Ask Jim Fox, 2009

I’m very happy and grateful to announce that Jim Fox, the Kings’ award-winning television analyst, has agreed to do a blog question-and-answer session for a third consecutive year. For the past two summers, Fox has been very gracious with his time, and very honest and forthcoming with his answers to fans’ questions about the Kings, the NHL general, and wine!

For those not familiar with the format in previous summers, please post your questions for Jim as comments on this blog item. I will take a cross-section of the questions and send them to Jim. I expect that I will send Jim the questions over the weekend, and he will answer them at his earliest convenience.

Ask away!

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  • Geoff

    Hi Jim,

    I recall a couple years ago Bob Miller making an unfortunate mispronunciation of Esa Pirnes’ name that resulted in a protracted silence afterwards. When the commentary resumed, Pirnes dumped the puck, and Bob said “Pirnes drives it in deep,” which was followed by another elongated silence. I’m guess that in this case the “cough button” was being used as a “Laughing Uncontrollably Button.” Is that about right, or is my own warped sense of humor reading too much into things?

  • Elie

    Jim, I saw you on crutches last week at the Kings development camp, what happened to you?

  • jet

    I realize that it is hard to predict, but I would like your best guess on the depth of the 2010 and 2011 drafts.
    Could you give a quick assessment, and what they need to work on, of the young forward prospects (Lewis, Clune, Parse, Gauthier and Azevedo)?

    Thank you

  • Brooklyn King

    Hi Jim
    Firstly I’d like to thank you for lending us your ear, and taking the time to answer a few questions.

    1) Why is Kings management so averse to doing a real throwback uniform? Being an old school guy, I’d love to see the Forum blue and gold come back and be done right. That includes the gold or forum blue lids. Also, in the same vein, what is the fascination with the color black in the uniform? It’s more than a little played out at this point, with just about every team having a black jersey. Personally I’d like to see a little more of our real colors being shown.

    2) Do you ever get on the ice with the Kings players during the offseason for a pick up game?

    3) And finally, is Daryl Evans able to crush cars with his bare hands?

    Thanks for all the great work Jim. Whenever I hear you and Bob talking about the Kings, it’s like coming home.

  • Hello Jim,

    Many moons ago, we had lunch at the Forum club and the topic turned to whether or not it would be a good idea to add a second referee. As I recall, you were adamantly opposed to it. Now that some time has gone by with having more than one ref, has your view point changed on the matter? If so, how?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answers our questions!

  • anonandonanon

    Are we there yet? Is this team going to be competative? Black hole, better than Black hole or worse? Could you comment on pieces/parts you can’t wait to see together. Thanks Jim

  • TB

    Foxy! Thanks for taking the time…its greatly appreciated.

    I attended the prospects camp recently and was quite impressed with Aczvedo. I’m curious to hear how the organization walked away from his most recent evaluation. And with your knowledge of the game, what do you think of him? I know his size is the big question, but man can he play! Your thoughts…is he NHL material?

    Last, two words…Juraj Mikus. simply impressed. How did you perceive his abilities at the prospects camp? Is he going to be invited back in september?

    p.s. as an avid recreational player I can’t begin to express how your analysis of the coaching side of the game has helped me develop my understanding of hockey. thank you for all your work!

  • Mr. Nuff

    Hey Jim,

    First I’d like to thank you for your half of the best commentating tandem in the NHL.

    Secondly, I would like your take on Frolov. It seems to me this guy gets singled out for consistancy by Lombardi and Murray.
    My take is that while it’s true he has room for improvement to reach his potential, so do most of his teammates. I feel he is a very valuable part of the team and arguably the most offensively talented player on an offensively starved team. I hope they make extending his contract a priority but, it doesn’t appear to be based on statements DL has made.

    What is your take on Frolov? Do you get the same impression that he is often in the dog house? Do you think DL will sign him to a new contract?

