Ask Jim Fox, part 2

The second set of questions and answers with Kings broadcaster Jim Fox…

scottgardner said:
Hiya Jim,
Thanks for all the hard work you and the rest of the TV/Radio crew do.
1.What do you miss most about playing?

…thanks for the kind words…like most ex-players I miss the closely-knit team atmosphere and camaraderie you build with your teammates…although, no matter where you work, there usually is a “team feeling”, I have found that it is very difficult to recreate the feeling of being on a pro hockey team…
…another thing is being in control of what you do…in pro sports, you play in front of a live crowd and viewers on TV…there is no way to be hidden from your accomplishments, good or bad…everyone sees the good and the bad…that is the best way to have it…in some other work environments what becomes public is not always to “truth” because it can be hidden or distorted…that is very difficult to do while playing in a pro sport…
…another thing…I also liked how you instantly get a “report card” based on the final score of a game…in other walks of life you don’t always know how you stand until later on…in sports, since you are playing a game with a final score, you know instantly how things have gone…standings are kept every game…not much to hide…


drew said:
Foxy, if you can be completely candid, what is your opinion and the players as well about Mr. Bettman and Mr. Anschutz? Mr. Bettman gets ridiculed and booed every public place he goes, but the owners must like the job he does so he stays employed. I have never seen Mr. Anschutz in public, but is he more of a presence with the team privately? Mr.Lombardi seems to feel that all evidence to the contrary, Mr. Anschutz is a man of the people.

…as far as Mr. Bettman goes, I think he gets too much blame for things that are criticized in our game…I think that, although he is improved over the years, he is not the best communicator and many times that makes him look worse than he really is…an example of this is how Canadian fans still hold it against him that the league moved both Winnipeg and Quebec City to US cities…he is still blamed for that in Canada…many owners have come out and publicly stated that Mr. Bettman did everything he could to keep the teams in Canada, including a few Canadian owners, but Canadian fans are still blaming him…I assume that is because he was not able to communicate his side better…
…I think there have been times when he has tried to “lead” by touching on only the positives of an issue while not telling the total story when dealing with a negative subject…I think in today’s world it is so difficult to “cover up” things and you should just communicate the entire story, good and bad…in the long run, that will make things better…
…if we are going to be fair, regardless of how much “hands on” he has had in a specific area, if he gets the blame for everything, then he should get the credit when things go well…he has been blamed for just about everything negative that has happened but when it comes to the new rules that were instituted after the lock-out, most people love the new rules and they have been viewed as a positive by most, at the same time Mr. Bettman gets no credit in this area…the financial structure of the league has been solid under the cap (the cap has gone up each year until now), he gets no credit for that…I just want to be fair to him…I think communication skills should be very high up on the priority list when selecting a “commissioner”…and unfortunately for Mr. Bettman, this is not his strong suit…
…when dealing with the “Mr. Anschutz” issue of privacy, I would say that it is a unique situation…very few owners feel as strong about protecting their privacy than Mr. Anschutz…many fans have expressed their opinions on how they would like him to be more open and accessible…I do know that he usually meets with the team a least once per year…I would say that is normal for most owners…other owners may be around more, but rarely “meet” with the players…it has been brought up before that this somehow effects the play of the team…this is where I would disagree…the Kings have the best “practice facility” in the league, they travel on the best charters and stay in the best hotels…if any player says that they need to meet with the owner more to make the team better, I would say that is a huge “cop-out”…I understand the fans’ point of view, that they would like Mr. Anschutz to be more open and accessible, but I don’t think this is an issue that effects the play on the ice…


jet said:
I realize that it is hard to predict, but I would like your best guess on the depth of the 2010 and 2011 drafts. ?Could you give a quick assessment, and what they need to work on, of the young forward prospects (Lewis, Clune, Parse, Gauthier and Azevedo)?
?Thank you

