Q&A: Robitaille on the Hall

Here’s the final part of the Luc Robitaille Q&A. I hope everyone enjoyed it this week!


Question: The Hall of Fame. It’s been a couple months now since you got the call. Has it settled in? Are you starting to get excited about the ceremony?

ROBITAILLE: “I’m starting to get nervous, because I have to get hotel reservations and get all the tickets ready. (laughs) There are a couple things that are selfish. They retire my jersey, and the Hall of Fame, because that’s just me. But it’s never something that I set out to do, so I think it’s amazing. I really do. I think it’s amazing that I got there.

“I clearly remember being picked in the ninth round and taking the subway home. My dad was kind of sad, and I look at my dad and I’m like, `I’m on a list! I’m on a list! They’ve got to look at me now! I’ve got a chance!’ Did I ever think I would have a chance to get 500 goals, 600 goals and be in the Hall of Fame? Never. The only time I ever thought about it was when I got to 500 goals. Someone mentioned it to me and I thought, `Man, I’ve got a shot now.’ But it’s still surreal a little bit, but it’s something that I take great pride in. It’s just one part of my life, but they can never take that away from me, that’s for sure. So it’s pretty cool.”

Question: Lots of friends and family going to the ceremony?

ROBITAILLE: “I don’t know yet. We’re getting a lot of calls from people in L.A. who want to come, a lot of friends. Actually, it’s pretty tight there. I’m assuming there is going to be a lot of Michigan people, and people for Brian Leetch too. So I don’t know if they’re going to change the setup or whatever, but it’s really neat. The Hall of Fame is underneath, and it’s like a little dome. I don’t know exactly what that huge building is, but they have this huge dome and they do it there.

“It’s stiff, but it’s great! The chairs are all uncomfortable. It’s kind of funny, but it fits. It fits hockey. It’s not all cushy, like Hollywood. The chairs are wood chairs. I remember one year, my back was killing me. Glen Sather was on my right and literally I was squeezed there because there was an older lady on the other side. It’s funny, but it’s awesome.”

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  • JDM

    That was a really great interview series Rich, I truly enjoyed it. Luc gave some great answers, and you always tell how excited he is to talk about certain things. His passion is infectious.

  • jet

    great stuff, thanks Rich

  • JonG

    Thanks Rich. This was just the thing to start getting me amped up for the new season.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Off topic here, but it looks like Cloutier is attending training camp with Detroit. I can see it now. 8th seeded Kings at 1st seeded Detroit, and Cloutier is somehow the starter and eliminates the Kings. I think I’m getting a headache already…

  • jet

    Clouts is going to the Wings camp. One way to build confidence in your forwards.

  • Tornado12

    Off subject, but…..Cloutier might be a Red Wing…I cant believe after he left the Kings that anyone would give him another chance…especially the Wings! Go Figure…knowing the history of washed up former Kings..He will play well there and win a cup with them (just kidding)

  • pr0cess

    in other news lol

    Report: Wings invite Cloutier to camp
    Saturday, 09.05.2009 / 8:00 PM / News
    The Detroit Red Wings have reportedly invited goaltender Dan Cloutier to training camp on a tryout basis.

    Michigan based web site Mlive.com stated that the 33-year old Cloutier contacted the club to inquire about a tryout. He has not appeared in the NHL since the 2007-08 season where he appeared in nine games for the Los Angeles Kings.

    The Mont-Laurier, Quebec native, who was out of hockey last season, has a lifetime record of 139-142-33 with a 2.77 goals against average and an .899 save percentage in 351 career NHL games.

  • Kopster

    Hi Rich,
    just wanted to ask if there are any interviews or transcriptions from the 1st day of rookie camp. Any updates on the players or interviews from coaches? Thanks.

  • AEG rulez

    TSN season preview has Kings at #23…linky:


  • AEG rulez

    Oops,that was for fantasy…main article is here:


  • mike


    Last year you wrote an entry titled “Training Camp Odds” in which you went over the odds of each prospect to make the team.

    You got 1/3. Would you do it again this year? Who knows, maybe this time you’ll be 3/3!


  • jet

    pretty damm funny Quisp

  • Maybe if Adam Wheeler was reallly Harvard Law material, he would have thought up a more clever story and wouldnt have been caught.

  • Maybe if Harvard liar Wheeler was in truth legitimate Harvard Law material, the idiot would have thought up a more clever hoax and wouldn’t have been caught out.