`Complete bull’

Well, that’s the two-word text-messaged response from Dean Lombardi, in regard to the ESPN-reported Marleau/Frolov-Stoll/Heatley trade: “Complete bull.” Then there’s this, from Ottawa GM Bryan Murray, on ESPN’s website: “It’s simply not true. I’ve had conversations with teams today but still I’m not close to a deal [involving Heatley].”

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  • variable

    thank someone’s god…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KingNewfie

    Phew!!! Nuff said.

    Thanks Rich!

  • dodgrdog88

    so much for that. haha…

  • Tompa

    Thank goodness. What would we do without you, Rich?

  • kozak

    Rich –

    DL lied to you on the Justin Williams trade. Do you think he is lying again?? I hope not as I don’t like this proposed deal at all

  • Ersberg

    Yeah, what crap.

  • Chris Bond

    Damn that scared me……Thanks Rich. It didnt make much sence for us.

  • Sydor25

    Is this the same Lombardi that said the Williams trade was bull? San Jose would do this deal in a heartbeat. Bad trade for the Kings, this would create a huge hole on the left side again.

  • TeamHasHoles

    made know sense to me.

  • m

    thank you so much.
    we don’t need any scares like this right before the season begins.

  • Chris Bond

    Talk about 1 step forward and 10 steps back! That really would have been BAD!!!

  • Cry Baby


    TSN reporting no trade…

  • 28 KINGS

    From HF boards(where it started) to ESPN-NEWS. A rumor sure travels fast. Even the poo slingers over at Hockeybuzz didn’t have it as an (E1).

  • Ersberg

    It wouldn’t be that bad if more was coming back to LA..


    Dean is complete Bull!

    In order for this deal to go through, Frolov needs to be signed to an extension. The pressure in this deal is on Dean! Dean probably got really excited that he is close to signing Fro to a contract and leaked that we are getting Patrick Marleau. He’s a premi and got to excited and now it back fired.

    Dean has been setting this trade up all summer. Kings fans will be MAD AS HELL if this goes down. Thats why Dean has made Heatley look like the worst player in this deal. He went PUBLIC about how Heatley is lockerroom cancer. Y would Murray allow this? Because he knows Dean is justifying fans for his upcoming stupid trade. Also Dean has DOWNPLAYED Fro’s talent again, to make this trade look good. Now that the cat is out of the bag it will be HARDER to sign Fro to an extension which will seal this deal. So Dean has to raise the BS flag in order to gain Fro’s trust. This Deal will happen folks and if u look at the Ottawa boards and the San Jose boards they are happier then pigs in dirt…and us Kings fans are irate. F Dumbardi and all those who support his love for his San Jose Sharks…LET IT GO MAN, turn the page. This team is a new chapter…forgot your lovers in San Jose

  • JDM

    I would be truly shocked if there was NOTHING true about this story and ESPN reported it. I would like to hold out hope that there is still some good in this world, and if a totally bogus rumor started on HF boards and weaved a web of lies to being trusted by ESPN, we may have run out.

  • Chris Bond

    What do you all think?
    Do you think the DL and his staff reads this or any other blog?
    Better yet if you were him would you sit at home with a beer and just read what the fans say when stuff like this comes up?

  • Dan H.

    I guess Buccigrass lost his good contacts when ESPN stopped carrying hockey. I’m glad this isn’t true.

  • iansez

    Wow WWAMD! You’re REACHING pretty hard there son…/

  • 28 KINGS

    WWAMD…What the hell are you on? That might be one of the most nonsensical replies I’ve ever read…by anybody.

  • Cynic

    Thanks Rich for the info….

    I’m relieved. Although if we could guarantee a Marleau signing and get either Michalek or Clowe with him…

    ..now we’re Talkin’.

  • petey

    What is it with the Kings and false “done deals” this summer? First the Johnson and a 1st for Pronger, and now this one.

  • Chris Bond

    Why is it takeing so long to post after I write…Never use to do this?

  • 28 KINGS

    From TSN:
    “In fact, sources tell TSN that not only is the report of a three-way deal being done not true, but the Senators are no closer to trading Heatley now than they have been for most of the summer.”

  • wavesinair

    You have to admit, knowing his track record, DL’s “complete bull” is complete bull.

  • Mark

    Dean would have said it was “complete f-ing bullsh-t,” not just “complete bull.”

  • Chris Bond

    You know what, I just read this and I feel this sums it up best…Why would the Kings help the Sharks get Heatley so he can score on the Kings all year long…Best point of why this is BS I read all night!

  • Cricket

    Party at WWAMD’s pad! Bring your best chronic!

