• KQ949

    Still 4-0

  • TeamHasHoles

    Four – Nil final

  • Mike E

    4-0 final

  • Irish Pat


    Final score: 4-0 Kings win

    Thank you for posting the link. It made my day go faster.

    That sucks about the bomb scare. I hope it’s nothing serious. Probably some knucklehead Ducks fan.

  • KQ949

    Final Kings 4 – Yotes 0

  • jpkelly

    kings win 4-0

  • Jeff

    Another site is indicating a final score of 4-0, Kings.

  • Rory

    Kings win 4-0

  • JDM

    Ended 4-0.

  • Tornado12

    Final Kings rookies 4, yotes rookies 0…According to announcers, the rookies just needed to gain playing time together…

  • JDM

    Ended 4-0.

  • Cynic

    Juraj Mikus had an assist. That’s all you need to know…LOL

  • Tompa

    ESPN reporting Kings traded Frolov+Stoll for Marleau in a three way deal.


    Holy crap. Is it true, Rich ?!

  • Jermaine

    The Ottawa Senators have reached an agreement to send Dany Heatley to the San Jose Sharks, NHL sources told ESPN’s John Buccigross.

    The 28-year-old forward was part of a three-team deal that will send the Sharks’ Patrick Marleau to the Los Angeles Kings and the Kings’ Alexander Frolov and Jarret Stoll to the Senators.

    Both Sharks GM Doug Wilson and Senators GM Bryan Murray denied the three-way trade when reached by ESPN.com.

  • Cynic



    Heatley to SJ
    Frolov AND Stoll to OTT

    OTT denies it when contacted by ESPN, but ESPN Has it up!!!

  • tron

    After attending both games, this is what stands out in my mind:
    -Loktionov is the real deal, not Mikus.
    -Schenn had 2 goals 1 assist
    -Hickey can play but gets knocked around a lot.
    -Kozun has talent, but so does Azevedo and he does not shy away from hits.
    -Deslauriers looked pretty good.
    -Geoff Walker seems like a all around solid player.
    On the physical side:
    -Clifford the big red bull in a china shop, can hit and fight. 4 fights in 2 games, no losses. And he looks right at home in front of the net (the D could not move him).
    -Teubert in game one beat up Staal after he ran Hickey early in the game. Then later he looked like he was asking for trouble during the line changes, several times. Likes to bang but doubt he makes it this year. Needs more schooling.
    -Dwight King manhandled Jonas Ahnelov and after 3-4 solid punches declared TKO and let Ahnelov skate to the locker room, never to return.
    – I hope Jordan Nolan can play some hockey cause this dude can fight!
    -Berube had some help winning the game, but the shut out was all his.
    -Jones didn’t get much help, but didn’t play well either.

  • Big A

    Soooo, what’s going on with this Ott-SJ-LA story from earlier in the day? Still BS or is there more to it? Buccigros is saying it’s a done deal.


  • jet

    and Helene sounds so mature in her articles

  • DAkings20

    Rich any word of a trade?


    ESPN is reporting we got Marleau is a 3 way trade?

  • Chris Bond

    I DONT like that deal at all I know Marleau is good but really Fro almost had the same # of goals and….Stoll is the face off man with 18 goals. I just want to keep Fro or…..get Heatley. I dont think I am going to get what I want anyway.
    I think this will get done tomorrow feels like it is a done deal, it is not hockey buzz talking about this it is ESPN.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Just got home from the Baby Kings game. Listened to NHL Radio the whole way home and they didn’t say a peep about any deal involving the Kings. Not sure if I like that deal or not. If the Kings are getting Marleau, that makes Kopitar a #2 center, which is probably where he belongs. But giving up Fro & Stoll is a lot of talent….

    I agree with most of Tron’s comments about the game. The kid that impressed me the most was Kozun, but he’s TINY. I thought he was going to skate under Teubert’s legs. šŸ™‚

    I guess $200+ dollar cell phones don’t take great photos, but here’s what I got:


    BTW, hope everything is ok Rich. Bomb scares. Ewwwwwww.

  • Cynic

    Now NHL.com is getting into the act….DAMN! There has to be more to this trade. I’m hoping for Marleau AND a LW, either Michalek or Clowe.


  • darko25o

    …cus youre the bomb Rich

  • Buster

    All right. Who brought the Larry the Cable Guy videos in the building?

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