Jack Johnson signs two-year contract

Jack Johnson re-signed with the Kings today, a two-year contract with a salary-cap hit of $1.425 million per season. Teddy Purcell’s contract isn’t likely to be done until Monday.

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  • iansez

    That seems really good for the Kings. Hopefully Jack plays well during that time and earns an extension.

  • anthonyy

    He was making over $2 Million last season.
    Why is he getting a pay cut?

    DL pays Handzus $4 Mil and Scuderi $3.4 Mil, then turns around a offers $1.4 to JJ.

    With good players, he acts cheap. With average players, he’s Mr. Generous.

  • Quisp

    Wow. That’s a surprisingly low number. As someone on another blog, writing about another team, said recently, we always overvalue our own players. You guys were much closer to the real number than I was.

    My guess is that Jack wanted the short term and Dean wanted the low number, so they met in the middle. And it gives DL more flexibility re the cap so everybody wins.

  • anthonyy

    I’m thinking poor Purcell will be paid peanuts.

  • Tim

    sounds like he’s trade bait… I hope not. I hope he turns out to live up to all the hype and I hope he gets paid at the end of the day. Anyway it’s great to have that out of the way for now, and he can really focus on just playing.

  • Jonny

    This deal makes perfect sense. he gets 2 years to prove himself and earn a BIG contract. I think the most surprising thing about it, is that It looks like he wants to be in LA. We’re not used to seeing that.

  • Rolex

    anthonyy, Johnson was actually making 850K last year, his cap hit was 2.15 because of possible bonuses.

  • Ciccarelli

    So Anthonyy is this another bad move by Lombardi? The cap hit is great from a team perspective. Are you going to give Lombardi credit for a good signing?

  • Brad

    Yikes!! Makes you wonder what the hold up was? I’m assuming this still makes him a RFA in 2 years? Unlike Cammalleri we won’t have to trade him after 1 year?

  • src3

    Anthony you a such a horses a*&”!

    JJ has not proven anything yet. Or when did we start paying for potential? Get off the Zeus comments as well. He was great last year and it costs money to get people to play for LA until we start winning. Or havnt you noticed? Thats why DL had to give Scuderi 3.4. And Purcell deserves peanuts until he proves something outside the AHL.

    Your posts are like a 3 year old that never gets his way. Wheres the substance or personel stance. Just harping about everything DL does.

    Dude, seriously, get a life.

  • JWR

    Anthonyy you might be forgeting the $2 million included all the signing bonus. Jack’s actual contract was only around $800K.

    To me this is a definate win/win. Jack gets time to prove he’s worth the big bucks and can go to arbitration if need be once the contract is up. The Kings get a player who will hopefully be driven to earn that next contract. Fits with what DL has always said about them needing to earn it us fans win buy getting to see a great young player in a Kings uniform next year and hopefully beyond.

  • mrbrett7

    Anthony…What has JJ done to deserve much of a raise? All in all, he’s been terrible.

    What has Purcell done to deserve more than the minimun?

    Jesus christ man!

    Let these guys EARN their money for once!

  • Mike

    Great contract for both sides. Johnson is a millionaire, and the Kings won’t tie up their cap space on an unproven young player, yet I would love to see a nice extension at the end of the season if Johnson puts up good numbers.

    Scuderi and Handzus are proven players – Johnson is not.

    Simple as that Antonnnnnnny

  • src3


    will JJ still be a RFA with arbitration rights after this new 2 year deal? Or ???

  • maraudking

    Ok, JJ has not been terrible. In his first full season, he was not an offensive option while he learned how to play the NHL game. Last season, it was thought that he would be the PP quarterback on the point. Injury curbed that, in steps Quincy. 40 games later JJ returns and puts up more goals, and comparable assists in 1/2 of a season. Then in full health, tears up the WC’s and looks like a star.

    If he plays anywhere near that caliber, in two years it will be worth it.

    It is no big secret that the Kings will not be able to keep all of these young D, but who knows. Maybe in 2 years Teubert will be able to step in and contribute, Hickey will maybe have an NHL season under his belt.

    I like this contract, it gives JJ a chance to really get out and earn his keep.

    Thanks DL

  • Dan H.

    I like it a lot. I’ve been on the fence with DL and not badmouthing or promoting but this off season he’s been clutch. I like this deal for the reasons stated by the sane posters above.

    Short term gives Jack time to prove his mettle and the Kings get him at a reasonable price and he’s still RFA at the end of this.

    When did Teddy score his 50 that make him worth a ton of money? I must have missed that.

    Sign FRO and it’s all good Deano!

  • Kevin Y

    $1.4 million isn’t a lot, but considering what we’re paying for Smyth and Scuderi, as well as Kopitar, Stoll and Handzus, that’s not bad. He’s only played one full season, but he has the potential to be a good defenseman. He’s nowhere near where Bouwmeester is along his development, but can get close in three years.

    Considering that we’ve only got this contract for two years, and by that time Williams’ and Handzus’ contracts will be up also, we’ll have a lot of salary cleared after the 2010-11 season and can sign Johnson to a richer contract if need be. Doughty has two years left on his contract also, but with the bonuses he’s got his cap hit is already $3.5 million, so we needn’t really worry about him.

    All in all, this is a great deal by DL, and he’ll be prepared for the 2011 offseason.

  • kyle

    This is the only thing one can say about Anthony’s latest little diatribe (courtesy of Billy Madison):
    “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  • tantrum4

    where is this post by anthonny you guys are responding to? I can’t see it anywhere…hmmm, maybe my jack@ass filter is turned up too high…..;)

  • mrbrett7

    Sorry Maraud King…call a spade a spade. JJ was NOT very good last year, and was a rookie when he was a rookie.

    I do blame Blake and Crawford for stunting his development, but he was just terrible last year.

    He was NOT thought to be the QB of the PP…ever, not once. He was surpassed by Doughty in training camp for that role.

    He can’t stay in position, he runs around like a chicken with his head cut off, and his first pass out of his own zone was horrific.

    Now, do I think he can fix these issues? Yes, I do.

  • Jenn

    Now sign Frolov!!!!

  • JJ4Pres

    Even though I know its true, its taking tsn.ca awhile to report it.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Great signing Dean!

    So much for the 5mil per year rumors!

    Jack really hasn’t proven crap, he just has his reputation from Michigan and Shattuck. I think its great, he has 2 years to earn the big contract, which I think he will.

    “I’m thinking poor Purcell will be paid peanuts” – well hell, he hasn’t earned more then peanuts…… How did this guy graduate law school???

  • anthonyy

    that’s cute.

  • AK47


    The reason why TSN won’t report it right away is because they want to make sure they don’t embarrass Darren Dreger, who happens to be the first guy to report the whole JJ to KHL deal and how Jack was asking for 5.5.. Imagine how he feels now

  • 4thlinechecker

    We should give some Dap to Matthew Berry, He broke this story 2 or 3 days ago, and I thought he was full of Sheeeeit!…… proved me wrong, I am impressed

  • Quisp

    src3 –

    Upon the expiration of this contract, on 7/1/2011, JJ will be 24, with 4 accrued seasons under his belt. In order to be a UFA, a player needs to be 27 with 4 accrued seasons, or younger with 7 accrued seasons (Doughty, for example, will be eligible for UFA at 25, because he will have seven accrued seasons by that time).