  • JB

    We’re in complete fantasyland but I’ll play along. Not such a bad deal for LA. A little steep but Marleau is a class act and character guy. Right up DL’s lane plus then we have a whole year to sign to an extension. Too much has been made of him being responsible for SJ playoff collapses.

    And let SJ have Heatley. He is a cancer so let him poison their locker room. He’s not a guy that makes you a Stanley Cup team.

    A little steep because we lose two roster guys but we’ve got some depth down the middle. I doubt Stoll in this dream land deal is a make or break. So I say DL try offering Fro & draft picks instead.

    Time to wake up………

  • Daniel

    This trade would only make sense if the Kings were able to turn around and trade for Kovalchuk. Otherwise, silly season!

  • JonG

    My own theory is that DL had a chance to grab Marleau early LAST summer, and when he brought the deal to ownership they told him to stick with rebuild plan. That’s when Dean decided to go all-in with youth, and he canned Marc Crawford shortly thereafter.

    I’ve never been a big fan of Marleau, mostly because he seemed to be miscast as the team captain. He always seems to be in his own little world on the bench, when he should be engaged with his teammates. He’ll definitely benefit from a change of scenery, but hopefully it won’t be with the Kings.

  • Datacloud

    This is the most retarded thing I’ve read in a month. How can anybody even think for a moment that this trade would occur?

    Buccigross is a senile hack.

    Sure, DL gets involved in a trade which sends the KIngs best forward and our best faceoff guy to OTT while simultaneously allowing one of the league’s top snipers to land with a division rival who has Thornton to feed him 70 goals a year. What are we left with? Arguably the most overrated player in the NHL who consistently flops in the POs and is as soft as Charmin. Just the type of guy we’re looking for!

    Add to it the conspiracy theory regarding DL and his past affiliation with the Sharks? Sell that BS to the tourists.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    I think Datacloud pretty much sums it up. This deal makes zero sense for the Kings. Now, as a few guys have said, if more was coming to LA then just Marleau……

  • nykingfan

    Chris Bond said:
    What do you all think?
    Do you think the DL and his staff reads this or any other blog?

    If they do read this blog they’ve already realized how silly WWAMD sounds and are probably having a good laugh over it.

    DL has to do what he thinks is best for the franchise. I like Marleau, but think we’d giving up too much for him…or maybe we all over value what we have.

    I have no reason to doubt him that he’s telling the truth..but if he’s not, then he must have a good reason for doing it…same as the JW trade. The man has never come across as being disingenuous.
    If guys like WWAMD are still smarting over his lack of “honesty” involving the JW trade…GET OVER IT.
    He owes you nothing except the promise to try and build a winner, which he’s well on his way to doing.

  • Oldthunder

    I agree with Daniel that DL would rather trade frolov in a package for Kovalchuk rather than Marleau, it makes no sense to help our division leader get a 50 + goal scorer and help them shed salary at the same time. We need L wings on this team and dumping frolov doesn’t make sense before the season. I can see frolov going mid season but not now and not for Marleau. Great guy, but it doesn’t make sense for the kings.

  • PakiFro

    If Frolov goes, I quit (at least until the team shows me they can actually be a playoff team).

    But, if Frolov goes, it better be Heatley coming to LA, if that’s all Ottawa wants for him.

    to sum it up..

    Frolov + Stoll >>>>> UFA Marleau


    Dany Heatley and his perennial 40-50 goals in Los Angeles >>>>>>>> Marleau

    Frolov = <3

  • koirish20

    I know this is just another rumor but how do you think Frolov is feeling after yet another rumor. This can’t be motivating him for a fast start this year.

  • Anon

    Rich, that SMS DL sent to you? If so, then it seems that ESPN is not telling the truth again:

    Lombardi told ESPN.com via text message: “It is complete bull.”

    They say he texted them.

  • Cynic

    Actually, I am the complete opposite in thinking Koirish20. The more rumors about Frolov, the more potential interest there is in him. Teams like and want the guy. With Free Agency looming for Fro next year, he might try to up the ante with DL and make it tougher for us to sign him if he feels he could get more on the open market.

    Of course, what does that all center around? Having a GREAT season this year. The better he plays this season, the more long term money he’ll get. Infact, I’ll make the prediction that if Fro has a breakout year and scores near 50, which he could do, and does not sign an extension by January, he’s gone. This scenario could even happen at 40 goals. Teams will pay too much for him and he’ll have to follow the money. That’s why the next few months (IMHO) are so key to getting an extension done NOW, before he has a chance to up the ante. We have leverage as Fro hates change and he wants to stay. If we can give him a nice longterm 5 year 25 mil + bonus plan, I think that would be beneficial to us and fit our budget and he would go for that.