  • Eddie_Joyal

    Hi Jim,

    I was in attendance at the Miracle on Manchester game. In the final seconds when you stole the puck from Gretzky and took control of the puck, Charlie Simmer skated right by you within inches as though he was going to take the puck away from you. Was that a designed play to make the Oiler defenders think he was going to take control the puck? Or was it just a lucky coincidence he didn’t accidentally kick the puck off your stick? I’ve always been curious about that. I really enjoy the work you do with Bob.

  • krushelnyski

    Hey Foxy, let’s say the Kings really put it together this year and make it into the late rounds of the playoffs. This is a pretty young team so I’m wondering, out of the bunch, who do you think would grow the best and worst playoff beards?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Jeff

    Hi Jim,

    How do you rate the Kings off season moves thus far as compared to other Western Conference teams? Where do you see this team finishing, top 8 or bottom 7?


  • Bobby

    How much longer do you think Bob Miller will be calling games? I think it would be a little sad if the Kings won the cup and he wasn’t there to call it.

  • Kevin

    Hey Jim!
    Do you ever get up to Paso to do some tastings? Are you a fan of Justin? I love it. Beautiful winery, amazing wines…. cant beat it. Also, if you are a port guy, I’d like to suggest a bottle of Little Fawn from the Wild Coyote winery. Really incredible. Any other local wineries you might suggest?

    Thanks for everything Jim. You’re the best there is.


  • Mike


    With Scuderi signing, people are wondering if he will wear #4. Some people feel that the Kings are “reserving” that number to be retired at some point because of Blake.

    Do you think the Kings have plans to retire this number? Do you personally think it should be retired?

  • 20lucfan

    hey jim,
    what are some of your game day rituals preping for a night in the booth? do you eat any specific meal? do you wear a special undershirt? as a player did you have any superstitions? also, what arena did you like better? staples or the forum? what about the best and worst arenas/experiences on the road?

  • macdup

    Who are some of the other color and play-by-tandems you look up to? Is there website you guys use to gather information about visiting teams? i watched a lot of Kings games last year and was only able to hear the visiting announcers and they all seem to say the same thing about the Kings each game.

    I think Kings Vision needs to get Daryl Evans one of the Bob Barker (Price is Right) microphones to do his interviews. Daryl always looks like he is going to crush the Mic and and seeing him with one of these thin dainty things would be hilarious.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Brian


    Based on what you may have seen and heard at the recent Rookie Development Camp, who do you think will nail down the few slots left for the team.

    Also, what do you think of the new higher quality Rose Wines that are popping up? Finally, Syrah or Shiraz or Petite Syrah versus Cabernet?


    Brian in HB

  • Brian


    Based on what you may have seen and heard at the recent Rookie Development Camp, who do you think will nail down the few slots left for the team?

    Also, what do you think of the new higher quality Rose Wines that are popping up? Finally, Syrah or Shiraz or Petite Syrah versus Cabernet?


    Brian in HB

  • kasket

    Hi Jim,

    What are the chances the kings will make the playoffs this year. If they do how far do they go.

    Thanks Jim

  • Mike T.

    Hi Jim,

    First off, I’d like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Kings throughout the years.

    1. I remember Bob saying that he’s waiting for the Kings to pick up that 50 goal scorer at the end of last season. What is your take on the Rob Scuderi and Ryan Smyth pickups so far? Smyth really isn’t that 50 goal scorer, but he’s that left wing that Brown and Kopitar had on their Christmas list.

    2. I personally believe that with the current roster, the Kings have no excuse to miss the playoffs. This assumption is based on them staying healthy and playing a notch up from last season. What do you think about that?

    3. My wife loves Cabernet. Any suggestions under $100/bottle?

  • SuperSonic420

    Thanks Rich and Jim for putting this together.

    Foxy! You and Bob are the best in the business, without a doubt!!

    I was wondering, how you see the player’s mentality changing about being part of the organization? In the past, LA just seemed to be a stopping ground until they could go on to Detroit or New York and become stars. Do you see that attitude changing in the locker room, with these players wanting to make their own history and start a tradition of winning in LA?

    Thanks again!

  • JPKelly

    Hey Jim,

    Have you ever seen anyone with a LA Kings tattoo on their butt? If so, what did it look like?


