Kings’ salary structure

With a little more than two months before the start of training camp, a realistic roster is taking shape for the Kings. Here’s a decent guess at how the roster could look, with 2009-10 salary-cap hits included:

Kopitar (6.8 million)
Smyth (6.25)
Handzus (4)
Stoll (3.6)
Williams (3.5)
Brown (3.175)
Frolov (2.9)
Moller (.875)
Simmonds (.821667)
Ivanans (.600)
Richardson (.587500)
Zeiler (.543750)
Purcell (?)

Doughty (3.475)
Scuderi (3.4)
Greene (2.95)
O’Donnell (1.25)
Harrold (.583333)
Drewiske (.525)
Johnson (?)

Ersberg (.750)
Quick (.770)

Cloutier (1.033)
McCauley (.666667)

That would make for a salary-cap figure of roughly $49.9 million, with Johnson and Purcell still needing to be signed. If I had to guess, I think that you can add another $500K in, because I think Lombardi will still try to sign another defenseman (perhaps bringing back Denis Gauthier) in the $1-million range. A rough estimate of all of that might put the Kings in the range of $54-55 million, but also remember that there’s a cushion for bonuses, which is probably most relevant in Doughty’s contract. That would still allow the Kings to add a player at the trade deadline, and Lombardi has said that he would like to leave himself the flexibility to do so.

So that’s one way of looking at it, at the moment…

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  • jet

    And if needed we could send a forth to the Aves or Leafs to take Clouts and McCauley to buy a little more space.

  • CanadianKing

    Also, if Hickey makes the team that’s a cap hit of about $1.4 mil I believe. He’s a much better option than Gauthier for the same amount of money.

  • Kevin Y

    God i hope they don’t bring back Gauthier. But i like what DL has done so far. It looks like everything is working the way it should, and we actually look like an NHL team right now.

  • anthonyy

    JJ and Purcell need to be signed this year.
    Frolov, Quick, Drewiske, and Lewis need to be signed next season.
    Smyth trade might look good now. Buts its gonna look like a bad idea down the road when he starts playing like an old geezer (making over $6 Million).
    But I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the best.

  • josh e.

    he has a declining salary…
    next year he will make 5.5, year after that 4.5…
    cloutier’s buyout will expire this season saving us another million
    quincey would have needed a much larger contract to keep him here and preissing’s crappy 2.75 is gone…
    money really isn’t a large issue down the road when we need to resign those other guys…

  • josh e.

    btw rich…when you say there is a cushion for bonuses…are you referring to the bonus’s the players get when they are an early draft pick?

  • petey
  • TeamHasHoles

    Yep anthonyyy that’s one thing we can count on here. You’re always hoping for the best.

  • anonandonanon

    Salary may change but Smyth’s caphit does not.

    But after seeing so many teams waltz around the cap I have the feeling that it can work out with less than dire consequences.

    It’s better to have a core of really good players and some role players then to expect role players to play way above their heads and save space. If this team makes the playoffs and does well Phil has a golden goose. This town loves winners. This town will spend their way into the cockles of Timmy Leiwick’s heart,( ewwww!).

  • mrbob25
  • Garrett
  • AK47


    I don’t understand WHY we would be trading Jack Johnson? If anything, trading Kyle Quincey away should put those rumors to rest.. Kevin Dupont (the guy who mentioned Johnson being traded) is not a reliable source according to Boston Bruins fans..

    Rich, have you heard anything about Jack Johnson being moved? I hope it’s not true.

  • KevinWestgarth

    AK47 said:

    “If anything, trading Kyle Quincey away should put those rumors to rest.”

    I agree. JJ will be resigned, while Hickey and Moller will be traded…

  • Cricket


    My opinion is that trading JJ is pretty unlikely. Matt Barry addressed this topic in his latest blog on and has good things to say.

    Additionally, what is said on Spector’s site is pretty silly to me. Doughty and Scuderi do not make Jack expendable considering we traded Q. DL said part of adding Scuderi is so he doesn’t have to rush the kids. As it stands, we have one roster spot potentially open to a kid out of camp. If we lost JJ, we would have no choice but to rush a kid just to fill the roster spots.

