Parse signs one-year contract

Restricted free agent forward Scott Parse has signed a one-year contract with the Kings. Parse, 25, a sixth-round pick in 2004, had 15 goals and 24 assists for Manchester last season.

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  • Geno

    Rich have you heard anything about Juraj Mikus a Slovak forward coming to the kings. appearently the Kings have invited unsigned former Habs draftee 2005 forward Juraj Mikus to their development camp. Any thruth to this rumor?

  • Scott

    Hmmm, no hold out this time Mr. Parse? Time to start putting up some numbers or you’ll be gone shortly, buddy!

  • petey

    One year contract. 25 years old. Yup, time is running out to prove your worth.

  • Quisp

    Good. Everybody’s right that it’s time to put up or shut up. However, last season he finally put together the full year’s numbers he was expected to the year before (or was it the year before that?). Mostly, his problems have been due to injuries. But I’m glad to see he’s getting one more at-bat. Long shot. But still.

    Mikus is Leafs property, last I checked. He went back into the draft after not signing with MTL and TOR picked him. SOunds like Toronto didn’t sign him either. True?

    He put up huge numbers in the Czech league or the Slovak or Transylvanian or Greek league, or wherever, didn’t he?

    Where did this rumor start?

  • 4thlinechecker

    I am at TSC again, and it looks like Voinov is out there. He looks lightyears better then the young draftees/prospects

  • ianmonsta
  • Geno

    Mikus that’s leafs property is another guy a defenseman. Not the Kings guy, is a forward.

  • Brooklyn King

    There are two Juraj Mikus’. One play defense is 6’4″ and belongs to the Leafs. The other is a 6’1″ forward that played last year alongsice Palffy with Skalica.

  • Quisp

    I’m not convinced there are TWO Juraj Mikuses. It appears to me to be one guy who was drafted by Montreal, remained unsigned, went back into the draft, was drafted by Toronto, possibly went unsigned again, and possibly now has been invited to the Kings rookie camp, and is either 6’1″ or 6’4″ and plays forward but someone mistakenly put him down as a defensemen.

    Rich? How many Jurak Mikuses are there?

  • Cynic

    Google Translation….

    “It is a tall, outspoken, intelligent player with good hands and excellent missile”

    ROTF!! Gotta love Google sometimes…

    Nice find! Hopefully he’s Palffy w/ an edge.

  • Brian S

    How many Jurak Mikuses are there?

    Once again, there are two. One was drafted by Montreal, played one season in juniors and went back to Slovokia and played Center this past season in the Professional Slovak league on a line with Ziggy Palffy. He is 21 years old.

    The other is a 6-4 defenseman in the Leafs organization. THERE ARE TWO!

  • Brad

    6′-1″ center, 2005 montreal draft pick:

    6′-4″ defenseman, 2007 toronta draft pick:

  • Naturallawyer

    Quisp: there is three inches height difference, one is right handed and the other left handed, one plays forward and one plays defense.

  • Geno

    Rich, hopefully you can confirm this rumor with Dean. He could be a very nice find for the kings.

  • gsanderson

    I am planning on driving up to see prospects camp from San Diego tomorrow morning. I believe the address for the Toyota Sports Center to be 555 N. Nash St. Does anyone know if this is correct? Thanks for the help in advance.

  • AK47


    There are two different Juraj Mikus..

  • Quisp


  • Jayrew


    still a little iffy on the Scuderi contracrt numbers. guy is great dont get me wrong, but….damn that’s a big contract for him you know?

  • Naturallawyer

    gsanderson: yep, that’s correct. Here’s the info:

  • Quisp
  • Ciccarelli

    If you need any more convincing that there are two Mikuses, search Mikus at One played for Skalica HK 36 last year, while the other played for Trencin Dukla.

  • Ciccarelli

    Actually, there are 3 Mikuses, since I doubt this is either of the hockey-playing ones:

  • Geno

    all we need now is confirmation that he will be at the development camp?

  • Mike

    The plural of Mikus is Mikii

  • Jeff

    So let me get this straight, there is only one Jason Smith in the NHL, but potentially two Jurak Mikuses?


  • 4thlinechecker

    That is the correct address, I was there today.

  • darko25o

    VOINOV !
    -Russia’s Drew Doughty-

  • Stonewall

    Mikus-Mania. Catch it.

  • -J

    I was wondering how you guys got to 28 posts just on the Parse signing. LOL

    FYI- there are also two Alexander Frolov’s born the same year, a few months apart. We definitely got the better one.

  • Geno

    Juraj Mikus is only 22 with decent size and some good stats and he’s a forward. Could be a hidden gem?

  • ianmonsta

    @jayrew – “still a little iffy on the Scuderi contracrt numbers. guy is great dont get me wrong, but….damn that’s a big contract for him you know?”

    Lombardi said himself they overpaid a bit but he was the guy they wanted and they had to “blow Pittsburgh out of the water” or else he would have stayed there. Personally i like that DL is able & willing to do so for the player that he covets.

  • kingsfan

    Nick Boynton just signed with Ducks…damm it

    I was hoping this would be the guy that DL would go after, one year $1.5 mil, he was the best defensman on Phoenix two years ago…and he is dirt cheap…he is top 4 guy…

    I hope Scuderi is not going to be another Preissing @ $3.4 mil, that we may get stuck with…top 6 guy….but at least he is nice guy…just like Armstrong and Calder was…

    It seems like we allways get the B or C plans, why can we just go for plan A, so we get the right guy…so what, we have to give up a lot for that kind of right player…our system is over-flowing with prospects, and good prospects don’t get enough chance to prove them selfs because guys like Calder and Armstrong holding/wasting roster spots…what did they do for Kings… nothing…but they were nice guys…that’s all…

    Ryan Smith is the first right type of player that we got, after 3 years.

    Why other Gm’s can get the right guys in few months on the job….when they are in rebuilding mode…how much money we allready vasted on bridge players that have done nothing for us. Why can we just pay or trade for the right players? What if never will come the right situation or a player for the right price?

    Hopefully, kings will get it together this season….