Heatley to San Jose (Kings NOT involved)

To San Jose: Dany Heatley, fifth-round pick in 2010 draft.

To Ottawa: Jonathan Cheechoo, Milan Michalek, second-round pick in 2010 draft.

What do you think? Did the Sharks get stronger or weaker?

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  • EJ

    Sucks for Cheechoo, but good for the Kings, since he did so well against them over the years.

    As to Heatley, well, I guess we’ll find out if the change of scenery and coaches will reignite his game. Personally, I was hoping he’d stay in the East.

  • B-Trizzle

    San Jose stole Heatley. San Jose will still blow it in the playoffs.

  • DOUG


  • Matt George

    San Jose is officially a monster… The cup is thiers

  • Freddie

    Weaker…..He’s not worth what the sharks gave up. Better for the Kings to stay out of that whole trade.

  • Chris Bond

    They got way better, was a move the Kings should have made. We all knew it was going to happen.
    Well you can just about bet the Heatley will net about 60 plus goals this year skateing with Thorton.
    I bet Quick is shaking in his skates right now. Well, at least we only have to play them what???? Six times this year and the playoffs. Where DL will hope we dont meet them first or second round for our early exit.
    Well, we will see what money can buy, goals…..Lots and Lots of goals. I cant wait to see the “Locker Room Cancern” laugh his way to net full of goals. I wish we had that cancer in our locker room.

  • anthonyy

    Dean must have lost his nerve.
    What a surprise.
    Get ready for another long season, followed by an early exit.

  • JPKelly

    Weaker… I hope. One thing for sure: now Rob Blake isn’t the only one in the SJ locker room with a self-portrait tattooed on his butt.

  • wavesinair

    Much stronger and NOT “complete” bull.

  • Jonny

    Stronger up Front. Less Depth tho, and Weaker on D, and in Goal. THey have a weak back up, If Nabokov gets hurt, theyre in trouble. THey practically gave away Lukowich and Ehroff. They’ll have more offense, but definitely a weaker defensive game.

  • Chris Bond

    One more thing, makes you wonder if there was any truth to the rumors the other night. When the trade is made to the same team 48-72 hours from the news of him going to the sharks.

  • Ersberg

    They got unbelievably better.

    And I love how everyone agrees, yet bashed him when we talked of him coming to LA.

    I love it, I really do.

    This “cancer” will probably hit over a ppg against this season.

  • Mickey Keenan

    SJ is still in Cap trouble… they bring on 7.5 million and send that much away.. but they still have to sign 5-6 guys and they are right near the cap… They are more offensive up top,but it all depends on how they fill out their team…

  • Chris Bond

    I know I wanted Heatley all along, Didnt want Marleau for Fro and Stoll, Fro for Heatley I would have went for. DL BETTER LOCK UP FRO NOW!!

  • anthonyy

    Who would you’d rather have a 2 time 50 goal scorer whose in his prime ($7.5 cap hit). Or an over the hill has been like Ryan Smyth who comes with a $6.25 cap hit and is injury prone.
    Our GM is out of his league.
    And our illustrious Ron Hextall talks about Heatley like a plague, without looking at himself in the mirror.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Not sure if San Jose got better or not. Sure, they got a 50 goal scorer. But they also got all his baggage.

    Ottawa got the shaft though. If I’m a Sens fan I’m FURIOUS! They got rid of Heatley and got basically nothing for him. Michalek is nothing more then a 3rd line winger, if that. And Cheechoo had 1 good season and everyone annointed him the 2nd coming of Gordie Howe. He’s not. Ottawa will suffer.

  • variable

    for players who have constantly disappointed peeps over the years after a year or two of glory, there sure has been waaaaay too much fuss over them…i’m so glad that this has ended…maybe cheechoo will come alive in ottawa…who knows…i don’t think he will, though…

    and heatley will probably help san jose win another division…but do nothing in the playoffs…

    it seems like joe t. is the bigger issue in san jose…

  • DellaNooch

    My observation of SJ the last 3 years has been they have had great chemistry on every line and a sound defense (I live in the bay area and pretty have to watch them for a hockey fix). They’ve unloaded so many guys this summer and are yet to fill some of the gaps with almost no cap room. I cannot say they are that much stronger today…I think it will come down to their other lines and how well they do.
    Sure, their powerplay will be unreal, but outside of that, they will have a new penalty killing unit and I really only see them with one good offensive line now, maybe two…line three and four will be liabilities with a suspect defense.