    I think we’ll be in danger of losing him if he’s allowed to play the season with no extension.

  • Lead Feet

    This coming season is one I’ve been looking forward to with much anticipation. I’ve been a Kings fan for 20 years. If this trade is true — and ESPN is very careful re their reports — IM OFFICIALLY PISSED!!
    Another typical ‘trade our young good players for washed up older guy’!!!!

  • Kingsrule

    This would be the dumbet trade for the Kings, I would really be pissed in factI think my season seats would not be renewed next season. Kings ownership and Liewicke are horrible I am fed up with them. I would be happiest if they would sell the team and build buildings as they don’t care about the team.

  • dclark

    Please everyone take a moment to remember ACE BAILEY and MARK BAVIS on this somber day? They are missed.

  • stang

    For this trade to work the Kings will need to add a second rounder because like Williams when things leak to the media we get screwed.

  • EJ

    Not the wackiest rumor to hit the Kings, but certainly one of the stupidest. Marleau is not the right guy, and this isn’t the right time.

    And btw, WWAMD is not a King fan. In fact, he’s not a hockey fan either. He lives in a locked room — padded — and all he has is a picture of DL on the wall. He’s frustrated that he can’t get out and blames it all on Dean. Now, don’t you all feel sorry for him?


  • TB

    There is no way in hell this trade is going to happen. All the suggested justifications about the trade are ridiculous. There is one simple fact here…the proposal puts Heatley in our division against the Kings. Now if SJ is really looking to make a Heatley deal happen, DL sure isn’t going to help bring him into the Division. Come on guys…this is re-dick-you-lus.

    Fro will be extended. Stoll is staying. If there is a trade thats going to happen, it won’t involve shipping out a LW and a Center…the two biggest holes in our lineup. Makes no sense any way you cut it.

    Marleau is not a playoff performer, nor does he have the heart everyone thought he had. When his captaincy got stipped…he had an ‘oh well’ approach. He’s been reluctant to waive his no trade clause after the team obviously wants to part ways with him. Something is really wrong there…There is no fight in him at all. He wants to stay in Northern Cali where all the granola eating hippies are. WEAK.

    Why is anyone gushing over this deal?

  • Irish Pat

    For the first time in years the Kings finally have depth to work with at every position, but that depth is extremely young. If any of the veterans get injured they have Purcell, Moller, Lewis, Hickey, Voinov, Bernier, etc. that they can call up from the AHL or move up in the line-up to step up and help the team. Trading Stoll and Frolov for Marleau… hmm. Marleau is a big upgrade over Stoll in both size and skill and would help take the nightly pressure of playing against other teams top defensive unit and grit players. But what about Frolov? If this trade happens that would mean Lombardi is convinced Purcell or Moller are ready to play big minutes and be productive every night. I highly doubt that. Trading Fro would reduce the Kings depth at wing and could stall (no pun intended) the youngsters development paths. If this trade happens then Dean is doing exactly what he has said he doesn’t want to do and that’s “spinning his wheels”.

  • BringBackKingston

    so does DL mean the reports are complete bull because it hasn’t been finalized or because those are not the exact players involved in a proposed trade or because he is not even in talks with the Senators or Sharks?

    SJ definitely has to dump salary to be able ice a full team. If you are in talks DL, hold out for SJ to throw in more quality players.

  • Smitty

    Hmm…trade away two top 6 guys for 1 top 6 guy. Makes absolutely no sense. Sounds like Frolov is really being shopped here though; whether it’s now or halfway down the season or something. I’m all for staying put and then see what’s available at the trade deadline.

  • Quisp

    My quick two cents:

    SJ needed cap space earlier in the summer. They don’t now.
    SJ is not going to give up Marleau for Heatley, because Ottawa has no trading partners. Their backs are against the wall.
    Marleau is probably not going to waive his NTC to go to OTT, so at least that part of the stupid rumor makes sense (the need to bring in LA).
    Lombardi probably DOES want Marleau, but would not give up Frolov AND Stoll for him. Frolov for Marleau straight up makes sense. But I would prefer Marleau for Stoll, RIchardson, a prospect and a pick. That would have made more sense to SJ when they needed the cap space; but they don’t now, so the idea that a deal between LA and SJ could be worked out to both teams’ benefit is less plausible.
    SJ doesn’t want to send Marleau to a rival.
    LA doesn’t want Heatley to go to a rival, even if we don’t want Heatley ourselves. We want him to go back East somewhere.

    In all likelihood, Heatley is staying in OTT. Where he’ll probably score 50 goals and all will be forgiven.

