Players released, assigned

The following players have been returned to their junior teams:

G Jean-Francois Berube (Montreal, QMJHL)
D Nicolas Deslauriers (Rouyn-Noranda, QMJHL)
G Martin Jones (Calgary, WHL)
RW Brandon Kozun (Calgary, WHL)
RW Linden Vey (Medicine Hat, WHL)

Also, center Tyler Maxwell and defensemen Milan Doczy and Radko Gudas have been released from their tryouts. The Kings are down to 52 players on the training-camp roster.

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  • wavesinair

    weren’t there 61 players? minus these 8 makes 53?

  • Rich Hammond

    Geordie Wudrick is not in camp, because of appendicitis.

  • Rich Hammond

    I assure you, Anthony, that this is the last warning about using posts to further your opinions about unrelated matters. It’s your choice to take this warning seriously or not.

  • Jonny

    Shoulda kept Gudas. But who Knows.

  • wavesinair

    ahhh, yes. thank you. would’ve liked to see him

    I felt like all 8 of these players had upside. Particularly Jones, Kozun and Deslauriers. Kozun remindes me of Oscar.

    My sentimental favorite was Gudas. I feel like he could be a bad-ass defensman. Hope to see him again. He’s young and played for the same czech team Jaromir Jagr played on. I think he will be playing for the Everett Silvertips (WHL) this year with local boy Tyler Maxwell???

    I see the other czech, Doczy, possibly developing too. He played junior the past 2 years. He’s huge and pretty mean.

    It was a blast watching these kids compete.

  • Gudas

    I thought Gudas was making a pretty good impression, at least from reports I’ve read. Rich, do you know what happened with him or can you find out? Thanks

  • Bruce

    Even though today’s cuts were focused on Junior players, but I was surprised that ex-college player Dennis McCauley survived this round of cuts. Maybe they’ll continue his tryout in Manchester’s camp?

  • wavesinair

    Nice Jonny! We both saw something in the kid.

    I was at ice level at the end of one of the practices and he walked on by, past me, to the public lockers! Tryout guys gotta fend for themselves apparently.

  • anthonyy

    How could it be an unrelated matter Rich.
    The person I’m referring to is the one who’s making these roster moves (which I don’t agree with).
    But no warnings to others when I’m called every name in the book.

    I’m glad to equity in its finest Sir.

  • Krystoff

    It just makes no sense that Gudas hasn’t been offered a contract, based on what I saw in the WJC’s.
    Is there some quirk that doesn’t allow us to offer him a contract, because all I’ve heard from those who’ve seen the camp is positives.
    Based on what I saw in the WJC’s, he is an all out competitor, and for me he was better than Hickey.
    Is this just a matter of sticking with the guys you’ve drafted??? I don’t see how the guy couldn’t help out in Manchester, or somewhere in our system, until he’s ready for the big league. I don’t think there’s any way that he’s not better than Piskula, or at least in possession of more upside.
    He reminds me of Mark Hardy, or Karliss Skrastins.
    A gamer, and more than up for it.

    Very disappointing.

  • Otto Ped

    ANTHONYY… In a related topic to your unrelated topic I know of several people on this blog that have been warned by Rich for bashing you. You have not only been told by Rich but many, many readers/posters have berated you for your constant negativity and personal attacks and tried to guide you towards more constructive criticisms. Please, for all our sakes, disregard Rich’s warning so we can once and for all be done with it. Don’t think of it as censorship, think of it as Rich giving the fans what they want. Keep up the good work Rich

  • Trant

    Krystoff said:
    It just makes no sense that Gudas hasn’t been offered a contract, based on what I saw in the WJC’s.

    There is a limited number of NHL contracts and if an AHL contract is the best the Kings can offer him I can see it being in his best interest to wait for the possibility of a better offer from another team.

  • JDM


    Far as I know the Kings had no option but to release Gudas. Sam at HF boards posted these CBA rules that relate to his case:

  • Ciccarelli

    I liked what I saw in Gudas too, but the Kings can’t sign everyone. He may even be better than some of the players the Kings own the rights to, but bottom line is he was passed up by 30 teams and not drafted. Move on, I don’t think we’re passing much.

    I mean, man I can’t believe we gave up on Jon Sim, he lit it up for the Islanders yesterday! Tukonen anyone?

  • Ciccarelli


    Good point…

    Gudas was drafted #20 in the import draft of CHL to the Everett Silvertips:

    so according to the cba, if he plays in North America this season (in the CHL) and doesn’t get drafted, then he’d be eligible to sign a contract with the Kings next summer.

    So you all can keep your hopes up.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    I think it’s time Anthonyy starts his own blog so he can rail against anyone in Kings management he wants and nobody will have to read it. šŸ˜€

  • 22Sargent


    Can you tell us where David Kolomatis is? Has he already been released from the organization?

    Also, could you please tell us a little bit about the new Kings Amateur Scout for Europe, Todd Woodcroft?

  • Dan H.

    I know it’s not a surprise but Mikus lives!

  • Bob mcKimson

    Where is Daniel Taylor?

  • Rich Hammond

    22sargent…Kolomatis developed mononucleosis over the summer, which is why he’s not in camp. He will be back with his junior team when healthy (sometime next month, it seems). Todd Woodcroft, most recently, was a pro scout and video coordinator for the Minnesota Wild.

  • kyle

    Too bad for Kolomatis…wish he was healthy enough to show what he could do on the ice. Same with Wudrick.
    Rich–any update on Stoll?

  • wavesinair

    Ciccarelli said: “If he doesn’t get drafted, then he’d be eligible to sign a contract with the Kings next summer.”

    I gotta believe he’ll be drafted for sure. Maybe by the Kings??? He says his favorite team is the Kings so maybe DL has his eye on him for the draft. His dad also won a bronze medal in the ’92 Olympics. Good stuff.

  • Ciccarelli


    Good link. I saw Radko a bunch of times at TSC watching the rookie games wondering who that was, now I know from his picture. I guess Europeans are not eligible for the draft until they reach age 20, unless they’ve played in North America.

    With all these subtleties, you learn things everyday.

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