Way too early for me to even venture a guess on the strength of the upcoming drafts…as far as then players you asked about…here goes:
Lewis…has come a long way since being drafted…consistency and strength is holding him back at this time…
Clune…injuries were an issue last year…he is a super agitator and can back that part of his game with his fists…with these types of players it usually boils down to playing under control and not hurting the team with too many unnecessary penalties…may surprise in camp this fall…
Parse…has talent and skill…the question mark…does he have the commitment needed…at this point, still an enigma…must realize this might be a “make or break” year for him…
Gauthier…has the talents to challenge for the AHL scoring lead…his type of player must play in the top 6 at the NHL level too…tough to put him ahead of that many Kings…
Azevedo…vision and playmaking skills are is strengths…injuries were a big issues last year…size will always be a concern…the new NHL has opened up more opportunities for this type of player…must excel at the AHL level for at least a whole year…


TB said:
Foxy! Thanks for taking the time…its greatly appreciated.
I attended the prospects camp recently and was quite impressed with Aczvedo. I’m curious to hear how the organization walked away from his most recent evaluation. And with your knowledge of the game, what do you think of him? I know his size is the big question, but man can he play! Your thoughts…is he NHL material?
Last, two words…Juraj Mikus. simply impressed. How did you perceive his abilities at the prospects camp? Is he going to be invited back in september?
p.s. as an avid recreational player I can’t begin to express how your analysis of the coaching side of the game has helped me develop my understanding of hockey. thank you for all your work!

…with Azevedo…as far as size goes…the new rules have helped bring the smaller guys back into the mix a bit more…quickness can overcome size and strength…when you talk about a player who has these types of skills have to put them in the top 6 forwards or top 3 defense to find a them a spot on the team…even that is changing a bit…teams are even using smaller players on the 3rd and 4th lines…must dominate at the AHL level first…NHL is a possibility…I would not count it out like I would during the 90’s…
…the Kings just signed Mikus…was great at the World’s with Slovakia…that is not a secret…from what I hear, was just okay at the prospects camp…no doubt about offensive talent…usually the question mark hear is adapting to NHL style of play…
…thanks so much for the kind words…much appreciated…


Victor B said:
Hey Jim,
How was it like working with Rodrick at Bioplate?

…not sure what you are talking about here…sorry…


Matt R said:
Hey Jim,
Thanks for the amazing work you do!
A few questions about the Kings current prospects:
1)Who do you think is the most NHL ready?
2)Who do you think might surprise people in the next few years?
3)Are there any that remind you of how you played?
4)Random bonus question: What is your favorite assist from your career?
Thanks again!?Matt

Matt R:
…in all honesty…I do not have a lot of information on Kings prospects…especially this year…I did not attend the prospect camp due to hip surgery and other commitments…I’ll give it a try…
1…Hickey and Bernier
3…Don’t really know any…
4…Tough one…have to think way back…I guess the tying goal during the “Miracle on Manchester”…also, assisted on Ian Turnbull’s 4th goal of a game…
…thanks so much for the kind words…


Sean Avery said:
Thanks for doing this blog, hopefully it does not cut into your wine time.
Need your predictions
Does Bernier make the team?
Does JMFJ get traded?
Does Froloaf get Traded?
Does DD suffer a sophomore jinx?
Do the Kings make the playoffs.

Sean Avery:
…nice to talk to you again Sean…plenty of time for “wine time”
…Bernier…not in training camp…
…Jack will be back…I think the 2-year deal was good for both sides…
…Frolov…all depends on initial contract negotiations…tough decision…I guess you could say he is kind of an “enigma”…so much talent…needs to be more consistent…that’s usually means that other teams will be interested and if the right deal is there???
…as good as Drew was in year one…I still think he can get better…I think if he can improve his shot and ability to get the shot on net, then his production will go up…because he thinks the game so well, he will work through most trouble spots…don’t expect a sophomore jinx…


acaseofhalitosis said:
I think one of your most endearing characteristics is your near perfect hair styling that wouldn’t move even in a hurricane, but for some reason a while back (can’t recall the actual year) you either decided to or were forced to go with a “just out of bed look” where the hair was not styled. We all wondered if the hair was on lockout or you were going green and thus refused to use hair spray to save the atmosphere from those dreaded aerosols.