  • kings4queens

    What is it they say about human nature abhors a vacuum? Without anything else to amuse, rumors and speculation are the only entertainment fans and news outlets have until the season gets underway.

    Dean was just about as clear as I think he could be at hockey fest about the idea that he has no plan of doing ANYTHING more until he sees how the team shapes up. Then, and only then, will he determine what holes exist and decide if any changes need to be made. This seems like a really sound approach, as there are way too many variables to know where our strenths and weaknesses lie.

  • mrbrett7

    Why do people even READ rumors? Seriously?

    This rumor was started by Bruce Garriotch of the Ottawa Sun. The same man who last summer said the Kings were going to be trading Kopitar for Khabibulin.

    The man is widely known as a horrific poo slinger, and brings the term “yellow journalism” to an all new level.

  • Matt George

    OK gang … this is WAY off topic but I had to vent.

    Judge Baum just said in court the he’s going to take his time to rule and another 5 days might be prudent… un FA REEKIN real man … just RULE on it already … good freakin god what the hell do you do for a livin again?

    oh yeah …re-write the laws like the rest of you judge freaks…

    ok i’m done … marleu .. no vote from me on the rumor

  • Telos

    Rich, anyway you can ask Lombardi or Hextall if there is any interest in Phil Kessel now that he has stated that he intends to sign an offer sheet with another team?

  • Paul from Oxnard

    There’s one little reason why it wouldn’t shock me to see a Heatley deal that somehow involves the Kings. Brian and Terry Murray are brothers….

  • Seattle757

    I woke up this morning hoping nothing would materialize from that stupid rumor last night and so far it’s all good. I think DL has done a great job and has saved the team, but if this trade would have been real I would have flown to LA and personally have slapped him.


    WAIT WAIT WAIT! Patrick Marleau is a former Shark…CHECK…He’s been injured lately….Check….His own team doesn’t want him….CHECK….Crap then this rumor is TRUE…Dean LOVES to overpay for Injured, former sharks that no one else wants…Its in his blood…Case Closed…look for the deal to be finalized soon!


    Look at the pattern folks…Dean is predictable.

    Human nature is predictable once plotted and observed.

    Dean doesn’t think to highly of Cammy…Gone
    Dean doesn’t think to highly of Sully….Gone
    Dean doesn’t think to highly of Boyle…Gone
    Dean doesn’t think to highly of Preissing…Gone
    Dean doesn’t think to highly of Frolov….Wait for it! Wait for it….


    Telos,kesselhas stated he still will work out a deal with boston i’d say its easier to trade for him then give up a boat-load of picks for him.

  • JDM

    WWAMD, I know you are firestarter, but lets talk facts… just for a second… pretty please.

    There are currently 2, count ’em, Handzus and Williams, dos, 2, 1 + 1, former Flyer’s on the Kings roster.

    There are currently ZIPPITY DO DA ZIPPITY A, nada, nil, no one, less than 1, more than negative 1, cannot be divided by, former Sharks players on the Kings roster.

  • mrbrett7


    Cammy had a great regular season, that is until the games really mattered, then completely dissapeared.

    Sully…who? What has he EVER done to warrant ANYTHING????

    Boyle…you serious? SERIOUSLY?

    Preissing…at this point, I now know you either have no clue what your talking about, or your a plant by Rich to bring more posts to his blog.

  • iansez

    OMG WWAMD!! ChECk YOo-SElf!!

  • nykingfan


    Share what you smoke…its only fair!

    CAMMI would have bankrupt us cap-wise FACT!
    SULLY was a perimeter player…we needed grit FACT!
    BOYLE had plenty of chances and by his own admission..didn’t take advantage of them..FACT!
    PREISSING Crack is bad for your mind and body FACT!
    FROLOV Currently a King…FACT!
    WWAMD facts…FICTION!

  • BringBackKingston

    so you expect a GM, any GM, to keep a player that the GM doesn’t think highly of? most people would not employ someone they did not think highly of.


    You are correct, 2..plus murray, hexall, bringing back Maculey, and I know I’m missing someone else…either way u are correct two “roster” spots…So Dean needs to “fill” in that void in his heart.

    mrbrett…..the point I was saying is that when DEAN makes it PUBLIC that he doesn’t like someone, he gets traded shortly after…I don’t care what Cammy, Sully, Boyle and whomever do with their careers…the point I’m trying to make is once Dean makes a public negative opinion it becomes the kiss of death. Hopefully you understand my post now…kinda sucks that I have to explain posts here.

    ZOMG, FML, Yoo-suck, LOL..LMFAO, PWNED, what other internet lingos can I put in this sentence so I cAn bE As coOL aS YoU?