    John Paul Kelly

  • JDM


    Do you think that it is easier or tougher in today’s NHL for diminutive players to break on to an NHL roster than it was when you were playing? Do you secretly pull for the ‘little’ guys like Azevedo, Kozun, Roe and Moller? How do you think the changes made over the years have helped or hurt shorter players?

    Aside from the general lip-service we get on changing the hockey culture in LA (players are staying in LA to train together), are there any particular changes you have noticed amongst the players, fans or management in the last 2 years that indicate development in this area?

    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what happened to hockey hair? Can you please let the players know we want to see some flowing locks on the ice? Perhaps you can subversily convince the more supersticious players that with great hair, comes great success!

    Thanks for your time Jim, and thank you Rich for putting this together. I look forward to the answers!

  • scottgardner

    Hiya Jim,

    Thanks for all the hard work you and the rest of the TV/Radio crew do.

    1. What do you miss most about playing?

  • drew

    Foxy, if you can be completely candid, what is your opinion and the players as well about Mr. Bettman and Mr. Anschutz? Mr. Bettman gets ridiculed and booed every public place he goes, but the owners must like the job he does so he stays employed. I have never seen Mr. Anschutz in public, but is he more of a presence with the team privately? Mr.Lombardi seems to feel that all evidence to the contrary, Mr. Anschutz is a man of the people.

  • Victor B

    Hey Jim,

    How was it like working with Rodrick at Bioplate?

  • Matt R

    Hey Jim,

    Thanks for the amazing work you do!

    A few questions about the Kings current prospects:

    1)Who do you think is the most NHL ready?

    2)Who do you think might surprise people in the next few years?

    3)Are there any that remind you of how you played?

    4)Random bonus question: What is your favorite assist from your career?

    Thanks again!

  • Sean Avery


    Thanks for doing this blog, hopefully it does not cut into your wine time.

    Need your predictions

    Does Bernier make the team?

    Does JMFJ get traded?

    Does Froloaf get Traded?

    Does DD suffer a sophomore jinx?

    Do the Kings make the playoffs.

  • acaseofhalitosis


    I think one of your most endearing characteristics is your near perfect hair styling that wouldn’t move even in a hurricane, but for some reason a while back (can’t recall the actual year) you either decided to or were forced to go with a “just out of bed look” where the hair was not styled. We all wondered if the hair was on lockout or you were going green and thus refused to use hair spray to save the atmosphere from those dreaded aerosols.


  • Sybil227

    Do you think the ice girls are at all a distraction to our players or visiting players – before, during, or after a game?

  • tron

    Since the “new NHL” I’ve been hearing how its going to be good for the
    smaller, faster type talents. So why are teams like the Kings looking to get so much bigger? Wouldn’t a guy like Azevedo be a great fit?
    Who did Jim think stood out in Dev. camp.
    How do we voice are opinions to the NHL? Thanks!

  • Pumpernicholl

    Hi Jim — Do you have any favorite Santa Barbara County or San Luis Obispo County wines?

  • DP

    What’s new and exciting on your wine rack? Who’s been the biggest eater in recent years? Best road trip dinner story?

  • Deelo

    Hi Jim,

    What is your opinion of the NHL hockey coverage on FSN?

    Do you know why most Canada trips are not covered on TV?

  • Columbo

    If the Kings make the playoffs, what teams do you see missing the playoffs?

  • BerniernextRoy

    Thanks for taking the time to be a guest blogger. It’s a real treat to see the interaction between us the fans and yourself. So thanks.

    Anyway how do you like the way the offseason went? We drafted Luke Schenn (did you see the look on Brian Burke’s face?)and what are your thoughts about Schenn? We also drafted Kyle Clifford is also a very physical LW prospect. We also acquired Ryan Smyth from the Avalanche, Captain Canada. We all hated him when he played the Kings, but now he is on our side. So what are your thoughts about these moves Dean made? Are you happy with the way the offseason went?

    Thanks and hope your summer is going great!

