Camp scrimmage

Andrew Campbell, Justin Azevedo, Brandon Kozun, Michael Pelech, Bud Holloway and non-roster invitee Ben Shutron scored goals in the scrimmage today, which lasted roughly an hour. The four goalies, Bernier, Zatkoff, Jones and Berube, split time in the scrimmage, which was sandwiched between two skill sessions.

Loktionov has not arrived at camp, although apparently there’s still a chance he will show up this weekend. It’s not injury-related, so there’s a good chance that it’s visa related, based on prior complications with foreign-based players.

I have interviews with Bernier and Teubert and a few things with Terry Murray, so look for that a bit later…

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  • Tim

    Thanks for the update Rich, hope Mr. Beaver Tail shows by Sunday! HOCKEYS BACK!!! YES!!!!

  • 24diving

    Sadly, the goalie that was lit up the most today was Bernier. If he’s the hope of our future then he’d better make marked improvements or there will be more years like all the ones Kings fans have had to endure.

  • Quisp

    Mr Beaver Tail is Jimmy Neutron. Please God. If a nickname is going to stick, I really would prefer it not be Mr Beaver Tail.

    Every time I go to the development camp (which I think has been every time), it always takes me most of my time there just figuring out who half the people are.

    Youeyemekoosh, however, was easy to spot. Tallish, skinnyish, fast and skilled. And he was wearing a number (84) that was not on the roster. Especially in the second set of drills, he looked (to me) to be a step better than everyone else except maybe Voynov.

    I thought Voynov looked great. My wife, who pays no attention to these things, said “who is that? he skates like Robert Lang.” Robert Lang who she picked out of the pack at training camp in 1994 (?) and said he was special. She doesn’t “know” anything, but her instincts are maddingly on-target. Sort of like Rain Man, but with prospects. Usually it takes me a few years to catch up.

    The other guy who stood out for me was Pelech. He didn’t do anything special, really. He just looked real, if that makes any sense.

    Oh, and Teubert looks much sturdier and older than the last time I saw him in person, which was last September.

    I didn’t see Hickey or Wudrick, but I take it they were there. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow and bring my yard stick.

    Oh, Corey Elkins seemed a little under-developed physically, for lack of a better phrase. Anyone else have an opinion on him? I could be wrong of course.

  • JDM

    Everyone ready for it?

    Moen signs with Montreal!

    Are you excited Rich? Its officially a NON ISSUE.

    Thanks for the updates on the camp everybody! I was planning on going but can’t, so they are much appreciated.

    For others, kynen on HF found these videos from a Matt Reitz. Not much, but something…

  • Ciccarelli

    Lay the Moen rumors to rest, he signed with Montreal. Rich, you can breath a sigh of relief.

  • Marko

    great time – I thought Teubert stood out – big, strong, aggressive, controlled. HUGE hit on Garret Rowe, don’t know who hit him. and second previous comment, Kings handed out rosters, but many players missing, many players in jerseys not listed, switched teams,certainly hard to figure out who was who.

  • JDM

    Great minds Ciccarelli šŸ˜‰

  • tron

    I liked Pelech too and I thought King had a good showing. As for Hickey he was everywhere, and I think you are confusing Voinov#76 for Gudas#73.
    Most importantly, What is a Beaver Tail?

  • Yug Rehto

    I was there for the first practice and for the “game.” Really fun! There were a ton of people there and I think the players were pretty jazzed, not only to be there, but because there was such a huge crowd. I’ve never seen it like that for development camp.

    I thought Brayden Schenn stood out as a finesse forward, but is clearly lacking on the defensive side. Still, enormous potential there. He got clobbered by Teubert once at the blue line.

    Teubert looked like a monster out there. He has a lot of hustle. He’s big and strong and I hope we’ll get him on the team one of these years.

    Justin Azevedo This guy is a beautiful skater and a “thinking” hockey player. But for his size I think he could definitely be a killer forward. Wee lads like him tend to get splattered out there.

    I thought Hickey did basically nothing. He looked slow and wasn’t particularly aggressive or effective.