    Additionally, if Cheechoo mounts a comeback (I think this is a contract year for him) and Milanchek counts to progress, then Ottawa is going to have a very strong top 6. All they need to do is make the playoffs to show improvement.

    The deal with Heatley is this, if we got him and he failed, it would have been a colossal mistake that would have not been easily undone. SJ traded a value of Fro & Stoll to get him and that seemed too much the other night and it was, we would have missed those guys…equally, he would be on the books for 3 more years and any big free agent (like Kovi) would not be tangible…and we might have been in a crunch just to sign Doughty as well, shedding payroll to fit him, kind of like the Kessel situation right now…is Fro, Stoll, and some other talented King worth a guy that couldn’t win a cup on a stacked Ottawa team…I don’t think so. DL made a good move in staying away from this one.

    Let’s hold out for a Pau Gasol type trade.

  • kyle

    Please Rich. Enough with Anthonyyyy or whatever “clever” variation he wants to use. We appreciate all you do on this site, but if you do one more thing this pre-season, a ban would be most welcome.

  • 28 KINGS

    So let me see if I got this straight Anthonyy:

    You’d rather trade for a guy who can put in 50, yet carries SERIOUS baggage. Were taking Lindsay Lohan type baggage.

    A guy who could come in and completely disrupt a very young and impressionable room.

    A guy who, when Murray asks him to play defense, doesn’t like being told what to do, then asked to be traded…AGAIN.

    This sure sound like the type of player the Kings want to have around.

  • jet

    The deal will come down to how Cheechoo does in a new environment.

    I don’t see how SJ can resign Marleau next summer.

    Matt George — President’s Cup, yes, Stanley Cup no.

  • NMKingsFan

    28 Kings-
    Anthonyy would have complained if we had gotten Heatley and given up good players, there is no winning with Anthonyy, all he likes to do is complain. Just do like the majority around here an put A–yy on ignore.

    This might have been a win-win for both teams. Remember the Bernie Nichols trade? We gave up a 70 goal scorer but got Granato and Sandstrom in return–Kings won that one.

  • Ersberg

    Amazing. Truly amazing.

    Baggage=cancer and no good for the Kings?

    You guys need to watch sports more frequently.

    The stars generally have baggage, but are essential to any team they’re on. Just ask Kobe, Manny, and even Pronger how that works out for their respective clubs.

    And don’t tell me this is “Hockey” and not “those” sports. Those sports are still teams sports and require teamwork, just as much as Hockey does.

    Heatley would have been ~NAILS~ with Kopitar..period.

  • KingFan4ever

    Relax guys. These are the Sharks. They will flame out in the playoffs. 50 goals is a lot but i’d rather not deal with a head case. The Kings did good by not getting involved.

  • blake

    to bad he was never interested with the kings, he never wanted to come here there was no way we were going to get him no matter what.

  • typicaljs

    If cheechoo can put in 20 and Michalek continues to improve this is a win for both teams.

    Now it will be interesting to see who they choose to retain next year and if Marleau will hit free agency or how that situation will work itself out.

  • nykingfan

    So let me get this straight
    DL tells you the truth that it was complete bull that he was trading Fro and Stoll and yet you still have problems with him…I’m too busy laughing at some of the DL hater comments to really get upset.

    Anthonyy Do you think the Kings are really going to be battling SJ for a playoff spot?
    Matt George..When the hell does picking up a 50 goal scorer guarantee you anything?
    I have to go back and look at the standings from last season..I’m sure I’ll find Ottawa on top of the eastern conference and I’m sure they must have gone deep in the playoffs…obviously since they had a 50 goal scorer in Heatley they must have been one of the best teams in the league.
    Do you people read what you post or do you do it so we can laugh at your ignorance?

    Also, I guess there must have been a huge demand for a 50 goal scorer in Heatley…SJ traded Cheechoo coming off an impressive 12 goal season..yeah that’s usually what nets you a superstar 50 goal scorer…
    Priceless guys!

  • kingsince67

    Give us a break you are an F”ing idiot and if you would you would like to show your on ice prowess against a 55 year old guy just say where and when. you are exactly the fan the Kings or any team does not need. I bet you NEVER go yo aive game….come on big boy let’s see you school this old man..

