Colten Teubert interview

Here’s the interview with Colten Teubert. If you’ve seen him play, you probably won’t be surprised to know that Teubert exudes confidence, in a good way. He’s easy to talk to, and a good quote, but it’s clear that he thinks he can play in the NHL.


Question: Can you talk about the contrast between last year, when you had just been drafted, and coming back here a year later?

TEUBERT: “Yeah, it’s a lot more comfortable. You can talk to the young guys and just say, `Hey, calm down,’ because I was in the exact same situation they’re in, just gripping the stick and being really nervous. But it’s just an opportunity and a chance to get better here at development camp. We’ve got a lot of coaches, so I just try to be a sponge and soak it all in.”

Question: The fans in L.A. kept track of you from afar this season. Can you talk a bit about what the season was like for you?

TEUBERT: “Well we weren’t very successful with my Regina Pats team, which sucked, but I did win a World Junior gold medal with Team Canada, which was an unbelievable experience, one I’ll never forget. Also I got called up to the Ontario Reign at the end of the year, which was awesome. I came in and played eight regular-season games and then we ended up losing Game 7 in the first round of the playoffs. That really sucked, but overall it was just a really good experience to play with guys that much older than you and just have a different perspective in coaching from Karl Taylor, who helped me out a lot. He’s here at development camp too. It just shows you that no matter what league you play in, you can improve. It was an unbelievable experience.”

Question: In those World Juniors, it seemed as though you were paired with Hickey quite a bit…

TEUBERT: “Me and Hickey were kind of like the shut-down crew, defensively. I didn’t play any power play, but I was a PK guy and had the shut-down pair with Thomas. It was nice to play with him. He highlights me as much as I highlight him. He’s a very good player and he was a great leader and he helped us win gold, for sure.”

Question: That seems to be an interesting pairing with you two. Obviously it’s different styles, different body types, but there seems to be something there…

TEUBERT: “Yeah, I think so. I think our off-ice relationship helps too. We’re pretty good friends, and that translates onto the ice. We look out for each other, and with his skill I can help out defensively and it’s very nice playing with him.”

Question: There’s obviously quite a bit of defensive talent in the pipeline here. What are your goals for training camp this year?

TEUBERT: “It’s an opportunity. I’m going to come into camp and do whatever it takes, just like every other guy. I think it’s going to be a very good battle. Like you said, there are lots of good defensive prospects, and that’s good. That’s a very positive thing for the Kings and I just look to the future and I hope that I can be a part of that.”

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  • variable

    can this kid be our chris chelios…?

    let’s hope that teubert can matriculate and add skill/smarts to his loquacious persona…


    i hope he has calmed down in regards to hecklers…(!)

  • kasket

    I hope he makes the team this year.

  • Moondoggie

    Gosh I like this kid, his game and his attitude. He’s going to be a good one, no doubt about it…..Great draft pick again DL!

    Go Kings!

  • Brian S

    He has almost a zero chance of making the team this year. It will be interesting to watch him develop in Manchester. Most are saying he is two years away, but I will say he definitely has the size to be an NHL defense man. I watched him play one game at Ontario and he was very physical and positioned himself well. He needed to work on his outlet passes and making the smart play, but I thought the one time I saw him he did fine.

  • src3

    Check out what Matt Barry wrote abut Teubert. Something DL observed when Teu. played Russia-funny stuff.

  • gsanderson

    I went up to Prospcs camp Friday morning and I have to admit I was a little more impressed with what I saw out of Teubert as opposed to Hickey. I noticed Teubert being alot more vocal in giving direction on ice during the scrimmage and it appeared to me that he played pretty solidly. You can almost see the confidence drip from him. I did notice however that the line-up sheet has him listed as 6’4″ and 187 lbs but he seemed smaller to me than that. Hickey looked good as well, noticed he definately has a hard shot. I would expect a bit more leadership from him though, especially after being captain of the Canadian team and all. Again he looked smaller than the listed 191 lbs.

    As far as goalies went I thought that Zatkoff did the better job. Made a couple of really nice saves.

    I did take some pictures but I can’t figure out how to post them. All in all my son and I had a great time and I was impressed with all that I saw there.

  • Rob

    After seeing Teubert during his Ontario stint I would say he surely has the potential upside. He would greatly benefit from a year in Manchester, but if I remember correctly he isnt even old enough to play there this season, is he? On another note after talking to him out on the concourse during a game he sat out I would say there is no way that he is more than 6’2″


    Teubert will be back in the WHL this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him traded though from Regina.

  • Quisp

    re Teubert:

    He’s got one more year of CHL eligibility.

