The Legend of Juraj Mikus


Juraj Mikus has the potential to become blog legend, along the lines of our Tommy’s vs. In-N-Out debate (the majority of you are still wrong, I must respectfully add…)

The non-roster forward on the ice at the development camp is indeed Juraj Mikus, who was a fourth-round draft pick of Montreal in 2005. Mikus spent the previous three seasons is Slovakia’s pro league and totaled 31 goals and 59 assists in 56 games last season. To be honest, I don’t know much about the level of competition in the Slovakian league, so maybe someone who closely follows international leagues can lend some opinion.

Mikus, 22, also played for Slovakia in the World Championships in 2008 and 2009. He spent one season (2006-07) in the QMJHL and had 29 goals and 42 assists in 60 games.

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  • Sean

    This kid has been centering Palffy and has been doing a remarkable job. I’m sure Ziggy has taught him a trick or two. He has the potential to be walking away with a contract and I’d like to see it happen because we can always use more depth up front to keep pushing other prospects to fight hard for a job. Anyways… back on to the real discussion here I just had Tommy’s for the first time recently and I must say you can’t beat the chili goodness of Tommy’s… Sorry In-N-Out.

  • Model 62

    I wonder how Mr Mikus pronounces his name.

  • David

    The way to think about competition level on the professional euro/NA circuit is pretty much as follows;

    NHL – obvious
    AHL & KHL – previously, the AHL champs would have beaten the RSL champs easily, now that they’re the KHL and are drawing a bit better talent, you might be able to make an argument that a KHL team could “outskill” the AHL team, coupled with a little bit of North American grit. Rink size would make a bit of a difference.
    Everyone else.

  • David

    His name is pronounced “Yer-ahj”

  • darko25o

    71 pts in the QMJHL translates to about 35 in the OHL.

    -Off the 60FWY in Ontario, Mountain exit, there is an IN N OUT right next to a TOMMMY’s….its enabled me to keep peace among friends and family

  • TeamHasHoles

    TOMMY’S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>in-and-out

  • Stonewall

    Mi-kus, Mi-kus, Mi-kus!

    (…and a Double Double please)

  • JDM

    I’m still upset Carneys (the train) never gets its due credit as being the dominant burger in town.

    I wonder if Mikus would be willing to go to the AHL for a year? Probably not I guess if he’s been playing in Sloavkia all this time. Hard to imagine him cracking the NHL this year, but he seems to score where ever he goes.

    How cool would it be to have him centering Moller on the left and Loktionov on the right in Manchester! Destruction.

  • s2

    The kid has wheels and hands!

    And I’ll take am Animal if you please!

  • Adam

    I’d like to add another franchise to the debate:

    In N Out> Five Guys> Tommy’s

  • Paul from Oxnard

    What development camp are we talking about? I thought the Kings camp didn’t start till tomorrow, July 10th?

    And for the record, count me as an In ‘N Out guy. Never even tried Tommy’s.

  • darko25o

    How dare you.. Ordering a salad and bread at IN N OUT….?
    -IN N OUT: The choice for unsure vegetarians

  • fan b4 gretzky

    Northwest San Fernando Valley the Munch Box Hands Down best Burger in SoCal..

  • mrbrett7

    Tommy’s…hands down.

    I once played a game (hockey) when I was 17. No subs, skated the entire game. I could barely walk to the car after the game. Laying down in my friends’, brothers’ truck, in the back, he pulled in to Tommy’s, and after 2 bites…I was instantly healed!

    Of course…my stomach was ready to burst by the time I got home.

  • iansez

    Paul, isn’t casting a vote for In n Out without trying even trying Tommys a bit like going to a Duck game and becoming a fan without ever seeing the Kings?? Or falling in love on the first date?? It could be a catastrophic mis-vote/mistake.
    For that matter, burgers in Australia just kill those here! Sorry fellas, I’ve tried them all…

  • Jake

    Without the chili its nothing, In-N-Out all day….oh yeah, I hope he makes the team. It’ll be a good story

  • Matt

    What good is a burger without chili?

  • KevinWestgarth

    JDM said:

    “How cool would it be to have him centering Moller on the left and Loktionov on the right in Manchester! Destruction.”

