• Irish Pat

    Wyshynski’s blog is a good one and they do a good job covering the league. I would recommend reading about all of the teams that Puck Daddy has covered thus far. I’ve never watched Mad Men, but the whole “Don Draper says…” thing is pretty funny. If I recall properly, I think it was Rich who clued me into Wyshynski’s blog first. Thanks Rich. I think(?).

  • dtownmbrown

    boy there sure are a lot of serious douches commenting on yahoo! articles (namely ducks fans)

  • Shakes

    @dtownmbrown, yeah the same is true on the espn comment boxes too

  • Matt George

    Love how NHL.com has ERIK Johnson (not Jackster) listed on our defense.


    It’s under the “Three Reasons for Optimism” heading on the right.

    Kinda makes you wonder who’s writing the articles there and do the reeeeaallly care?

    Nnnnaaaaaa … probably a senior writer got a hold of an intern and said “Hey Kid!, write this thing on the Kings for me while I have lunch with the boys. This is your shot son! Make it good!”

  • Paul from Oxnard

    For what it’s worth, a writer at Sportsnet.ca gave his rankings of the “top 50 players” in the NHL. What a shock. No Kings made the list. How Bobby Ryan, who has played all of 5 minutes, makes the list is beyond me. I’d take half the Kings over him any day of the week.


  • cry Baby

    I went to the Ducks vs sharks game last night. Heater looked lazy and slow. I was one of the people that really thought the Kings should have made a run at him but if last night was an example of how he plays I am real glad the kings passed. That top line of heat, thor and setagucci had zero chemistry. I sure hope SJ chokes as usual.

  • LB

    @Paul – not that Kopitar and Doughty shouldn’t be on that list, because they should….but have you seen Bobby Ryan play? The kid’s got 50 goal scorer written all over him.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    @LB: Sure. In a few years. He’s not one of the 50 best players in the league now.

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