…if the name means anything…glad we are doing this via the blog…
…no lockout…no hair spray issues (I use the goo)…
…I believe it was a game in Vancouver…I had just had unexpected elbow surgery the day before and had to catch up with the team on the day of the game…no time to put on the goo…my apologies…


Sybil227 said:
Do you think the ice girls are at all a distraction to our players or visiting players – before, during, or after a game?

…Yes …Yes…and Yes…in a very positive way…


tron said:
Since the “new NHL” I’ve been hearing how its going to be good for the ?smaller, faster type talents. So why are teams like the Kings looking to get so much bigger? Wouldn’t a guy like Azevedo be a great fit??Who did Jim think stood out in Dev. camp.?How do we voice are opinions to the NHL? Thanks!

…the new NHL does give more of a chance to smaller players that bring the quickness that is needed…Azevedo will get his chance…if he can produce in training camp every day, like most rookies have to do…(vets get a few “days off…rookies have to impress everyday)…he would then have to dominate at the AHL level…one step at a time…all players ask for is an opportunity and Azevedo will get more of a look now than he would have before the new rules…
…didn’t get a chance to watch at prospect camp due to hip surgery…Hickey’s name came up more than most…
…if you want to “voice” opinions to the NHL, I would start with…Commissioner Bettman also has a weekly radio show during the season in which he takes calls from fans…


Pumpernicholl said:
Hi Jim — Do you have any favorite Santa Barbara County or San Luis Obispo County wines?

…sorry…not much experience in those areas…here are a few that I have tried and think are okay…
…Santa Barbara County…Brander…Foxen (of course)…Au Bon Climat (very good to outstanding)
…San Luis Obispo…Edna Valley…Meridian (appreciate the good “values” they produce)


DP said:
What’s new and exciting on your wine rack? Who’s been the biggest eater in recent years? Best road trip dinner story?

…most exciting on the rack is “Pio Cesare, Barolo, 2004″…still needs some time, but I was amazed by the depth and brightness of the fruit…
…I hang with the “office guys” now…Daryl Evans and Jeff Solomon…non stop…
…so many dinner stories…tough to pick one…I’ll go the boring route…if you ever get a chance to go to Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa Bay…wine cellar is stunning…


Columbo said:
If the Kings make the playoffs, what teams do you see missing the playoffs?

…wow…this far in advance…
…I see the Kings in the playoffs…
…I see Colorado, Edmonton, Phoenix, Nashville…out…I know that doesn’t cover everything…too far out to get more specific…


BerniernextRoy said:
Thanks for taking the time to be a guest blogger. It’s a real treat to see the interaction between us the fans and yourself. So thanks.
Anyway how do you like the way the offseason went? We drafted Luke Schenn (did you see the look on Brian Burke’s face?)and what are your thoughts about Schenn? We also drafted Kyle Clifford is also a very physical LW prospect. We also acquired Ryan Smyth from the Avalanche, Captain Canada. We all hated him when he played the Kings, but now he is on our side. So what are your thoughts about these moves Dean made? Are you happy with the way the offseason went?
Thanks and hope your summer is going great!

…it’s my pleasure to be a guest blogger while Rich is traveling around the world and partying it up…but that’s another story…
…I’ll do my best, but as I have mentioned before…I’m not too knowledgeable about the players just drafted…
…obviously, Schenn comes with a lot of “character” and “all-around strength” to his game…he may not be an offensive star, but he knows his way around the full 200 feet of the ice…
…Smyth is a proven commodity…drive to the net and make it tough on the opposition…he can finish, but I don’t consider him a “shooter” or “pure goal scorer”, but that has never been his game…
…since there have been so few subtractions and the additions of proven players like Smyth and Scuderi…there is no doubt in my mind that the roster going into 09-10 is better than last years…not a contender as of yet, but if you make the playoffs, you automatically become a contender…
…thanks again…


Mitch said:
1. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
2. What new hairstlye are you ging to unveil in the 2009-2010 season?
3. When the Kings are a playoff team this season, will you still be approachable in the concourse between periods or is winning going to change you?
4. How do you think we’ll see Wayne Simmonds improve? He was awesome last season.

