Moulson signs with Islanders

Matt Moulson today signed a one-year, two-way contract with the New York Islanders. Moulson, a 25-year-old winger, totaled six goals and four assists in 29 games with the Kings over the previous two seasons.

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  • Pumpernicholl

    He had a shot at making the Kings this season, but only an outside shot. For the Islanders, he actually has a chance to play a full season with the big club. Best of luck to Moulson.

  • gary

    I think Deano should ask them if they want Zeiler too…

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Yeah, I would assume he’ll get a better shot to make the Isles then he would have to make the Kings. Good luck to Matt. I think he’s got a lot of raw talent.

  • jet

    It hurts to give these guys up, but when your team is good, I guess that is what you do. I just can’t rememeber ever be in this situation. I hope he does not pounded back there, against the rangers, flyers, & boston.

  • Chris Bond

    What is a 2 way contract ????

  • Kevin Y

    Moulson was a guy who had some potential but was never able to make it in the NHL with the Kings. We just have too many players ahead of him on the depth chart. He’ll see some playing time for the Islanders, a team in need of rebuilding even more than the Kings, and hopefully he’ll finally get his shot in the NHL. Best of luck, Matty.


    Chris Bond

    It means he can be sent down to the AHL and back up to the NHL freely.

  • macdup

    Two-way contract:
    The more common contract for players who are signing their first contract is the NHL 2-way, which means you have one level of salary for when you play in the NHL and another lower salary when you play in the Minors.

    taken from here:

  • Paul from Oxnard

    @Chris Bond: A 2 way contract, in simple terms, is a contract that allows a team to have the player in the NHL at one salary, or in the AHL at a substantially lower salary. Also, if I’m not mistaken, players on a 2 way deal who are in the AHL don’t count against the team’s NHL cap. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.


    Sorry I forgot to mention Chris, that I believe in most two way contracts, it also entitles that you make different amounts if your in the AHL or NHL.

  • Quisp

    Two Way Contract means two salaries, one (bigger) for the NHL, and another (smaller) for the AHL. It has absolutely nothing to do with waivers or waiver-exemption. Moulson is not waiver-exempt, since he signed his first contract at 22 and three years have passed since that first signing. (the waiver rules are different for players of different ages, and different for skaters and goalies.)

  • Chris Bond

    Wow thanks guys…I feel like a expert now….hahha
    I should ask more questions on here everyone is so nice to help out.

  • jmiller

    Oh, thank god we did not keep him.

  • Cynic

    Good luck to the Eyebrows on the Island.

    ..We Hardly Knew Ye..

  • KevinWestgarth

    Garth Snow,

    Please take Purcell and Harrold while you’re at it…

  • Otto Ped

    please take Kevin Westgarth while you are at it also

  • jet

    Cynic — Did you really mean to use the plural?

  • Cynic

    Eyebrows – Yes.,Matt271.jpg

    He’s got separation there, I just don’t know if it’s natural or not….

    Ye – Unless he’s BiPolar, No. LOL

  • iansez

    Strangely enough, he looks a little like Michael Jackson too.. Now beat it Matt!!

  • jet

    Looks a little pale in the middle, but I’ll give it to you.

  • King Arthur

    There is a nice article on TSN regarding the Smyth trade and the numbers that going along with it.

  • Silence Dogood

    TSN listed Moulson as a restricted free agent. Are the Kings entitled to any compensation from the Islanders?

    I liked Moulson — when he was playing for the Kings he hustled and seemed to have the guts that Boyle lacked. I wish him well.

    Rich, was TSN right? Was Moulson a restricted free agent? If so, will the Kings get compensation?

  • Regulate

    Moulson is a group VI unrestricted free agent. The Kings do not get any compensation.

    Group VI unrestricted free agents

    Players, whose contracts have expired, are age 25 or older, have completed three or more professional seasons, and (1) in the case of a player other than a goaltender have played fewer than 80 NHL games (regular-season and playoff), or (2) in the case of a goaltender have played fewer than 28 NHL games (regular-season and playoff).

  • Pumpernicholl

    Regulate is 100% correct, Moulson was Group VI UFA and any team could freely sign him.

    By the way, there is a great webpage maintained year after year by a guy named Cory Brolund, who I believe is a Florida Panthers fan, in which he keeps track of who every team’s free agents are and in what category, where they sign and on what date.

    He also keeps track of which players have retired during the offseason and gives their retirement dates, as well as which have gone off to play in Europe and for whom.

    Every day during free agent season he updates it down to the most little-known NHL free agents and just does a superb job. The link for Cory Brolund’s 2009 free agent list is

  • Jorgen

    Hey Rich,
    Can you comment on the investigation being done on Toronto for a statement Ron Wilson apparently made on Fan 590? Can staff member not even speculate in players openly?


  • Kings Fan Since72

    Moulson was to soft to be an NHLer to me. Good luck on the Isle. I hope Ivanans,Zeiler,Purcell,Harold are axed from the line-up, and let 4 new guys get the nod this season. We need new toughness and characters in the line-up, not fillers. The Kings 3rd & 4th lines need a makeover badly.

    The Future Kings GM hath Spoken

  • KevinWestgarth

    One of my “sources” have indicated that Clune will be the 3rd line left wing, baring any unforeseen circumstances.

    Now, I just wonder which enforcer, Ivanans or Westgarth, will crack the line-up? Zeiler will most likely play on the other side of the enforcer. Moller will not crack the line-up, but Trevor Lewis probably will as the fourth line center…

  • KevinWestgarth


  • Daniel

    @Mr. Nuff – the simple answer is that the Kings management is trying to make Frolov into a GREAT player, instead of the good player he currently is. They didn’t harp on Blake because he was 38 and there was nothing they could really to do change his game. Management is pushing Frolov to be the best that he can be. It is up to him to reach his potential now.

  • simorasa

    I really don’t get why some of you are so interested in Clune. As for his play in Manchester – he wasn’t much more than an Avery type of player. Mouthing off to anyone who would listen, throwing water bottles at the other teams bench….waste of a roster spot.

  • hunter

    To me, I feel that the Kings way to often give up on their young players and Moulson and Boyle are 2 examples… I would have given Boyle a chance from the start of a season instead of calling him up after a few games… Let the kid play 1 whole year instead of yoyoing him up and down from the minors and maybe if they would of kept Moulson on the team after making 5 goals 9 games when he first came up instead of sending him back down to the minors.. He may have kept the hot-hand…I think Boyle-Moulson-Purcell/Westgarth would have been good….Best of Luck Matt and Brian..

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