    Yeah, that would be very cool. We could watch that line get pushed around and scared to crash the net. That would be awesome to watch. I can’t wait!

  • KevinWestgarth

    re Tommys:

    Tommys= Diarrhea

  • JDM

    So Mr. Tough guy KevinWestgarth who loves crashing the net and pounding faces is scared of a delicious Tommys burger.

    Good to know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • darko25o

    Kotalik was just signed for 3 mill a year by the Rangers

  • darko25o
  • stevebone

    So, how does this work? Can Mikus sign with any one? How did he come to play with us? Is he a lw,rw or c? What else do we know about him? Is he a scrapper snipper, passer, or great skater? Who would he be a good comparison too.

  • Brad

    Hinano’s in Venice Beach(end of Washington blvd)best burger

  • s2

    Wow! And I thought my animals included 2 all beef patties! Are you telling me they slid in portobello mushrooms instead? The rat b*stards!;-)

  • SlovakObama

    Juraj = “Yoorai” (roughly). J’s invariably = Y’s in Czech and Slovak speak. Emphasis on first syllable.

    Mikus = “Meekous.” If there were a caron over the s, like Miku, it would be pronounced “Meekoush.”

  • darko25o

    Attaboy! double the beef, now you’re talkin

  • Alexander Dubcek

    First, it’s pronounced YOU-rye MEE-koosh.

    Second, the Slovak Extraliga is probably somewhere between the AHL and ECHL in terms of quality of play. The best Slovak players generally go on to better leagues in North America and Europe. Ziggy Palffy has torn up the league the last couple of seasons, but that’s largely because he’s a clear cut above the competition (he even said something to the effect that the Slovak league is no NHL a year or so ago).

    Also, for those clamoring for information, I read this story from a Slovak paper a couple of days ago about Mikus going to the Kings camp. To spoil it for you, I wouldn’t put any hopes on Mikus agreeing to go to Manchester if he can’t crack the Kings out of prospect camp.

    I’ve provided a translation below:

    July 7, 2009. Skalica forward Juraj Mikus will play next season either in the NHL for Los Angeles or in the Finnish league for TPS Turku.

    BRATISLAVA. Skalica forward Juraj Mikus will fly to Los Angeles today where he’ll battle for a spot on the Kings of the NHL, where he would be a teammate of the veteran Slovak center Michal Handzus.

    If he doesn’t get a spot on the team, he will spend a year with the Finnish TPS Turku.

    He won’t go to the minors. Los Angeles management recommended the possible time in Finland. “I will do all that I can to make it to the NHL. I know they have a young team there.

    “The question of assignment is out of my hands. If I don’t crack the NHL, I know Turku is the preeminent team in the Finnish league,” said the 21-year-old member of the Slovak national team.

  • Model 62

    I hope Yoo-rye makes the team.

    He’ll find neither Tommy’s nor In N’ Out burgers in Finland.

  • anonandonanon


    I lived for many moons on the Hinano burger. My room was to small to cook in at the Heartbreak Hotel. I’m told that I once cleaned the very grill after a particularly raucous evening. I still get the craving once in a while. 90291!

    Good pick-up. Late Bloomer?

  • Jeff

    I’d like to see the kid stay late in camp, but maybe another season gaining Finnish seasoning might do him good.

    Speaking of seasoning, In-n-Out just has that flavor . . . ๐Ÿ™‚
    Tommy’s (NOT Tommies) chili is just so damn good.

    Ultimately, I have to go with In-n-Out since Tommy’s is just average without the chili. However, I don’t care for In-n-Out pushing their religious agenda.

  • Cynic

    First of all, how the HELL does anyone see the frikkin’ puck on that ice in Slovakia? The ad salesmen in that country must be FILTHY RICH!(Meant to mean ‘Wealthy’, not ‘Dirty Blogger’).

    Second, I’m hoping Palffy gave him some pointers along the way as he centered him. They looked good together in that clip. (Thanks for that by the way).

    Third and most important, The difference between Tommy’s and In-n-Out is CONSISTENCY. They are both good, but Tommy’s in LA is MUCH better than Tommy’s in Corona or Fountain Valley, where In-n-Out is ALWAYS good no matter where you go (Although for some reason, they taste a slight bit better in Barstow on the way to Vegas ot the River. Must be the wait and prolonged thinging about it that makes it taste a little better). Sorry folks, In-n-Out wins on consistency. Besides:

    In-n-Out Fries>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tommy’s Fries by a MILE!