    Just a few other players that I think are worth mentioning: Wudrick, Elkins, and Bernier. Bernier was disappointing, but Jones was great with some really sharp, athletic saves. There are a bunch of good skaters and overall I’m pleased that our stock prospects seems to be getting bigger in terms of physical stature.

  • Quisp

    beaver tail is slapping your stick on the ice for a pass. see lombardi’s demonstration of it on KingsVision. it’s a funny clip. jimmy neutron is what Loktionov’s windsor teammates call him, due to his hockey genius and presumably his small stature.

    no, i know voynov on sight. gudas didn’t register, but of course i didn’t know his name.

    i missed a lot of the scrimmage, and hickey wasn’t in the second set of drills, so that may explain why hickey didn’t register. how did he look?

  • Rich Hammond

    Ciccarelli/JDM…thanks. Gosh, the dream is over!

  • japs008

    beaver tails are a candian thing … they are flat pancakes … soooo good lol

  • number 6

    Last year someone commented that Doughty looked really good! I have no idea who made the comments but there was clearly something in those comments. So it has piqued my interest in seeing if anyone stands out this year. One slight confusion is that some of the comments late in the season and just after it ended regarding Teubert didn’t sound encouraging. So is it the case that he’s maybe turning a corner and showing some potential now?
    Also doesn’t sound terribly encouraging as far as Bernier goes. If he isn’t stopping the shots of prospects…. but then again he has prospects playing D in front of him. I sure hope he ends up being a keeper….

  • Tim

    Great updates boys keep’m commin! Can’t make it tomorrow, but hoping to get over there on Sunday! Game on!

    Oh, yes I agree Jimmy Neutron is a much better name, but “Mr Beavertail” just sounds funnier!

  • Ciccarelli

    Yes, Doughty really stood out last year. Much more than Johnson in his first camp. We’ll see who stands out this year, but it helps to see all three days.

  • mrbrett7

    I wasn’t there, but from what I understand, the goals Bernier let in were all from scrambles in front of the net.

    Unless he had a chance to cover those pucks, never the goaltender’s fault.

  • JDM

    Anyone get a good look at Vey?

  • 4thlinechecker

    Voinov didnt skate today, I stopped there yesterday, and he was skating with a small group of defensemen. I saw him talking to the trainer about his hand or wrist, so that is probably why he did’nt go.

    My take on the Scrimmage.

    Wudrick, #82 (Huge) skated with Schenn the last few shifts and they both look amazing.

    #73 Radko ???? absolutely destroyed Garrett Roe with a huge open ice hit.

    Kozun which is an LA native, scored a goal and was fast as hell, really surprised by him. He needs to develop more size, but was great.

    Azevedo (Still small) just will not go away, very strong on his skates, he looks like cammy did. He had a goal and assist. He made Teubert look bad 2 or 3 times….Not much of a fan of small players, but this kid is good and gets to the dirty spots.

    Hickey grew, but hasn’t filled out much….. Looks absolutely amazing, best skater on the ice.

    Its a longshot, but I think Wudrick could make it as a 4th line guy. Lets see what he does against real NHL’ers.

  • Quisp

    didn’t see vey. oy.

    didn’t see the scrimmage goals (late arrival). there’s always going to be more goals when the defense is out of sync, which of course it has to be in a prospects scrimmage.

  • 4thlinechecker


    I was not reall impressed by Teubert. He used his body on occasion, and he has NHL size, but looked bad a couple times. Azevedo took him to school a couple times. However, he did look alot stronger then last year.

  • number 6

    4thline…. thanks for the info. I live in nyc so it’s obviously not poss to check in on the boys. Perhaps Teubert will just be slow in developing is all. Also it was good to get the info re: Bernier and the goals given up…. being beaten on scrambles isn’t at all the same thing as being beaten clean…. so I’m not so worried… and Hextall seemed convinced that Bernier will turn into the player they think he can be.

  • Old School

    I like the Toronto story about the Kings, since it reinforces the conclusion that Ryan Smyth is really only a $3.5 million cap hit this season with Colorado taking on Preissing’s contract. It also sounds like Lombardi is telling Kopitar and the other youngsters that this is THEIR time to step up their games – this is a hungry bunch of young talented skaters and if the goaltending can improve a notch or two as well, the Kings could very well be the surprise of the NHL.