  • Ersberg

    It’s realy simple…

    Let’s see.

    LW we have:

    Frolov=Pending UFA, no gurantee of a return/re-signing.
    Smyth=33, “Holmstrom-Lite”, $6+m a season, for around a 20 goal return.

    RW we have:
    Brown=self-explanatory, but needs to score more often.
    Williams=Horrible injury risk, must stay healthy to have any shot at returning a 30+ goal-scorer.

    Center we have:
    Kopitar=No more pancakes, stay in-shape, needs to play like he’s trully a #1 center. Can he? We shall see, especially with that paycheck/cap hit.
    Stoll=Injury risk, recently reported he now has arthritis, as well as returning from last years injury. May not be ready to start the season, and makes ..$3.6m/per, ouch.
    Handzus=Great last season, can he do it again this season? I hope so for what, $4.4m?? Wow. He needs to score 25+ for it to be worth it.
    All the other centers we have are not proven playmakers/scorers.

    Dean, we need another center(well, 2 now).

    So, you guys against Heater in LA are saying a 20+ goals a season Holmstrom-type guy is worth $6.5/m per? And you wouldn’t spend ONE more million to take a 50-goal scorer? You are absolutely shitting me.

    You’ll see how good he is when Heater-Big Joe-Seto are lighting us up for 2+ per game this season.

    And we’re Lombardi haters for expression are displeasure with the inaction this summer?
    Please, if you think “another season” as some mention, is going to make a difference for this team, you’re crazy.

    What will change? We’re talking talent level here, folks. Doughty/Johnson are really the only guys that have the potential to explode, the rest are 2nd liners at best.

  • RaitisWestgarth

    Sharks got the better of the deal, but ultimately its one team trading a couple heartless wimps for another…

  • slappin

    and i was so missing anthony…

    staying out was clearly the right decision.

  • Seattle757

    Anthonyy, go jeer another team. You and WMMAMD are getting to the point (actually you two are there already) that you sound like broken records. No matter what DL does, you will find a reason to scream. We could have given up a 5th round draft pick for him only and you would have still gone psycho.

    Last thing I want on this team is Lindsey Lohan on skates playing for the Kings.

    Do you have anything good to say about this team?

    Oh, and hands of Ron Hextall!!!

  • Kingboston

    Sharks get better of the trade, and its lopsided if Cheechoo cant find his game with Spezza/Fisher/whoever.

    Big question for King Nation…does this amp up DL’s desire for Kessel?

    It makes a ton of sense for both teams, Bruins need young defensemen and lower cap number…..

  • jet

    Ers — at least you make a case based upon decisions when you go after DL. Other posters just say he sucks. I’ll go ahead and respond to your categories.

    LW Frolov- should be good for 30+ goals this season at 4M
    Symth- One of the biggest hearts in the game, should be good for 25+ goals at 3.75M(subtracting Pressing’s sal)

    RW Brown- one of the of rarest of skill sets (tough scorer) in the game today, should be good for 25+goals. 2.5M
    JW- one of the tougher players to defend with his tool set of toughness and quickness. Should be good for 25+ goals. 3.5M
    Simmonds- excellant 2-way player for his age. Again has one of the biggest hearts in the league. .6M

    Center Kopi- while he will not hit his prime for another few years, still has a great skill set and a huge body.
    Stoll- did anyone actually hear the interview? Many ex-hockey players have some form of arthritis and still lace them up a couple of times a week. This is unlikely to be a career ender.
    Handz- one of the best third line centers in the league. He can handle defensive assignments against the monster centers in the West.
    Defense DD/Johnson- how many more explosive defensemen do you need? How many more can one team afford?
    “All the other centers we have are not proven playmakers/scorers.” Doesn’t every team have some slots without proven players? But, having open slots is critical to a rebuilding team. This gives the youth an opportunity to gain experience.

    “You’ll see how good he is when Heater-Big Joe-Seto are lighting us up for 2+ per game this season.” I absolutely agree with you, but will that make a good playoff team. San Jose’s biggest need this summer was to add leadership/character. I do not think they accomplished their primary need. Do you?

