Yesterday’s news today

For those who didn’t see yesterday, the Kings signed free-agent forward Brandon Segal to a two-year contract yesterday.

From the Kings’ press release…

Segal, 25, has spent the last six seasons in the American Hockey League playing with the Milwaukee Admirals, Portland Pirates and Norfolk Admirals. The 6-2, 210-pound native of North Delta, British Columbia collected an AHL career high in goals (26), assists (26) and points (52) with Norfolk last season and made his NHL debut with the Tampa Bay Lightning on March 3, 2009. Segal was held off the scoreboard during his two games with the Lightning, had two shots on goal, clocked more than 27 minutes in ice time and averaged 17 shifts per game.

In 404 games in the AHL, Segal has registered 177 points (94-83=177) since he made his professional debut during the 2003-04 season. As a member of the Norfolk Admirals, he was named to the Canadian AHL All-Star Team for the 2009 AHL All-Star Classic in Worcester, Massachusetts. Segal was selected by the Nashville Predators in the fourth round (102nd overall) in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.

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  • JMO

    And you said Lombardi wasn’t going to go after a high profile scoring winger!

  • jet

    hey, how was the day off?

  • stevebone

    It would be interesting to compare him to Brian Boyle. I think Boyle has a lot more upside. I would like to of seen a touch guy work with BB. He has the skills but needs the attitude,

    Who would you rather have?

    1. BOYLE
    2. SEGAL

  • SuperSonic420

    3. SCHENN

  • stevebone

    That would be a no brainer, SCHENN

  • darko25o What are you most looking forward to for next season?
    Brown: The playoffs, plain and simple.

  • alma

    I thought you were off?

  • DBargaehr

    Seems like a 3rd/4th-line sort of fella?

  • mrbrett7

    Don’t make more of this than what it is. He is another healthy body for Manchester, and that is ALL he is.

    He is a replacement for Moulson down there.

  • AEG rulez
  • LBlocal

    Thursday November 05, 2009.

    Simmonds gets his revenge!

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