Kopitar says he’s in top shape

Dean Lombardi made so secret, at the end of last season and during the summer, of saying that he wanted Anze Kopitar to be in the best shape of his career for this coming season. On Sunday, Lombardi was still awaiting the results of the Kings’ start-of-camp physical tests, but Kopitar said he felt confident that he did his job.

“I was here for three weeks,” Kopitar said of his work with the Kings’ training staff. “I feel I did everything in my power to prepare for this season.”

Kopitar said he wouldn’t shy away from high expectations for the Kings this season.

“Everybody is expecting the playoffs,” Kopitar said. “We have to put some pressure on ourselves. … That’s just the way it is.”

Kopitar also said that he had built some chemistry last season with Justin Williams and that he was familiar with Ryan Smyth’s game. That’s important, since Kopitar-Smyth-Williams could end up being the Kings’ top line.

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  • Captain Material

    “Dean Lombardi made so secret…”

    So, when I see spelling errors, I tend to look at my keyboard and see how close the incorrect letter is to the one that should be there as a gage of what kind of mistake it is. “S” and “N” are nowhere near each other…unless you are using a Dvorak set-up.

    So Rich, is this a telltale that you are using DSK on your keyboard instead of QWERTY? 🙂

  • Otto Ped

    Captain Material…. So what do you look at on your keyboard when you completely leave a letter out (GAUGE….not GAGE. Or do you just not know the difference

  • mask0425x

    Otto, he (or she) is not completely wrong


    Main Entry: gauge
    Variant(s): also gage

    Just call the dude/dudette Cap Mat given the affctn 4 abrvtn 😉

  • Captain Material

    “So what do you look at on your keyboard when you completely leave a letter out…”

    Well, that’s an error of omission, right? Kind of like the bracket you missed on the end of your first sentence and period at the end of your second (in case you didn’t know the difference).

    You know, I just asked what keyboard set-up he was using (and why I wondered), I didn’t call him the devil or say I never made mistakes myself…

  • Hockeywood

    So let me get this straight. Kopitar is in better shape because of his Dvorak set-up? Or is he just QWERTY?

  • Choralone

    I love Kopi and think he’ll do well this year, but three weeks of working out is “everything in [his] power to prepare for this season”?

    I suppose he would need time to recuperate and mend after the season, but am I missing something?

  • Duckhunter


    My thoughts exactly!! 3 weeks? Best he could do? Really? I do not like the sound of that at all. Kopi, you’re suppose to be one of the leaders. We need you to step up Mr. Kopitar and lead. You are suppose to be our future….please shine bright so we can all smile and cheer for you and the team. Please Mr. Kopitar work HARD and make us proud.

  • mrbrett7

    People have short memories…

    He spent 3 weeks working out here…he spent the rest of the time working out in Slovakia…does nobody remember the pictures of him working out there?

  • wavesinair

    It’s hard to know the context, but I have a problem with the comment “that’s just the way it is” as if it’s not a good thing to have playoff expectations. Whenever I say that phrase it always has a negative connotation.

  • kopifan

    There are a few information’s about Kopitar’s workout during the summer, that I know of:
    He started at least on June, the sixteenth, and then traveled to LA (July, 7) for 3 weeks of workout with some of the teammates, that were in LA at the time. He said that those three weeks are going to be a groundwork for following workout in Slovenia (not Slovakia). And he also said that his workout program is the one that the Kings gave him.

  • mrbrett7

    Whoops…sorry about that…didn’t mean to mix up Slovenia and Slovakia (I understand that isn’t exactly a nice thing to do).

  • Duckhunter

    Well that makes me feel a little better that he’s been working a program all summer. I was just responding to the 3 week comment, so if that is not completely accurate I will rephrase my statement to Thata Boy Kopi.

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