    And yes I just checked myself….CHECK! :p

  • JPKelly

    I think DL likes Frolov. I think Frolov wants to play for the Kings long term. I think Frolov will have a good season and will sign with LA for a hometown discount.

  • Irish Pat

    I gotta say, I’m pretty tired of the same rant about Lombardi hiring former Shark and Flyer employees to work with him. So freakin’ what? Take a second or please, a minute perhaps and ask yourself if you were running your own business or were the head manager/supervisor/executive at a company wouldn’t YOU hire people that you know? Why is this so shocking? I would much rather have people working for me that I know firsthand have a great work ethic and are productive and accountable than a guy/gal I’ve never worked with. How many people have ever had a job where you got it because of someone you know? Breaking news… Dean Lombardi hires people that have his back and have had his back in the past. Trust? Communication? Sounds like a shitty GM to me.

  • Duckhunter

    I love this site. We have the front page, which includes real news from Rich. We have the gossip column by everyone else, it seems, in the sports media and blogosphere. Then we have WWAMD to cover the funny pages. We have the entire paper here at our fingertips.

    WWAMD, that’s what leaders do, justified or not. They get rid of people who they feel are holding the group back and bring in people who can help go forward. I also get rid of the people I don’t think highly of, no matter what category that curtails (attitude, skill, money ect,). In my opinion there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of DL’s moves you mentioned above. I was disappointed in losing Lubo (I love the kid) as well as Army, (love him as well) but it was/is the best move for the team to move forward. Try to keep the big picture in mind.

  • Irish Pat

    As always Duckhunter, you’re a voice of reason. Cheers to you buddy!

  • typicaljs

    WWAMD, link please ? You said that DL has stated he doesn’t like or feels negatively about Frolov. Maybe you can dig up some criticism of his game but nowhere does he flat out say he doesn’t like Frolov or want him on the team. If you really want in to look into comments like that I’m surprised you don’t think Kopitar is about to be traded as DL has said a few times during the offseason that he expects Kopitar to get better and that he needs to improve the most.

    But it’s not true and if Frolov get’s moved it will be because a contract is not going to be worked out anyways because Frolov wants to go play somewhere else.

    And do you really think Heatley having demanded to be traded twice and rejecting one trade is going to get OTT back both Frolov and Stoll without other picks/players coming to both the kings and SJ ? I don’t think Heatley could get either of those players as a return right now. and as has been stated earlier the Kings aren’t going to be involved and giving up the best value to get the worst value in the trade.

    Amazing job by ESPN to get my heart racing about hockey on a thursday night though.

  • JB

    Here is the thing about trying to block SJ from getting Heatley. If they really want him they will get him so trying to block it is useless. Your better of trying to get something out of it if you can get what you want. So what if SJ gets Heatley. Does that make them better than last year? They were already 1st place by a longshot so the question is does Heatley take them up a notch in the playoffs? Not really.

    Quisp- I thought you said SJ was going to have to make some major moves to make room. If you recall I said they would be fine and only need to move a couple smaller piecers. Love ya….


    Irish Pat,

    I do run a business lol!

    We call it hiring “the good ol’ boys”. Thats what Dean is doing. It would be fine if there was “success” behind it. But obvisiously it has failed time and time again. I do not need to post all the Sharks/Flyer players that have been here that have FAILED miserably. Hiring people Dean knows has proven to be really BAD. What has San Jose and Philly done that is so deserving of copying their model. What has Priessing, Calder, Gautier, Cloutier, McCauley and so on done to this team to improve it? No great work ethic. In order to RUN a good BUSINESS, you need to take RISKS and EXPANDED your portfolio. Dean still wants to form a high school reunion in LA. Also I rarely hire people I know. I like to SHAPE people into what my company stands for. I like to have a fresh canvas. There is a conflict of interest when hiring people you know, boss/employee boundary gets crossed into friendship…not good business. Also Dean “hires” people that are rejected by everyone else on the FA market and OVERpays for their services. and if I was a GM with 3 years in a row of finishing in the bottom two of the west, I think that speaks for itself in regards of being a Sh***y GM as you referred to it. Dean needs to change his tactics because obviously it’s not being fruitful.

    ALSOOOOOOOOOO, something for ALL of you to think about. San Jose fans WANT to get rid of Marleau……Ottawa fans WANT to get rid of Heatley…Yet LA fans don’t want either and love Frolov and our number one faceoff guy…So why are we getting everyone else’s garbage and giving away our talent.

    I had a talk with a hockey friend a few weeks back about Frolov. Frolov possesses a skill set that is RARE to find in the NHL. To me he is one of the UNTOUCHABLE players in LA….I only have 3 untouchables…and I’ll explain why…They are Brown, Frolov and Doughty.