…one of my favorite tunes…so I guess I have…
…not sure yet…but there will be a change…at some point…
…always approachable…love to talk before games…after games it is usually a “sprint” to the post-game show location, so not much time then…winning will only make it better to talk to the fans…
…in the back of my mind, I hope that he can progress to be a top 6 forward at some point in the future, but that may be a stretch…but…he can be on my team anytime…he will never be “easy” to play against and his work ethic is never doubted…great addition…


Columbo said:
Jim, do you see a rebirth of the Corey Millen Line with Brandon Kozum, Garrett Roe and Justin Azevedo?

…no doubt about the skill of these players…and they all compete like they were much bigger…let’s slow down a bit on all in the NHL on the same line…let’s hope, but…let’s be realistic…


Davey said:
Hey Jim,
Has anybody ever said anything on your commenting voice? my friend joked about how you end your sentences with a particular up tone, or a neutral pitch thats not commonly heard. No criticism intended, I still think youre the best color analyst in history. dont change a thing!

…thanks for the kind words…yes…many times people have mentioned it…not something I think about…just is the way I talk…but yes, I hear about it quite a bit…


Lososaurus said:
Thankyou for taking time to listen to our questions.
1. When is the technicolor suit coming back and can it stay forever?( I’ve asked this one before, haha )
2. How does the pace and tempo of the game today compare to when you played? It really seems like the game now is start-stop, where there are frequent rushes up the ice, but ultimately results in battles in the corners.
3. When the Kings make the playoffs and even The Cup finals, will you and Bob be calling the game? I’d much prefer to listen to you guys than Pierre McGuire or anyone else.

…1…I can’t control the power of the jacket…it tells me when it’s time…
…2…pace and tempo are at a higher rate (by far) due to the better athletes…in my day, it was more about out-numbered attacks and man on man coverage…now it’s more about finding a way to create offense…thank God for the changes to the rules…it has opened up the game…the “hurry-up” line changes makes the game more difficult to televise but more intense…battles in the corners will always be part of the game, but it’s nice to see a few more rush/attack chances since the lockout…
…3…after the 2nd round the national coverage takes over…we will be around helping in any way we can…thanks for the kind words…


4thlinechecker said:
Foxy,?Thanks for doing this.
Who hit you the hardest during your playing days??WHo was the most intimidating player during your day??Who was your favorite line mate??Who was the funniest teammate you played with in the NHL??How honored where you to have a chicken soup named after you? kiddin, you dont have to answer the last one…. it is pretty damn good.

…Hardest hit…Ray Bourque…
…Most intimidating…Al Secord…
…Favorite line mate…2 different players…Bernie Nicholls and Terry Ruskowski…
…Funniest teammate…Bubba Beck…Steve Carlson…
…Huge honor…the Redondo Beach Caf is great…great people, great service…great chicken soup…I think I have mentioned this before…if not…had a problem at another restaurant getting dinner 2 summers ago…our reservation was screwed up…we were driving home around 10:30 pm and saw some movement in the “Caf”…stopped to see if they were still open, unfortunately they were closed…Chris the owner still invited us in (me and 3 other people)…the cooks had all gone home but he offered to make us all food…talk about going out of your way to serve people…I will never forget that…


Stonewall said:
Hi Jim,
What are your impressions of Ryan Smyth and what he’ll bring to the team? Whose styles do you think he’ll best blend with?

…One of the most important things he brings is a “proven track record”…you know exactly what you are getting…no guessing game here…he can produce offensively by driving to the net…good presence in front for the power play…he is not a “pure goal scorer” by any means…
…Not sure about combos yet…I can say this…he can play with just about anyone…I don’t see him as a player that needs a certain type of line mate…his game doesn’t change and it fits in with just about everyone…


darko25o said:
…are you aware of your likeness to Barney Rubble?!