    “What will change? We’re talking talent level here, folks.” The Kings have improved talent at all levels. Are Symth and Scuds better than Q and Calder?
    Are the Kings a better team than last year? Will Manchester be a better team this year? To me, the answer is obvious. If I am wearing rose color glasses, then let me know what I am missing.

  • Quisp

    Ersberg –

    I don’t exactly disagree with you, but I do think you’re magnifying everything by a factor of 10.

    Frolov – will be signed or traded by the deadline. And that’s as it should be.
    Smyth – not Holmstrom-lite.
    Holmstrom – IS Holmstrom-lite.
    Williams – not a horrible injury risk, but it’s definitely a big question mark. But, so is POS. EDM has no special love for POS, by the way. Check out their blogs: he’s almost never mentioned unless it’s as one of the many “too soft too small.”
    Kopitar – I agree with you in the sense that much rides on his performance this year. He can’t underperform two years in a row.
    Stoll – yes, I’m worried about the arthritis thing. It sounds bad.
    Handzus – cap hit is $4MM. He was worth it last year. I think he’ll be just as good this year. Two years ago was an aberration. I hope. (Look, he’s clearly over-paid for essentially a third line center; but WTF, it’s not my money and we’re not in cap trouble, so I choose to ignore it.)

    It’s your Heatley logic that doesn’t really work for me. It’s not a matter of spending a million more for Heatley. Smyth is here because of the way he plays (blue paint, etc.) and because of his character and experience. He’s not here to score 35 goals. He’s here to make it possible for the others to do that, because of his big ass in the goalie’s face.

    If Heatley were a King right now and we gave up Frolov to get him, would you be happy? If that sounds like a good deal to you (it would have had to be Frolov, Johnson and a 1st, or something like that), consider that were would be adding at most a net 10-15 more goals on offense, while also adding at least 5-10 goals against on defense, not just because Heatley is not defensively sound, but because Frolov plays the hardest minutes of any forward on the Kings against the opponent’s best players, while Heatley plays “soft” minutes. Therefore, at best, the Kings would be looking at a net improvement of 10 goals in the differential between GF and GA; at worst it would be a wash.

    I think it makes sense to pass on Heatley, given that all that baggage is not worth a measly ten goals.

    That said, you’re absolutely right that 50 goal scorers don’t grow on trees. It’s a huge deal. No question. But I’m quite happy not to have Dany Heatley be a veteran presence on our team.

    And I don’t know if Heatley will ourscore the people SJ traded away to get him. Or if he’ll outscore Frolov/Johnson either. We’ll see.

    p.s. if you think Frolov is probably on the move, that’s exponentially more true for Marleau.

    p.p.s. Ottawa basically went back and accepted the trade they turned down six weeks ago, back when they didn’t want Cheechoo or whatever. It’s interesting to note that the bloggy fans of both teams are, like, kinda maybe happy but still worried. It’s by no means a clear victory for either team.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    From what I can see, this trade will be determined by what it does to each team’s chemistry. Cheechoo bedeviled the Kings, by the way… Glad to see him go.

    Before the trade, I thought San Jose was getting old. What about now? I agree that they will be weaker defensively, stronger offensively. Will they remain a winner? Something tells me this trade will negatively affect SJ in the same way that obnoxious ex-King from the Rangers destroyed Dallas. Somehow I fear SJ LESS as a Washington-style team than as that tight defensive juggernaut of last year. How many one-goal losses did the Kings have against San Jose last year?

    It’s interesting. Now I see the LA-SJ matchup as the key to the West this year. I don’t see the Kings getting steamrolled by the Sharks next year, but we’ll see. Wouldn’t the Kings have been close to the playoffs if their record against the Sharks had been reversed?

    Another thing–I remember Setoguchi killing us the last two years. Won’t the matchups change significantly with Cheechoo and Michalek gone?

  • vicarious

    best Sens could do under the bad circumstances the team was in. Curious Heatley wanted out.

    As for San Jose, IMO they have gone from a deep organization with lots of talent to an older team with a few superstars. Their GM sure couldn’t help himself from staying with the strong team. Instead, he moves for the “superstar”– Thorton, soupy campbell, now heatley.

    Perhaps the Shark GM is the anti-DL, getting all the DL guys off the team–taking Blake when the Kings did not want him. According to one poster at least, this strategy should surely lead to Shark success.

  • Ersberg


    You’re giving very optimistic totals for those wingers. The only issue is, and I mentioned this already, but without guys that makes plays(centers), they won’t have anyone feeding them pucks to bury.