    Frolov is one of the few players in the NHL that can control a game and no one can knock the puck off him. Not only that, but he has a scoring touch. To top it all off he’s one of the leading strippers of the puck. So we got a guy who u can’t take the puck from, can strip the puck from others and can score…WHO else in the league posses these skills…..Datsuyk…..thats it. Players like Frolov are rare..KEEP them…guess what team Datsuyk plays for….Detroit…who has won many cups in the past few years.

    Brown is another player with rare skills combined..He can score and hit. He is the leagues top 3 hitters and he has a scoring touch. YOU can’t replace that

    Doughty is a generational defensemen. He is hard to replace. Skills, controls the game and great defensive mind. To have a player of his skill at his age again is RARE.

    Kopitar and the rest of the crew have talent, but u can replace that talent with equal of better. To replace guys like Brown and Frolov, you need more then one player that is extremely good in those areas….But when you got Brown and Frolov is like have “super” players with 3 for 1 deals….you just don’t find that in the NHL.

    Thats my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

  • mrbrett7

    Actually WWAMD, please, post them.


    Any other ex Flyer/Sharks players?

    Nope, nobody I can recall.

    McCauley was injured.

    Thornton did EXACTLY what he was brought in to do. Leadership.

    Gauthier did EXACTLY what he was brought in to do. Experience #7 defenseman who can add grit. He is nothing more, and nobody ever said he was.

    Williams played about 10 games, while recovering from an injury. You say you run a business. Your going to hire/fire someone based on what they have been doing on the job for 10 minutes? I’m glad I don’t work for you! How is your business still IN business????

    Handzus has done EXACTLY what he was brought here to do. Yes, he is overpaid some.

    Guess what…that is what it takes to get ANYONE to play in this city. LA is not a desirable location for a farm boy from Canada or Europe. If you could make the same money playing elsewhere, travel for less, live for less (MUCH less), live safer, everything…what would YOU do???? It’s a no brainer, especially if you have a family.

    Now…you bring up the good ‘ol boy network. Wake up genius. Welcome to the NHL. Look around the NHL. Guess what. It’s that exact way on every team in every city in every orgranization in the league. OPEN UP YOUR EYES.

  • Irish Pat


    Wow. That’s quite a rant. I’m glad you own your own business, but I’ll refrain from “laughing out loud”.

    Lombardi hired Hextall as the assistant GM. No experience in this role, but no doubt, as you pointed out, “shaping” him into what he stands for. Into what he wants the Kings to stand for. Alyn MacCauley had his career ended early by way of bum knee, Lombardi gave him a chance as a scout, again no experience, but he is “shaping” him into what he wants from his scouts. Into what he wants his scouts to look for in future Kings players. Seems like he’s running this business the right way to me.

    You may be right about Marleau and San Jose fans wanting him gone, but he is a terrific player, one of the league’s most underrated players in fact. A poll last season of players had Marleau near the top of that list. I agree trading Stoll AND Frolov is nonsense, but I would welcome him on board if he wanted to play in LA.

    You list Frolov as “untouchable”… I get that. I do. He is a terrific player and for all of the reasons you mentioned. But “untouchable”? If Lombardi could package him in a deal for Ilya Kovalchuk I would help Frolov pack his bags in a heartbeat. I’d miss Frolov, but I’d get over it after Kovalchuk’s first hat trick (by the way, I feel like I’m using more quotation marks than Jim Fox in his one-on-one with Rich, but I digress).

    I get that you’re passionate and I admire that. I just don’t get all of the Lombardi hate. Yeah, the Kings have been losing. Yes, the Kings have sucked. Personally, I don’t think the Kings will make the playoffs the season. But if you can’t see all of the young talent Lombardi and his staff have brought in and can’t see the future of this organization for what it will be… well, sorry dude. I feel bad for you.


  • JB

    I get the fan loyaly but PEOPLE getting Marleau and losing Frolov is a great deal. Assume Marleau sucks in playoff’s and is responsible for all of SJ collapses, which is a stretch but how is Frolov in playoffs? Hmmmmm

  • wavesinair

    What business do you run? With all the time you spend on here, it’s hard to believe.

  • Quisp

    JB –

    Yes, San Jose made a couple of minor moves, per your prediction. Now let’s see what they do with $3.6MM in cap space and only 10 forwards, 5 defensemen and 1 goalie signed. If they go with a roster of 20, that’s $900K per player. If they go for 22, that’s $600K.