    Therefore, in 2011, JJ will be an RFA with arbitration rights and the rest of it. Ought to be a fun summer for the RFAs, since the other eligible Kings are Doughty, Moller, Simmonds and Bernier.

    Anthonyy –

    As others have pointed out, JJ was on an entry level contract of $850K. The rest was bonuses. If there was a signing bonus, he got that. The other bonuses there’s no way he got since he was injured most of the season.

    I disagree with the folks who say JJ has been terrible. He’s been alternatingly great and problematic.

    Re Teddy –

    Give him a break. He’s a goal scorer with 50 games under his belt. I’m looking forward to him building on last season.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    See. Now it’s news. 😀

  • TB

    great signing. of course Anthonyy doesn’t like it…he needs to not like it after all the things he’s said about DL…He can’t turn back now! Its too late to give any credit. hahah Anthonyy…ridiculous.

    bottom line, the flexibility is there for both sides. A great win/win for everyone. Looking forward to a great season!

  • MrMach5

    Now we just need to lock in Fro and we’re good to go!

    Anthony you are an idiot. Handzus worked his ass off last season, and mentored Simmonds.

    Do you even watch the games?

  • Chuck

    Good, that’s settled. Signed and sealed for two years. Hopefully, there’s no lingering ill-will, and they’ll be able to work out a longer deal in a year or two…

  • HBfan13

    I don’t see how anyone with even the slightest grip on reality could think this bad deal for either side. The Kings get an affordable signing and retain his rights at the end of the contract. Jack gets a chance to prove his worth and earn the big $ contract. The best thing about this is now we will not have to hear a bunch crap about Jack’s Dad, whether Jack likes LA or not, whether DL holds grudges about holdouts or not.
    Rich ends up winning because he won’t need to mediate a bunch of arguments on this subject for the rest of the summer.


  • Greg Lougainis

    Woo Hoo!!!! Sign and Trade!!!!

  • Ziggy

    Does this contract have any bonus clauses? Could that move the number up? Can someone (quisp) explain why JJ and Doughty can get bonuses on rookie contracts but not afterward?


    Also, this is why you develop your own players. So you do not have to pay way above market rates for them.

  • Eric K

    Excellent! At worst, he struggles for two seasons, but it’s not a major overpayment and we have the flexibility for a trade. At best, he begins reaching his potential and it’s a steal. Good signing.

  • JWR

    It just goes to show , if we want something big to happen we just have to wait till Rich goes on vacation.

  • variable

    this is good news all-around for the kings and jj…and further goes to show you how crazy all the hyperbolic rumors were about both parties a few weeks back…

    the terms are great…and i, too, thought the contract would be more in the $2mil+ range per and be about three years…

    and now there’s fro…

    i can’t even comment at this point since we have no idea if talks are even underway…but if they are, i wonder if both camps would like to get a deal done fast…

    if fro’s previous comments were any indication, you would think he wants to get a deal done asap…i would think d.l. has the same mindset, as well…

    ordinarily, a player in the final year of their deal would probably rather play out the season in hopes to put up better numbers in order to create leverage/pay increase/test free agency…i’m not so sure that’s the case w/fro…and i’m not so sure he would get a bigger deal with the kings…

    would fro take $3.5 to 4 mil/per…???

    this is really going to be very interesting to see how badly fro wants to stay a king vs. how high a pay increase he demands…

    antropov got $4 mil per for four years…(granted it was from the rangers, who notoriously over -value/spend on ufa’s)

    isn’t frolov a much better two-way player than antropov…?
    doesn’t he have better career numbers…?

    the answer to both those questions is yes…hell yes…

    so i hope for the best w/fro and wait anxiously to hear anything news-related on the issue…my fingers are crossed tightly until then…

  • KingFan4ever

    I bet JJ is happy. Hopefully his dad is too?

  • vicarious

    Johnson proves with his actions that for him the main thing was never the $. Good for him: nice to see in this day and age. One more problem out of the way!

    Check this video out posted by RioFan on LGK–Adolf Hitler on Dany Heatly:


  • Duckhunter

    Money fits the current product. I’m impressed by both parties with this conclusion. Well done.

    I am really excited about this upcoming year.

  • http://www.myspace.com/fightingIris TweenerSongs

    You seem to already know this, but rookies generally get bonuses because of the rookie salary cap. Doesn’t mean there aren’t bonuses in other (“veteran”) contracts…there are plenty. I’m sure you know that, too, sorry : )

    Great signing by the Kings. Perfect for both sides, obviously. I’m glad he’ll still be restricted at the end of the term. With contracts coming off the books (as people here have stated), JMFJ will be due a huge raise (after he’s put up huge numbers, of course), a couple of young guys will step in (Teubert will almost certainly be one of them, if he hadn’t already done so) to help out our bottom line. It just seems to be coming together. Dean and his people have a good grasp of the cap situation. My only question, on occasion, is their take on talent, on certain areas of the team, which is something every GM and every fan in every NHL city have disagreements on.

    Great job, Dean & Co.
    It’s a terrific time to be a Kings fan. Finally.

  • maraudking


    Doughty was not the Power Play QB last year. Not once. What games were you watching? It was Quincy. The whole reason on signing Quincy was to fill the void left by JJ. I’m not big on stats, but Quincy had the numbers to prove that.

    I think calling him “horrible” is a bit of stretch. Gauthier = horrible. Horrible 1st pass, the whole bit.

  • kyle

    This is the only thing one can say about Anthony’s latest little diatribe (courtesy of Billy Madison):
    “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”


    I too would like to know what bonuses are included in an ELC.

    I don’t think DL is in any hurry to sign Frolov. If you’re looking to sign a big UFA next summer – Kovalchuk or Marleau for example or make a trade for a ‘more DL type player’ why would you sign Frolov unless it’s for a low/lower amount than he’s getting now.

  • JonG

    Great news. I’m surprised it didn’t cost us more, based on his potential and our lack of mobile defensemen.

    I’d love to get Frolov sewn up too but management’s public pronouncements have been pretty lukewarm. Hopefully that is just a motivating tactic on their part.

  • SuperSonic420

    Greg Lougainis said:
    “Woo Hoo!!!! Sign and Trade!!!!”

    Ummm, did you hit your head or something?

  • iansez

    Another big plus is that this signing makes a good mark within the organization of where salary for drafted (not that JJ exactly was) D players should be set at. With so many youthful and promising defenders coming through over the next few years we now have a # 3 pick with 2 years experience signed at this rate, it will help DL manage the cap in the future.

    If DL can lock up Frolov for another 4-5 years @ 3.5-4m py as well this off season, the franchise truly turns the corner. The Kings will be in great shape in so many ways for years to come!