    “how many more explosive defensemen do you need? How many more can one team afford?” I meant all players that aren’t proven and/or new on the entire team, not just D.

    “Doesn’t every team have some slots without proven players? But, having open slots is critical to a rebuilding team. This gives the youth an opportunity to gain experience.”

    No, any team that is planning to play, as Dean quoted in his interview at Kings.com at the end of last season, “playoff hockey”, has two solid playmaking centers. Well, my question is, if he intends on enforcing that statement, wouldn’t it prudent to look for one? I mean, we took on almost $10m/per in Smyth/Scud, but we can’t deal some reduncies to aquire a center? It just amazes why Matt Barry and I are seemingly the only Kings fans that see this glaring whole down our middle. No disrespect to you, it’s just troublesome to me is all.

    Lombardi signaled the end of the re-build by taking on $10m in two players this offseason, at least it seems that way to me. I could be wrong, however.

    “I absolutely agree with you, but will that make a good playoff team. San Jose’s biggest need this summer was to add leadership/character. I do not think they accomplished their primary need. Do you?”

    They don’t need more leadership, they needed to get guys that were a bit more durable, which why they dealt Michalek and Cheechoo. Cheechoo is solid, but injury-prone. Michalek is easy to rattle, despite his heart. Heater is actually a very determined player. He’ll help that first line immenseley. He’s an offensive juggernaut, no question about it, not to mention a relatively large player as well.

    “The Kings have improved talent at all levels. Are Symth and Scuds better than Q and Calder?
    Are the Kings a better team than last year? Will Manchester be a better team this year? To me, the answer is obvious. If I am wearing rose color glasses, then let me know what I am missing.”

    They have? Where? Schenn? He hasn’t played a second in the NHL. Smyth and Scuderi are good additions, but are they the offensive help we truly needed? It’s debatable, but I see us being much like we were last season. We may score a few more goals, but will we be obviously better? I think our increase in points will be between 4-8 points. I’m not suggesting you’re wearing rose colored glasses, but I just don’t see where this heightened offense is coming from. Smyth is nice to have, but he’s one guy.

    I guess we’ll see how it all pans out in a couple weeks.

  • marc

    The Sharks got more talented. But better? I don’t know. They’d better hope Heatley grows up real fast.

  • RaitisWestgarth

    Don’t you guys have better things to do in your lives than to make sissy arguments about the Kings?

  • here’s to another year of trying to control myself from feeling compelled to read Anthony’s posts…only to fail miserably and feel like stabbing myself in the eye.

    have Kings GM’s made mistakes in the past?: yes
    has Deano made mistakes in the past?: yes
    is it possible that EVERYTHING he does is COMPLETELY wrong? well, in the words of Bruno, isht don’t think so.

  • number 6

    With all due respect to Anthonyy, i think the truth is that he doesn’t much like DL and it wouldn’t much matter what DL does. Hey, if you don’t like somebody, you don’t like somebody.

  • Chuck

    The strong, get stronger. What is it with Eastern Conference teams, helping San Jose? First, Boston gives them Thorton for Sturm and Stuart, horrible. Now, Heatly for Michalek (a good young player), and Cheechoo, a one-time wonder, who’s #’s have been rapidly declining. The upside is that SJ is gettting older, has a horrific farm system (one blue-chipper in the lot), and adds $45m in salary at $6.5m a year. They won’t be adding any additional help in the near future, not that they’ll need to.

  • Krystoff

    Kudos to Lombardi for staying out of this and keeping Frolov. He will remain a King for a long time.
    And, kudos to the gods for sending Hossa elsewhere.
    Our REAL need is an offensive defenseman, not throwing the young core of excellent forwards into a soap opera.

  • jet

    Anthonyy may have a chance if JW is injuried. POS to play on the first line for the Oilers, http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/27848-Left-wing-on-top-line-to-be-hotly-contested-at-Edmonton-Oilers-camp.html

  • R.E.M. Murray

    S.J. is as desperate to get deep into the playoffs as Ottawa was to wash their hands of this guy. Even deal, and is a sign that S.J. only has a few years left amongst the NHL’s elite. S.J. and Anaheim will be NHL bottom feeders when Chicago and L.A. will be battling out the West in a few years.