  • JPKelly

    So it’s summer, you’re lolly-gagging on the sand in Manhattan Beach, and you stumble upon Aladdin’s lamp. You give it a rub and — shazam! — right before your eyes materializes the 3 hottest bikini-clad babes you could ever imagine… each one with a hockey stick in her hands. They all say to you in unison, as they turn around, arch their backs and look over their shoulders: “Hey baby, it’s your lucky day. Which one of us do you want? The one with the ‘Tommy’s’ tattoo on her butt? The one with the ‘In-N-Out’ tattoo on her butt? Or the one with the ‘LA Kings’ tattoo on her butt?”

  • Cynic

    Great question JPKelly.

    The one with ‘Tommy’s’ on her butt is obviously taken and if I choose her, I’ll end up in a fight with her boyfriend.

    The one with ‘In-n-Out’ on her butt is basically advertising, so I have NO idea how many people she’s served.

    The one with ‘LAKings’ on her butt is basically telling me that she’ll take more than 42 years to finish. I’m already dealing with that commitment with this team, so….

    Flip a coin! I guess since it’s girls and not burgers we’re talking about here, I’ll take the Tommy’s girl. A disease can kill me and so will 42 years of more promises, but I can WIN that fight…..

  • JDM

    Hate to break it to you Cynic, but the In-N-Out in Van Nuys is consistently worse than the one in Universal or North Hollywood.

    The one in Northridge is the best I’ve found.

  • stevebone

    Nothing can beat the Tommy’s on Rampart at 2:00 am. When I was in college we used to run down there a couple times a week (1975).

  • JonG

    I’m with fan b4 gretzky: The Munch Box is the best!

    I started eating there since the late ’70s and I still make it there at least once a year even though I live in OC. I’ve never been a fan of Tommys, because the one in Van Nuys had a terrible odor from the Budweiser plant across the street.

  • sparky

    Re: Jeff’s comment:
    “However, I don’t care for In-n-Out pushing their religious agenda.”

    Jeff really, In-n-Out “pushing” their religious agenda… they hide it on the bottom of the wrappers and cups, really?!*&!!! Besides, In-n-Out burger any day! Tommy’s with out the chili is a sawdust burger, IMHO:-)

  • Mike

    I have to say In-N-Out because i can eat a in-n-out without having the feeling of having a heart-attack. I can only eat tommys once every so many months.

  • Shakes

    I know we didn’t get the Sedin twins but i think the next best thing: corner the market on BOTH Juraj Mikus’s.

    This would be epic. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. It’s the stuff franchises are built on. Dean would finally have the missing pieces to the almost answered identity question for the LA Kings.

    Question: Who are the LA Kings
    Answer: We are Juraj. All of us. Even the new trainers. There’s a Juraj in all of us. All of us.

  • KevinWestgarth

    I wasn’t aware that In-n-Out is run by fanatic religious moonbats. Thanks for revealing that to me Jeff… I actually prefer Kosher burgers- healthier, leaner, blood is drained, and tastier.

  • LBlocal

    A.Dubcek: Is spot on with the name pronunciation, except my linguistic translation would be : your-eye mee-koosh.

    (That is, according to my Step-mamma (the Obama Mamma) from Kosice, Slovakia)

    And, no burger is better than Cisco Burger, here in the LBC! Yo.

    Go Kings!

  • TweenerSongs

    I’d definitely put the Finns just below the SEL. Also, without the occasional NHL players, the Swiss League is pretty weak, nowhere NEAR the Czechs. The Slovaks aren’t too far behind the Czechs, either, as far as pure skill goes…however, they are a bit more rough-n-tumble. I spent a good deal of time in Europe a few years back, got to see a few games in many countries. Not that Mikus will have the perfect game for NA, but dominating in the Slovak league (as he has) definitely says something about him. Add to that the fact that he has a lot more NA experience than most Slovaks (especially the younger ones), and I think we may have finally unearthed a Detroit-like gem. Let’s hope we get lucky for once…we’ll see.

