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It’s a big week in Canada, as prospective members of the 2010 Olympic team are gatheing in Calgary for an orientation camp. The Kings’ Drew Doughty and Ryan Smyth are present, and while Doughty’s youth and relative inexperience probably make him a longshot for the 2010 team, he’s clearly happy to even be in the discussion.

After the first day of camp, Doughty talked to reporters about the call he got from Team Canada executive director Steve Yzerman, informing him of his selection to the camp.

“I saved his message so I could hear it over again, but I dropped my phone in the water and now the phone doesn’t work,” Doughty said. “I can’t hear what he said. Really disappointing.”

You can read the Edmonton Journal story about the camp here. It also notes that in the camp’s first session, Doughty was paired with Chris Pronger.

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  • JonG

    On a related topic, did anyone see the Hockey News’ recent article about the next dominant defensemen in the NHL? Ken Holland was asked if anyone out there could win multiple Norris Trophies. His response? “Drew Doughty”.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Maybe he can teach Pronger a thing or 2.

  • Cry Baby

    I still wonder if DL would have selected Doughty over Stamkos if the Kings would have won the draft lottery. In hindsight, Doughty seems the better all around player.

  • Quisp

    Yes, I think DL would have taken Doughty at #1. And people would have gone insane.

  • HeyChief

    I remember how disappointed I was after we beat San Jose on the last day of the 2007/08 season and lost out on Stamkos as the No.1 pick. But after watching Doughty play early last season, I quickly realized how fortunate we were to have obtained the No.2 pick instead. Nothing has changed my mind since.

  • Cry Baby


    You are right…people would have gone insane. But I do think all (most) the insane people would have come to their senses around the half way point of the season. I am certainly happy with how things have turned out.

    On a side note it is sort of the same situation with this years 1-2 picks. Who will be a bigger contributor Hedman or Taveres? What do you think?

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Come to think of it, I’m surprised Pronger was invited. I didn’t think over rated, over the hill, over paid, mindless goons were allowed in the Olympics. 😀

  • jason_bort

    JonG – Would you mind listing the link to the article? I’m having a difficult time finding it.

  • 5 4 Fighting

    Hey Doughty (if you’re reading this), call your mobile from another phone, when you hear your voice mail greeting, push #, you should be prompted to enter your voice mail password. Now you can continue to listen to Stevie Y asking you out to camp.

  • 5 4 Fighting

    Doughty, call your mobile from another phone. When you hear your voice mail greeting push #. You should be prompted to enter your voice mail password. Now you can listen to Stevie Y calling you out to the camp

  • Quisp

    Really what Lombardi would have done is trade down to #2. And people would have lost it, still.

  • macdup


    If you had a Google Voice account the damaged phone would not have mattered.

    I am just saying…

  • jake

    a random question

    the kings traded cami for a 2nd round pick
    the kings traded a 2nd round pick for richardson


    Richardson is not even comparable to cami.
    why did it happen like that

  • JonG


    The quote I referred to comes out of the annual Yearbook issue of The Hockey News. I don’t know if it is available online, but I received a print copy a few days ago.

    Actually I’ve been meaning to post Ken Holland’s entire quote, because it really is quite stunning in its praise of Drew Doughty. As I recall, he seems to imply that comparisons to Ray Bourque are somewhat justified.

  • JonG

    Regarding our selection of Drew Doughty, remember that he wasn’t even the clear-cut #2 guy in the draft. There were several promising defensemen up for grabs, and kudos to Lombardi for picking a great one.

  • jet

    JonG — you are right and Bogosian is a heck of a number 3. 2008 will be known as the year of the stud defencemen. And, we got three of them.

  • Daniel

    Second quote of the day, courtesy of Kevin Westgarth:
    “You look forward to being with the Kings from the start of the season and I know I have been preparing and proving that I belong.”

    Westy will be blogging all season for THN:

  • JonG

    Here are portions of The Hockey News article I referred to above:

    There is one player who might approach Lidstrom’s feats, Holland said. “I think Drew Doughty is a guy who has the chance to win multiple Norris Trophies.. . I hear a lot of people comparing him to Ray Bourque, who was a dominant defenseman of his era. Doughty looks like he can be a dominant defenseman of his era.”

    Unfortunately this journalistic gem is followed a few pages later with a long article extolling the virtues of Ryan Getzlaf. Dang, we can’t even beat those Ducks at the magazine stand.

  • Matt George

    Wouldn’t this be the quote of “yesterday” at this point.

    Ok I’ll stop being a dork now.


    don’t know if that’s possible

    Count me in as one of the people who would have freaked at us not getting Stamkos at number one. Thank God/Buddah/Alah/Metallica that we got Doughty instead.

  • Cynic

    Ya know Drew…

    Most people READ on the toilet….LOL

  • jet
  • Paul from Oxnard

    I was thrilled we got Doughty and I said all season leading up to that draft that we needed the defenseman more then the forward. Stamkos might well become a great player in this league, but at that point in the Kings rebuilding Doughty was the correct choice no matter where they picked.

  • Duckhunter

    I’m not real sure DL would have passed on Stamkos. Nobody and I mean nobody new Doughty would perform like that. And as mentioned above he wasn’t guaranteed to be the first defenseman selected. We are extremely lucky he had L.A. merchandise in his room and the want to play for our beloved Kings. We got one hell of a player!

  • BringBackKingston

    re draft of Doughty

    don’t forget that if Doughty didn’t lose weight before the draft DL probably wouldn’t have drafted him.

  • PakiFro
  • Otto Ped

    Here’s possibly your first look at Doughty this season.

    CTVOlympics.ca will be live streaming Team Canada’s Red-White Scrimmage Thursday night beginning at 9 p.m. ET.


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