Rookie camp schedule, roster

Here’s the roster and schedule for the upcoming rookie camp. Most importantly, Juraj Mikus will be there…


(Subject to change):

Sun., Sept. 6: On-ice practices from 10-noon and 4:30-5:30 p.m.
Mon., Sept. 7: On-ice practices from 10-noon and 4:30-5:30 p.m.
Tue., Sept 8: On-ice practices from 10-noon and 4:30-5:30 p.m.
Wed., Sept. 9: Pregame skate from 9-10:30 a.m.; Game vs. Phoenix at 6 p.m.
Thu., Sept. 10: Pregame skate from 9-10 a.m.; Game vs. Phoenix at 2 p.m.

(Subject to change):

Justin Azevedo
Kyle Clifford
Corey Elkins
Bud Holloway
Dwight King
Brandon Kozun
Andrei Loktionov
Tyler Maxwell^
Juraj Mikus
Jordan Nolan
Michael Pelech
Brayden Schenn
Linden Vey
Geoff Walker*
Geordie Wudrick


Andrew Campbell
Nicolas Deslauriers
Radko Gudas*
Thomas Hickey
David Kolomatis
Alec Martinez
Patrick Mullen
Colten Teubert
Viatcheslav Voynov

Jean-Francois Berube
Martin Jones
Jeff Zatkoff

* On tryout

As previously announced, the two rookie games against Phoenix will be played in El Segundo on Wednesday, Sept. 9 (6 p.m.) and Thursday, Sept. 10 (2 p.m.) Ticket information for those games has not yet been announced.

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  • Cynic

    It was wise of you Rich to recognize the MOST IMPORTANT part of this article to be the fact that Juraj Mikus will participate in this Rookie Camp, although the words ‘Grace’,’Dignify’, or ‘Bless’ might be more suitable terms over ‘Participate’.

    Nice to see Juraj’s sidekick Radko Gudas making the trip as well. Juraj doesn’t need a sidekick, but he might as well have one since Radko Gudas has 10 letters in his name in the 5 + 5 format just like Juraj Mikus, and they’re both European.

    Batman & Robin have NOTHING on Juraj & Radko. Infact, Juraj Mikus PLAYED Batman in all his movies. Radko also played Robin in his one movie but had to lose 100 pounds to do it. He gained it all back as pure muscle in 24 hours after the shoot by bench pressing the Eiffel Tower 2,436 times and drinking a mixture of Cookies & Cream Protein Powder, Uranium 238, and Dragon’s Blood. (Mixed properly, of course, by Juraj Mikus).

  • Adam

    Hahahahahahahahahahaa man that was classic

  • PRMan

    The most interesting thing to watch will be the young defensemen, Hickey, Teubert and Voynov. One of these fine young men has a really good shot of making the Kings (OK, Hickey and Voynov do).

    I highly doubt any of those forwards will see time with the big club this season unless there are a lot of injuries.

  • Dan H.

    Juraj Mikus won’t be there…he IS the camp and the rest are just coming to be in his presense.

    With my Dodgers pissing away their lead I can’t wait for the puck to drop.

    Get this season going already!

  • TB

    Juraj Mikus will play on the big club. He will win the Calder, Selke, Richard, and the Vezina trophies. Yes…the Vezina. As a forward.

  • Bobby

    You mean the trophy formally known as the Calder. It is not called the Mikus Award.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but the Kings actually get a National TV broadcast in America this season in November on Versus against Chicago. They also have a couple of National broadcasts in Canada. What is it, 3 years since the Kings appeared in any National TV games?

  • nick in 318

    Juraj Mikus …. aka…. CHUCK NORRIS

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