    Unless of course we traded JJ for a d-man, but that seems awfully counterproductive. And I don’t know why would we trade him for a winger now, where we actually have a sound top 6 in place. Not great, but sound. I wouldn’t expect it to be tweaked through trade until into the season and we can see what they can do. At that point, maybe the JJ stuff will surface all over again.

    Mainly I’d say losing Q really implies JJ is here to stay. In fact, on another note, I’d say this whole trade talk with JJ might be similar to Kovalchuk’s situation. Everyone is talking about trading for him next year as though it is a certainty, when in fact he might very well sign an extension with Atlanta now that they’ve made some of the signings he asked them to. And then it’s all this Kovalchuk trade hoopla for months for something that never came close to happening. This kind of stuff just sounds intoxicating, and once one JJ rumor is out, it seems that tons more of them spawn like rabbits.

  • Chris Bond

    Does it piss anyone else off as bad as me that we still have to pay Cloutier to sit at home and take from our cap space Arrrrhhh.
    And for those who wanted to know I NEVER EVER SAID Smyth sucked, He is a great player. So dont put words in my mouth.
    Hope everyone had a good 4th…..

  • Chris Bond

    Well guy I dont know if any of you read this but there was a mistake made in Blackhawk Nation. And a couple guys might hit the lotto. If that is the case I wouldnt mind them to pick up Kris Versteeg RW/LW Kid is good. I hope DL knows all about this and is watching close.

  • Chris Bond

    Link to story sorry I forgot:

  • 4thlinechecker

    Does anyone think Brownie will give the C to Smyth? Might be interesting……

    Khanon (Kevin Westgarth), Just stop already, Hickey is now 6’0 and still growing, and Moller will end up filling out a lil bit. You don’t have to be 6′ + to put a guy on their ass, there is alot to be said about a low center of gravity. Moller may not be ready yet, but he is tough as nails, and has bigger stones then alot of guy’s.

    I also still don’t get your fascination with Westy, 9 games, 1 fight and 2 minors. I hope he does pan out, but he is not a great fighter in the AHL, and I just dont see the fire in him. I think the days of a scrapper that can’t skate are almost over…. Let the light heavyweights take over, their fights are exciting at least.

  • KevinWestgarth


    Like I have said on numerous occassions, I AM NOT KHANON, I AM KEVINWESTGARTH.

  • Baumgartner22

    no reason to worry about smyth’s salary going forward. if it becomes a burden, it seems bob gainey is happy to bail out other GMs.

  • T

    I hope we just get rid of zeiler already. I hate that guy. We also better not get rid of moller and hickey. that would suck.

  • LBlocal

    I may have missed this on an earlier thread, but does Ryan Smyth’s contract with the Kings include a NTC??

    Just curious. Go Kings!

  • Stonewall

    Like Goat, I may be one of Zeiler’s only fans. I think there’s always room on a team for a guy that makes the other team keep their heads up. On a team where we don’t have to have offense from every one, a guy that takes pride in smokin’ anyone and everyone can always play on my team. And I hate when folks say he won’t fight after he hits ’em. That’s on them. Don’t be there when the freight train arrives and you won’t have an issue!!

  • ike

    Kopitar needs to bring this season to show he is worth the money. If he could only develop a mean streak.

    Hickey has grown 2 inches? Thats great if true.

    I hope Westgarth doesn’t get a regular shift. Same for Ivanas. Lets get a real energy 4th line. If staged fights means a place in the nhl for Ivanas and Westgarth then I say lets get rid of the staged fights.

  • nykingfan

    DL was able to get us a top 6 forward and a top 4 dman while only giving up Quincey…and still leaving us further cap room for trade deadline deals.
    How could anyone still question his vision as gm?
    He promised us fans a plan with a future and it looks like he’s made that a reality.