  • Mark S.

    It was only one practice and a scrimmage, I know, but of the goalies, I was most impressed with Jeff Zatkoff and Marty Jones. Jones is a lot bigger than I thought he would be, and he looked really sharp out there. Zatkoff didn’t let much in, either in practice or the scrimmage, either. Both goalies made Bernier look kind of small in net. Bernier looked just okay overall. He made some great saves on a few drills, and then let in a few softies during other drills. JF Berube looked to be a little nervous or just wasn’t sharp. He’s a project for now, but of all the goalies, he looked to be slightly outclassed.

    Of the Defensmen, Hickey was clearly the best skater out there. Whoever said he wasn’t involved probably wasn’t keying in on him because he was all over the ice and despite his size, was carrying the play most of the time he was out there. He seemed very mature and confidant with the puck and he can really rush up the ice with it. Teubert was unspectacular but solid and a very clear presence whenever he was on the ice. #73 Gudas made an impression as I noticed him on both ends of the ice, and not because of any mistakes. He also laid out Garrett Roe (who was shaken up but luckily was ok). Alec Martinez did not leave much of an impression on me, nor did Patrick Mullen, son of HOFer Joe Mullin. Constantine Braun was on defense and was just ok, but didn’t he come into previous camps as a LW? But yeah, Hickey was the best skater overall out there, in my opinion.

    Of the Forwards, I tried to focus in on Brayden Schenn. To me, he has good hockey IQ, he’s patient with the puck and you can tell he has a bit more saavy than most of his fellow prospects. But I didn’t see him as particularly fast, noticeably skilled, and he he is slight of build and wasn’t really throwing his body around much. I thought he would be a little more developed physically, but he still looks like he needs to bulk up a little. He doesn’t ‘WOW’ you at first glance, but he does seem a slight step above the other forwards. I was actually impressed with Robbie Czernik from Michigan. He looks like Trevor Lewis did his first year with the Kings (skilled, good decisions and good skating and puck-carrying skills and he’s a hustler). Brandon Kozun is a local L.A. native and played with Marty Jones in Calgary where he scored 40 goals and 108 pts. He’s small, but he had a sick backhand goal and a lot of hustle in the scrimmage. Justin Acevedo is to me, way too small, but he seems to have more confidence than he did last year and was an offensive force during the scrimmage (he even looks a little bit like Scott Gomez). Geordie Wudrick looked good for a bigman, and the Kings 2nd round pick Kyle Clifford played with an edge. I was also trying to look for Corey Elkins as well, but I didn’t notice too much worth note regarding his play.

    Anyway, just my two cents. Lots of people out today. And the A/C in the rink was awesome! Now change those banners around the rink with all those now-gone King players!!

  • Quisp

    Voynov was very definitely there for the second set of drills. Like I said, I missed most of the scrimmage, so I can’t speak to his absence, but it makes sense given the shoulder.

  • 4thlinechecker

    I thought you were talking about the scrimmage. I saw the first drills, but I had to leave before the 2nd drills. Voynov looked far better then the other guys when I saw him in drills yesterday….. I think he can make it…….. Wait til you see Wudrick, he looks damn good, you called it.

  • Mike in Oregon

    Thanks for all the great posts. It’s frustrating living in Oregon (but not really). Old School, What Toronto story? I saw the Wall Street Journal story today which had high praise for Lombardi. Here it is if anyone’s interested:
    Keep up the Posts!

  • Quisp

    4thline –

    Wudrick is still a kid, and I didn’t see him at all today, but I really liked what I saw of him last summer and fall. He put up good numbers last year, too. With Smyth now on the left side (along with Frolov), I think it’s going to be hard for him to crack the line-up this year, even if he pulls a Moller/Simmonds. Not impossible, and I’m pulling for him, but there are a lot of people who want those last four forward spots (LW3, LW4, C4, RW4): Moller, Lewis, Purcell, Ivanans, Westgarth, Zeiler, Clune, Cliche, King, YOU EYE ME KOOSH maybe, also Jimmy Neutron, Azevedo, Elkins…though I didn’t think much of what I saw of Elkins (which was not much, admittedly, some drills).

