Clifford signs entry-level contract

The Kings have announced that they have signed Kyle Clifford to a three-year entry-level contract. It’s good for the player and team to get done, but it doesn’t really impact Clifford’s status. The “clock” on his contract doesn’t start until Clifford plays in the NHL.

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  • 20lucfan

    Thank God! BIG RED DOG CREW!

  • Marc Nathan

    his contract doesn’t start until Clifford plays in the NHL

    Game TEN, Rich… game ten šŸ™‚

  • Quisp

    Unless I’m mistaken, waiver-exempt status is tied to when you sign, not when you start playing. Of course, this may be utterly minor (but, see Moller). I believe, for example, that since Clifford signed today, his exemption is 5 years or 160 games. If he signed next year, it would have been 4 years/160gms; two years from now, 3yrs/160, then 3yrs/80. Not a huge deal if they think Clifford is going to be NHL-ready and not bouncing back and forth to the AHL three years from now, but it’s hard to anticipate those things and you always want to have that flexibility if you can get it.

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