Robitaille Q&A upcoming

I got the chance to do a great Q&A with Luc Robitaille yesterday, and the transcription process will soon be underway, so look for that a bit later. It’s always fun to sit down with Robitaille, who can talk enthusiastically and intelligently about a variety of subjects. I also learned a few things. Do you know, for instance, the genesis of the Kings’ black-and-silver color scheme? If you don’t, it’s quite a story. I’ll try to get that posted, in a couple parts, as soon as possible…

No other real big news this morning. The Sun Times, the paper that covers the junior-level Owen Sound Attack, reported that David Kolomatis (a fifth-round pick of the Kings) has mononucleosis and will be sidelined for six weeks, which essentially ends his chances of participating in Kings training camp.

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  • EJ

    Sad news about Kolomatis. Must be terribly disappointing for a young draftee. Still better than a serious knee injury or concussion.

  • Kevin Y

    I hope he got to my questions, since I don’t even remember them myself. I wish I could’ve asked if it’s true that Luc really doesn’t like purple and that’s why they don’t have a purple jersey anymore.

  • Jayrew

    Yeah Kevin I guess both the home and away jerseys don’t have any purple in them…The shoulders are red with green trim.

    good call.