Development camp correction

The roster released by the Kings for next week’s development camp included goalie Jonathan Quick, but when I expressed surprise last night to Dean Lombardi about Quick’s participation, Lombardi said Quick’s name should not have been on the roster. Quick, Lombardi said, will be participating in extensive off-ice workouts with the veterans starting in the next few days.

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  • Freezang

    Good news. Go Kings

  • Sean Avery


  • jet

    How many guys are going to show to off season workouts? The next 3 weeks will tell us if we will be a playoff team or not.

  • KevinWestgarth

    Do we have to pay to go to the camp or is it free to attend??

  • jediknight329

    this should be a nice way to get the summer started!

    @ jet — during the state of the franschise breakfast a couple of weeks ago, dl said about 10-12 players will be here during the summer to workout together. the chemistry and playoffs start now…

    @ kevin — camp is free. just park, walk-in, head down stairs and find a seat.

    ***just a note to all – if you plan on spending any length of time at the development camps or watch the other work-outs, i suggest bringing a seat cushion. the wood benches can really do a job on your ass after a while. trust me, from experience.

    go kings!!!


    Where’s Lewis and maybe Moller. Curious to see if Moller gets bigger this summer. It’s already been 2 months of offseason for the Kings and that’s a lot of time in the gym.

    Can’t wait to hear reports about: Clifford, Elkins, Loktionov and Jones.

  • jet

    thx jedi

  • Brian

    Where is the camp held and when is the best time to attend?

  • Rachel

    Don’t forget a good jacket. I always freeze my booty off there. ALWAYS.

  • jediknight329

    @ Brian — camp (both development and normal training camp) are held at the toyota sports center in el segundo. it is located on nash street about 1/2 mile south of the 105 freeway. nash has its own exit off of the 105. the times are listed on another string – fri, sat and sun next weekend.

    @ rachel — yes, good advice. it does tend to get cold in there. much colder than staples for hockey. fans are right up along the glass and nets. take her advice folks.

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