Camp roster

For those attending the camp this weekend, or for those just curious, here’s a more complete roster of skaters and goalies, including the non-roster guys. Going over my notes, I think I might have missed a No. 65, but I think I got everyone else…

34 – Daniel Weiss – RW* (Berlin, DEL)
37 – Thomas Hickey – D
40 – Tyler Maxwell – C* (Everett, WHL)
47 – Corey Elkins – C
48 – Andrei Loktionov – C
49 – Nicolas Deslauriers – D
50 – Bud Holloway – LW
51 – Brandon Kozun – RW
52 – Garret Roe – LW
53 – Alec Martinez – D
55 – Brayden Schenn – C
56 – Wes Cunningham – LW* (Elmira, ECHL)
57 – Linden Vey – RW
59 – Patrick Mullen – C
61 – Brandon DeFazio – F* (Clarkson, NCAA)
62 – Justin Azevedo – C
64 – Kyle Clifford – LW
68 – Brett Parnham – C* (Oshawa, OHL)
70 – Michael Pelech – LW
71 – Jordan Nolan – C
72 – Nic Dowd – C
73 – Radko Gudas – D* (Czech League)
74 – Dwight King – LW
76 – Viatcheslav Voinov – D
77 – Robert Czarnik – C
78 – Geoff Walker – RW* (Ontario, ECHL)
79 – Colten Teubert – D
80 – Ben Shutron – D* (Windsor, OHL)
81 – Andrew Campbell – D
82 – Geordie Wudrick – LW
83 – David Kolomatis – D
84 – Juraj Mikus – C* (Slovakia)
85 – Constantin Braun – D
*- non-roster player

36 – Jeff Zatkoff
45 – Jonathan Bernier
65 – Martin Jones
75 – J.F. Berube

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  • JDM

    Kingsvision has interviews with Teubert, Kozun, Bernier and King.

    Links to vids here:

  • JDM

    Also, anyone get a decent look at Vey?

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Not camp related, but the Toronto Globe & Mail did a very detailed article on the Kings and their summer choices:

  • Danielle

    Ooooh! Brayden Schenn is wearing my number. I like him even more now!

  • Paul from Oxnard

    BTW, just to ensure I don’t drive all the way down there for nothing, can anyone please confirm that the camp is at the Toyota Sports Center on Nash Street in El Segundo? And also that there’s a full slate of activities scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday)?



    Schenn is a great pick but you always have to wonder about a guy who says that Nickelback is his favorite band. Really…?…Bon Jovi oops Nickelback…?

  • variable

    hickey dons the m.j. tribute a la artest…

  • AK47

    Hahahaha variable..

    Rich, why do I keep hearing that Mullen is a defenseman? Is he a forward or a defenseman, I keep getting confused?

  • sparky

    Paul from Oxnard,
    Thanks for the link. That was a fun read.

    To those that attended today,
    Do you think Schenn makes the line up this year?

    As always thanks for all that you do!!! What would summer be like without this site? I shudder to think…

  • waxieman

    Schenn isn’t ready yet, but you can see the hockey sense. He does a lot of little things well. You can really tell he will be a really good player.

  • fyzzix

    Anyone see how Shutron did? I thought he played pretty well in the Memorial Cup.

  • Mike

    Question — Why was Dave Taylor in the stands today? Doesn;t he work for Dallas?

  • Cynic

    Travis Moen is a Hab. TSN.


    Can’t find the $$$. Anyone know for 3 years at how much?

  • King D

    AK-Patrick Mullen switched to D while at Denver U, I think after someone got hurt.

  • Krystoff

    I am absolutely thrilled to see Radko Gudas on that list.
    He was great at the WU20’s last December.
    His “compete level” is off the charts, from what I saw.
    Lock him up now.

    Where did Tatar end up, by the way?

  • JDM


    Tatar fell to Detroit late in the 2nd round.

  • Krystoff

    That’s a good pickup 4 them.

    Cheers ; )

  • darko25o

    I noticed Anton Babchuk is still unsigned….
    IMHO, that guy is better than anyone we have -save Doughty and Scuderi, and if JJ won’t sign 2.5, trade him and pick up Anton(assuming he can be had for that amount)

  • 4thlinechecker

    Radko Gudas absolutely destroyed Garret Roe on a huge open ice hit…. I dont think Roe came back off the bench…. Gudas #73 caught my eye a few times actually.

