Frolov says he’s OK

Alexander Frolov did some tough skating today with Jarret Stoll, under the eyes of coaches Mark Hardy, Jamie Kompon and Bill Ranford. Afterward, Frolov said he had no concerns about the sore groin that kept him out of practice on Friday.

“I think it was probably just some scar tissue. It’s better now,” Frolov said. “When you have something like that, at first you’re not sure if it’s scar tissue or something else, so you have to be careful so that you don’t make it worse.”

Frolov said he would be able to play in Tuesday’s preseason game if the Kings wanted him to play.

I also asked Frolov if he was keeping a close eye on contract talks between the Kings and his agent…

“I don’t really follow it right now,” Frolov said. “Most of my concerns are just about the start of the season.”

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  • variable

    spoken like a true veteran…re-sign him d.l….!

  • 28 KINGS

    Will he be ok when he’s traded?

  • Lug Nut

    Does anyone else thinks its odd that the 2nd leading scorer from last year is on the 3rd line?

  • Mike

    Lug Nut,

    No it’s not odd at all. It just shows the depth of the top 3 lines. I honestly don’t think it matters which players go on line 2 or 3, they will probably get nearly equal playing time. It’s all about chemistry, and personally I think that 3rd line will have great chemistry, as does the first line in the few times I’ve seem them together.

  • dtownmbrown

    Frolov will get his minutes on the PP, and it’s going to be hard for TM to keep Frolov and Simmonds off the ice for very long…

    When will this question stop being asked??

    Who else is f@$#ing excited to see Frolov and Simmonds together all year?? Am I the only one? I think that line is going to be really electric, especially hearing many of the comments about Simmonds.

  • jack handy

    @ dtownmbrown

    i’m right there with ya… simmonds looks even better this year than last too.

    our third line has got to be one of the tops in the league, right?

  • Lug Nut

    Its odd to have Fro on the 3rd line for 2 reasons: 1) less playing time.. the top two lines end up w more minutes.. 2) since he’s about to become a free agent, then mgmt sending mixed messages if there is intention to keep him.

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