  • Mitch

    1. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

    2. What new hairstlye are you ging to unveil in the 2009-2010 season?

    3. When the Kings are a playoff team this season, will you still be approachable in the concourse between periods or is winning going to change you?

    4. How do you think we’ll see Wayne Simmonds improve? He was awesome last season.

  • Columbo

    Jim, do you see a rebirth of the Corey Millen Line with Brandon Kozum, Garrett Roe and Justin Azevedo?

  • Davey

    Hey Jim,

    Has anybody ever said anything on your commenting voice? my friend joked about how you end your sentences with a particular up tone, or a neutral pitch thats not commonly heard. No criticism intended, I still think youre the best color analyst in history. dont change a thing!



  • Lososaurus

    Thankyou for taking time to listen to our questions.

    1. When is the technicolor suit coming back and can it stay forever?( I’ve asked this one before, haha )

    2. How does the pace and tempo of the game today compare to when you played? It really seems like the game now is start-stop, where there are frequent rushes up the ice, but ultimately results in battles in the corners.

    3. When the Kings make the playoffs and even The Cup finals, will you and Bob be calling the game? I’d much prefer to listen to you guys than Pierre McGuire or anyone else.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Thanks for doing this.

    Who hit you the hardest during your playing days?
    WHo was the most intimidating player during your day?
    Who was your favorite line mate?
    Who was the funniest teammate you played with in the NHL?
    How honored where you to have a chicken soup named after you? kiddin, you dont have to answer the last one…. it is pretty damn good.

  • Stonewall

    Hi Jim,

    What are your impressions of Ryan Smyth and what he’ll bring to the team? Whose styles do you think he’ll best blend with?

  • darko25o

    …are you aware of your likeness to Barney Rubble?!

  • Blake’s Hipcheck

    Foxy, Any funny or memorable stories you got from this past season?

  • Aaron

    1. Who do you think is the best player on the Kings right now and why?

    2. What is the Kings’ biggest weakness right now?

    3. Do you think we will see the “real” Justin Williams next season? It took Michal Handzus one full year to re-establish himself as an impact player. Do you see the same thing happening for Williams?

    4. Which player is the biggest key for the Kings to end their playoff drought next season?

    Thanks again for doing such a great job with Bob Miller. I always enjoy listening to both of you. Thanks for taking the time to interact with the fans on the blog as well.

  • drew

    Have you and Bryan Murray ever spoken and cleared the air about your encounter in that Ottawa hallway that fateful evening years ago? Have you and Terry Murray ever discussed what happened?

  • Bluliner

    Jim – I was excited when we traded for Brad Richardson last year, but concerned about giving up the high draft pick. For various reasons he did not seem to fit into the lineup last year and I am not sure what he brings special to the table. What do you see for Richardson’s role this year?

  • Robert

    Hey Jim, how well do you think the Kings as a team are going to mesh together or hows the chemistry gonna look with the addition of Smith up front. Do you think the players are more motivated with Scuderi on defense and Smyth on offense. Is this going to be the breakthrough year after all ? Which prospects do you see making the team this year?

  • Silence Dogood

    Mr. Fox —

    In your playing career, you were a scorer, and you played very well for a number of years, despite the fact that you were not a physically large player — even by the standards of your time. My question is: Do you think that in today’s NHL players of talent but smaller stature, such as Azevedo and Kozun can achieve success as you did?

    Secondly, have you ever visited the Chateau Routon Vineyard and Winery in Fairplay, CA.? If so, your thoughts? If not, I recommend it. Or Gainey’s in Santa Ynez?

  • Bonz


    We hear a lot from DL that a prospect “has it” meaning they are leaders, they understand what is asked of them and what it takes to win. Matt Greene seems like a perfect example of a player that has it and gets it done.

    In you opinion, did Dustin Brown have it? Or is he still learning and should we look for more from him this coming season?

    Same question, Kopitar?


  • David

    When you look back and reflect on your NHL career, what is your fondest moment(s)? Who was the “toughest” player you played with and against?