    Oh! Would I LUV to see Ziggy in a Kings uniform again. Triple Crown, Schmipple Crown. As much as I loved watching Dave & Co. (yep, I’m old), to me, the LAPD Line was by far the best the Kings have ever had. For both games they played, anyway.

  • JB

    Mmmmm Tommy’s Chilli Cheese Fries…only thing close I’ve ever found was a place in Sacramento called Willie’s…I actually think they even advertised themselves as some version of a Tommy’s..Oh the days of playing Dragon’s Lair and munching some Tommy’s

    Anyway…so anyone speak Slovak…which guy is he in that video..looked like a scorefest anyway so maybe not too comparable to big leagues….

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    You can’t knock Tommys by saying, “Without the chili…”. That’s like saying that without the gambling, drinking, and whoring, Vegas sucks. THAT’S WHY YOU GO!

    And any religious agenda at In-and-Out is offset by the fact that everytime anyone goes there the phrase “In and Out Urge” goes through your head, and by the In and Out Urge bumber stickers still appearing throughout the region.

    (And yes, Vegas does suck without the aforementioned activities.)

  • KevinWestgarth

    If he was so good, then why the hell was he available in the first place, and why is he only getting a tryout, as opposed to a contract??

    I could envision Brayden Schenn kicking the snot out of him, and making him realize that North American hockey is completely different then whichever bush league he came from…

  • dmh012

    your site will not accept me and I know I am doing it right. Please help

  • jet

    there goes the diet.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Guys… Gotta add the Bakersfield perspective.

    We have LINES OF CARS here in Bakersfield, around the restaurant and half-way down the block for In-N-Out Burgers on a Friday or Saturday night. Of course, we’re talking small town here (personally, I was crushed when they closed the Krispy Kreme down a couple of years ago–nothing like a drive-through Krispy Kreme doughnut at 2 A.M. in a place where almost every restaurant is closed at 10 P.M.).

    My first weekend in Bakersfield back in ’95 was notable because I learned the value of a good drive-thru. After I’d waited 30 minutes in line on a Friday night just to get the average Burger King burger, I’d been schooled. You’d think a town with as many nationalities as Bakersfield has would have a lot of restaurants. We don’t. We just eat what we can get.

    Anyway, In-N-Out is an icon in Bakersfield. The only Tommy’s burger joint is part of a Chevron gas station/car wash and is in every way disgusting. But I’ve had the real thing downtown in L.A. and theres nothing better, when hot and sloppy, than Tommys fries if theyre the real thing.

    A question, though. Why is there no drive thru restaurant of any kind in Beverly Hills? Theres the Sta. Monica McDonalds, but that is Beverly Glen. Theres that funky inside the ground floor McDonalds on Sunset, but that is nearly Hollywood. I guess theyre too good for drive thrus.


  • TweenerSongs

    Duh, my bad. I tried to post immediately, but couldn’t get back to the site! My computer blows. I realized after my original comment that you did indeed have the Finns listed after the SEL, but for some reason, it registered as a Russian League (Riga, maybe? I don’t know). Forgive me. Apparently, I’m stoopid.
    Still, the French league is the world’s greatest, everybody knows that! Followed closely by the Italian and Japanese leagues.

  • Lead Feet

    Rich – Ive been reading your posts a couple of years now and dont plan on quiting any time soon.Love your work. But the funny thing is that out of all the posts Ive read the one that makes me sign up and respond to is the Tommy’s / Inn n Out one! Im gonna throw a wrench in: Next time you travel to Phoenix or Texas, have a Whataburger. Blows away Tommys & In n Out hands down.

  • KevinWestgarth

    If you guys want a good kosher burger, try falafel express located in Tarzana. They give you a patty in a pita, loaded with humus. Very tasty…

  • jet

    Hey lead feet — Is that quadruple bypass burger still there in Phoenix?

  • Matt George


    Many years at Marina Del Rey … roll into Hinanos .. burger … beers

    roll back to the boat.

    HINANO’S hands down number one.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Lead feet! Whataburger is pretty damn good, I must admit, only had it in Tucson tho.

    Tommy’s over in-n-out, but how about the habit? Pretty damn good, they are building one right here in el-segundo now, cant wait to grab one and go watch my bottom dwelling Kings practice.