…Funny you bring this up…I was just at dinner the other night with my wife “Betty” (we were out with our friends “Fred and “Wilma”)…and someone said exactly the same thing…


Aaron said:
1. Who do you think is the best player on the Kings right now and why?
2. What is the Kings’ biggest weakness right now?
3. Do you think we will see the “real” Justin Williams next season? It took Michal Handzus one full year to re-establish himself as an impact player. Do you see the same thing happening for Williams?
4. Which player is the biggest key for the Kings to end their playoff drought next season?
Thanks again for doing such a great job with Bob Miller. I always enjoy listening to both of you. Thanks for taking the time to interact with the fans on the blog as well.

…1…Drew Doughty…his hockey sense…his ability to control the pace and tempo of the game…his ability to get out of trouble by stick-handling, passing or sometimes just not doing anything (that might be the most impressive part of his game)…
…2…biggest weakness…finding consistent offensive production without letting up on the defensive side of the puck…that will be their biggest challenge…continue the improvement on defense but then finding a way to get more offense…
…Also…4th line grit with NHL speed
…3…it is one of the top keys for the Kings…Williams must find his old game…the injuries were an issue and it does take more than a year sometimes…if Williams makes the same amount of improvement that Handzus made after his injury, then the Kings will be a playoff team…that’s how important he can be…
…4…I’ll give you a list…Kopitar…Williams…Johnson…most important…Quick (it just goes with the position)…
…Thanks for the questions…thanks for the kinds words…


drew said:
Have you and Bryan Murray ever spoken and cleared the air about your encounter in that Ottawa hallway that fateful evening years ago? Have you and Terry Murray ever discussed what happened?

…I exchanged a “pleasant hello” with Bryan when the Kings were in Ottawa last season…we did not discuss “that fateful evening”…Terry and I never have discussed it…I’m not sure he knows what happened…


Bluliner said:
Jim – I was excited when we traded for Brad Richardson last year, but concerned about giving up the high draft pick. For various reasons he did not seem to fit into the lineup last year and I am not sure what he brings special to the table. What do you see for Richardson’s role this year?

…Right now that 2nd round pick looks like too much…great skater…maybe the best stride on the team, but he has been a “tweener”…I think he will have to find a way to have more of an impact or he will not make the team…his role will probably be 4th line at best…that means more edge along with the quickness…he’s not a big or physical player, but that does not mean he can’t find a way to be more of a pest…


Robert said:
Hey Jim, how well do you think the Kings as a team are going to mesh together or hows the chemistry gonna look with the addition of Smith up front. Do you think the players are more motivated with Scuderi on defense and Smyth on offense. Is this going to be the breakthrough year after all ? Which prospects do you see making the team this year?

…Tougher for prospects to make it this year with Doughty, Simmonds and Moller making it last year…Doughty is a sure thing…don’t see Simmonds sliding out of a position…Moller will have to re-establish himself…in a way, it is a good sign that there will not be as many “openings” as last year…the team has improved…
…Everyone should be “motivated” because this team should continue to improve…both Smyth and Scuderi are players that are proven…they don’t have to change a thing…most know more about Smyth because he has done so much damage to the Kings in the past, but don’t underestimate Scuderi…I got a chance to see his value the last couple of year covering the finals…solid team guy…efficient shut-down defenseman…love the acquisition…
…Hickey and depending on Voynov’s health…they both won’t make it, but one has a chance


Silence Dogood said:
Mr. Fox —
In your playing career, you were a scorer, and you played very well for a number of years, despite the fact that you were not a physically large player — even by the standards of your time. My question is: Do you think that in today’s NHL players of talent but smaller stature, such as Azevedo and Kozun can achieve success as you did?
Secondly, have you ever visited the Chateau Routon Vineyard and Winery in Fairplay, CA.? If so, your thoughts? If not, I recommend it. Or Gainey’s in Santa Ynez?

