Smyth getting comfortable

On Sunday, Ryan Smyth didn’t look like a player in his first day of training camp with a new team. Smyth often jumped into drills without hesitation and chatted and offered encouragement to teammates. Not that there won’t be a bit of an adjustment period…

“Obviously it’s about getting the systems down right and knowing what they want,” Smyth said. “That’s part of the transition that you have to adjust to.”

Another one? The Los Angeles area, which is a bit more, shall we say, “cozy” than the Denver suburbs.

“The homes are right on top of each other here, but we found a nice place,” Smyth said.

One thing Smyth doesn’t want to change is his on-ice success. In 12 full NHL seasons, Smyth has made the playoffs nine times. Does he have his sights set on the playoffs this season?

“We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves,” Smyth said, “but every team’s goal is to shoot for making the playoffs. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable thing for this team to shoot for.”

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  • jet

    Cozy, he must have gone for Blake’s Manhattan Beach rather than Gretzky’s North Ranch. I guess he will never play for the Rangers.

  • Rich

    Ryan and kopi look like they hit it off at pratice the first day.. ryan kopi and J will… are ganna look great this season.. everyone looks like they lost weight soo it looks good..

  • JDizzle pka JDA

    A bit off topic for this post, but I wanted to give a quick training camp summary as I was rinkside on Sunday.
    As I arrived late, I missed pretty much all of Group A’s activities but did get to see them do some conditioning on the Olympic Ice. Everyone looked to be in tip top shape and the only side note I can really make about this group is that Justin Williams led the post practice stretching… while Kopi seemed to stay pretty quiet and to himself. Hmmm… (Probably shouldn’t read into this at all)

    Group B
    Brown – Moller – Purcell looked good. Brown made it through all the drills fine, but really didn’t show much spark or fire, except for conditioning where he was flying around the rink. The man is ready to play this year! Moller skated hard in drills and conditioning and made some great shots. Purcell looked like he has stepped up his game significantly and his on ice vision and soft hands really became apparent in many of the drills. He could definitely earn his keep this year.
    This may seem shocking but I’m interested to see if anyone else watching noticed a huge improvement in Ivanans game. Bam Bam was flying through the drills, seriously skating hard and fast. He looks like he’s leaned out over the summer and dropped a good 30lbs, but no muscle what-so-ever. Who knows if he will actually be responsible this season, but he actually impressed in the drills.
    Also, McCaulley is a dang big boy and seemed to have a hard shot, but otherwise made some bad decisions with the puck.
    Group C
    Frolov – Handzus – Simmonds = chemistry. Wow, keeping in mind that I didn’t see group A go through the drills, this was the best line of the day. They were simply on a different level than everyone else. It seemed as if they were playing with the defense and goalies at times. They all looked very good. Simmonds looks very strong and it seems that he’s put on some muscle over the summer. This line would dominate in puck possession.
    Anyway, I could go on and on about so many others, but I’m going to stop. It was a fun day and I couldn’t be happier that hockey is back! I look forward to seeing what kind of success this season brings, because the future looks very bright for now.