  • ModrysGhost

    Hi Jim,

    Please tell us which hamburger goes best with a glass of wine. Tommy’s or In N’ Out?

  • Chris Bond

    Jim I just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for takeing the time to talk to us when you were in Dallas at the end of last year, You have no idead how much it ment to us……

  • JPKelly

    Another reader’s question leads me to wonder: Did you ever watch Yogi Bear when you were growing up? The quality of your voice, your intonations, and your overall delivery really remind me of how Yogi talks. You even have a bit of a sweet teddy bear look to your face. Was Yogi maybe a boyhood favorite?

    Thanks again!

    John Paul Kelly

  • Holt

    So, Jim, dude, has anyone ever confused you for the porn star Peter North? I’m kidding. I have two real questions: 1) Back in the day when you first came into the league, was there ever any attitude among players/fans from other teams that LA was a joke of a franchise, a “Mickey Mouse” organization, so to speak? Any telling comments you can recall? And 2), on a related note… From your playing days, can you recall any particular “trash talk” comment that might be especially telling of a certain player’s personality (and fit to print, of course)?

    Rock on, Stud!

  • macdup

    Is there any plans for Fox Sports West to put together an online package to watch Kings games? Does the NHL own these rights?

  • marc


    You’ve been with the Kings for almost 30 years. You’ve seen all the ups & downs and you know what’s going on within the organization as well as anyone. My question is, was there any point in time where you thought “I’ve had enough” and thought about leaving the organization? And I’m sure you don’t get censored or told what to say. You seem to tell it like it is. So has a player or anyone in the organization ever gotten mad at you for anything you said in a broadcast? And how do you keep that balance between legitimate criticism and maybe going too far?

  • nykingfan

    Foxy, you are 1/2 of the best listen in television sports. Thank you!

    How important was getting a guy like Smythe to play with Kopitar and how can he help him develop into the player we all think he should be?

    How important was it that Quick was able to gain the confidence in his team and do you think he has what it takes to take next step forward and prove he’s a number #1 goalie?

    Have you visited the wineries on Long Island? It’s worth the trip my friend!

  • Tornado12

    What is your assessment of the Kings organization as a whole (prospects, accumulation of future draft picks, current players, management, etc) at this time? Are we on the right track? What steps need to be taken to put the Kings in the ilk of the Detroits of the world?

  • Quisp

    1. have you retired the phrase “doing what he does best”? as in “there’s Tony Granato, doing what he does best, driving to the net” or whatever it was he did best. We used to be able to play drinking games to that phrase but now not so much…

    2. quarterly, I bug Rich about archival “Ask a King” footage, specifically the one where someone wrote in to Robitaille asking him to explain the changes in Europe pre and post Versaille Treaty. And he did it, with a professor’s garb, pointer and map of Europe.

    Do you remember this? Shouldn’t it be re-aired? At least posted on the site, like in “the vault.” This is such a good idea.

    3. i forget number three.

  • Kingboston


    Thanks for doing this Q+A, gracious as always. I’m from Boston and I met you at the ASG in ’02 at Fanfest and you were very kind to chat and sign my Kings puck right as your were about to hit the ice for the exhibition game vs. ’80 Olympians.

    1. Have you and/or Bob been asked to do Versus games? You guys are the best kept secret in North America unless you live in LA or have Center Ice. It’s time for VS!

    2. Most of us, and I imagine you being an ex-King, miss the Forum. Has it ever been discussed to play a preseason game there for fans/players nostalgia sake?

    THANKS #19!

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    What are your thoughts about the salary cap, in general throughout the league? Much of the discussion lately on this blog has been about how the Kings have positioned themselves well with cap space. Do you agree with that, and do you think that other teams are going to have to give up real talent this year and next in order to come in under the cap (like PHI and CHI)?

    And, on a related league-wide topic, do you think Phoenix can survive as a viable NHL franchise?

    Did you like the Rink-level camera angles the Kings experimented with last year? Personally, I like the close in camera demonstrating the speed and power of the game up close. Will the Kings try again this coming year, with something similar?

