Trade talk

John Buccigross of ESPN is reporting that, as part of a three-team trade, the Kings would acquire Patrick Marleau from the Sharks and send Alexander Frolov and Jarret Stoll to Ottawa. The Senators would then send Dany Heatley to San Jose.

I’m making my calls/contacts on this at this moment, but right now there’s no independent confirmation on my end from the Kings. We’ll see what develops tonight.

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  • Dan H.

    I vote NOOOOOOO!

  • Tornado12

    WOW!!! I dont know how to feel about this trade. Marleau is an allstar, but doesn’t seem to be a playoff performer. Is he what the kings need? What’s his contract status? Is it too much to give up your best offensive player and your best draw man? I think ill let it settle in and reserve judgment, IF it is true. Interesting fodder though, cant wait to hear from some of you all about this!

  • Behm

    I am not a Marleau fan at all. Bad trade.

  • RealDrew

    I hope this isn’t true. I don’t like giving two for one deals. Stoll is basically a throw in. Marleau won’t bring much more production then Frolov. Marleau is good for 35 goals and 40 assists. Not much of an upgrade over Frolov. Marleau is making over 6 million a year, so we would be paying more for the same production. If this happens, the Kings better be getting some good draft picks or prospect in return.

  • dodgrdog88

    espnews says “according to league sources” .sounds to me like its done but not official; probably pending physicals or maybe marleau waiving his no-trade, which is why the teams are mum on it.

    i’m on the fence over this at the moment… a big ‘WOW!’ though… like tornado said, will have to let this all settle in before rushing to judgment. either way, will miss fro if this get completed.


    Ok so Marleau is a LW or a C? If he’s a center (but i think he is a LW) Maybe DL made this trade and is maybe looking to Kessel? I mean we have the prospects (Purcell) and Draft picks to get him? BUt im pretty sure he is a LW and if he is and this trade is true it will be good only if we can get marleau extended.

  • Rabid

    I don’t think this one is going to Happen… I mean why Trade one of your all star players to a division rivals who’s likely to make the playoffs this year?

    Both Murray and Wilson are denying the deal

  • Chris Bond

    09-10 Marleau cap hit….Patrick Marleau C 6,300,000
    and UFA after this year???? Come on so we give up Stoll I would keep Fro for this. FOR SURE!

  • has Marleau at 6.3M for next year, and a UFA in summer of 2010. If that’s true, this is a terrible deal. Frolov has similar production, and is at least as productive as Marleau in the playoffs (ie. not at all, at least in Frolov’s case it’s due to a lack of opportunity), AND is 2M cheaper. To throw in Stoll… why? What’s the point of this deal?

  • Paul from Oxnard

    “It’s simply not true,” Murray told Thursday night . “I’ve had conversations with teams today but still I’m not close to a deal [involving Heatley].”

    That sounds to me like someone at ESPN jumped the gun.

  • MrMach5

    I hope this is very untrue.

  • Chris Bond

    All GM deny everthing look at how DL had to lie to Rich last year……

  • AEG rulez

    Very plausible. Win-win-win….Sharx dump disgraced Marleau (not likely to resign after the stripping of the C) and add Heatley in the cushiest playing environment in the league.

    Sens dump Heatley and add a suddenly-signable Frolov (who was never going to sign here again) and a needed 2/3 C in Stoll.

    DL erases the disfavoured Frolov and an expendable Stoll from the roster and adds one of his biggest faves from the SharkFly axis of excitement. Marleau slides into a beachfront home in another relaxed area and signs the extension that Frolov never would have considered.

    Gimme a G…an E…an N…an I…a U…an S…what does it spell??

    D L !

  • 28 KINGS

    This would be an odd trade, especially since SJ still needs to sign many of their players and are already facing cap problems. Frolov straight up, yes, but adding Stoll would be a bit too much, unless there is more coming back that hasn’t been reported.

    “It’s simply not true,” Murray told Thursday night . “I’ve had conversations with teams today but still I’m not close to a deal [involving Heatley].”

  • variable

    i posted this story on a previous thread…

    this totally sucks, if true…

    marleau is completely overrated…and this doesn’t make any sense for us to do…i hope it’s all a bad dream…


  • Running man

    I need to hear more about Marleau, but I am not for this potential trade initially. We are giving up too much. Why won’t Ottawa take Marleau for Heatly straight up? We would basically be trading for Heatly without getting as much talent, although without the baggage as well. What will Marleau add that we aren’t getting from the 2 players we are giving up (other than an extra roster spot)?

