Frolov has sore groin

Alexander Frolov has “a little bit of a sore groin,” according to Terry Murray. Frolov did not practice today but did off-ice work. He will not play in tomorrow’s game. Rich Clune will take his place alongside Handzus and Simmonds.

More notes soon, including tomorrow’s game lineup.

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  • JDM

    Ah jeez.

  • Squidward

    I agree with JDM…….Doesn’t this happen every year? Frolov needs to improve his off season workout routine.

  • Real7

    Rich, thanx for keeping us up-to-date on all goings on….I have died in years past, not knowing the haps re. the Kings….without a doubt this is the best fan site, bar none [bar nuns? LOL]

  • Dan H.

    We need to keep that guy away from the models during the season so he can rest that thing!

  • variable

    this is nothing new…

    but…it would be easy to take a negative slant on this…so…with some intrepidation…i will say it’s better for fro to work it out in preseason, rather than let it fester towards the season opener…

    i’m not sure if this is the lingering “maintenance” issue he’s had with his groin…or a conditioning issue…frolov, who always appears to be in great shape, would be foolish for showing up heavy or winded esp. w/ et. all…anyway…hopefully, this is more precautionary than anything…

    i still think frolov will be re-signed…it might take an impressive season start for him to get it finalized…but i do think d.l. is starting to realize that frolov is not a negative piece to have in building his ideal franchise and that fro’s versatility is extremely valuable…

    i’m not gonna say he’s him just yet, but if fro continues his goal scoring and point production pace and couples that with improving 2-way play, comparisons to a more productive-version of jere lehtinen is not unjustified…i know, if given the chance on the first 2 lines, fro can easily put up 70+ this season…

    i just really hope that t.m./d.l. don’t insist him to be on the third-line…i just don’t understand that logic…it’s the single biggest contention i have with t.m’s coaching style…fro is NOT a third-liner…yes, he can be effective there…he can be effective anywhere…so why not where the kings need it the most: on the top lines…?

    realistically, i realize that after the first 20 minutes…and in t.m.’s case, even sooner…the lines will change and fro will somehow end up with his 20mins…

    but…for the love of the purple and black…can you at least give kopi/fro/jw &/or smyth a friggin’ chance…?
    can you at least entertain the “look” for all of us that have some curiosity…? isn’t that what training camp is for…?

    i’m not really worried at this point…i realized that the first few weeks, the coaching staff is focusing on the youngsters and spending a lot of time with them on the little things…and probably the major reason why we haven’t seen t.m. experiment with anything just yet…he has to keep things relatively familiar for many reasons early on…

    but i want to see some different line combo possibilities thrown out there…for a team that wants change and wants it fast, t.m. needs to open up his imagination a bit more and explore the combos we now have with jw & smyth…fro should be just as high of a priority on and off the ice…

  • Harry

    Too much Russian Vodka!! That’s why he missed the hockey fest =x

  • HB Kings Fan #99

    Hate to say it, but if Frolov has the groin issue again this year, and Stoll has the arthritis thing, the hopes of a playoff spot become very unlikely, no? Seems like that topples things towards a 10th or 11th place finish in the West.


  • Tornado12

    very nicely put…i dont think there is one single player that creates more fodder for blogging on this site. I think that it is well warranted.
    For one reason or another or perhaps a combination of some, Fro has failed to meet all the expectations we fans and management have placed on him. The way I see it, either its A) He is not being utilized correctly on the ice by the coaching staff (as alluded to by variable of TM’s/DL’s insistence on his two-way play and third line play) or B) We fans expect more from him than he is capable of and what we see is what we get.
    At any rate, I hope he can finally break through somehow and become that 40 goal scorer/game breaker that we ALL wish him to be. I believe he is the most talented all around player on our roster. The trick is gonna be how and in what form he realizes that talent.

  • 28 KINGS

    There goes his trade value.

  • Krystoff

    I don’t, for the life of me, understand why Frolov is questioned. He was our top goal scorer last year, and has produced year after year on one of the weakest teams in the NHL. Ron Francis couldn’t do it alone in Hartford, but look what happened when he went to pittsburgh. It’s the supporting cast that needs to step it up, and I’m hoping the addition of Smyth works out to benefit everyone.

  • 28 KINGS

    Ron Francis never disappeared during games. Even when he had a off night he still found a way to be in the game. The same goes for today’s top guys. Ovechkin might not score in a game, but he’s sure as hell going to let you know he’s out there. Too many times Frolov is completely invisible and a non factor. This not something you want from your top scorer. And it has nothing to do with the supporting cast, it has EVERYTHING to do with Frolov and his compete level.

  • kyle

    Anyone who questions Fro’s workouts or his fitness ought to take a moment and get their facts straight–start with the video segment that was done last year featuring Fro’s exercise regimen and the emphasis placed not only on strength but flexibility and agility–all designed to help him minimize the type of strains he’s had over the years. Or, perhaps Squidward could try to finish even 15 minutes of Frolov’s daily routine before he suggests Fro should work harder.
    Adductor strains are damned hard to predict, and to prevent. It’s not as simple as “work harder Alexander.”
    PS Thanks Krystoff–spot on comment!

  • Choralone

    Frolov is the Lamar Odom of the LA Kings.

  • Dan H.

    Ron Francis only had two 30 goal seasons in his career even playing with super mario and Jagr. He was a great player but that’s not a very good comparison.

    Nobody questioned Palffy when he was here but he took nights off.

  • dave

    plaffy who

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