    What is your greatest frustration about hockey in Southern California? Are there things about SoCal hockey fans that you think we could do better to represent the Kings?

    Do you think there will a SoCal version of the New Years’ Day Winter Classic? If so, would the Kings be in it, and who would they play? And, where would YOU prefer to stage the game?

  • Bob Bobson

    Hey Foxy ! Thanks for doing this.

    1) What is your All-time Kings team (12 F, 6 D and 2 G) ?

    2) Kelly Hrudey was my favorite player on the Kings and now he does work for CBC. Did you give him any tips ? What was he like in the locker room ?

    3) Do you look down on people that go for BevMo’s buy one wine, buy another wine for five cents deals ?

    4) What dessert wine would you recommend for under $20 ?

    5) When Marty McSorley had the stick swinging incident, did you think in the back of your mind that it was only a matter of time for him to do something like that ?

    6) Best story about you playing days you can tell on this blog ?

  • Gene

    Jim, why do you think Brian Boyle was such a disappointment this past year under Terry Murray? He seemed to thrive under Marc Crawford and had such an upside. This year, he was never placed into a 4th line role and almost doomed from the start. Boyle became a completely different player in less than a season, almost a shell of his previous self. Any thoughts?

  • Winsomemore

    Other than the Kings, in the last 10 years who was/is your favorite NHL team?

  • josh e.

    Jimmy, when is the lucky jacket coming back???

  • Mudfish4


    Thanks for so many years of great broadcasts!

    What effect does a players tape job have on their shot/stickhandling?

    Seems like a lot of today’s offensive guys are going to the front half taped including around the tip of the toe, whereas a lot of checkers and d-men have the more traditional middle style.(heel and toe untaped)

    Does it have anything to do with their style/position or simply just personal preference?

    What was the story behind Tomas Sandstrom’s tape job. (or lack of it)

    Thanks again for taking the time to do this!

    Murrieta, CA

  • kings4queens

    Foxy, you are the best!!

    DL has been quite vocal about the idea that Kopi needs to get in better physical shape this season. Do you agree and do you think he would naturally do it to improve anyway?

    How do you think Doughty is taking all of the attention that he has gotten, being singled out as such a young player with “defensive vision”? Does all of the attention actually hurt of help him?

    Is Frolov just too immature to stay on the team? I love his skills, but I met him in person and he seemed like a 15 year old.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Hi Jim & thanks for doing this again. Do you believe the Kings have done enough this offseason to at least make the playoffs, if not make a decent run? That’s assuming they get Jack Johnson signed as their last “major” transaction of the summer.

  • Jammer06


    Thanks for all the years of good work with Bob. Having worked with each other for so long do you find yourselves still preparing for games/seasons the same way? Do you ever have to get together in the offseason to practice? Are there production people that have been with you guys that we don’t know about that have been around just as long?
    Just very curious about the process going into a season since I don’t imagine you guys take off from the last game and shake hands again at the first game.

    Thanks again!

  • number 6

    Earlier “tron” had a great question as to the new nhl. Why are we getting bigger when supposedly speed and agility are such assets nowadays. Wonderful question so I’m really just sending in my support of that question.

  • Silence Dogood

    Mr. Fox —

    You succeeded as a 30 goal scoring winger in the NHL but you were not a big guy physically. My question is:

    what do you think are the prospects for guys like Azevedo and Kozun? Can smaller forwards still succeed in today’s NHL?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  • stang


    Why do the Kings resemble the Clippers so much when we share the same practice facility with the WORLD CHAMPION LAKERS?! You’d think the way the Lakers run their franchise we would’ve figured it out by now.

    Why can’t this team manage the cap when they helped create it with the unofficial one AEG imposed on the team before the lockout and claimed we were in the best shape post lockout because we were ahead of the curve?

    Do you think it’s a conflict of interest that AEG wants to put another team in Kansas City? And why wasn’t AEG disciplined by the NHL when AEG went behind Bettman’s back to hand Boots money under the table so he could buy the Predators and move them to K.C.?