    4thlinechecker…I don’t think Brown gives up the C…but guys like Smythe can teach him about what being a leader is. Brown might wear the “C”, but guys like JW, Smythe, Scuds will all have a big say in how the locker room is run. This can only help guys like Brown and Kopitar.

  • Quisp

    Hickey is supposed to be at 6′ now, but of course we’ll see next weekend (!).

    Ryan Smith’s NTC is part of his contract, which the Kings have assumed. Unless there is some “use once only” coupon provision, he’s still got it.

  • Quisp

    Here’s the thing about Zeiler (who I like, by the way): the team carries 14 forwards, two of whom will be scratched barring injuries to the other 12. It’s counter-productive to ask a prospect to sit in the press-box for long stretches. That 13th and 14th forward slot requires a very specific kind of player. It’s usually an energy guy or an enforcer. Zeiler is under contract and he’s affordable AND he’s not exactly wasted in the press-box.

    Gauthier may well be in a similar position, as the #8 d man. I actually don’t know who else is available in the remainder bin. But it’s conceivable that he’s a good option for that role.

  • Old School

    As was the case with Smyth, there’s a very good chance Lombardi has something up his sleeve that none of us know about yet. How many people knew he would pull off the steal from the Avalanche? None of us, for sure.

    If he trades Johnson, he’ll certainly ask for top dollar in exchange, and it’s apparent he knows which teams are salary encumbered and may have to give up a good player or two.

    Let’s all wait and hope for more good things … at least the Kings seem headed in the right direction for a change!

  • Cricket


    I really like your last post on Zeiler. Gives me a new perspective on having that guy on the roster.

    What do you think about Harrold being the extra D (with no goat on the payroll of course)? I know he’s got versatility, but he seems like a good character guy who wouldn’t complain about sitting out a lot.

  • Old School

    The best compliment I can pay Zeiler is that the Ducks announcers hate him.

    Since the Ducks announcers are buffoons, it’s almost worth half a million bucks just to make those two guys squirm in their Pampers up in the press box. If you listen to them call a game, they make it sound like Anaheim invented hockey, and everybody else should bow down to them.

    Those Ducks “announcers” are homers on the take, no doubt about it. At least Miller and Fox tell it like it is and don’t hesitate pointing out the Kings’ weak points and mistakes.

  • tkecanuck341

    Does anyone else feel that Oscar Moller doesn’t really have a spot in this lineup? We have our top three centers in place with Kopitar, Stoll, and Handzus, and Moller doesn’t really fit into the fourth line role very well. The majority of blogs and posts that I have read put Trevor Lewis in the fourth line center role, and if anyone remembers the Moller-at-LW “experiment” last year with Handzus and Simmonds, it didn’t go too well.

    I think there’s three possibilities on how the Kings will deal with Moller:

    1) Moller will play in Manchester for another two years until Handzus’s contract ends, after which they won’t resign him. At that time, Stoll will move down to 3rd line center duty, and Oscar Moller will jump on center on the 2nd line. Brayden Schenn should be ready to jump on the 3rd line for the 2012-2013 season when Stolly’s contract ends.

    2) Moller will start this season in Manchester, but will move up at the trade deadline in the 2nd line center position when we trade Handzus or Stoll. Schenn will come up to take the 3rd line center position once the non-traded center’s contract expires.

    3) Moller gets traded sometime before the trade deadline this year.

  • KevinWestgarth

    tkecanuck341 said,

    Moller will definitely get traded either before the trade deadline. I can’t envision him making the Kings line-up. Moller may be 6′ with skates, but he’s awfully small and fragile, can’t see him matching up against most big centers- he’ll get pushed around like a rag doll. Since he has stock, DL will trade him to a team looking to unload salary while at the same time looking to acquire a prospect or two.

    If I had to guess, Moller is going to Philly along with Purcell/Moulson and a draft pick for Hartnell.

  • Stonewall

    Thank you Quisp. I think there is a very specific place for guys like Zeiler and the Goat. As long as there will be a physical element to the game, I want guys like Zeiler and Gauthier to play for us.