    TO ERIC K,
    Is that you #3?
    Rich, got one more for Foxy:
    Why did they stop broadcasting radio in LAS VEGAS? Will it ever come back?
    They must know most of us living out here grew up in LA.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    You know, the outrageously healthy thing about this horrible economy is that the skilled high money makers and the corporate capitalists that pay them are both scared at the same time. Some times, both crazy-makers see the light at the same time. This contract appears incredibly SANE! Can you beat that?

    Sanity in sports contracts is a good thing, no matter when it happens. Can DL-Fro follow suit? If so, the Kings just may be able to grow into an outstanding team.

    Before the JJ contract, I gave the chances of a Frolov extention to be about 20%.

    Now… Could it be? Could it be?

    Just like Cal Ripken’s All-Star home run, I want to be Charlie Steiner and say: “It is!” Frolov a King FOREVER.

    Until then, I happy.


  • mrbrett7


    REALLY watch him. The difference between Gauthier and JJ are two-fold.

    Gauthier was/is an established veteren who will never be more than a 6th/7th defensemen. You know exactly what your getting when you put him on the ice.

    Meanwhile with Jack, he was a top 5 pick, he is a great skater, and his vision along with passing/shooting ability are off the charts. Difference is, he isn’t using any of those skills (or hasn’t).

    Popular or not, I don’t feel he has even come close not only to his potential, but I also feel he looks lost on the ice more than he looks like he knows what he is doing.

    Point being. Comparing the two is comparing apples to oranges. Gauthier has his role, Johnson has his. Gauthier didn’t play his role badly, Johnson was terrible at his.

    Now, am I happy he’s resigned? Very much so, especially at that price. I don’t care who the player is, if you have not earned the raise, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • darko25o

    …I was hoping for 11mil for 5 years, with the first two years being front loaded. This is a trade bait contract. A team would be salivating for a player with this much potential, and at only 1.4…wow. DL may have just doubled JJs value on the open market as a result of this contract.
    Don’t anyone give up on Purcell just yet…the kids got huge skills, he just needs some time!

  • WTF


    That was so Fing funny. Thanks for posting it.

  • Ziggy


    Yes obviously I am aware that rookies are not the only ones who get bonuses. My question is: Is Jack’s real salary number 1.425 or is the contract bonus-laden where it might end up costing the Kings closer to 2 or 3 mil per?

    The reason I asked is bc Kevin Y said Doughty’s cap hit was 3.5 mil. Why is it so high and is there a chance Jack’s cap number goes up?

    I guess to be more specific: How do bonuses affect a cap number and do only rookie salaries effect a cap number?


  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    That’s the smartest idea I’ve heard in awhile. You’re right, it may be a trade bait contract. Even so, the contract is smart all the way around. The incentive to perform well this season and next is built-in, rather than giving too much reward, too early.

  • -J

    ziggy- players signed to entry level contracts, veteran players (400+games) coming off long-term injury and signed to a one year contract, and players signed after 35 years of age to a one year contract are the only ones eligible to recieve performance bonuses (all others are not), the kind that would inflate like doughtys.

    All players can get roster, signing, and reporting bonuses, and i believe these are already counted in the contract (e.g. can’t increase). Reading CBA, there are all types of scenarios and factors that determine whether a bonus affects the cap or not- it’s quite confusing.

    The list of performance bonuses is too long to go into, but it’s things like scoring a certain amount of goals, ice time, etc. You can check it out here: http://www.nhlfa.com/CBA/cba_agreement36.asp

  • -J

    So in a nutshell, JJ’s cap hit will not be bigger than 1.425.

  • Bruin26

    Well it sure wouldn’t be a Kings signing or any deal without some complaining from anthonyy. First players are signed for too much now he sides with a player as if he has been screwed with a bad deal. Scuderi has done far more in this league and proven what kind of NHL player he is. He earned his contract. Jack’s contract is pretty fair for a player that has yet to show he will even be an above average player yet. Not trying to knock him, it is just the truth, partly from injuries and partly from how he played when he was out there.

    Hopefully he realizes some of that potential everyone talked about when he was traded for. I think he had too much hype, but I guess he can still live up to some of that. I just hope he plays even partly up top that hype because it will be good for the Kings and good for Jack.

    Great deal considering where the kings are at and where Jack is at in his career.

  • RaitisWestgarth

    Once again, DL has done a wonderful job…

    Teubert should be the 6th defensman, even if he makes a mistake from time to time. It would be exciting to watch a young King smash people left and right.

  • PakiFro

    Sweet! That’s SOOOOOOOO not 5M.

    But…he’ll be FA when Doughty, Simmonds, and Moeller come up for their contracts. And arbitration eligible. good contract either way though.

  • Brian

    Why only 2 years???

  • Matt R

    Rich gets a much deserved plug from Matthew Berry:


    Huzzah for Jack! (Don’t laugh, I’m trying to bring huzzah back!)

  • RaitisWestgarth

    I wonder what Dean Lombardi is going to do with Frolov now. Will he sign him, trade him soon, or wait until the trade deadline to deal him? I guess we’ll find out sooner or later…

  • hunter

    I think 54FIGHTER hit it right on the button when he said that DL is in no hurry to sign Frolov because he’s ( hoping ) that Kovalchuk will not re-sign with Atlanta and trade Frolov for Kovalchuk.. But that if ( only ) Atlanta doesn’t do well and the Kings do.. As for JJ, this signing of 1.425 mil per year is a real good call for trade-bait.. It’s alot more easier to move such a contract like JJ’s and as all of you pointed out it does give him time to prove himself,if not?… I have a feeling that Souray might be in a Kings uniform this year or next year… I wish that Hartnell trade was real….

  • RaitisWestgarth


    I also wish the Hartnell trade was real. With Hartnell, you really don’t need a sniper when the first two lines have both skill and grit. Hey Deano, do us a favor and get Hartnell already, gosh!

    Hartnell, Brown, JW, Smyth, Kopitar and Stoll- six playoff caliber players baby!

  • 34YearKingsFan

    I watched part of the Kings-Dallas game from season before last on Tuesday night. Defensemen were: Blake, Modry, Dahlman, Visnovski, Stuart, and Johnson. Only JJ remains.

  • RaitisWestgarth

    I see Dean Lombardi trading Frolov with Handzus for a player that fits the new King identity, another philly connection?

  • Quisp

    Ziggy, Tweener re bonuses –

    -J beat me to it. To underline: there are no bonuses allowed under the CBA except in entry level contracts, over-35 contracts, and contracts for players who have been injured more than 100 days the previous season (however, injury-clause contracts must be one year deals). All potential bonuses in entry level contracts count against the cap; however the team is allowed to exceed the cap ceiling by the amount of the potential bonuses (but not exceeding 7.5% of the cap). However, at the end of the season, once the bonuses have been paid or not, the amount the team turned out to have exceeded the cap (once the real bonus-earned numbers have been factored in) is subtracted from the team’s cap ceiling the following year. (in other words, if you have a bonus cushion and you know your players aren’t going to earn their bonuses, you can spend the cushion; or if you just want to, in effect, borrow from next year’s cap, you can do that up to the level of your bonus cushion; but like any borrowing, the tab comes due sooner or later; and nobody wants to make next year’s cap smaller than it’s already going to be — however, I can’t wait to see how stupid Chicago is on this score…)

    I don’t know what the deal is with bonuses for injury clauses or +35 contracts; since we don’t have any of those, I haven’t paid attention.