  • tron

    I found it difficult to watch the game, identify the players, and also watch the players I wanted to. There were no names on the jerseys, so I wrote down numbers of guys that stood out in a good way:
    Gudas (even before that big hit) caught my eye many times. King was bumping bodies and getting in good position in front of the net. Azevedo,Kozen,and Roe were quick and will be exciting to watch. Pelech and Czarnik surprised me with there good play. Hickey looks like a good skater/puckhandler and Schenn was just itching to knock some one down. Berube and Zatkoff looked pretty good. Bernier gave up some goals but he was at the other end so I didn’t get a good look at him.

  • Chris in Torrance

    Just got back from the Development Camp games.
    My impressions:

    Brayden Schenn was easily the best forward. Some hitting, take aways and nice passing

    Colten Teubert was easily the most physical.

    Johnathan Bernier was by far the best goalie, didn’t allow any goals, stopped 4 penalty shots during the game, 4 out of 5 in the tiebreaker shootout.

    Brandon Kozun impressed, I think he scored 2 goals in the first game (I could be wrong on that) and got the only puck by Bernier in the shootout.

    Garrett Roe stood out in an aggitator kind of way, took a huge hit by Hickey and still scored the goal.

    Zatkoff had a rough day giving up 3.

    Martin Jones was good giving up only 1.

    That’s what stood out to me.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Gudas caught my eye a lot too. He was being busy skating around and hitting guys on occasion.

    I don’t agree that Schenn was the best forward. He had his moments but to me it was Garrett Roe. As is posted above, he laid out Hickey and scored all in one motion. Plus he was in the flow of the game the whole time.

    On the blue line it was Teubert who played best in my opinion. He hardly even came off the ice. Always in great position even though it never looked like he had to skate hard to get there. Put a couple of hits on.

    Bernier was the best goalie, and Zatkoff certainly did not have a good day. Jones looked good as well.

    Justin Azevedo looked very good as well. I think he had a couple of assists. If I remember it was one in the 1st period and one in the 2nd.

    And sorry guys, but I didn’t get pictures. Couldn’t get my camera to work. Think I need new batteries. Every time I turned it on, it turned right back off. 🙁

  • stevebone

    DAY 3
    OK – here is my “two cents’ worth”:

    The practice facilities were much more crowded for today’s sessions than they were on Friday – probably at least twice as many people in attendance, although some said it was more crowded on Saturday. The buzz in the stands was that the Kings organization should certainly get the message that there is a great deal of excitement among the fans for the upcoming season, and high hopes that the team makes the playoffs this year.

    The “Group A” practice (although it was mixed from both groupings) went almost 10 minutes longer than the original scheduled time. The forwards were in the following triads (although one group – red shirts – had a quartet): green – Tyler Maxwell, Bud Holloway, and Justin Azevedo; purple – Brandon Kozun, Brayden Schenn, and Kyle Clifford; red – Brett Parnham, Nic Dowd, Dani Weiss, and Geordie Wudrick. D-men included Thomas Hickey, Andrew Campbell, Radko Gudas, Ben Shutron, and David Kolomatis.

    During the practice, I thought that Brandon Kozun showed good speed up the center, although he missed a couple of quick passes from Brayden Schenn. Geordie Wudrick got in at least one good shot on Jones. Justin Azevedo got in some good shots on Zatkoff.

    During the scrimmage (in a two, 20-minute period format with an 8-minute break between – different from the two 25-minute period format on Friday, with a 1-minute intermission), Holloway and Clifford each went down to block a shooting lane – nice to see. Gudas was paired with Hickey on at least several occasions, and that seemed to work well. . . Gudas was once again hitting hard, and had a couple of hard shots from the blue line. He did fail to score on a penalty shot. Azevedo stripped the puck from the opposing team several times and then sped to his offensive zone. Although Maxwell scored a goal, Berube made a couple of great saves against him, as well. On an outnumbered attack about halfway through the second stanza, Clifford made a nice pass through the legs of the defenseman to Mikus, although no goal resulted. Parnam and Cunningham put on a few nice hits, as well. I thought Shutron looked good, as did Wudrick (Kozun and Wudrick seemed to be in synch when they were on the same line).

    Scoring was by Czarnik from Cunningham, I think, and by Maxwell from Parnham and Vey (?) [I may have the assists mixed up]. The second period ended in a 1-1 tie, so there was a shootout: white began with Mullen being stopped, followed by Dowd missing; in the second round, Nolan scored, followed by Maxwell scoring; in the third, King scored, followed by a miss by Wudrick; in the fourth round, Pelech missed, as did Hickey; in the fifth round, Teubert missed, as did Shutron; a final shot was taken and scored by Deslauriers (belatedly announced and name mispronounced).

    Didn’t get to stay for the Group B practice, but, all in all, a fun time.

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