  • JDizzle pka JDA

    Hi Jim,
    First off, I would like to thank you for your invaluable dedication to the Kings and us fans. We’re incredibly lucky to have the best broadcasting team in all of hockey and one of the best in sports! Thank you for putting down the glass of French Bordeaux and picking up the keyboard for all of us.
    1) Best part of a roadtrip as a player? As a broadcaster?
    2)What was the best or your favorite goal you ever scored?
    3)How many bottles (or cases might be easier) of wine do you own? Do you store them all at home or a refrigerated facility? Do you own or have you tried a Vinturi (wine aerator)? I have no association with the company, but I find it an extremely fun and usefull gadget.
    Thanks for all of your time again!

  • ose

    Hey Jim You and Heidi did a few segments on SLY ON WINE will that be coming back again this year. P.S Does Sangria count as wine it sure works good with BBQ.

  • 34YearKingsFan


    The 2009/2010 NHL schedule is out. 14 of the Kings first 22 games are on the road, including 7 of the first 11. Quite a bit different than last year. Can this young team, as constituted, get off to a good start? Sounds like how they do might make or break their season.

  • Kevin Allen

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions. Question 1: When are the Kings going to wise-up and offer you the Head Coach position?
    Question 2: What is your opinion of the Kings mix of Skill and Grit with our current roster? Is there a team of recent memory to whom you would compare them?
    Question 3: Can you recommend a great Muscat Blanc on the shelves today? The best I’ve had was at a vineyard in Napa but i’d like to find a good one I can purchase regularly.
    Thanks so much!

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Kevin=KevinWestgarth, not Kevin Allen.

    Must’ve been his hair…

  • jet

    Westy — Now is probably a good time to start using another screen name.

    I heard a rumor that Mr. Hammond is going to grow a playoff beard with the Kings next year. Confirm or refute?

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Thank you, Rich.

    Jim–Any pictures of you available with a playoff beard?

  • jet


    Do you think the Olympic break will help the younger players catch a second wind for the playoff push? Or, might they lose focus with the time off?

    Thanks again

  • KevinWestgarth

    I posted two comments about Jim Fox and both have been deleted?? Why Rich?

  • iansez

    Hi Jim, asides from fitness trainers and coaches do the Kings, or any other organization for that matter, have anyone that works with the players to maximize their development and performance in other ways?
    To clarify that, someone that helps them keep their lives balanced and focused on the things they should be doing to improve as pro players whether new ones or vets? This Q stems from all that I read about Dustin Brown having no mentor or leadership type help in his early years as a King, he essentially had to “figure it out for himself”. While that organizational deficiency may have been addressed by now, it seems to me like such an obvious area to extract a greater degree of growth and improvement from players.

    Your thoughts on Aussie wines?

  • KevinWestgarth

    Jet said:

    “Westy — Now is probably a good time to start using another screen name.”

    Why should I use another screen name when I already have one??

  • Rich Hammond

    “Questions” are deleted because I’m doing this while on vacation, and Jim is volunteering to do this on his free time, and I have no patience for people who think it’s entertaining to be provocative and draw attention to themselves.

  • Scott

    While watching the Kings vs. Leafs game last year, because I am in Canada we got stuck with leafs TV. During the game, I believe it was Greg Millen, commented on a game in your junior career that you scored a goal on your own net. I’m not sure if he was in net or not, but seeing some of these young guys, like the kid in Montreal do it. What does that do to your confidence, and did it take a long time to get the confidence back?

  • PaulCat1969

    This is what I get for thinking you were really going to be on vacation. I should have known.

    Rich, I would like to ask Jim the same question I asked you last forum which to me is one of the more difficult questions facing the Kings this fall. I would love to see what his opinion would be if he is able to get to it:

    With the departure of Quincey, what do you think comes of our Point Men on the Power Play. I would think Doughty and Stoll would make up one pair but who would you pair Johnson with? I wouldn’t think Scuderi, Greene or O’Donnell would be a replacement or least not good ones. Who would you guess would be the 10 players making up the 2 PP units.

