Happiest place on Earth

Rob Scuderi, whose shot-blocking ability was a big reason why the Pittsburgh Penguins lifted the Stanley Cup in June, declined to make the traditional championship trip to the White House last week.

A political statement? No. Thursday was the second birthday of Scuderi’s daughter, Kate, and the family spent the day at Disneyland.

“Disneyland did take precedent over the president, probably for the first time in history,” Scuderi joked.

Kate Scuderi didn’t cry at the sight of Mickey Mouse. The proud father reported that she went right up to Mickey and gave him a hug. Rob didn’t wince either.

“I’ve seen some rats that size in New York City,” Scuderi joked.

Scuderi, wearing No. 7, has been paired with Jack Johnson so far in training camp.

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  • QuickGold

    That’s awesome, really shows we are getting a guy of solid character. How special his girl must feel to say her dad would rather take her to disneyland on her b-day than meet the president. It also shows he’s stoked to be in LA. He has little desire to revisit his glory with the Pens, and would rather establish his new role as a King!

  • Irish Pat

    Good for him. Here’s to hoping he gets to meet the President in the future… as a Los Angeles King.

  • jason_bort

    This is off topic, but –
    Ducks trade Drew Miller and a 3rd rounder in 2010 to Lightning for Artyukhin.
    We’ll have 6 opportunities to make up for his hit on Doughty last year.

  • Otto Ped

    I’d rather go to Disneyland than meet Obama too

  • Otto Ped

    jason_bort said:

    This is off topic, but –
    Ducks trade Drew Miller and a 3rd rounder in 2010 to Lightning for Artyukhin.

    Its also pretty outdated. Did you honestly just hear of that trade???

  • deadcatbounce

    He probably figured it was better to take her before she’d have to pay full price to get in because Disneyland is getting so expensive that even pro athletes probably do a double-take when they have to fork out for their tickets.

  • jet

    Great to hear that family comes first. Can not believe he said that about Avery though.

  • kopifan

    well done jet, bravo 🙂

    and let’s get this party (torture of waking up at 4.30AM) started!

  • mrbrett7

    What did he say about Avery?

  • mrbrett7

    Oh dear god…I think I need more sleep…I JUST got the joke!

    Pile on me now please…I deserve all of it…I can’t believe I didn’t get the Avery/Rat reference.

  • jason_bort

    When I look back, it did seem like deja vu reading the headline. The headline was was on TSN.com and it has a post date of 9/14/09. That’s still not a very good excuse though. I’ll take my flogging like a man.

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