Las Vegas roster

Here’s how the Kings are expected to skate in Saturday’s “Frozen Fury” game in Las Vegas against Colorado:




Quick is expected to play all three periods. As for the rest of the lineup, it’s not a stretch to think that’s exactly how it could look for the Oct. 3 season opener. There’s still an Ivanans vs. Westgarth issue, but if the Kings are looking for some toughness on the other wing, it might be looking pretty good for Rich Clune…

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  • jet

    I cannot remember us ever having this much speed in the lineup at one time. This could be a really fun game to watch.

  • KellyHrudey

    If today’s practice was any indication…Westgarth looked a little shaky…good size and decent speed…but lacking the basics, like solid stick to stick passing…. My vote is for Ivanans

  • Sawyer

    This could very well be opening night roster.

  • 34YearKingsFan

    Hickey ???

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Regarding the possibility of this being the Opening Night lineup, I would expect Hickey to be playing and Martinez to be in Manchester.

  • JDM

    I think that Martinez is in and Hickey is out because after the last game, the edge went to Hickey, so this very well could be Martinez’s last chance to make the decision hard on management to send him down. Getting paired with Doughty is a big opportunity for him to showcase.

    I like that they are intent on keeping Drewiske-Greene together, even though OD is gone for now and Drewiske-Doughty played well together. TM seems to be more adamant about keeping lines together so far this season, which is a very good thing.

  • Tami

    I really like this lineup, but am sad to see Hickey not there.

    Regarding goaltending, I’m a HUGE Bernier fan so I want him to make the roster, but if we send Ersberg down, he has to clear waivers. Who would be the tandem in Manchester if he were to be picked up, and would be willing to lose him? Zatkoff and ??? I just don’t see the club taking that chance, but I could be wrong and I hope I am.

  • Capt Jam

    So great to see Goats and Preissing out of the Kings lineup…

    I imagine Hickey will play in ANA the following night.

  • Nick

    There is no issue of Westgarth vs. Ivanans…Raitis has gotten passive since his 2 year deal…he used to be a crazy dude in the ECHL/AHL….now he has gotten mellower and mellower…he did nothing to Artukhin last year…Westgarth has a 3 year deal, is more entertaining, energetic and younger.

  • MrMach5

    I’ll be at the game!!!!!

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    Not that it really matters, but don’t forget Ivanans’ assist in Colorado last night…

  • Matt George

    I’ll be there too.

    Not leaving till Sat afternoon.

    I know it’s preseason but I have high expectations … want to see some ass kickin.

  • bickle Wigglesworth III

    That is a pretty good looking line-up.

    I haven’t seen any of the games but I haven’t heard much about Hickey since the Rookies camp. If he hasn’t been outstanding I say send him to Manchester. There’s plenty of time for him. He’ll be a stud. In the meantime let him get some seasoning. If he has been awesome, then sure let him stay.

    I’m interested to see how Drewiske will do over the long-haul. He played well at times last season but also showed his inexperience or nerves at others. I look forward to seeing how he looks when he’s comfortable and if he’s able to learn from his mistakes.

  • Bluliner

    Looks like a last shot for Westgarth and Martinez (or its back to the minors).

  • Bluliner

    . . . and its great to have the veteran Scuderi in the lineup when OD gets suspended.

  • Krystoff

    Why in the heck is our top scorer from last year on the 3rd line and a guy who has yet to prove himself in a Kings jersey is given the honor of playing on Kopitar’s wing?


  • Gary Livingston


    Chemistry is why. That’s where the chemistry is.

    Why not save your complaints until the season begins and there is actual reason to voice them? That is if a reason even shows itself.

  • smokiemcpot

    Krystoff, I think TM is doing it to spite you.

    Anyways, things do look good. Wiggles I disagree with you about DD2. I was so surprised last year cause he didn’t look shaky at all and really kept his composure. I dont know… maybe thats just me.

    No to Ivan and Westie. Dont like either of them but understand their necessity against a few teams. With Clune and O’D they shouldn’t be used for more than a combined 15 games.

  • KellyHrudey

    Krystoff –

    I know where you’re coming from but dont fret over the line number — Fro is with Simmonds — They were pretty slick today at practice. Simmonds development is very impressive. He will be a force to be reckoned with this season. I am calling it now…Fro/Simmonds/Zeus (assuming they stay together) will be one of the most productive lines.

    Can we fast forward to Oct 3rd?

  • Matt George

    I dunno Krystoff

    Fro on a line with Zeuss and Wayne looks like a power line to me.

    Fingers crossed for a great season.

  • sd

    Please ask DL to put Bernier, Schenn and Hickey in the line-up! Let us see them as many times as possible before they get sent back to their respective teams. Especially Bernier and Schenn, since Hickey actually has a good shot to win a spot on the NHL roster.

  • Jerry Mitchell

    To me it doesn’t matter if you’re on the first line or the third. If we are able to skate a line with that much power as our third line then it’s a positive.

  • Kris

    I hope Bernier makes it over Ersberg. Always liked him more myself. As For Sat. I live in Vegas, so I’ll be at the game!! GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!

  • Ryan


    Do you know where the Kings are staying by any chance? Wanted to see if I can see one of them in the wild. When are they coming into Vegas?