  • Hat Trick

    You are(over) reacting as if this trade was made.
    As far as the 5 “garbage” players you mentioned: Preissing-Colorado took this garbage off our hands. McCauley, as mentioned is now a scout for us. The dux sifted through our garbage and are giving Calder a tryout. The Red Wings are looking at Cloutier as that carton of sour milk in your refrigerator that you hope is better the next time you try it. Gauthier,…………….. well 4 out of 5 ain’t bad.
    Maybe you can become a Phoenix fan and then you can tell them how to run their business. This is just my opinion.

  • 28 KINGS

    “Also Dean “hires” people that are rejected by everyone else on the FA market and OVERpays for their services. and if I was a GM with 3 years in a row of finishing in the bottom two of the west, I think that speaks for itself in regards of being a Sh***y GM as you referred to it. Dean needs to change his tactics because obviously it’s not being fruitful.”

    WWAMD…you make it sound like our team was one player away when Lombardi took over and that he failed to get us a cup in his 3 years. Have you not been paying attention, do you know what a total rebuild is? I’ll say it really slowly for you…I T M E A N S N O P L A Y O F F S
    A N D A B O T T O M 10 F I N I S H.

  • variable

    are all y’all done yet…?

    let’s pace ourselves…at this rate we’re gonna burn out by oct. 1…(!)

  • JB

    Quisp- Yahoo sports has seemed to figure it out. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/teams/san/depthchart

    You think 4th line rookies and a no name backup are going to eat up over $3 mil? This is NHL not NFL.

  • Lead Feet

    WWAMD, I tried to read your post but it is so dang long my ADD kicked in 33% of the way through and then…what are we talking about again?

  • Pat McGroyn


    You left off Tom Preissing from your list. I think he might have been a draft pick of Dean-O’s while in San Jose…

  • Pat McGroyn


    I should respectfully point out that you also left former SJ Shark Brad Stuart off your list as well.

  • darko25o

    …why hasn’t anyone signed Anton Babchuk…?

  • hunter

    Hey guys, if this trade goes through and say if the Kings were looking at Kessel? ( who i hoping they are anyway ) and maybe get Clowe or Michalek?.. But why stop there?.. Somehow work a deal with Buffalo to get Derek Roy like Bernier,Lewis,Ivanans and a 1st and/or a 2nd/or 3rd? or work Wiliams in a deal……..


    If we are going to talk about Mr. Brett’s list he also forgot Calder

    Lota forgetables that Dean has signed eh….eh…

    28 Kings…before Dean there was playoffs….just so u know. I like watching my team in the post season, I don’t know about u.

    This whole rebuild thing has been milked dry now. I don’t want to hear that excuse this season. Playoffs or fail.

    Sorry. When Dean got here, he said it was a 2 year rebuild and we’d be in the playoffs year 3…Sooooooooooooooooooooo?

  • RaitisWestgarth

    I wouldn’t trade Stoll straight up for Marleau… Stoll is a playoff type player while Marleau is no better than Frolov and will disappear come playoff time as he has proven year after year…

  • jet

    Folks, I hate to have to unmask him again, but WWAMD is another one of Crystobal’s names. He brings these monikers out any time there is an opportunity to bash DL. Please do not get sucked into his hate banter. He is an unemployed carpenter with nothing better to do than displace his anger on DL.
    Really, enough is enough now.

  • 28 KINGS

    “Sorry. When Dean got here, he said it was a 2 year rebuild and we’d be in the playoffs year 3…Sooooooooooooooooooooo?”

    Really…it only takes 2 whole years to tear an organization down, and rebuild it from the ground up?
    Dude, your just making stuff up to try and prove your point.

    Show us all one link that he said it would only take 2 years and we’d make the playoffs.Prove me and all the others wrong that he said that.And links directing us to your quotes don’t count.


    jet, sorry, I don’t know who cystalball is. I am who I am. I’m pretty well known around LGK and HF. So ask around my friend! I come out once in a while when I have time. Things are slow right now, so I stopped by insidesocal (best Los Angeles Kings website) can you blame me?

    Rich is a good guy and he provides us with lotsa information on the Kings. He kind enough to let people like me post, whom look at all side of the picture in order to produce some discussion. I like to look at the negative aspects of Dean Lombardi. I have said in the past that Dean has done VERY well with scouting and drafting. However, every man has a fault. Dean’s is his love for his “homeboys”. I magnify this fault for all to see and in hope Dean will view it as well, so he knows not to do it again. Looks like Dean is learning with letting go of Preissing, Calder and Gautier this year. I honestly expected Calder and Goatboy to be kings this year. Do I believe in everything I type…..up to you to figure it out. Am I insane? Have to be to be a Kings fan :p….Do I have other handles on this website…no…and I’m sure Rich can confirm that. There use to be a fellow named Anthony. I don’t know if he still posts, but people referred to me as him before. Its just that some people share the same views doesn’t mean they are the same people.