  • Keepin it Real

    Please Please Please

    To All you Anthony haters please note the following.

    1. He only does it to get attention. Responding only encourages him!
    2. I dont know who is worse Anthony or the people who respond to him!
    3. I dont believe it would be fair or just to ban him just because some people dont like what he has to say. The correct response is no response so quit responding to his posts.
    4. When you see his post DO NOT EVEN READ IT!
    5. This site is polluted with useless and annoying banter not because of Anthony but because of your responses.
    6. You have the ruby slippers, you have the power, you can make it stop.
    7. Do you really care what he has to say?
    8. You do not have the right to complain about him if you respond to him.
    9. If you dont want the cat at your door stop feeding it!
    10. Respond only to intelligent comments that support our Kings.

    I could go on and on and on but you get the point.

    Are you with me?

  • BurtonxRider

    So, in my opinion, Lombardi made a few mistakes by losing Cammalleri, Visnovski, Demitra, Conroy and Stuart over the last few seasons. I can’t imagine what the kings would be like now with those players. However, I’m happy to see him pulling through this year with good contracts and pickups in drafts and trades. I don’t want anyone to start attacking any of these comments, just some opinions would be nice to see.

  • markisonfire

    Err, I hate to break it to everyone, but when Anthonyy isn’t just blindly hating on TM or DL, he brings up some serious questions. He may word them a bit differently than I would, but concerns none the less. Is our third line center worth $4 million? Are Matt Greene and Rob Scuderi worth a combined $6.35 million cap hit until at least the 2012-13 season? Is Kopitar, who had 66 points last season, worth $6.8 million until 2015-16?

    I’m not saying that any of these guys are NOT worth the money, but there are some potential red flags. Of course hindsight is 20/20.

    At the end of this season we free up $1 million thanks to Cloutier’s buyout coming to a conclusion. McCauley’s is done the year after.

  • anthonyy

    Guys relax.
    I haven’t even left a comment here for about a week.
    Most of you guys want me gone, and I’m trying to oblige.
    Once in while I’ll put in my two cents, and it becomes assault city, character assasination, name calling, etc…
    I’m a kings fan too you know.

  • RaitisWestgarth


    You’re a Duck’s fan, not a King fan. Now get a life…

  • Matt

    Great signing by DL…did anyone else notice that Scuderi is apparently wearing #7? It’s on the lakings.com…who will be wearing #4?

  • Otto Ped

    Matt R said:

    Huzzah for Jack! (Don’t laugh, I’m trying to bring huzzah back!)


  • -J

    “Once in while I’ll put in my two cents, and it becomes assault city, character assasination, name calling, etc…” Anthonyy, while i know you keep your name calling to king’s management and don’t go after posters, you still reap what you sow.

  • Quisp

    Anthonyy –

    I wouldn’t worry about it, and I certainly wouldn’t stay away because of detractors, etc.. I would, however, consider moderating your tone, if your goal is not to be a flame magnet.

    I have found, over the years, that your comments are something of an acquired taste. To the uninitiated, they (the comments) appear to be, well, shrill and one-note and maybe even not very well-thought-out. It helps me personally to think of you like a sports nut, decked out in Kings garb with pom poms and a beer hat, shouting obscenities at the TV. It’s fun to yell “you suck” at a player and then when he scores the OT goal/hits the 9th inning home run/sinks the 3 pointer at the buzzer, we roll around on the floor in ecstatic joy and profess our love for the very same hated player.

    And probably, for good measure, throw in “you still suck.”

    Of course, in that circumstance, we’re shouting at the TV. In this context, you’re “shouting” in a forum, at someone who isn’t there, for the “benefit” of whoever really is there, reading what you say. So there’s going to be back-lash.

    Me, I just assume you don’t really believe half of what you say. At least not to the degree that you say it.

  • Quisp

    burtonx, re Cammalleri, Visnovski, Demitra, Conroy and Stuart:

    I liked all of those guys within certain limits. Only one (Cammalleri) seemed to me to have a bad attitude. They were all expensive though and if we had them now we would be talking about $25MM in salary, which is obviously nuts. The return on most of those guys was good, especially considering that Demitra and Cammy both walked from their next teams so those teams got nothing for them.

    Markisonfire, re good questions:

    Is our third line center worth $4 million?

    You can’t judge a free agent contract by the same rules as an entry-level contract or an RFA contract. Handzus got that number because that’s what the market dictated. I agree with you that’s a big contract for a third line center. He earned it last year, being essentially the hub of a new defensive system. The first year, though, was bad.

    Also, you have to consider that the market was a little crazier two years ago. Now it’s calmed down a bit.

    Are Matt Greene and Rob Scuderi worth a combined $6.35 million cap hit until at least the 2012-13 season?

    That depends on how many shots they block. But I would say, yes probably. Handzus and Greene were huge factors in the Kings’ defensive success last year. Scuderi should be even better with the Kings than he was with the Pens, given that Murray’s system plays to his strengths. It’s tempting to think you’re over-paying for defensive players. But look at Lidstrom. Yes, he’s the gold standard. But I think it’s worth it to have such players on your team.

    Is Kopitar, who had 66 points last season, worth $6.8 million until 2015-16?

    Maybe he was saving it till his contract kicked in. (I make joke.) If he puts up those numbers again this year it’s a problem. I am probably one of the few here who puts last season’s troubles squarely at the feet of Kopitar and Brown. Not that I don’t love them. But they need to rebound this Fall. I think they will, anything’s possible. (it helps to remember that Kopitar is only 21. Or is he 22 yet? I forget…)

  • King J 99

    Just a thought and I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but with all the talk about the Kings needing another defenseman why not Sergei Zubov? Could they get him on the cheap and if needed ship him out at the deadline to a contender if by chance we are not doing well this year? Or keep him if we are contending for the playoffs. He would fill the void left by Quincey as a puck moving defenseman and power play guy. Most valuably he adds a great veteran presence to a core of great young defenseman that could benefit from his years even if it’s for a half a season or so. What do you guys think?

    King J

  • King J 99

    Just a thought and I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but with all the talk about the Kings needing another defenseman why not Sergei Zubov? Could they get him on the cheap and if needed ship him out at the deadline to a contender if by chance we are not doing well this year? Or keep him if we are contending for the playoffs. He would fill the void left by Quincey as a puck moving defenseman and power play guy. Most valuably he adds a great veteran presence to a core of great young defenseman that could benefit from his years even if it’s for a half a season or so. What do you guys think?