  • Stonewall

    Oh. And Moller might not make the team this year (and maybe the next year) but I want him to be a King when he starts his long NHL career. Now if he’s traded I reserve the right at that time to see who the trade is for and just how we look when it’s done. But for now…? I want to keep Moller.

  • Cry Baby

    Moller’s first year kind of reminded me of Browns first year. You could tell the kid could play but there was something missing.

    I see Moller coming into camp bulked up and ready to stay in the NHL. This kid has tasted the bigs and I don’t think he will want to play anywhere else. What I’m trying to say is if he got a little bigger and comes to camp with the same attitude and fire that he had last year, I could see him making the team as a winger again.

  • JonG

    We need to find a way to keep Moller in the lineup. Without him we’re lacking in speed up front.

    Not that we’re a bunch of plodders, but certainly don’t have much game-breaking speed.

  • Quisp

    thecanuck341, re Moller:

    The short answer to your question: Moller is not going to be traded in any case. He might start in Manchester — as might Purcell and Lewis — since they each are waiver exempt for awhile.

    Moller is exempt for another 120 NHL games.
    Lewis is exempt until next season.
    Purcell is exempt for the next 30 games.

    So DL has a certain amount of flexibility in terms of where he plays those three. The other question marks (e.g. Richardson, Zeiler, Ivanans) would have to clear waivers.

    (p.s. going back to the previous Zeiler topic: I know people laugh at the idea of Zeiler getting picked up on waivers, but I think with cap constraints being what they are, Zeiler and others who get paid peanuts to do that particular job are becoming more desirable, not less.)

    Back to Moller:

    I’m not sure what you’re referring to re Moller’s play. At the time of Moller’s departure for the WJC, his performance was one of the big surprises of the year to that point. Moller, if you recall, was leading the team in power play goals. His point totals for the year were a very respectable 15 points in 40 games, which obviously projects to 30 points in a full season (this is neck-and-neck with Purcell, by the way). His 5-on-4 (power-play) goals-for-per-60-minutes of icetime was, even with the diminished role after he came back from injury, still second only to Frolov, and was 1.5 times higher than Kopitar’s PP numbers on that stat.

    People have commented that he got pushed off the puck a lot. But I did not see this. What I saw was a player who was tenacious on the puck and often dished out hits to players a head taller than him (e.g. Pronger). Despite not being afraid to get crushed to make a play, he never seemed worse for wear (until, ironically, breaking his collarbone or whatever it was, while playing against kids in the WJC). And even then, he played hurt (and we we know how much DL loves that sh**; I myself would be erring on the side of not jeopardizing my career, but that’s just me, I guess.) On top of that, he was Sweden’s captain.

    The key to Moller is that he’s playing this well and he’s still in puberty basically. Lombardi is going to at least give him a few years to fill out.

    Here are my lines, barring any further personnel changes:

    Zeiler and Westgarthinons

  • Quisp

    Wow, more Moller comments while I was typing…okay…

    KevinWestgarth –

    I don’t know why you can’t envision Moller making these year’s team when he made last year’s team, beating out all of the guys he will be up against this year (Purcell, Moulson, Lewis, Cliche, as well as our dearly-departed Boyle). He’ll be a year older, a year bigger, stronger, 40 games more experienced — and the year means more to Moller than to the others in terms of physical growth, since the rest of them are considerably older (Purcell, for example, has already had his growth spurt — when he was Moller’s age, he was also Moller’s size).

    A couple of other points:

    Moulson is not under contract. He’s a UFA. And, probably most importantly given your salary dump trade proposal: the Kings do not have the cap space to make another trade of that nature. They’re up to $54-ish, which is less than $3MM under the cap ceiling.

