Ask Jim Fox, part 4

More extensive and interesting answers from Jim Fox. One more set to go…

number 6 said:
Earlier “tron” had a great question as to the new nhl. Why are we getting bigger when supposedly speed and agility are such assets nowadays. Wonderful question so I’m really just sending in my support of that question.

number 6:
…It is a positive to be as big as possible, as long as there is the speed element included too…not sure if there have been many moves to go out of the way and get bigger…I think there has been a priority put on aggressiveness…if we look back to the recent draft picks and acquisitions, I do not see many examples of going for size over speed and quickness (Hickey, Voynov, Loktionov, Doughty, Simmonds, Moller, Schenn, Smyth, Scuderi)…with most of these guys, size was not a major priority when acquiring them…I think the Kings are looking to get as quick as possible, as well as getting bigger wherever they can…thanks for the question…


Silence Dogood said:
Mr. Fox —
You succeeded as a 30 goal scoring winger in the NHL but you were not a big guy physically. My question is:
what do you think are the prospects for guys like Azevedo and Kozun? Can smaller forwards still succeed in today’s NHL?
Thanks for your thoughts.

Silence Dogood:
…Seems to be the most asked question…as I have mentioned before…size is less of a factor when teams are considering adding a player to their rosters…it is still an element but there has been an increased priority put on quickness and puck movement…the opportunity for players like Azevdeo and Kozun is now bigger than it was a few years ago…this type of player usually has to be in the top 6 forwards or top 3 defensemen, but teams are looking for speed and quickness more now than ever…thanks for the question…


stang said:
Why do the Kings resemble the Clippers so much when we share the same practice facility with the WORLD CHAMPION LAKERS?! You’d think the way the Lakers run their franchise we would’ve figured it out by now.
Why can’t this team manage the cap when they helped create it with the unofficial one AEG imposed on the team before the lockout and claimed we were in the best shape post lockout because we were ahead of the curve?
Do you think it’s a conflict of interest that AEG wants to put another team in Kansas City? And why wasn’t AEG disciplined by the NHL when AEG went behind Bettman’s back to hand Boots money under the table so he could buy the Predators and move them to K.C.?

…The Kings have gotten progressively better the last 3 or 4 years…as you are quite aware and as you “allude to” in your questions, still a long way to go…the Kings do find themselves in a positive position regarding “flexibility” and the salary cap…most teams are trying to build their core from the draft now-a-days, due to the cap restrictions, but history tells us, teams still need to “dip into” the free agent market to complete their roster…the Kings made a couple of acquisitions this summer (Smyth and Scuderi) that they have not done in the past…as the team continues to improve , let’s hope they continue to attract free agents and also get to the point where current players give “hometown discounts” to stay around…
…As far as a conflict of interest goes, I assume the NHL’s bylaws clearly define what is allowable…I believe there are already buildings being operated by “Arena Management” groups/companies that have an affiliation with other teams in the league…I am not aware of the issues you bring up regarding “Bettman and Boots”, but I assume that nothing was done that went against NHL bylaws or some sort of sanction would have been accessed…


JDizzle pka JDA said:
Hi Jim,?First off, I would like to thank you for your invaluable dedication to the Kings and us fans. We’re incredibly lucky to have the best broadcasting team in all of hockey and one of the best in sports! Thank you for putting down the glass of French Bordeaux and picking up the keyboard for all of us.?1) Best part of a roadtrip as a player? As a broadcaster??2)What was the best or your favorite goal you ever scored??3)How many bottles (or cases might be easier) of wine do you own? Do you store them all at home or a refrigerated facility? Do you own or have you tried a Vinturi (wine aerator)? I have no association with the company, but I find it an extremely fun and usefull gadget.?Thanks for all of your time again!?Best,?JD