Silence Dogood:
…No reason why those guys can not make an impact when talking about their size…the opportunity is there…most teams are putting less of a priority on size and more on puck-moving and skating…if they produce, the opportunity will be there…both guys showed their skill at prospect camp, but more importantly, they both showed the necessary “fire” to get it done…
…Have not had a chance…yet…to visit Chateau Routon…took a look at their website…looks good to me…Port style wines are fine with me…
…I have been to Gainey…liked it…generally speaking, I tend to like most of the whites from that area…many of the wines I tasted from that area have heavy “eucalyptus” character to them that can be okay if not too strong…I don’t have a lot of experience with that area, but I will see if I can find some wines to taste…thanks for the tip…


Bonz said:
We hear a lot from DL that a prospect “has it” meaning they are leaders, they understand what is asked of them and what it takes to win. Matt Greene seems like a perfect example of a player that has it and gets it done.
In you opinion, did Dustin Brown have it? Or is he still learning and should we look for more from him this coming season?
Same question, Kopitar?

…I think that Dustin has “grown into” that role…I still think he is learning “on the job”, but I also love that he wants it so much…there is no doubt that he wants this team to get better and he wants to help lead in that direction…he was drafted by the Kings and that is important too…I was not in the room, but I heard about a speech he gave to the prospects last summer and he really made a huge impression…he could not have done that a couple of years ago…
…Even at his young age, Kopitar has more experience being a “go-to” player than most everyone else…he still has a lot to learn about the “intensity” needed to be a star…may not seem like it, but that also fits into the “leadership” area…he is still learning there, but Kopitar does have it in him to be a leader…I think it comes more naturally to him than Dustin…right now tough, all of the focus for Kopitar should be on fitness and learning to be a “shut-down” player at the end of games…the offense will always be there for him…


David said:
When you look back and reflect on your NHL career, what is your fondest moment(s)? Who was the “toughest” player you played with and against?

…fondest moments were…
…1st year in the league…everything was so new and exciting…we finished the regular season 4th overall, with the best road record that year…great year to break in, until the playoffs…
…Generally speaking…meeting and playing with so many great people…friendships I developed with Dave Taylor, Mark Hardy, Phil Sykes, Luc Robitaille, Marcel Dionne, Larry Murphy, Mike Murphy, Greg Terrion…I will always cherish those friendships and more…
…Toughest with…Terry Ruskowski…toughest against…Al Secord…


ModrysGhost said:
Hi Jim,
Please tell us which hamburger goes best with a glass of wine. Tommy’s or In N’ Out?

…In-N-Out…Cabernet Sauvignon (Howell Mountain)
…Tommy’s…red wine from St. Emilion (Bordeaux)


Chris Bond said:
Jim I just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for takeing the time to talk to us when you were in Dallas at the end of last year, You have no idead how much it ment to us……

…It was our pleasure…thanks for the support…


JPKelly said:
Another reader’s question leads me to wonder: Did you ever watch Yogi Bear when you were growing up? The quality of your voice, your intonations, and your overall delivery really remind me of how Yogi talks. You even have a bit of a sweet teddy bear look to your face. Was Yogi maybe a boyhood favorite?
Thanks again!
John Paul Kelly

John Paul Kelly:
…I have to confess…he was/is one of my favorite actors…


Holt said:
So, Jim, dude, has anyone ever confused you for the porn star Peter North? I’m kidding. I have two real questions: 1) Back in the day when you first came into the league, was there ever any attitude among players/fans from other teams that LA was a joke of a franchise, a “Mickey Mouse” organization, so to speak? Any telling comments you can recall? And 2), on a related note… From your playing days, can you recall any particular “trash talk” comment that might be especially telling of a certain player’s personality (and fit to print, of course)?
Rock on, Stud!