  • darko25o

    Moller, from what I perceive, is more important than any other prospect we have, and that includes Schenn and Hickey.
    A similar situation occured in Philly, with a very similar player-Giroux. He began the season playing fourth line center on a speed line because of the depth at center with Briere, Carter, and Richards. What ended up happening was Giroux moved to the second line towards the end of the season, from the 4th line center position, and had a great playoffs. The move placed Briere on the wing. I’d like to see him on the LW of Zeus and Simmonds line, if need be-at the very least, but at the same time, having a talent like this on the fourth line, with a coach who roles lines, could be very productive. Then against teams with an enforcer, just through Ivanans on his left side. Moller needs ice time, and he will take that 2nd line center position from Stoll, given the oppurtunity, as Giroux had in Philly. Stoll plays a game very similar to Draper, where he is the first in, great speed, and his back checking ability is great. Its an expensive price for a fourth line center, but again, Murray roles lines, and depth is key. If this race for fourth line center is between Lewis, Schenn, and Moller…Moller is heads and shoulders above the two talent wise(currently)

  • jet

    4th line — “You don’t have to be 6′ + to put a guy on their ass” so, so true. It seems those 5-11, 210# guys with a 29″ inseam are the ones who can really take it to you.

    Still Hickey is 6′ like Simms and Teubs have more than 5% body fat. I’m not saying that is bad, just that it is what it is.

    The league made its findings on the Chi5 and sent the findings to the players association. Talk about weak management. Either way it will be a bad decision, so let the heat go to the PA? If the Chi5 are cut loose, then the pool of FA money is reduced even further than it would have been with the flat cap, which means the filler players will be looking at contracts of 750K per instead of the usual 1.2- 1.5M per. That will put the union in the middle of the discussion of dumbbell contracts (so many over 5M and under 1M). The owners should decide this issue even if it is in the CBA. Anyway, look for GMs to hold off on further signings until this is resolved.

    Last item: This is what Boyle said at the end of interview in NY Saturday. I hope it is true and that he is successful.
    I am going to bring a lot of intensity and kind of earn my way through that. I know I can play the game; and when I create offense, play the game the right way, use my body, I think thats probably the best bet I have to be successful.

  • CanadianKing

    Why can’t Moller play center the second line again? I think a Zeus-Stoll-Simmonds third line is an amazing puck possession, shut down third line. Zeus played the wing pretty well last year without a complaint. Only problem with that line is our two best faceoff men are on the same line.

    My lines by christmas are:


    I don’t get the love affair with Purcell. He’s done nothing at the NHL level and quite frankly isn’t skilled enough to crack our top 6.

  • CanadianKing

    Also, a question for the CBA guru’s out there.

    Since Moller has already “activated” his entry level contract, doesn’t that mean that sending him to Manchester next season will burn a year off his contract?

  • darko25o

    Love that proposal of yours-ZEUS/STOLL/SIMMONDS
    As far as the Purcell thing…the guy has incredible hands, and one of the most accurate shots I’ve seen on the team, from anywhere. He will be a player, he just needs a little time.

  • john

    Isn’t Doughty on an entry salary and the rest is in bonuses if he achieves them. Since the cba was extended, this season and next, the bonuses only count if achieved. Last season, the bonuses counted as it could have been the last year of the collective agreement. The NHLPA extended the deadline. That will lower the cap somewhat..

  • Quisp

    CanadianKing, re Purcell –

    Without going so far as to say it’s “love,” I would be (extremely) hesitant to part with a goal-scorer/playmaker of Purcell’s skill. He’s got great hands, a quick release, he’s fast, and he crafty, I guess you would say, in the sense that he has the patience to hold onto the puck a few seconds longer in order to make the non-obvious pass. I keep coming back to the power-play assist he had on a Kopitar goal, where he took a couple of sudden strides to the middle, forcing the d to come to him, before dishing off to Kopitar who scored on a one-timer. Unlike, POS, he doesn’t shy away from the blue-paint.

    Having said all that, I agree with you insofar as he has only shown these fine, fine traits sporadically at the NHL level. But. He really turned it around in the last few games, so there’s good reason to be optimistic that it’s a sign of things to come.

    If he doesn’t make the most of this next season, however, I would expect him to be on the Boyle Express.