  • Matt George


    Lead Feet!

    Whataburger! Good Caaall…

    Hinanos or Whataburger … damn that’s a close one.

  • CiscoC

    Eart, Wind, and Flour has the best burger in town.

    As for In N Out vs. Tommy’s, I choose Tommy’s.

    However, I’d rather have a burger at Carney’s than at tommy’s.

  • Goon Squad

    I really don’t care who the feel good hit of training camp 09 turns out to be, as long as there is one.

    5 Guys Burgers and Fries literally kicks the snot out of both In’n’Out and Tommy’s.

    You want to know who else does, too? Y’Not Burgers.

    Best ever? Cassel’s.

  • Cynic

    So if there’s gonna be a meet n greet of this group, where is it gonna be????

    In-n-Out or Tommy’s?

    A good neutral site is Philippe’s in Downtown LA. I’m takin’ the family Saturday. Saw the Man vs Food episode last night when they were there. Made me hungry for a double dip double meat Half Lamb Half beef, potato salad, cherry pie and a coke! It’s a drive but WORTH IT!!

  • darko25o

    The religious quotes are awesome cus they built the company on those principles. I wish everyone would practiced what they preached. If you come in hungry to an IN N OUT, and can’t pay, In N OUT will give them a meal on the house. I’ve had several friends who used to work for IN N OUT, and they stated that it was general practice, and occured quite frequently. The verse on the wrapper of the burger actually relates directly to the aforementioned practice.

  • Seattle757

    Well I hope this kid puts up a good fight for a spot with the Kings…

    Sadly, since I know live in Seattle, the closest In-n-Out is in Redding, CA off I-5. Now if you ask anyone in Seattle where the best burgers in the country are and they been to CA, UT, AZ, and NV they all say In-n-Out. They are the best. I was in Vegas last week for 3 days and I had 6 Double-doubles Animal style. I almost bought a few more to bring on the plane back home but my friend stopped me!

  • MacSwede

    I put SEL over AHL at anytime… Swedish Elite leauge are much higher rated than AHL… Which players is dominating the KHL? A whole bunch from the SEL…

  • MacSwede

    How do you guys think the Manchester will look like next year?

  • Quisp

    Philippe’s yes!

    Also: Crazy Jim’s Blimpy Burgers, Ann Arbor, MI.

  • variable

    on vacation…traveling here and there…

    philippe’s is a good call…you can’t get a burger there, though…

    i’m neutral on the in & out/tommy’s debate…
    in the chain fast food category, they both have their +/-‘s…

    whataburger…i was surprised to find out…was tasty, too…they are all over the midwest/texas/south…

    when it was around, king’s bbq (bbq king), adjacent to downtown l.a., had a monster 1lb. burger for $8 that was pretty damn special…however, it took about a month to digest it…

    i like fatburger…nice peppery flavor…over-priced, though…

    i was just in portland and had a real good 1/2 lb. kobe burger at the rogue brewery…it came w/bleu cheese…and was $14…(!)

    i have a good friend who does a carl’s jr. commercial that’s being played all the time…not a big fan of theirs…

    ahhh….ipa and meat…:)

  • marc

    Variable –

    Excellent call on the BBQ King 1lb burger. I’d say that was the best burger I’ve ever had. I wasn’t too impressed with the rest of their menu though. And I know they relocated but I don’t remember where. As far as In-N-Out vs Tommy’, why can’t you love both? I guess gun to my head I’d pick In-N-Out ’cause I love the double double with grilled onions. But there’s nothing like a greasy, sloppy, gut bomb of a Tommy’s burger either.

    And now back to hockey.

  • MacSwede

    What is it with americans and their burgers ๐Ÿ˜‰

    In Sweden we only McD, Burger King and a chain called Max…

    I prefer my OWN bbq burgers, you are welcome to try them if you are visiting Sweden sometime ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stats1

    Okay, my turn to chime in on the great burger debate:
    Tommy’s and In n Out, both great for different reasons.
    Hinano’s – right up there with the 2 above.
    Crazy’s Jim’s – Pretty close, but just not as good as the 3 listed above.
    I do like the Squeeze In when in Sacramento…total dive, but a very tasty burger that has almost as much cheese as has meat.
    I also like Hackney’s near Chicago…yummy!