….1…only comments I can remember were about the colors…I never wore the “gold pants” but I think that is where those comments originated…
…2…not sure if this fits, but…Kenny Baumgartner liked to take care of his teammates…when there was a “scrum” going on after a whistle he would enter by saying as loud as possible…”Papa’s home”…message sent…absolutely loved it…


marc said:
You’ve been with the Kings for almost 30 years. You’ve seen all the ups & downs and you know what’s going on within the organization as well as anyone. My question is, was there any point in time where you thought “I’ve had enough” and thought about leaving the organization? And I’m sure you don’t get censored or told what to say. You seem to tell it like it is. So has a player or anyone in the organization ever gotten mad at you for anything you said in a broadcast? And how do you keep that balance between legitimate criticism and maybe going too far?

…It has been a very interesting times with the Kings…I have never considered leaving at any time…I hope to continue here for as long as I can and some day be able to celebrate a championship…I feel very fortunate to with one team for this long and I understand how “unique” it is…
…I’m sure that there have been many players that have been “mad” at me for something I have said…although, no one has ever approached me about it…it is always a fine line…I know it is difficult on the wives and children at times too…in trying to keep the balance, I try to concentrate on the “on-ice” happenings as much as possible…the camera doesn’t lie and once the game starts, I felt that it is imperative to call it the ways it happens…good or bad…in all honesty, as a member of a local broadcast, we hope the Kings do well, but we try to give the proper credit to the opposition as well…when there are times when I have had to be “very” critical, I make it a point to talk to the individuals involved to make sure I get all of the information and many times end up in a very productive conversation…
…When I first started in broadcasting I had a little trouble with the “objectivity”…I think I have grown out of that…the only instructions I have been given is that the Kings will have a problem when we are too “easy” on them…when the team becomes successful, it will be much more “credible” if we call it as honestly as possible, even during the tough times…

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  • jet

    Great to hear Jim give Rusko credit.

  • Cricket

    Foxy said:

    “the only instructions I have been given is that the Kings will have a problem when we are too “easy” on them…when the team becomes successful, it will be much more “credible” if we call it as honestly as possible, even during the tough times…”

    THANK YOU! This is why you’re not Crawlers and the Gay Word.

  • scribe

    Are you opposed to wines containing sulfites?
    Will the FSN people ever replay the Miracle on Manchester?
    What is a Bob Miller story you’ve never/rarely told that you’d be willing to share here?
    Are you staying out of the heat?
    Thanks for the time and here’s to the upcoming season!

  • vicarious

    Jim, Thanks for trying to keep it straight. A lot nicer then listening to homers.

    My questions: 1. Cld Frolov or Johnson transition to play center? Wld they want to do so? Do the players move around in pick up games? How often can they play pickup games during the season?

    2. IMO, Frolov seems to generate his own offense and can adjust his game to his linemates, sort of like Ziggy used to. Do you agree? Thoughts? What sort of player do you think would work best as Fro’s linemate? With our fan scuttlebutt, that’s a question I cannot recall hearing.

    3. What was the funniest story you can tell about the last season? Funniest comment made during a game when you were playing?

    4. What are your thoughts on the role of “grit” and toughness in today’s NHL. How much do you need? If you put the 1960-70’s Philly “broadway bullies” team into today’s NHL, how do you think they wld fare? (and did you play against those guys? Sorry my fan career started with Gretsky coming to LA) Thanks

    Oh, I wld like to point out, that on average things are average, as shown again by comparing your hair–the envy of many a male–to Bob Miller’s and dividng by two. Thanks again.

  • Marc Nathan

    so good to see Jim reference Greg Terrion. The Terrion line with Fox and Jensen was one of my very favorites. Jim, it’s a stretch to answer this one, but do you recall the circumstances surrounding Maguire trading Terrion to the Leafs (for a mid-round draft choice) after two very good seasons with the Kings?

  • marc

    I got a question answered by Foxy – WOO HOO!

  • CupRun2012

    Rich, hope you’re enjoying your well deserved vacation. Is it because of Hollywood and the media attention that many ex-Kings are making a second career in broadcasting. Besides Foxy and Daryl, there’s Barry Melrose, Darren Eliot, Ray Ferraro, Kelly Hrudey, Charlie Simmer, Marc Crawford, Eddie Olczyk, and Brian Engblom?

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