    Aside from our Purcell difference, them’s some pretty good lines you’ve put together. I would just say that I think Smyth will likely see at least some time with his old teammate Stoll, and, as you pointed out, Handzus and Stoll are not likely to be on the same line. The other thing is Richardson, who — if we’re to put any stock in Hextall’s recent comments (I think the phrase was “didn’t really fit”) — is going to get dealt at some point for a mid-round pick.

  • Quisp

    CanadianKing re Moller contract –

    Yes. The clock is ticking. Moller is RFA the summer of 2011. Same year as Simmonds, Doughty and Bernier. I will not make a joke about how Zeiler is also a UFA that summer.

  • darko25o

    If we could move Richardson for a pick, than I think these lines would give us a winning formula.

    YELLE of MOEN-Lewis-Pucell

  • CanadianKing

    I just don’t see Purcell on the fourth line and I definitely don’t see DL spend $1.5 mil on a fourth liner in Moen.

    I think a Lewis-Cliche fourth line is an amazing prospect. I’m really hoping Cliche steps up in camp because he could be a very good shut down winger in this league.

    In reality though, we all know as long as Ivanans is employed by the Kings, TM will play him. So our fourth line will once again be a mish-mash of spare parts and young talent.

  • KevinWestgarth

    I will agree with one thing: Moller over Lewis any day, but thats not saying much…

  • KevinWestgarth


    Moen is a 3rd liner, so spending that kind of money on him is well worth it, as he will get a lot of playing time:


    Dressing an enforcer is extremely important to a hockey team. However, I am in agreement with you on Ivanans, as I would rather see Westgarth in the line-up.

  • darko25o

    I don’t see Moen making more than the 900-1 he’s currently making, and without Richardson, thats 600k off the books

  • Good2BKings

    While I like some of the lines you guys have been throwing out, you have to remember that TM likes root pairs. His root pairs typically do not change, but he’ll move the other pieces around,

    For review, last year’s root pairs were:
    Kopitar and ??? – never found his conterpart
    Stoll and Brown
    Handzus and Simmonds

    Frolov, Moller, Sully, Purcell, Moulson, Boyle, Richardson, Zeiler, and Ivanans were all interchangeable; therefore, they saw time with each of these pairs. TM likes this system of pairs and parts because it affords him the ability to arrange his lines for a given matchup without sacrificing too much continuity.

    So, when you are thinking about lines that might be constructed next year, keep in mind who you think TM might use as pairs and who he will use as parts.

    For what it’s worth, this is what I think:
    Kopitar and Smith with Williams, Frolov, or Purcell
    Stoll and Brown with Frolov, Williams, or Purcell
    Handzus and Simmonds with Moller, Purcell, or Frolov
    Lewis and Ivanans with Purcell, Richardson, or Zeiler

    I did not speculate regarding possible UFA signings, trades, or guy not currently on the roster like Westgarth. Nor did use Elkins because I know nothing of his ability to play at the NHL level.


    If bonuses don’t count against the CAP why don’t we see more contract that include bonuses? The only ones currently seem to be the ELC’s.

  • nykingfan


    Excellent point about how TM works his lines.

    Also finally someone not just throwing out names of guys we’ve never seen before…

    Anyone have any thought as to why DL locked up Westgarth to a 3yr deal? Also, is this a 2 way contract? If not, it makes no sense to me.
    He’s basically the same player Ivanans is…except during his brief time up with the Kings, he did nothing.


    I would be very surprised to see Ivanans signed as a UFA or offered an extension – in other words, this should be his last year with the Kings.

  • src3

    Nice point Good2Bkings.

    I do believe that Fro had good Chem with Kopi and did well on the Zues line. Being that Stoll and Smitty have some ol chemistry….???


    Scudri is the left handed shot to anchor Doughty on the top pairing.

    OD-Drew/Goat/Harrold/Hickey/Voynov (it just keeps going and going!)


    Need an enforcer in Manch. to protect the kids. Will also function as Ivanans replacement in case of injury. I think we are in for yet another knuckle dragging year on the 4th line. However it should be a 2/3 kids with speed line and 1/3 knuckledragger.