JDizzle pka JDA:
…Thank you so much for the kind words…I appreciate your support…by the way…more into the Italian varietals of late…wow, has simple Chianti improved over the last 5 years, or what???…
…1…best part of a road trip…seeing the city and enjoying the company of your teammates at dinner…2 points is good too…
…2…same as #1, except hanging out with the other broadcasters
…3…so tough to remember back…any goal scored in Montreal (especially against Patrick Roy) and Toronto in front of friends and family…scored a goal in Long Island where I went end-to end and around Denis Potvin near the Islander goal to put it home…also, the last goal I scored…it was in St. Louis…I had just missed more than a year with knee injuries…it was the only goal I scored that year and retired mid-season, but I believe it was a game winner (2-1) and it felt great because I knew in my heart, the end was near…
…I have approximately 75 bottle that I am “aging” at this time, so not a big collection…I keep another 150 or so around to make sure we have some if we need some…I store the ones that are aging in a “Eurocave” unit…the rest I keep under my stairway in a “make-shift” cellar…I have tried the “aerator”, but I am still not convinced…I’m sure it helps a bit, but I don’t notice that much of a change…my friends disagree and they/we use it a lot…of late, I have been decanting as many bottles as I can and it definitely makes for a positive difference… I don’t have any affiliation with any wine company either, but as I have done in the past, I do recommend “Manhattan Fine Wines” @ (Artesia and PCH/Manhattan Beach)…it is a local wine store and the service and selection is great…tell Joe I sent you…
…Thanks again for the kind words…


ose said:
Hey Jim You and Heidi did a few segments on SLY ON WINE will that be coming back again this year. P.S Does Sangria count as wine it sure works good with BBQ.

…Don’t expect any SlyOnWine segments in the future…Heidi’s schedule is so busy…I might think about just “Tweeting” about some wines…we’ll see…Sangria is made with wine, at least the Sangria I have tried, so let’s group it in…


34YearKingsFan said:
The 2009/2010 NHL schedule is out. 14 of the Kings first 22 games are on the road, including 7 of the first 11. Quite a bit different than last year. Can this young team, as constituted, get off to a good start? Sounds like how they do might make or break their season.

…I think it was a priority for the Kings this year to “balance out” the schedule a bit more…young or old, a decent start is needed…especially in the western conference…get behind the eight-ball early and it’s tough to make up ground…the positive is that if the Kings are playing important games down the stretch, at least a few of them will be at home…as I am typing this, I am remembering back to last year and the great road trip the Kings had to start Feb…their best hockey of the year…does it really matter where the games are played…


Kevin Allen said:
Hi Jim,
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions. Question 1: When are the Kings going to wise-up and offer you the Head Coach position??Question 2: What is your opinion of the Kings mix of Skill and Grit with our current roster? Is there a team of recent memory to whom you would compare them??Question 3: Can you recommend a great Muscat Blanc on the shelves today? The best I’ve had was at a vineyard in Napa but i’d like to find a good one I can purchase regularly.?Thanks so much!

Kevin Allen:
…my pleasure…
…1…as I get older I start to think about what might have been had a become involved in coaching…I think I would have liked it…as far as a head-coaching position, to be completely honest…I am not qualified for that right now and it would take many years to get there…it is fun to “coach” from the broadcast booth at times…
…2…the mix is getting better…still a ways to go when understanding what needs to be addressed at certain times…a couple of incidents come to mind…Artukin on Doughty and Malkin on Simmonds…I think they have enough grit…it’s more about recognizing the proper time to retaliate…the Malkin situation bothered me more than most because the game was already over and the score was no longer in doubt…all part of the learning process…sorry, but I am going to pass on the comparison…to tough to look back…hopefully in a year or so we will have a young defensive core that will lead this team…(Doughty, Johnson, Hickey, Voynov) a little similar to (Blake, Sydor, Zhitnik)…that would be okay with me…
…3…not much experience with the Muscat at all…I would only be giving you “sketchy” information…
…Thanks again for the support…


jet said:
Westy — Now is probably a good time to start using another screen name.
I heard a rumor that Mr. Hammond is going to grow a playoff beard with the Kings next year. Confirm or refute?

…Don’t think this question was directed at me, but I thought I would chime in…not sure if Rich is old enough to get a beard going???



Thank you, Rich.
Jim–Any pictures of you available with a playoff beard?