    Finally Rich reports what he gets from Dean. Rich can be a chip and he has been in the past (look up Williams) so when Dean says something is BS…I second guess…kinda like the boy who cried wolf….Lets see how this plays out. I love Frolov, I love the Kings…I don’t love Murray and Dean…plain and simple

  • Seattle757


    Sorry, but you are not making any sense with your DL bashing. This man brought talent to the Kings and is shaping his team in his image, just like any GM would do. Rebuilding doesn’t take 2 years, if you think it does then you are watching the wrong sport. This team had no identity or direction to where it was going.

    Any GM will bring a player or two of players he has managed in previous teams. Seems to me you just decided to take over Anthonyy’s role and be louder with all the put downs and insults. Once the season starts and thinks don’t go as expected then you can start your tirade, but till then, give it a break!

  • nykingfan

    Would you love TM and DL if the Kings become one of the elite teams in the league?
    Before Lombardi got here…we sniffed the playoffs a few times but be honest…we had no plan for the future. The Taylor regime whether it was his fault or upper management never gave the fans something to look forward to. We were never an elite team…we would barely squeak into the playoffs..or most likely not. Organizational depth was unheard of in LA. When Allison and Deadmarsh went down, we had nothing to replace them.
    I’ll take a GM who has had success in building a franchise and allow him to continue to build what looks like the makings of an elite team and organization.
    I can pretty much guarantee you that when DL leaves the Kings, he’ll be leaving them in a lot better shape than when he took over.

  • Cricket


    You’re right that it is no fun to watch guys like Calder, and Gautier, and Nagy play for the Kings. The trouble is you’re neglecting the fact that these players are what DL called “bridge players.” Unlike your claim that DL said the rebuild would only take 2 years, he has talked about utilizing bridge players for years. Anyone who has listened to him even marginally has heard him use this term. However, these days you hear him talk about the “reserve list” more than anything, mainly because we now have one, which, you know, takes a few years to build.

    Are the bridge players “homeboys?” Maybe. But who cares when they’re just there for a short while anyway?

    Also, you may be providing a different perspective, which is fine, but the way you do it is pretty abrasive. It’s irritating to read. And it is possible to provide a different point of view without being a sandpaper on a blister.

    Lastly, it is insane to me for anyone to ever complain about the rebuild. I’ll take Doughty, who you said yourself is a generational Dman, and I agree, for two years of terrible hockey and a third season that had signs of progress. And down the road when Hickey and Schenn and Clifford are ensuring that no one takes a night off I’m sure you’ll agree.

  • wavesinair

    Really…it only takes 2 whole years to tear an organization down, and rebuild it from the ground up?

    I know this was for the other guy 28, but I want to set the record straight. When DL took over, he wasnt talking about a complete rebuild either.

    I think we were sold one bill of goods (the crawford-cloutier disaster) and when that didn’t work, we went into full rebuild mode.

    When DL took over he said:

    “I see a foundation here, put in place by Dave Taylor, in which to build from and take to the next level. Sometimes the instinct when people take these jobs is to make everything look as bad as possible so they can make themselves the hero. But let’s get real — there’s some good things here.


    “I am perfectly cognizant that some of the rules I followed in San Jose are probably not applicable. In this market, I don’t think L.A. can afford to fall off the map and pick in the top three (of the draft).

    And in Woodburns article, he wrote that Lombardi said his read on the Kings led him to believe LA will not need a traditional five-year rebuilding plan.



  • Ersberg

    I guess we’re off the hook with regards to the Heatley deal.


    I supposed that’s probably for the better..for now.

  • JB

    Quisp- SJ got Heatley for Milhalek and Cheecho. Is that the salary dump you were predicting?

  • jet

    WWAMD – it is not healthy, if you are starting to believe the personalities are separate.

    wavesinair – DL did expect to be able to make the team he took over a playoff team. Then he realized the fact that to draw the necessary FAs to compete at the highest levels, he would have to build an attractive base of young players. In essence, the market dictated the direction he would have to travel. Once he realized this, he switched directions as soon as possible. Quickly admitting the direction you are headed will not produce the required results and then making the necessary change is an attribute of a skilled leader. Very few leaders can put their egos aside to make the change.

  • wavesinair

    that’s one way of looking at jet. but DL putting his ego aside? you realize you are talking about dean lombardi, don’t you? good one though, that was funny!

  • jet

    waves — I truly understand what you are saying, but all GMs have egos. He still admitted it was not working and changed the plan.

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