    If he keeps it up though, you’ve got Wudrick, King, Schenn (if he “wings” it) and old man Frolov in two or three years. Not bad. Oh, I forgot about Smyth, didn’t I? Okay, Schenn at center, then. Notice that I re-signed Frolov on my own authority. I’m like that.

    MArk s –

    Jones is amazing. I saw some of his games on a two inch high webcast and he was just standing on his head.

    Funny thing about Bernier is, yeah I guess he’s hot and cold, and he’s kind of, well, boring really. But it’s a suffocating kind of boring if he’s on his game and you’re on the other team. The guy is so good controlling rebounds. When he and Quick were in Manchester, their numbers were virtually identical, but people made a lot of Quick’s superior save percentage. But the thing is, Quick gives up a lot more rebounds than Bernier, and it worked out to something like 6 or 7 more shots against per game with Quick in net. Bernier doesn’t have to face those extra shots. He smothers them.

    So this is why I hold out hope for Bernier. Because, really, can you imagine Bernier sucking up whatever shots get through, with Greene and Scuderi blocking literally hundreds of shots on their own?

  • Stonewall


  • jet

    Mark S. and Quisp — big thank yous for the insights.

  • stevebone

    OK – here is my “two cents’ worth”:

    The practice facilities were much more crowded for today’s sessions than they were on Friday – probably at least twice as many people in attendance, although some said it was more crowded on Saturday. The buzz in the stands was that the Kings organization should certainly get the message that there is a great deal of excitement among the fans for the upcoming season, and high hopes that the team makes the playoffs this year.

    The “Group A” practice (although it was mixed from both groupings) went almost 10 minutes longer than the original scheduled time. The forwards were in the following triads (although one group – red shirts – had a quartet): green – Tyler Maxwell, Bud Holloway, and Justin Azevedo; purple – Brandon Kozun, Brayden Schenn, and Kyle Clifford; red – Brett Parnham, Nic Dowd, Dani Weiss, and Geordie Wudrick. D-men included Thomas Hickey, Andrew Campbell, Radko Gudas, Ben Shutron, and David Kolomatis.

    During the practice, I thought that Brandon Kozun showed good speed up the center, although he missed a couple of quick passes from Brayden Schenn. Geordie Wudrick got in at least one good shot on Jones. Justin Azevedo got in some good shots on Zatkoff.

    During the scrimmage (in a two, 20-minute period format with an 8-minute break between – different from the two 25-minute period format on Friday, with a 1-minute intermission), Holloway and Clifford each went down to block a shooting lane – nice to see. Gudas was paired with Hickey on at least several occasions, and that seemed to work well. . . Gudas was once again hitting hard, and had a couple of hard shots from the blue line. He did fail to score on a penalty shot. Azevedo stripped the puck from the opposing team several times and then sped to his offensive zone. Although Maxwell scored a goal, Berube made a couple of great saves against him, as well. On an outnumbered attack about halfway through the second stanza, Clifford made a nice pass through the legs of the defenseman to Mikus, although no goal resulted. Parnam and Cunningham put on a few nice hits, as well. I thought Shutron looked good, as did Wudrick (Kozun and Wudrick seemed to be in synch when they were on the same line).

    Scoring was by Czarnik from Cunningham, I think, and by Maxwell from Parnham and Vey (?) [I may have the assists mixed up]. The second period ended in a 1-1 tie, so there was a shootout: white began with Mullen being stopped, followed by Dowd missing; in the second round, Nolan scored, followed by Maxwell scoring; in the third, King scored, followed by a miss by Wudrick; in the fourth round, Pelech missed, as did Hickey; in the fifth round, Teubert missed, as did Shutron; a final shot was taken and scored by Deslauriers (belatedly announced and name mispronounced).

    Didn’t get to stay for the Group B practice, but, all in all, a fun time.