• As long as this doesn’t affect his confidence I’m ok with this. Hopefully, they explained to him why it is a good idea.

  • Ersberg

    I can understand why DL/Murray decided on this move, but since it did happen, guys like Richardson should go with him.

    What has Richardson proven, beyond the shadow of doubt, that he belongs in the NHL? I understand why Zeiler is around, but this guy is taking up a “students” spot to say the least.

    We have too much luggage on the 3rd/4th lines as it is.

  • jmiller

    Moller will be fine. He was not expected to make it to the NHL last year, but did partly because he was good, and partly because there was room for him. This just shows that we are in better shape with forwards than last year, which should be the case.
    The guy is still VERY young, and now has a great deal of hockey experience for his age. We now have a great pool to pick from, and i’m sure he’ll be back up for some time this year, but even if he doesn’t he will be packing on the lbs, filling out and getting even better for next year.

  • Real7

    So much for my assessment….but OM will be back
    THIS SEASON, there’s no doubt in my mind…he has much too much ability to stay down on the farm for long….
    so he can work on honing his skills and maturing physically….maybe it is for the best, certainly LT…

  • bickle Wigglesworth III

    commentor ersberg,

    I understand what you’re saying but don’t think you’re quite right. I see it as a sort of apples and oranges type deal. Some may disagree but I see Moller as a top six player, having him in the NHL but playing limited minutes in a limited role could really hurt him in the long run. Going down to Manchester allows him to play big minutes and be relied on to score, which will continue his learning experience and make him a better player.

    On the other side someone like Richardson, similar to Zeiler, has a different role. He won’t be expected to score. He’ll be counted on to provide solid but limited minutes where he won’t be a liability and will add some grit to the game. he fills that role fairly well. As Rich pointed out earlier the top three lines are filled out and look good (although I don’t see how Frolov could be a third-liner). So the “baggage” will only be the forth line. And that’s what the forth line for.

    If he eventually takes the spot of someone like Trevor Lewis than I think I’d agree with you. But for now sending down Moller (and Loktionov and even Azevedo) while keeping Richardson makes sense.

  • wavesinair

    I agree Wigglesworth and I thought Oscar would start in chester for sure. BUT, I was initially VERY surprised he got sent down so soon. I figured he’d stick around until the end. However, after looking at whose left, if falls right in line with the idea that the roster simply needs to be filled out. The guys who are left fit that bill, Oscar doesn’t cause he will be a top six player. So he goes down.

  • Quisp

    First of all: GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    Second: Right, I get it. I don’t like it. But I get it.

    Third: Richardson, Ivanans and Zeiler can’t be sent down without being waived. So they wouldn’t be included in any cuts. I expect 1-3 of those guys to get cut loose.

  • PRMan

    Oh, no. You mean Richardson or Zeiler might end up on waivers and get claimed by another team…?

  • Ersberg


    Again, I fully understand the reasoning behind the decision to send Moller down. I also understand the roles Richardson and Zeiler play.

    My point is, we don’t need both Richardson AND Zeiler. For one, they both suck, and secondly, they are taking up a valuable roster spot for a youngster to get some 3rd/4th line NHL minutes.

    As Quisp mentioned, one of those guys needs to go. I also think we can part with Ivanans via trade.

  • wavesinair

    Ersberg re: 3rd/4th line/youngsters

    Let’s start with the so called third line. Wouldn’t you agree that the first 3 lines appear to be set? If not, who would you replace? In other words, who is the “luggage” on the “3rd line” as you put it?

    Moving to the 4th line. Wouldn’t you agree that the players we have left are going to fill these 3 spots? If so, who then are the “youngsters” that you want to see fill these positions? And who are the 2 extra forwards that are likely going to be in the press box and NOT getting “NHL minutes.”

    Or rather, do you hold out hope that some of the young guys that have been cut will be brought back before the season begins? This seems highly unlikely, but if so, who then are the “students” that will fill 4th line duties?

  • Ersberg

    That’s an easy question to answer.

    Take your pick of:

    Lewis/Schenn/Westgarth/Clune/Zeiler(If Richardson is gone)/Clifford

    Get rid of Richardson or Zeiler. Let Clune be the new agitator. Lewis, although a natural center, can be an energy guy just as much as Richardson can be.

    I’m not convinced Stoll on the 2nd line is a viable option, either. Clearly we aren’t getting another center, so we may as well let Schenn start the season in that spot.


    Frolov can alternate between the 2nd and 3rd lines as needed.

    Any of the youngsters can alternate Fro’s spot on the left side on the 3rd line when he’s playing on the 2nd line.

  • Kings Fan Since72

    You guys are Kings fans right? Well then, stop talking about Zeiler and Richardson as being part of the plan.
    We all ready have seen these clowns play… yah play safe? I’d rather have 18-20 year old top Kings pics with fire make the team on the 4th line.

    Those 2 guys are play safe’s and okay, but can we move on and get past these type guys? And why fill the 4th line all season with those players anyways, If they were that good, they would be permanent right?

    Please… You could add Clifford, Clune, Schenn, Lewis. out with the old, in with the new 4th line. Thats the only way to develop those guys, move em up, give them experience on the 4th line, not down to the minors.

    I have always been against Kings brass, for playing it safe with all these Zeilers & Richardsons guys getting 3-8 minutes a game, why not have new guys take those minutes. Hello? And also please… Ivanans & Westgarth as our top fighters? Those guys have no hockey sense or talent. The Kings need to find players that can play the game without being minus- all season and a liability on the ice.

    I also had a feeling that Moller was not going to make the team this season, you guys think* he is all that but he’s not, he has not looked good according to coaches and fans who have seen him play.

    The Future Kings GM Hath Spoken