    As far as the “almost zero chance” of making the Kings this season… I think it’s likely he won’t make it. But let’s look:


    Prospects: Hickey, Voynov, Martinez, Teubert, Campbell. The first three are small-ish and offensive, the last two are big trees. Depending on what is done with Harrold, and whether DL signs another bargain veteran guy, and whether the Kings carry an active roster of seven d or eight, there are somewhere between zero and two openings.

    I would think that at least one of those slots is for an offensive-minded power-play specialist type guy, i.e. Hickey or Voynov. If neither of those guys is ready, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Peter Harrold be the #8 guy, if only because he can play point on the power play (although he’s obviously not anyone’s first choice, he’s not horrible), and he’s versatile. If there is to be a #8 defenseman, it kind of needs to be someone who can be scratched frequently, so it really can’t be a prospect. Harrold’s not a bad choice for that, nor would Gauthier or whoever.

    Here’s what has to happen for Teubert to make the cut this fall:

    (1) he has to have a great camp. (duh)
    (2) Hickey and Voynov are not ready
    (3) he outplays Drewiske

    Then you would be looking at:


    Teubert is not going to make the Kings as the #7 or 8 guy. He would have to be solidly in the third pairing (the SOD tutorial pairing). Drewiske can go back to Manchester then. And Harrold can sit in the press box. However, if Hickey or Voynov are ready, or, people think they will be ready mid-season, I doubt they will keep Teubert. Except:

    If he has a great camp, I can see him playing nine games and then getting sent back to Regina. Drewiske starts in Manch and then gets called up after Teubert is sent back to juniors. That wouldn’t be unreasonable, as a reward for a great camp, and to see where he stands against the big boys.

    The Teubert/Campbell/Drewiske competition will be interesting to watch in pre-season, as will the Hickey/Voynov/Martinez/Harrold battle. and you’ve got similar battles for the last four forward spots (Lewis/Purcell/Moller/Loktionov/Azevedo being one, then you’ve got the power forward battle of Wudrick/King and maybe even Pelech. Cliche/Lewis is another battle, the fight to be Eric Belanger; and then there’s Clune/Zeiler and Ivanans/Westgarth).

    Oh yeah, there’s also Bernier/Quick/Zatkoff/Jones/Ersberg.


  • Brian S

    I thought Teubert was going to be eligible to go to Manchester because he has played because 4 seasons in Juniors, however, his first season he only played 14 games, and as I understand it, you need to play 25 games for it to count as a season, so back to Juniors he goes. Hope he doesn’t kill someone.

  • mcpuck jr.

    I liked his game when I saw him today. Not afraid to throw his weight around. I think he’d be great in a few years down the road when the kings are making a playoff run and need some fresh bodies. I noticed how he lead on defense, communicating to the other young prospects to cover and defend the opposing rush. He was effective. I could tell his confidence drove him. I would like to see him against other teams, because i feel his mean streak would really come out when he’s not playing against guys on his own team.

    I found his words rather amusing about Karl Taylor. I’ve heard that the Reign coach is quite an oddball and is never at a loss for creating controversy. But I guess he gets the respect of his players and that’s what counts.

  • Quisp

    Okay, having said Teubert still has a year of juniors left (based on the fact that he’s not 20 till next year and has not played four FULL seasons of junior), there’s this from Helene Elliott’s story in the LAT:

    The situation is different for defensemen Thomas Hickey and Colten Teubert, who turned pro late last season. Hickey was a controversial No. 4 pick in 2007 and Teubert was 13th in 2008.

    “They’ll have a chance. They’ll get a very good look,” Murray said. “They’ll probably end up playing all six exhibition games. . . . Both are now ready. They’ve finished their time in junior and it’s time to step up and see where they’re at.”

    I really don’t see how Teubert is eligible to go to Manchester, but if that’s true, pretty much everything I said above can be disregarded. If he’s really done with juniors (might be good to get an explanation of why this would be — 13 games is not a full season and a player is supposed to complete four full seasons), Teubert could come and go from Manchester at DL’s whim, same as Hickey and Drewiske and Voynov, which might actually be an ideal way to deal with the third pair of d: the Sean O’Donnell School of Defense Etiquette.

    Interesting. I don’t really believe it yet, but interesting.

  • -J

    Quisp- No, you’re correct, Teubert has another year in juniors. Perhaps Murray meant by “finished their time” that they’ve gained all they’re going to gain out of juniors.

  • jet

    perhaps just a polite way of asking Regina to trade his rights, or we might as well keep on the rosster(Kings).

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