…None that I am aware of…unfortunately, didn’t have enough time to grow any…


jet said:
Do you think the Olympic break will help the younger players catch a second wind for the playoff push? Or, might they lose focus with the time off?
Thanks again

…I always find that the Olympic break thing is a “hind-sight 20/20” thing…it doesn’t have much to do with old or young…if you were going good before the break and then bad…you blame the break…if you were going bad before the break and the improve after…you give credit to the break…
…If anything, with young players, I think the break helps them get caught up a bit, but at the same time, they rarely understand how much more intensity there is the last 25-30 game of the season…something you just have to experience…


iansez said:
Hi Jim, asides from fitness trainers and coaches do the Kings, or any other organization for that matter, have anyone that works with the players to maximize their development and performance in other ways??To clarify that, someone that helps them keep their lives balanced and focused on the things they should be doing to improve as pro players whether new ones or vets? This Q stems from all that I read about Dustin Brown having no mentor or leadership type help in his early years as a King, he essentially had to “figure it out for himself”. While that organizational deficiency may have been addressed by now, it seems to me like such an obvious area to extract a greater degree of growth and improvement from players.
Your thoughts on Aussie wines?

…There are players that seek assistance for the “mental” part of the game with specialized professionals…very few of them let it be known publically…I believe that this area has been addressed by the Kings under Dean Lombardi and Ron Hextall and they put a huge priority on it…let’s hope it leads to the character players that are needed to win it all…
…I have not had much luck with Australian wines…like many “new world” wines, they can be one-dimensional, with too much fruit-forwardness…I have found a few well balanced “Shiraz” over the years, but have had tough time with their Chardonnays…have not been fortunate enough to try a Penfold’s “Grange” (Shiraz with Cab)…I hear it is outstanding…


Scott said:
While watching the Kings vs. Leafs game last year, because I am in Canada we got stuck with leafs TV. During the game, I believe it was Greg Millen, commented on a game in your junior career that you scored a goal on your own net. I’m not sure if he was in net or not, but seeing some of these young guys, like the kid in Montreal do it. What does that do to your confidence, and did it take a long time to get the confidence back?

…Unfortunately I don’t remember that goal…I’m sure there was more than a few…usually those goals are off a bad bounce etc…many times they are easier to come back from and have less of an impact on confidence than a turnover that leads to a goal…most of the time, a player that puts a puck into his own net gets more support from his teammates than at any other time…that’s all part of being a team…

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  • mrbrett7

    I too remember, quite clearly, the punch to the back of Simmonds head by Malkin. I used to like Malkin, but that was one of the most classless moves I have seen in some time.

    I put that up there with Hunter taking out Turgeon and McSorely’s hit on Brashear.

    Plain dirty, and all I wanted was to see someone, ANYONE go after Malkin. I don’t care who he is…Simmonds is your teammate, and you stand up for him, period.

  • fan b4 Gretzky

    FYI here is the info on the replay`s of the classic games on prime ticket

  • Grggr


    I think the players have already started working out this summer, right? Can you let us know which ones?

  • jet

    Agree with Mrbrett 100% with the cheap shot to Simmonds, although I thought it was a shoulder to the chin.
    If I could find one fault with TM last year, it was in this area. Players have to know that the coach will back them 100% when they go on the prowl. Retaliation on Malkin with a few seconds left in a game probably equals a 3 game suspension, so the support has to be firm, unequivocal, and constant.
    We do not really need a fight every third game, but when our kids become targets, there has to be a response. This type of play usually happens against teams we only see once, so we need to be ready to respond right away.

    Chicago addressed this at the end of their 6 year rebuild by taking Aliu and Beach with high draft picks. We seemed to begin addressing it this year. For as much as I think Burke almost blew up the Ducks with overspending, I think he may have something with his Leafs formula of build protection first and then the skill will have room when it comes in. It will be interesting to see how it works. (To those that will come back with Burke is an idiot: Yes, I know that he doesnt need a dozen d-men, I was only considering the toughness factor.)

  • Brian S


    Can you point me towards an excellent decanter? I own a ship’s decanter style and the pour is such an awkward thing to do.

    Also, I’ve recently fallen in love with the 2005 Mas De la Deveze- Astree Syrah (France = Languedoc Roussillon) Have you had it and if so, what do you think?

  • Darrell

    Perhaps mbrett7 was thinking of Matt Johnson..

  • marc

    The Penguins come here November 5th. I hope the players have that date circled on their calendars. We’ll see what happens.

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