• Cricket

    I know it’s just the first day of training camp but I really hope the season doesn’t bring us Frolov on the checking line.

    And I especially hope I don’t see Doughty with OD again. The time to be tutored is over, and OD is not a top pairing DMAN.

  • Quisp

    Cricket –

    I think you’re likely to see both of those things.

  • JDM

    Even in drills you can see how much chemistry Fro-Zus-Simmonds have together. Sure, Frolov with Kopitar sounds good, but I’m not going to be upset if Fro is on that line.

    A good line is a good line.

    Think of it this way, if Fro’s line is matched up against the other teams top line, then their not facing the oppositions checking line. Its not like Zus and Simmonds can’t score.

  • wavesinair

    Best hit: Meckler levels Loktionov

  • Quisp

    If you look at qualcomp numbers, which quantify the quality of opposition each player faces, Murray played Frolov against the toughest competition of any forward. This appears to have been Murray’s habit no matter which line Frolov was skating on. I think people need to worry less about line numbers and look at results. I’m guessing Murray would rather have Frolov on the Handzus line (which is exactly what he said he wanted to do last September) but had to bounce Fro around a bit because Kopitar, among others, needed jump starting.

  • Krystoff

    Is Gudas officially a King yet?

  • wavesinair

    Gudas is a try out player. I have no idea who he is but I like him.

  • JDM

    I liked Gudas as well. Not a great skater or with the puck, but he has a decent shot and was the most physical of the players in Group C. You can tell he’s one bad shut your mouth.

  • Cricket

    Quisp, JDM-

    Fair enough and good points. Also, I wasn’t looking at it from a line number perspective, but more from a line function perspective. I didn’t necessarily like Fro on checking line again, but he certainly put up numbers last year and as JDM said, Zeus and Simmonds can score too.

    Overall, I really don’t like the idea of Doughty with OD though. I just don’t think O’Donnell should play that many minutes anymore, and should Drewiske or even Hickey be the 6th man, it would seem ideal for OD to mentor him like he did with Drew last year.

  • Otto Ped

    Here’s a quote from a Ranger’s blog…

    “What’s somewhat troubling is that Marian Gaborik did not participate in the on-ice sprints due of a tender groin, though it is reportedly not related to previous hip problems. Gaborik was skating every day and was a little sore from that so the Rangers decided to be cautious and not have him do everything all the other players did. While I applaud the team and player for being cautious, Gaborik’s injury history makes him a risk to begin with, and that coupled with his big contract and not doing all the drills on the first day due to a sore groin makes blinking red lights go up in front of every Rangers fan. Hopefully this is just a one-day thing, but until he participates in all aspects of on-ice skating, consider me wary.”

    I wonder if the group of idiots still wishes we picked him up??

  • Matt R

    To me the Frolov-Handzus-Simmonds line is interesting. Frolov really isn’t a third line player, but I like this line. Zeus and Simmonds are great shutdown players but add a bit of scoring touch as well (I think Simmonds is going to add a good number of points this year) and Frolov, who I think can be a decent two way player adds an interesting demension to the line as a quality scorer. I’d really like to see this line in action and would like to see Murray give it a chance to develop some chemistry.

    As I mentioned before, Zeus and Fro were skating together on Saturday just messing around. They were practicing some one timers, skating in circles with each other and at one point they were even trying to back pucks off the boards and into the nets that were close to the boards. I could see that they get along well.

  • Mr. Nuff

    Anyone else find it interesting Lokti is being tried on the LW? Hmmmmmm… I know it’s just scrimmage, but I hope he adapts well.

  • JDM

    Mr Nuff,

    During the 2 rookie games and today’s practice Loktionov was centering Nolan at LW and Mikus at RW.

  • jet

    JDM — It appears that Nolan can skate pretty well for somone his size on the game 2 video. Was that hyouir impression?

  • I really like Fro on the Zues-Simmonds line. He played there last year a bit and that line clicked. It is somewhat similar to Havlat playing on Chicago’s third line last year IMO. But if Stoll is out I seriously doubt they have Moller and Purcell on our second line. Seems a bit weak. Either way Manchester is gonna be killer this year.

  • JDM


    For a big guy Nolan can skate fairly well. Good manueverability though I found his stride itself to be a bit wonky. His hands are better than I expected as well. The best part about him is for all his size and toughness in the fights he got in, he has such a baby face. He and Campbell certainly get the ‘goofy teenager’ award.

  • jet

    JDM — thank you, good to hear. It is always good to get an eyes at the rink prospective.
    I thought Clune looked a little young when he was drafted, now he looks like a doby, nothing but muscle.

  • darko25o

    Fro-Zeus-Simmonds….thats the best third line in hockey right now

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