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    I guess I must also weigh in on the burger issue since Whataburger has been mentioned. They make a very good burger for a chain. They are huge in Texas. If I could go back in time to my childless, bar hoping days then it’s Tommy’s at 2:00 am, hands down the winner. If it’s any other time and I am sober then it’s In & out. If they would merge then it’s the double double with Tommy’s Chili Cheese Fries.

    Tommy’s in Van Nuys was the Tommy’s for me. And the smell of the brewery added to the essence of the 2:00 AM burger since I probably smelled close to it at that hour anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • gralx

    MacSwede… we just love da beef!!! As far as McD’s and Burger King go, those are not even burgers by comparison to In N Out or Tommy’s. I will drive another 3 hours before eating Burger King. And will only eat McD’s if I REALLY, REALLY have to.

    My vote is for Tommy’s. But here in Phoenix, we have In N Out and I can have them whenever I want. Tommy’s is one of about 3 places I make sure to get to when in Cali!

  • number 6

    See what happens when DL pulls the trigger on a good move for the Kings. It all transmutes into Burger World.
    Any advice for vegetarians? A really good veggie burger? I visit LA over the holidays but back in NY a restaurant called Seven. I did break my veggie thing and have a burger there… (so not a “true” vegetarian anymore, but lean that way) and it was fantastic. But it’s a proper restaurant so wouldn’t fit in with the In n Out – Tommy’s type thing.

  • number 6

    BTW I notice no one has mentioned PINK’S. A vote for that since they always have long queues and it’s funny having a place in the form of a hot dog as I recall.

  • Cry Baby

    Darko…you must have searched long and hard to find video of a fight that tommy K actually won. As a King he mostly took beatings.

  • TB

    In-N-Out. For me, its all about the animal style fries. But if I’m in a chili burger mood…Tommys hands down. I can’t say one is better than the other.

    Its like the Gretzky vs. Mario argument:

    IN-N-OUT – Gretzky, record numbers (selling burgers like Gretzky netting goals, have you seen the line at 1 AM?).

    Tommys – Mario, pure talent (nobody else makes a chili burger with such artistry).

  • Dave in Torrance

    Isn’t Bratislavia where those college kids went and got slaughtered in “Hostel”??

    Double Double for me fellas, but the fries are really not very good.

  • Ciccarelli

    In-&-Out best fastfood burger

    Yard House best sitdown restaurant burger

  • Stonewall

    I hope we got the better Mikus.

    The Yard House definitely has the best beverages to accompany a burger.

  • CupRun2012

    Rich, a week into the summer and you’ve already got us sidetracked!

    Question: How is it that Juraj Mikus is in our development camp? Do we have rights to sign him over other teams in the league?

    Second: How can you compare In ‘n Out to Tommy’s? Apples and oranges, my friend. Both are great at the right time! Got to throw in Lucky Boy Drive In on S. Arroyo in Pasadena…pastrami, onion rings and a coke. Then there’s Father’s Office, for a burger/grilled onions, sweet potato fries and a brew of choice! My arteries are clogging up just thinking about it!

    Can’t wait for training camp! Cheers.

  • ianmonsta

    both tommys and in n out are great

    however my vote for best Southern California burger goes to e-z takeout. They are very scarce but if you’re ever in upload or on the 14 heading to Mammoth or the desert exit at Sierra Highway and get it, very similar to in n out but w/ a larger menu.

  • T

    In-n-Out is superior to the dreck that is a Tommy Burger, if it is something you eat ONLY when you’re wasted there’s a reason. If there were such a thing as a beer goggle burger it is Tommy’s. Five Guys is a worthy burger to mention.

  • Jake

    w/ egg and cheese. Nuff said

  • Dave in Torrance

    and maybe I missed one or two in this ever growing list, but what about Fatburger? Double King, egg and cheese……mercy. Just don’t tell my cardiologist.

  • Duckhunter

    Tommy’s on Rampart has to be number one. The other franchised Tommy’s are not nearly as good.