    King J

  • uknojata

    time for another agent change.

    hey man i don’t want you to go away. keep it up man, this blog wouldn’t be the same without you. its like getting mad at rush limbaugh when he talks, some people shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  • nykingfan

    Quisp…you took the words out of my mouth re Anthonyy….I tend to lean towards the theory of he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If not, Anthonyy; I’m sure Charles Wang will give up his copy of the book Hockey for Dummies…once he gets it back from Milbury…:)

    Both sides win with a signing like this. I’ve said it before, nobody knows what the economic climate will look like in 2 years with the CBA coming up for re-negotiation. DL is positioning the Kings to be prepared for anything. He also save $$ for possible deadline deals this season if we’re in contention, which I expect we will be.
    I know, I may be a DL shill, but its because his plan makes sense and is working.
    We don’t have one long term deal currently on the books that is onerous.
    How many other teams can say that?

  • number 6

    When all the negative JJ issues were happening a few months ago I stated here that I didn’t have a good feeling. My instincts are usually quite good but this time I was off. Variable had told me just to sit tight and relax. He was right! So I’m coming here just to own up to the fact that I was off and am very pleased that this is the case.
    Good one.

  • jet

    “I watched part of the Kings-Dallas game from season before last on Tuesday night. Defensemen were: Blake, Modry, Dahlman, Visnovski, Stuart, and Johnson. Only JJ remains.”
    It is a good thing our goalies were on top of their game back then.

    Anthonyy, I thought you were on vacation this week?

  • Quisp

    nykingsfan –

    I think in this case you mean a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

  • 34YearKingsFan

    “I watched part of the Kings-Dallas game from season before last on Tuesday night. Defensemen were: Blake, Modry, Dahlman, Visnovski, Stuart, and Johnson. Only JJ remains.”
    It is a good thing our goalies were on top of their game back then.

    The goalie was LaBarbara.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    About that Kings-Dallas game…

    The defensemen are all gone but JJ, the LaBarbara is now a Canuck, but most importantly the Coach is NOT Marc Crawford. I couldn’t believe how lost most of the players looked during that game, until Marty Turco melted down so famously.

  • Quisp

    Labarbara is in Phoenix now.

  • nykingfan


    I stand corrected on this one!!

  • markisonfire

    Quisp, in regards to placing blame on Kopitar and Brown:
    I couldn’t agree more. Kopitar was non-existant in the first two months of the season. It doesn’t matter how much defensive responsibility was put on him, that doesn’t explain missing an open net on multiple occasions. Brown should do a lot better this year with personal issues long gone coupled with the fact that the Kings’ top 6 improved by quite a bit (Williams, Smyth).

  • variable

    NUMBER 6…

    well…sometimes i get lucky, too…

    next up: frolov…


    the 5th amendment protects everyone…and he’s no exception…i also like how his comments create a litmus test for all of us…if there’s anything that anthony(y) does well, it’s just that: polarity…

    as for the limbaugh “intelligence” debate…:

    there’s no debate…he represents everything that’s wrong with this country…

  • Quisp

    markisonfire –

    Yes, there was a lot of “absence of finish” last season. The Kings were in the middle of the pack in shots taken and 27th over-all in shooting%. Compare the last four seasons goals-per-game, season shot totals and shooting% (best in bold):

    08-09 2.42 2383 8.5% (Terry Murray)
    07-08 2.72 2349 9.6% (Crawford)
    06-07 2.68 2542 8.8% (Crawford)
    05-06 2.93 2394 10.2% (Andy Murray)

    What that says to me: last season the team took more shots than the previous (Crawford) season, and roughly as many as the last Andy Murray season. That first Crawford season is far and away the shot leader (and was also the worst of the four defensively). If the Kings had been in the middle of the pack in shooting% instead of at the bottom, they would have scored 26 more goals. And what a difference that could have made.

    Incidentally, the defensive numbers for those same years, goals against, shots against (best in bold):

    08-09 226 2075
    07-08 263 2362
    06-07 277 2163
    05-06 269 2190

  • markisonfire

    Quisp –

    I’m not sure if my count was correct, but I think the Kings lost 23 1-goal games (including overtime games). Of those 23, 11 were in overtime. If they had scored 11 of those 26 goals they would have 11 extra points… That is 90 points. Take away points that other teams gained from beating the Kings in 1-goal games and the Kings would have made the playoffs. Hopefully Smyth and Williams will help the Kings improve in shooting percentage.

    I think the Kings improved on defense with the addition of Scuderi and a (partial) year under Quick’s belt will certainly help as well. Hopefully Kopitar can reach at least the 80-point plateau and start earning that huge contract (as you pointed out, he was still on his ELC last year I believe).

  • RaitisWestgarth

    People blame TM for the Kings not getting it done offensively, but come on, did you guys take a look at the line-up??

    POS: crap player
    DB: Personal issues
    Kopi: Lazy off year due to big contract
    JW: injured
    Frolov: inconsistent, but consistent at the same time
    Defense: young

    I give tons of credit to TM for straitening out the team D, now that JW is healthy and with the addition of Smyth, this team will score goals. Maybe not as much as the Wings or Penns, but they will score and get it done. Mark my words…

  • Some fan

    I think Johnson bulked up too much last offseason and it took away from his speed. Then he got hurt. Hopefully, he comes into camp at a more natural weight and gets back to outskating guys. That has to be his bread and butter, in my opinion, his skating.

    The kid has had a bi-polar career so far; looks great for a strech, horrible for another. That comes down to confidence and expectations. Terry Murray will get him straightened out.

    Enough with the flashy head fakes. Just get to the puck and move it already.

    Good contract for the Kings.

    Thats my two cents.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    My fault, guys…


  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    With the talk of close one-goal losses, that reminds me of a baseball statistic brought up by Bill James, the guru of baseball. Can’t remember all of the specifics, but basically it went like this:

    Teams generally were at about .500 with one run wins versus losses. That seems intuitive, due to the fact that close games could be decided by anything, including fluke bounces, weird gametime conditions, umpire decisions, etc. Better teams generally won more than they lost–also intuitive; same thing with poorer teams losing more than they lost. But the TOTAL of one run games played stayed within a pretty tight range for all teams.

    The odd thing was about the outliers, the teams with extremes. Teams that won an extraordinary amount of those games were very unusual… and had a tendency to come back to the norm the next year. Oddly enough, teams that lost a whole lot of one run games had a tendency to be MUCH BETTER the next season. In a way, this is also intuitive because losing a lot of close games meant that that team was competitive in a lot of games, and therefore were very close to being good.

    Now, to the Kings. Last year, all those close losses, an outlier statistic I believe. If true and the pattern holds, the Kings are about to become a much better team, where the total number of one goal games goes back to the lower, standard number the next year. We shall see…

    For those statistically minded out there, what do you think? I know Bill James broke down a number of seasons to come to his conclusions…

  • Quisp

    Grrr, my excessively wordy comment self-deleted before I finished it. Okay, I’ll retype.


    Yes re one goal games. Over time, the outliers will return to the mean. The bigger the sample, the more likely this is. This is why I referenced shooting%. The Kings’ shooting% last year is likely to uptick by 1%, even without the team getting better. And the team did get better.

    The Puck Stops Here blog ran some pretty interesting team Corsi numbers, which I talked about here:


    The bottom line is that the Kings, surprisingly to the guy who wrote the article, have the best team Corsi numbers of all the non-playoff teams (11th over-all). I commented that, in a certain sense, Corsi measures potential, and Kings’ Corsi number reflects several things they did right last year.