  • Bernie9

    What would be the merits and/or deficiencies of an Ivanans-Richardson-Westgarth 4th line?

  • Quisp

    54fighting, re bonuses and cap:

    Bonuses DO count against the cap. The amount of potential bonus is counted in the team’s cap figures for that year. The team is allowed to go over the cap ceiling by a certain % in order to pay bonuses, BUT any overage is SUBTRACTED from the next season’s cap ceiling for the team, so it’s a very bad idea to plan on going over.

    As far as who can earn bonuses: (1) entry level contracts; (2) players over 35 who sign one year contracts; (3) players who have been injured more than 100 days the previous season and who have played more than 400 games, who have signed one year contracts. For (2) and (3), if the player signs a multi-year deal, there can be no bonuses.

  • Quisp

    bernie9 –

    The main deficiency would be that Richardson will be playing on another team. The second one would be that Ivanans and Westgarth won’t both make it. But assuming that this line actually happened, it would be holding penalties galore.

    Good2bkings, re bonded pairs:

    Agree totally. However, we don’t know what the pairs will be this season. For me, the most obvious pair that will stay the same is Stoll/Brown. Kopitar, as you point out, has no pair, so I imagine camp will be about figuring out if it’s Williams, Frolov or Smyth. I wouldn’t rule out TM breaking up Handzus/Simmonds, either. Primarily because Cliche may be ready (if not now, when?) and he’s a defensive specialist, so it would make sense to see how he works with Handzus. Plus, I think TM/DL will want to see if Simmonds can contribute more offensively. Therefore, I think we’ll see a Moller/Simmonds pair tried in camp. (I guess I mean, that’s what I would do.)

    Kopitar did have good chemistry with Frolov the second half of last year. However, they are both similar puck-possession type-guys, while Stoll, Brown, Smyth and Williams are all blue-paint blue-collar guys. I think Murray will want to split them up. I think Murray will be hoping for Kopitar/Williams or Kopitar/Smyth to jell. The problem with Kopitar/Smyth as a pair is that Frolov is not going to line up on the right side ever, so that limits Murray’s mix-and-match options.

    Of course, one of these days, one of the kids (Moller, Simmonds, Purcell, Lewis…) is going to click with someone top-six, and then all bets are off.

  • Bernie9

    “Quisp said:

    The main deficiency would be that Richardson will be playing on another team. The second one would be that Ivanans and Westgarth won’t both make it. But assuming that this line actually happened, it would be holding penalties galore.”

    So what to do about the 4th line Quisp?


  • Quisp

    bernie9 –

    I have no preference between Ivanans and Westgarth, due mostly to not having seen enough of Westgarth. Also, Ivanans is by reputation a really hard worker, so he may well grow up a la McSorley and make something of himself. Clearly this is the thought in Murray’s head that keeps Ivanans in the line-up.

    My notion for the line-up, with the players currently under contract, is:

    Westgarthanans and Zeiler in the press box

    My rationale for this is as follows:

    I am hoping that Kopitar and Williams click and become a matched set. Then TM can rotate ANY of the four LWs listed (Frolov, Smyth, Purcell, Lewis — the last two playing off-wing) into any of those lines (the pairs being all C/RW). The third line is my favorite kind of third line, a young legs/speed line. The fourth line is a classic shut-down line with some offensive upside. Lewis is very good defensively and Cliche is kind of Eric Belanger as a winger. Westgarthanans and Zeiler are grit and knuckles in the press box to be used as needed.

    Clune may eclipse Zeiler. We’ll see. If he has a great camp, he could take a run at one of the fourth line wing spots, or the Zeiler press box seat.

    King, Wudrick or (less likely) Clifford also might challenge for 4th line LW, although Wudrick and Clifford will probably return to jrs.

    If Westgarthanans can prove himself not to be a defensive liability, I would expect him to be a fixture on the 4th line, rather than a press box guy. We shall see.

  • Bernie9

    Thanks for that Quisp – always great to get your analysis!


    Thanks Quisp.

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