Big crowd at dev. camp

Probably around 150 on hand for the first official session of the developmental camp in El Segundo. It’s supposed to be split in two groups, ’09 draft picks in one and prospects in the other, but there’s already some crossover. There’s a break at the moment, before a scrimmage game.

I’ll have some prospect and coach interviews later.

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  • puck2dahead

    Thanks Rich!

    I’ve never been this excited for any development camp. I’d love to hear updates throughout the day.

  • 4thlinechecker

    I see you down there, can you find out who #73 is? I saw him here yesterday, but he isnt on the roster….. maybe an ontario guy? Wudrick looks huge!

  • macdup

    Can any of you guys that are there or went post some photos online and share?

    stuck at work!


  • Stonewall

    Is the Mikus there…?

  • Good2BKings

    Use those expensive iPhones and shoot some pictures and video. Give us the scoop!

  • scottgardner

    I guess everyone else is starved for Hockey like me…I’m dragging my girl there tomorrow morning.

  • dclark

    Cool… from the WSJ….Good for the Kings, Lombardi and his staff. Being a Kings Season ticket holder for so long…FINALLY…we have a guy who doesn’t care about his job…but the success of the team….
    Smyth and Scuderi ranked #4 and #5 best aquisitions as most important players in clutch situations…behind #1 Gaborik, #2 Boumeester,#3 Pronger.
    Quote…”So which team has grabbed the most talent by this measure? Los Angeles has been the biggest GAINER thus far, signing two of the top-five clutch-time players who were available, notably Ryan Smyth, who played in more than half of Colorado crucial minutes last season”.
    Love it……

  • tron

    I don’t know the correct spelling but #73 is Radu Gudas. Had some good moments and the biggest hit of the day!

  • tron

    #73 is Radko Gudas D from the Czech Republic. 6ft 190, played Beroun last year.
    21- 0-3-3-74pim

  • mrbrett7

    If anyone there can give updates, that would be GREATLY appreciated! Being a working stiff sucks!

  • Paul from Oxnard

    I expect to be going tomorrow and assuming I do I’ll post some photos after.

  • Ciccarelli

    other players on the ice:

    73, Radko Gudas
    56, Wes Cunningham
    68, Brett Parnham
    80, Ben Shutron
    34, Dani Weiss
    84, Juraj Makis
    78, Geoff Walker
    61, Brandon Defazo

    from treize_kushrenada at HF

  • Stonewall

    Woot! Mikus…!!

  • Ciccarelli

    40 – Tyler Maxwell

  • Nathan

    Does anyone know why Dave Taylor was there? Is he back with the organization? He was joking with a couple guys about the new iphone commercial.

  • Quisp

    You eye me koosh = fast

  • alma

    Dave was there probably to keep an eye on his Reign players… altho’ it was interesting he had a Kings jacket on…

  • waxieman

    Dave Taylor works for Dallas. I didn’t see him wearing a kings jacket. You must have thought he was someone else.

  • alma

    Ooops, me bad, wrong Taylor… but the Reign coach (Karl Taylor) was there wearing a Kings jacket.