Kopitar says he’s in top shape

Dean Lombardi made so secret, at the end of last season and during the summer, of saying that he wanted Anze Kopitar to be in the best shape of his career for this coming season. On Sunday, Lombardi was still awaiting the results of the Kings’ start-of-camp physical tests, but Kopitar said he felt confident that he did his job.

“I was here for three weeks,” Kopitar said of his work with the Kings’ training staff. “I feel I did everything in my power to prepare for this season.”

Kopitar said he wouldn’t shy away from high expectations for the Kings this season.

“Everybody is expecting the playoffs,” Kopitar said. “We have to put some pressure on ourselves. … That’s just the way it is.”

Kopitar also said that he had built some chemistry last season with Justin Williams and that he was familiar with Ryan Smyth’s game. That’s important, since Kopitar-Smyth-Williams could end up being the Kings’ top line.

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