    (p.s. Corsi is a measure of all shot events for — shots on goal, blocked shots and missed shots all counting the same — minus all shot events against. What’s nice about it is it takes the goaltender out of the equation, and, also, on the offensive side, it measures a kind of generic “posession” in the offensive zone.)

    The Kings Corsi is high because

    1) They had a very low shots against total. Tops in the league for most of the season and 4th overall finally.
    2) related to (1), the defensive system effectively controlled and limited shot events.
    3) on the offensive side, the Kings generated more shots than the season before.
    4) lack of finish. This is what makes the Kings’ Corsi so much higher relative to, say, team +/-.

    I think this is important because it suggests that the team just has to keep doing what it’s been doing, only more so. Not only will the puck start finding the back of the net, but with Williams and Smyth added, there will be (had better be) more crashing of the blue paint, more grimy goals, more Phil Esposito goals. More goals.

    It would be reasonable to expect next seasons Corsi to stay the same (middle of the pack) while the team +/- trends toward the same middle…instead of, you know, the bottom.

  • Stonewall

    Very well put Quispy.

  • variable


    thank you…good anecdote…appropriate…

    just wanted to give some fair and balanced blogging…

    however, we are here for hockey…and that’s good enough for me…

  • variable

    lauri tukonen signed w/ the ‘bolts…

    seems appropriate, huh…?

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Thanks Quispie, you had my back.

  • Luuc

    QUISP –

    point # 3: Haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, well done sir!

  • Quisp

    Luuc –

    Sadly, the point #3 you refer to has been sentenced to the void. Some of my best work.

  • Stonewall

    You mean it wasn’t:

    3) on the offensive side, the Kings generated more shots than the season before.

  • KhanonIsBack

    Great signing at a fair rate.

  • Krystoff

    Scuderi = A name to appease the fans irate about the horrible FA work by DL. Has the potential to actually lead the team backwards a step as he has little offensive capabilities, which is the team’s biggest problem at the moment. Also, could look even worse as Quincey may again perform well at both ends of the ice.
    Smyth = An attempt to save DL’s job, and if the team fails to earn a playoff spot with this trooper (who is only 1 year younger than Jason Allison), Lombardi will be out in the cold
    Johnson contract = An insult that may backfire as Johnson cannot be billed as a greed merchant, and he is ten times tougher than Doughty (one of DL’s supposed “prized assets.”

    DL overpays everyone except those who lay it all out there for the team.
    He’s gone so far off the course he’s sold us, it’s unbelievable that nobody calls him on it.

  • KhanonIsBack


    “Johnson contract = An insult that may backfire as Johnson cannot be billed as a greed merchant”

    Johnson hasn’t proven anything yet, and how can you not like the amount Dean signed him for, especially in today’s salary cap NHL?? Dean did a wonderful job with Johnson and Smyth. Dean signed Scuderi for about a million more than he’s worth, but hey, thats the only way to bring free agents to LA at the moment

  • Stonewall

    Wow. JmfJ didn’t have to sign the contract if it’s as bad as some folks say it is.

  • RaitisWestgarth

    Krystoff said:

    “Scuderi = A name to appease the fans irate about the horrible FA work by DL. Has the potential to actually lead the team backwards a step as he has little offensive capabilities, which is the team’s biggest problem at the moment. Also, could look even worse as Quincey may again perform well at both ends of the ice.”

    Would you have preferred DL to sign one of the overrated FAs to enormous long contracts instead?? We don’t need offensive D-men, since we have JJ, Doughty, and Hickey if he makes it.

    “Johnson contract = An insult that may backfire as Johnson cannot be billed as a greed merchant, and he is ten times tougher than Doughty (one of DL’s supposed “prized assets.”

    Have to agree with KhanonIsBack on this. 2 year deal that barely has an impact on the cap. Phenomenal work by big DL.

  • Quisp



  • KhanonIsBack

    Latest rumor is Frolov is going to KHL when his contract expires…

  • Krystoff

    Johnson has proven more than DL has, IMO.

  • JDM


    Whose basement did that rumor come from?


    Comparing players is usually difficult enough, let alone comparing a player to a manager. Interesting. Lame, but interesting.

  • kasket

    That rumor about Fro is questionable, but it would not surprise me.

  • Quisp
  • Hunter

    I believe it to a farse,but you never know.. That’s why i’d said before,if the Kings and their fans are hoping & waiting to land Kovalchuk at the deadline, instead of signing or trading for players to fill the spots needed to be fill is a big mistake..Don’t get me wrong, I WANT Kovalchuk on the team too.But they need to sign Frolov now before the season begins just to let the guy know that they want him to stay in L.A. — And now with players like Kopi,Fro,Brown,Stoll have a few years under their belts,it’s time for some of the young kids to come up and start to bond and gel with the team….Next year will be that time

  • Cricket

    Krystoff said:

    Johnson contract = An insult that may backfire as Johnson cannot be billed as a greed merchant, and he is ten times tougher than Doughty (one of DL’s supposed “prized assets.”

    Why do you question Doughty as a “supposed ‘prized asset?'”

    He is a prized asset. He is the man.

    Johnson 10 times tougher? Maybe he’s tougher, since he is older and like 225 lbs., but Doughty is the man. Have you ever seen him play?

    Why are you upset about such a low cap hit for a player who hasn’t proven much yet, but has great potential, and now the ball’s in his court to play that potential and earn a contract worthy of a big-name D-man?

    And why would it backfire? DL has defended Jack by refuting the rumors that he asked for 5.5 mil, even saying in the state of the franchise talk that such rumors “aren’t fair to Jack,” and called him a good kid. Greed merchant? DL never called him a greed merchant, that’s for sure.

    What’s wrong?

  • uknojata

    quisp, thanks for the link.

    first of all, he was interviewed for the russian market, what is he supposed to say “no, i would never move back to f_ing russia!?” fro isn’t stupid, in fact from what i’ve heard he is somewhat of an intellectual. so why would he move back to a place where the mob kidnaps/kills people for ransom and the government knocks off human rights activists?

    we’re either gonna pay him $4 to $5 a year or another team will. unfortunately its more likely that he’ll be gone before the deadline. it was good to hear him say that he wanted to win with la, maybe a good sign. truth is, if he played with intensity 30% more often, he’d be worth $7.

  • Quisp

    uknojata –

    on the other hand, since frolov is smart, maybe he signs an extension now for good but not insane money and has a great season and all of this is moot.

    I really don’t think DL unloads Frolov when he only just solved his left wing problem by bringing Smyth in. anything can happen of course. maybe i’m just in denial…

  • rjc76

    To all those whining about the amount Jack got paid, is it not about the team? Doesn’t this signing give the team more flexibility in regards to re-upping Fro or possibly adding another piece at the deadline should we be in the thick of it? Isn’t the point that we have Jack for the next two years at an excellent price?