  • Jordan

    Big upgrade at center, big loss at an already thin left wing. I just don’t see how this makes us a better team. In Stoll, we lose a great faceoff and PK guy who is a decent (if overpriced) offensive threat, and in Frolov our best scorer and perhaps 2nd best 2-way player.

    Stoll’s cap hit: $3.6 million
    Frolov’s cap hit: $2.9 million

    Marleau’s cap hit: $6.3 million

    So, we’d be saving $300,000.

    Both Frolov and Marleau are only signed through the end of the season, so I’d say this deal comes down to whether or not 1) Dean thinks he can sign an aging Marleau to an extension at a reasonable price and 2) he thinks someone is ready to step up to playing on the first or second line wing.


    Yup, this is where I draw the line….TOO MANY I love the SHARKS F UPS for this GM

    I knew this trade was coming right when I heard Dean stated that Heatley is bad for LA.

    The reason why he said this was to justify a dumb trade he was about to make.

    NOW JUSTIFTY the 6 Million plus contract for Patrick, your love from San Jose

    So we traded visnowsky and frolov two stars on the rise for I can’t perform in playoffs Patrick who is one of the most over rated players in the NHL.

    Makes sense now, take ur head out of ur arse Dean u POS. Stop making this team your OLD group…F YOUR OLD GROUP!

  • dodgrdog88

    marleau is listed as a C.

    “league sources” are basically the ones putting this out. like i said, there’s probably reasons why the GMs are denying this right now… it’s probably done, but isn’t formally official yet (physicals, no-trade clauses, etc.)

  • Cynic is reporting it now….

    I’m hoping there is more to the deal with Marleau AND a LW, either Michalek or Clowe.

    Marleau is a Center. Left-Handed Shot.


    Im hearing from shark fans that marleau is a LW who played on first line with Thorton last season. But doesn’t matter if trade is “Complete Bull”

  • Cynic

    Now TSN’s Bob MacKenzie is saying it’s Horse Poo…

    What is going on this year with usually reliable press outlets releasing bunk rumors?

    For us, this is twice now. The first being Pronger for JMFJ with Anaheim.


  • 28 KINGS

    WWAMD said:
    “So we traded visnowsky and frolov two stars on the rise for I can’t perform in playoffs Patrick who is one of the most over rated players in the NHL.”

    Stars on the rise… Lubo is 33…33 is not a star on the rise. He’s on the wrong side of 30, and his play has been declining for the last 2 seasons.
    Frolov is 27, while not considered young, he’s still a very inconsistent player, even though he puts up 25+ a season. You don’t get the nickname “Froloaf” cause you like to bake bread.

    I’m not sure about the old comment, seeing Marleau is only 29, and would only add only about .4 years to our second youngest team in the league standing.

    Keep up the DL hating.

  • bray424

    Hopefully this is just as true as last year when we supposedly traded Kopitar for Andrej Meszaros.

  • Dan H.

    28 Kings, you’re making Frolov sound like a guy that gets 20 goals a year. He’s the most consistent guy we have in the goal scoring department

  • DetroitSons1952 is only repeating what ESPN’s John Bootinhismouth said earlier. If it’s true then DL should have thrown in Quick and Kopi and maybe they’d send us some more junk. Marleau?????? for Fro AND Stoll. Did DL get fired and Tallon get hired???

  • jet

    28 kings is right about Fro’s consistency, but “I’ll try tomorrow Marleau” has the same issues. Maybe a change of scenery would do them both good.

    He is 100% on Viz.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Where you drinking Bushmills or Jose Cuervo? Both of them have the same effect on me…….except I pee my pants after my tirades

  • Paul from Oxnard

    I will say one thing in rebuttal to some of the comments I’ve read about Marleau on this blog, those being that he’s “not a playoff performer”. The Kings haven’t made the playoffs since 1872. Before we worry about playoff performers, how about worrying about making the playoffs? šŸ˜€

  • AK47

    What a bad deal, unless Marleau took a pay-cut and re-signed with us this year, then the deal would be nice, except we’d be missing one “box”..

    XXX – Kopitar – Williams
    Smyth – Marleau – Brown
    Purcell – Handzus – Simmonds
    Richardson – Lewis – Ivanans

  • Chewy Rocky Horror

    Trading Stoll would be a huge mistake. It is not all about scoring. He wins key faceoffs, kills penalties & has the intangibles that are needed come playoff time.

    Same goes for Handzus.

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