  • Duck Hunter


    I know without question you want to see the Kings do well and win a championship as do all of us but how bad do you think Bob wants to see them win and how troubling would it be if they won after he retires? No offense to you but he is the only announcer for any sport that when I am watching a game with my 3 and 6 year old boys that they will stop what they are doing and focus on the game listening to Bob get all excited because of a great save or 2 on 1. It’s pretty impressive since they don’t listen to me. Both your passions for the team/game match mine and I appreciate all that you guys do. If/when the Kings do make the finals – how can we lobby for you and Bob to call the games instead of NBC or VS?

    Thanks for your time!

  • KingsFan19

    Jim, as always it is good to have you spend a little time with us here at ITK. It is much appreciated.

    What is your assessment of the Kings moves this off season(Draft/Free Agency/Contract signings)? Did they do enough to finally “turn the corner”?

    What early season indicators do you think will be the most telling regarding team success when looking forward to the end of the season and the playoffs?

    Once again thanks for your time.

  • rc838

    Thanks Rich for all your hard work. It’s worsened my hockey addiction all the more.

    Hi Jim,

    1- Core Player seems to be thrown around a lot and the team’s core players seem to change just as much. In your opinion, who currently are the core players for the Kings for this upcoming season that will be responsible for the playoff push?

    2- Clearly getting ahead of myself here, but say the Kings win the Stanley Cup in the near future, who do you think ends up with the game-winning goal? Just a pure guess but I want to say Wayne Simmonds. Oh yeah, knock on wood.

    Thank you for all your hard work. Clearly you and Bob Miller are the best in the business. Please never retire.

  • jet

    Hey Scott — I saw the Leafs feed for the Kings game also. The color man was all over Armstrong for going after Fingers following the open ice hit on Moller. I only saw one other Leafs feed. So I’d like to ask you, if that was typical of the color guy or was he just frustrated with the team’s weakness last year?

  • Scott

    Hey Jet,

    I try to watch the Leafs as little as possible, but whenever the the Kings are playing a Canadian team we get the Canadian feed. But with Greg Millen, He is like John Garrett with the Canucks, He will be all over the opposing team and the Canucks and Leafs can do no wrong.

    But if the opposite were to happen, and Moller hit Finger, they would have been saying that Moller should be keeping his head up the rest of the game cause someone is coming.

  • Garrett


    Thank you for doing this and thanks for being an amazing ambassador of the game.

    I’ve always been a Kings fan. Born into it. I have two questions…

    1) I’ve wanted to get an email to you and Bob for sometime, is there anyway to do so? Had a ruff start to life and you guys were a very important part of making it through, as odd as that sounds. I’ve wanted to say thank you and tell you a bit how what you do is more than just broadcasting.

    2) I’d close my company in a heartbeat if it were possible to do something for the LA Kings professionally that lined up with my skill set. How does one go about finding a mid level to upper level career with the Kings org.?

  • jet

    Scott — thank you I doubt that I could listen to that the entire season.
    A good announcing team can add so much to the game, or destroy it. We are blessed.

  • Matthew Barry


    I have a Shafer 2003 Hillside Select – If I bring it to HockeyFest, will you drink it with me?

  • marc

    I forgot, what’s the best wineries / wines from Temecula?

  • JPKelly

    Dear Jim,

    I wish there were some way that broadcasters could share the glory of their team winning the Cup. It would be just as satisfying to me if, along with with all the players and certain management personnel, you and Bob and Nick and Darryl could get your names etched on the trophy. YOU ALL DESERVE IT as much as anybody. Here’s to seeing all your names immortalized, if only in our dreams.

    Forever yours,
    John Paul Kelly

    PS From one stud to another, keep it up, Bro!

  • 22Sargent

    Hi, Jim,

    Thanks for all your years of service for us Kings’ fans!

    In this years’ draft, if I’m not mistaken, all the players that the Kings selected were from North America. On the Staff Directory at there are currently no amateur scouts whose territory is outside of North America. Do you believe that this is a temporary situation? Are there scouts missing from the directory? Or, do you believe that is an intentional shift in staffing resources by the current regime?

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