    Maybe all the whiners are actually his agent using different handles to complain because he didn’t get a bigger commission. Like it was said before by Stonewall, he didn’t have to sign it if it was an insult. Apparently all the whiners are just more selfish than Jack. Thank god he’s in it for the team and not just himself.

  • nykingfan


    Look at this from a Kings fan point of view…From your comments, not too sure what kind of fan you are…

    DL signs JJ to a lower contract then we all anticipated. That $$ now theoretically becomes available if we’re in contention and need to make a deadline move. Would you rather have JJ signed for what you consider to be fair market and then have us right up against the cap unable to make a move?
    I remember certain people complaining that Brown signed a below market deal and will be unhappy.
    hmmmm haven’t heard much from Brownie about being underpaid and miserable.
    Most of these guys are not mlb/nba/nfl type guys…by that I mean they sign their contract and immediately want out of it..I said most of these guys (Heatley excluded)
    That’s what DL talks about “character guys” It’s all about hockey and what they can do to help their team win. They understood what they were signing for and for how long and under no duress, put their signature on the contract.

    As for your comments about Scuderi and Smythe…
    Not much to say since your reasoning makes as much sense as what Anthonyy writes on this blog.

  • Peter

    any update on Purcell signing?

  • Dan H.

    If Jack wasn’t happy with what they offered, it would be a lot later than July before he signed.

  • Quisp

    If he got signed for too much, people would be pissed at DL. If he held out, people would be pissed at DL. If he was upset with the Kings, people would be pissed at DL. If he didn’t want to play here, people would be pissed at DL. If he went to the KHL, people would be pissed at DL. If he got traded, people would be pissed at DL.

    But if Johnson wants to be here and signs a reasonable contract early in the summer, no hold out, no trade, no complaints, no drama — wait, what? People are still pissed at DL?

    That’s just goofy.

  • jet

    rjc76 — since you are fairly new, ( and welcome) I will let you know that you are very close. But this one poster, Krystoff, Cristobal, EatThe Rich, Open letter to tim Leiweke, stang, mr Nuff, and numerous others has opened dozen of screen names with the primary purpose of driving intelligent posters away from this site. He is like the guy who buys a 3 cent stock in a company that has lost 10 million a year for 10 years. He posts with multiple screen names that he has inside information and the company is going to turn a profit this quarter.

    Anyway, if you go into the archives, you can easily pick out Krystoff’s other screen names. It will also be easy to see some of the great posters, kings 28, who no longer come to this site because of the constant DL bashing Krystoff puts down. It amazes me that anyone could have so much contempt for Rich’s efforts. So, instead of a player agent, look at the owner of a rival Kings website.

  • Mr. Nuff


    I would appreciated it if you didn’t post blatant lies and include my screenname in them. The only other name I have posted under is Anjae11eden. The only reason I don’t currently post under that name is because when I went to register under that name I had a typo in my email address so when I went to correct it, it said that name was taken,
    Furthermore, I have no idea how you got the impression my posts were ever intended to drive ANYONE away, no matter what their opinion on any matter. My post usually have an opinion (shocker) but aren’t exactly controversial. Oh, and I am a HUGE DL supporter, so I have NO IDEA why you would lump me in with those names if they are DL bashers like you say. I would appreciate an apology on this public forum, or I will drop a note to Rich about you slandering my name on this site. I’m sure he can tell you and everyone else on this board that Anjae11eden is the only other name I’ve posted under…ever.

  • Quisp

    Mr Nuff –

    I completely understand your anger at being lumped in with someone else’s pseudonyms. Obviously, Jet is presuming. However, it’s hard to blame him when the effect he’s describing (posters registering under multiple names) is real and it is irritating and dishonest. Think about it (I’m really not talking to you here though): if the multiple-name poster weren’t annoying and/or agitating people, no one would even notice their multiple names. The different identities only come to light when they’ve been annoying just like that other guy was annoying. So one concludes it’s the same guy.

    More than a few times I have found myself in an exchange with a poster who after many comments back and forth I realize I’m “talking” to someone with whom I’ve already had the very same conversation a million times, someone with whom there is a history/archive of debates to wade through. It’s not — as in your case — simply being shut out of your usual name by a registration snafu (I frequently don’t get to use the name “Quisp” on other sites because someone else has beaten me to it, so I go with “Kwisp” or “Qwisp” — because I’m not trying to fool anyone. In fact, it’s the opposite: I want to openly associate my current comment with my past comments, so people will know where I’m coming from. Whereas the poster who changes his name a million times has either been banned and so is forced to change his/her name, or is just interested in perpetrating a fraud. It’s a trick. It wastes everybody’s time.

    And, as your situation here illustrates, it causes everyone to distrust everyone else, to treat anyone new with a closed mind. Why bother taking people’s comments at face value when it’s possible you’re just being duped? I know for myself I no longer bother trying to engage people who might actually be legitimately angry but thoughtful fellow fans because in the back of my mind I wonder if they’re not actually the same irrational a**h*** who’s been bugging me for a couple of years now.

    What’s funny is, they (he?) always try to hide their identities by changing their writing voices a bit and steering away from the same old complaints, but sooner or later their compulsions get the better of them and they just can’t help themselves.

  • rjc76

    Thanks for the welcome. I’ve actually followed the blog for almost 2 years now but haven’t really posted anything. For the most part I enjoy reading the back and forth as most times the debate is really interesting and informative…for or against.

    I am guilty though of letting Anthony and the others get to me with some of the outrageous comments that are made. Even though, as someone stated previously, it’s better to not even respond.

  • Mr. Nuff


    I understand your frustration at the whole multiple screen name issue entirely. I have been frustrated by the same thing.
    However, it doesn’t excuse Jet from “PRESUMING” I am one of these identities he has had issue with. What puzzles/frustrates me is, if he did ANY homework (read ANY of my posts) he would KNOW I have supported 99% of DL’s moves with the exception of the Cloutier contract extension. When you make ACCUSATIONS of “driving other posters away” and being a troll in general, you REALLY should know what you’re talking about and not just “PRESUME”. I have never even had a dispute with Jet of any kind. So maybe JET should go back and read these archives as he recommended to the new poster, and know exactly who the “troublemakers” are before he starts throwing names around just because they are new to him.
    Jet, you owe me a public apology.

  • Deadmarsh


    Our new top six are all 30 goal scorers. I know the odds are they all wont get over 30 this year (wouldn’t THAT be great) but at any time, has a team ever had their top 6 all 30 goal guys? I’d bet it was more commonplace for the older teams like the 70’s Bruins or 80’s Oilers and Islanders, but has anyone done that recently? I don’t understand all the bashers saying we still need this 50 goal sniper when the goals are going to be coming at a much better rate then years past.

  • markisonfire

    Back in the hockey world, the Kings signed Juraj Mikus.

  • Quisp

    Ah, Google Translate:

    Juraj MIKU has made Los Angeles Kings, with the agreement, and not related to the TPS liigajoukkueeseen early August. MIKU benefited from a last possible date the contract was NHL articles. Mikuksen contract with the Kings, however, allows the return to Europe, where the game places NHL was not missing much. TPS, the player coordinator Ari Mountain is naturally disappointed Mikuksen choice, but understand the NHL team’s sopimustarjouksen exciting young players. The mountain of the TPS can not wait Mikuksen possible return, but will immediately seek a replacement central attacker.

