would be wrong. And I guess his ego couldn’t take that.

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