    Cynic is correct In-n-Out has far more consistency. The one in Norwalk at 5 points is still my favorite. How come nobody has mentioned the 4×4 animal style. Now that’s a burger. Fries so-so.

    Can’t argue with Yard House in the sit down department.

  • CupRun2012

    Rich, a week into the summer and you’ve already got us sidetracked!

    Question: How is it that Juraj Mikus is in our development camp? Do we have rights to sign him over other teams in the league?

    Second: How can you compare In ‘n Out to Tommy’s? Apples and oranges, my friend. Both are great at the right time! Got to throw in Lucky Boy Drive In on S. Arroyo in Pasadena…pastrami, onion rings and a coke. Then there’s Father’s Office, for a burger/grilled onions, sweet potato fries and a brew of choice! My arteries are clogging up just thinking about it!

    Can’t wait for training camp! Cheers.

  • fan b4 gretzky

    so if we sign this guy his name will appear Juraj the burger Mikus can`t wait till rich post`s we just signed the Burger to a deal

  • anonandonanon

    I have another nominee, in the sit down category, the Barney’s Beanery Bacon Chili Cheeseburger. Bada boom, big Bada Boom.

    I think we’re picking fly spoor outta pepper ’cause there’s nothing better than a burger.

    I once heard it said the perfect woman would turn into a burger after sex. Chauvinistic? Total Fantasy? Sure. But maybe the perfect woman might run right down and pick up a bag o’ burgers and another sixer?

    Rave on, Burger boys, rave on. There are no pucks droppin’. Rave on.

  • DFW Kings Fan

    After living in North Texas for the last 5 years, I have got to say the best burgers are In-n-Out. Any time I make it back to Cali, that’s always my first meal.

    We have a lot of imitators here (Johnny B’s, Mooyah, etc.) but there’s nothing like a Double Double and you can’t beat the price. Whataburger is okay, nothing to write home about.

    The best burger here is at Pappa’s Burgers. They are a little pricey, but they’re like a slab of filet mignon slapped between two buns.

  • JGSmall

    The Shack Burger – Santa Monica only. 23rd and Wilshire. Good bar, too.

  • variable

    NUMBER 6…

    i was a veggie for about 13 years…i did it while in high school and stopped when i turned 30…

    veggie burgers are usually a dime a dozen, with very lil’ separating one from another, except for maybe the condiments and add-ons…

    i tend to like the tofu/tempeh-based ones…black bean-based are ok…so are garbanzo-based…and i always need a slice of avocado on it…mmmmm…tasty…:)

    as far as pink’s is concerned…

    still there and people are probably still waiting at least 30-45mins per visit to order…

    they have some good, greasy eats…but it’s summer…i’m trying to maintain the ability to take off my shirt a bit longer, so i won’t be eating there anytime soon…

  • TweenerSongs

    Number 6 (and variable):
    As a 25-year vegetarian, I can tell you this: it’s amazing how far they’ve come, in regard to the cook-at-home burger variety. Remember back when the only ‘veggie burger’ was a ‘Gardenburger’ (the early ones had corn and crap hanging off the edges…pretty disgusting stuff)? Now, you get MF’s Grillers Prime, fry ’em up and add avocado, teriyaki sauce & pineapple, and you can’t tell it’s not a big-time burger (according to my girl, Nikki).
    As far as the sit-down type, it would seem hard to beat Island’s Hawaiian. Just plain good stuff. She’s a big-time carnivore (no jokes, please), and gets the same thing at Islands…it’s that good.

    I’m no preacher (can’t stand preachy vegetarian types…or preachy meat-eaters, for that matter), but you’d think we would, as a race, have moved beyond Koshering by now. Strange. To each his own, though. I’m not one of those freaks who grimaces when a friend orders meat or anything (in case I ever get to meet any of you, at one of our shows or something…and I’d better!).

  • number 6

    VARIABLE AND TWEENER…. If you guys happen to get back to this post, thanks for the feedback. Some nice ideas. I wonder if everyone hasn’t sort of moved on to the Rookie Camp posts by now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Da BLMP

    I like both Tommy’s and In-n-out. However, In-n-out’s fries suck the big kahuna. Last week half of my fries were fine and the other half were (I’m not making this up) hard as a rock raw. Also, why are the burger patties at In-n-out so small?

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