  • Ciccarelli

    From Twitter:

    LAKingsHockey Check LAKings.com at 12pm (PT) for a player-related announcement including a video interview with Ron Hextall talking about the signings!

    And what was meant by this, Jet?:

    “So, instead of a player agent, look at the owner of a rival Kings website.”

  • Telos

    Yup, the Kings signed RW Juraj Mikus who has been linemates with Ziggy Palffy. Some Habs fans are upset over not signing him, this could be a good pickup for us. I wonder if he has a good shot at the final 4 spots on the roster coming into training camp? We shall see…

  • Otto Ped

    Mr. Nuff………… Get over it

  • nykingfan

    Mr Nuff/Jet
    and now back to our regular scheduled programming…already in progress…:)
    Guys…you’re on the same side. Let’s move on…this is an annonymous blog..a public apology and $1.50 still won’t get you on the NYC subway, so…..
    PS…there’s no need to capitalize words for effect…it’s unnecessary…I along with most others, got your well-taken point.

    back to Kristoff for a second..
    seriously, this is cristobal again? Man, I thought he was out of here…If I knew it was him, I would never have bothered to respond to his post.

  • KingNewfie

    I have no idea bout this Mikus guy, but I am wondering what’s up with Teddy. Anyone have any word on him yet?

  • Ciccarelli


    I think we may know in a few minutes on Purcell…

  • markisonfire

    Not sure, in regards to Teddy. All I know is that signing Mikus brings the Kings up to 23 players signed.

  • Quisp

    Deadmarsh –

    This list has a bunch of holes, I’m sure, but here’s what I know…

    As for the Kings, since 1981, they have had more than three 30-goal scorers three times:

    84-85 (5) Nicholls, Taylor, Dionne, MacLellan, Fox
    88-89 (4) Nicholls, 99, Luc, Tonelli
    90-91 (4) Sandstrom, 99, Luc, Granato

    Detroit had five twice in the early 90s (Yzerman, Fedorov, et al). Boston had 5 a couple of times in the early 70s, but one of them was always Orr.

    I eyeballed last year’s list, and picked out that PHI had 4, WAS and DET had 3, PIT and OTT had 2.

    So the likelihood of 6 guys scoring 30 this season seems, um, low.

    However, I think it would be great for Kopitar and Frolov to pass 30, while Brown, Smyth, Williams and Stoll are in the 20s. A spectacular season would see one of those 20 goal guys jump up into the 30 club. Also, it would be nice to see a break-out season from one of the kids, maybe one of Simmonds, Moller, Purcell, etc., could crack 20.

  • Quisp

    marksonfire –

    I’m going to guess that his contract allows him to go to Europe if he doesn’t make the Kings out of camp, so that, like Brady Murray, while his contract will count against the 50 contract limit, it doesn’t necessarily mean he will make the big club and count against the 23.

  • Quisp

    The Purcell signing is up (one year deal) but no word yet on YOU EYE ME KOOSH.

  • RealDrew


    I visit a lot of message boards and I’d have to say that you are the most intelligent and articulate poster I’ve read. I appreciate your well though out insights and your ability to stay out of the divisive dialogue.

    Keep up the good work.

  • JDM

    I’m gonna say Purcell gets 900k.

  • Quisp

    Realdrew –


    JDM –

    I think so too. Still no word yet though. Not to mention YOU(R) EYE ME KOOSH!!

  • JDM

    u-i meeeeekASH, or Moccasin, or whatever… that Finnish article didn’t say how long he got signed for right? Maybe if he stays in NA he’ll change his name to something a little more, linguistically pleasing to all those not in Slovakia. I think Jared Meeks would work well.

    The all-knowing but all-evil twitter for the Kings says Azevedo and Bagnall signed new contracts as well.

    Sometimes I wonder if Bagnall will play on the Monarchs until he is 40… I don’t know why…

  • KingNewfie

    Thanks for the heads up on Purcell. I was getting worried there for a sec. One of the greatest things about last season for me was having a fellow Newfoundlander play on my beloved team. I’m glad he’s around for another year at least. I’m sure he’s working hard over the summer and prepping for a chance to get on this years roster.

  • Ersberg
  • ryan oliver

    my buddy texted me and said he signed for 2.5 million for 1 year. yikes if its true. It cant be true that makes no sense.

  • ryan oliver

    edit, I phoned my buddy and he was full of crap. I guess I should have double checked before posting. my bad

  • Quisp

    ryan –

    yes, that really can’t be true.

  • -J

    150+ posts on the Johnson signing and not a peep from WWAMD….

  • jet

    Ciccarelli — rjc76 said:

    “Maybe all the whiners are actually his agent using different handles to complain because he didn’t get a bigger commission.”

    My reply was:

    “So, instead of a player agent, look at the owner of a rival Kings website.”

    Since Krystoff is using multiple user IDs to drive people away from this site.

    Mr. Nuff — I am on calls the rest of the day, and it is difficult for me to post coherently and listen to calls simultaneously. I will review tonight and if I am wrong, then I will apologize. Do you want it on this thread or the most recent thread?

    To everyone else, I apologize for this but I have lost my patience with this crap since the incident Cristobal was kicked off this site.

  • Mr. Nuff


    It doesn’t matter which thread you post it in. As long as everyone knows I’m not to be lumped in with those other names you mentioned.
    As I stated before (and Rich can likely attest to), I’ve only posted under one other name, anjae11eden. And I don’t think I’ve even been involved in a debate on this board. I don’t agree with the Anthonyys of the world, but my time is more important to me than trying to educate fans that aren’t very open minded to the whole rebuild thing and would rather just have a grudge against DL. So I usually don’t waste my time.
    I have posted on LGK for a looooong time under the name anjae11eden and Kingjozef before that. I have never tried to run from my opinions by using new screen names.
    I’m sure once you gloss over the archives you will see that for yourself and we won’t have a problem.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Ahh, peace in our time…

    Now, if we can only get a good-looking third jersey and another good trade rumor, maybe we’ll make it to next week!

    I know one thing: It’s just too damned hot here in Bakersfield, 107 or higher for the last five days.

  • jet

    Mr. Nuff — I am sorry but you have around a 98% correlation to being one of Cristobal’s personalities, albeit one of his more inert ones. All I can do is ask you again to respect the work that goes in to this site and stop posting your recycled rubbish in an attempt to drive away true King fans. There are many sites where conflict is seen as a way to build a site. Thank you

  • Mr. Nuff


    If you are going to falsely accuse me of being another poster, can you at least provide some evidence or a link to some articles supporting such claims?
    You are just making unfounded and libelous claims, very irresponsibly, and I have already sent a note to Rich about this matter.

  • Gary

    Keepin it Real: I’m with you, but Anthony is a Sharks fan who was sorry to see Lombardi go. He knows what he’s capable of, and just wants to drum up naysayers. You can see him on the Sharks page of a well known bulletin board.

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